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Pokemon: Who Wants To Be A Superhero?

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Welcome to Who Wants To Be A Superhero: Pokemon Style! In case you don't know what Who Wants To Be A Superhero is, read this:


Now that that's cleared up, here's how it will work:

11 Heroes will be nominated. When you nominate, you must include:

Name and Species
Secret Identity
Profile (Must have Pros and Cons)
Powers beyond normal abilities

;085; Triple Threat
Also known as the Windbags, the world's smallest quartet, Triple Threat has the ability to creates Sonic Booms and Tornadoes by running. Triple Threat's three heads get along fairly well, and can normally agree. However, it can be a very bad situation if they get to quarreling, as it sometimes takes a very long time to pan things out.

Once the positions are full, Our host, Star Lee the ;398; (I know his name is Star Lee aka Starly, but it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to have a Starly hosting). These will test each Pokemon's heroism. Once the contest is over, There we will vote to determine who will go home. The first to 5 votes goes. We will continue until we are down to the final three. From there, we will have our final challenge, and from them, the winner will be declared.

1) All Sppf rules
2) No using 2nd accounts for voting. If you are caught using second accounts, the account will be reported as a clone, and you will be banned from the game for the rest of the season.
3) No griping if your nomination is eliminated.
4) Anything that is obviously illegal that I didn't mention.

Wall of Fame
Season One:
Thread Approved, and it wound up on page 4 to start. Bump.

magic marker

I climb twee!
Name and species: ;184; Hydro Ball
Secret identity: Olympic Swimmer, won gold several times
Can control water in any way (even other water pokemon). Can enlarge to huge sizes when absorbing water. He cannot control how much water he absorbs, so in some cases water is his weakness. (ex. he is in a small room and he gets soaked with water; gets so big he can't move) He discovered his powers when first learned to swim. (He can't absorb when completely submerged underwater.) He can also render any type of plant useless (grass types) by sucking out all of its water.
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Raptor ruler

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Speedo the ;078; (male)
Secret Identity:Taxodermist
He can move as fast as the speed of Light and is not afriad to beat someone up. Although his intention to stick up for the little guy is his weakness (ex He helps 5 little kids out in 1 day then a big mission coomes along he isn't ready)


probably elsewhere
Name and Species: ;369; "Elder Rock"
Secret Identity: Kcor Redle, a retired meditation master
Profile: Like all other Relicanth, he is old and wise. He is patient, but quick with reflexes--to everyone's surprise. Some believe he has observed movement for centuries and can suspect what move will be played and where it lands. His offense relies on the Ancient Power attack, and through practice, he can use it more than just 5 times (provided there ARE rocks around). His strength, however, can also be his disadvantage. He has quick defending, but he is never swift enough to counterattack. And his heaviness can lead to slow recovery.
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Name and Species: Chaos Cyber the ;474;
Secret Identity: Professor Cyber
Chaos Cyber was once just a Physics teacher at a pokemon school. One day, while looking around his attic, he came across the Electromagnetic Hyper Cube of Chaos, which belonged to one of his far ancestors. Nobody, not even he knew what it did, however the cube started to react with him and he instantly fainted. Upon regaining consciousness, he didn't feel different. But when he started travelling at hyper speed, he knew he had gained some kind of powers. After a deep study of the Hyper Cube, he dicovered that he could control all members in the electromagnetic spectrum and convert them into weapons such as lasers and travel at their speeds. In other words, he had power to use their properties to his wishes, but of course according to the laws of Physics. He was aware that this was great power, and he wanted to use it to help others, but he felt he should keep it a secret to this day because he was aware that his powers might cause massive chaos.
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Page of Heart
;190; The Tail Tank
Secret Identity: Karate Dojo Owner (and accomplished one-handed juggler)
Is said to have a tail that can smash or carry anything. His tail can also grow to great sizes.
However, his usual hands are triple as useless as a regular Aipom's.
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(Mine is a Anti-hero.)

Name and Species:Undead the Shedinja
Secret Identity:polak,Local contest entree.
Profile (Must have Pros and Cons):One day,Polak found a mech suit and a radiated meteor,he sucked the meteor on his head and got in the suit,suddenly it blasted up and Polak became a radiated hologram made from mist.
Powers beyond normal abilities:powers of radiation and shapeshifting,if he expells too radiation,he transforms into a slug for a hour.

Only Shawn is left in any contests i'm doing,so Polak is my entree.
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5 Spots left, then we can start.

Cloud Wolf

It's super effective
Cloud Wolf the Grovyle.
Secret I.D: Patrick the High School Student.
Profile: Patrick is a popular kid but he also has a lot of enemies. One time he was on the edge of a building and someone pushed him off. Then he learned how to control the air which allowed him to fly to safety. He can be a bit naive and hotheaded sometimes though.
Power: He can control air.


DestinyTrainer 10yrs
Sonic Wave the Marshtomp
Secret Identity: Sparo the Milkshake Shop Owner.
Profile: Most come to him with problems while ordering his famous milkshakes. While not in the shop, he can be very brash and hasty with things.
Power: Supersonic hearing, telepathy, sonic wave attacks.


Ice Feather the ;215;

Secret Identity: Photography Shop Owner aka. Roy Hart
Ice Feather was a regular pokemon, but when was young and crept into an old, rundown, factory, his friends dared him. He fell into a vat, next morning, he woke up and he's a fire-type Sneasel. He can control fire, and has powers over telepathy. His name is a trick, so when he battles fire-types, he doesn't get hurt, because he has the ability Flash Fire now. He is rash, and loves to take pictures. The only thing that slows him down is water, which he does a pretty good job staying away from.
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Only two spots left. The nominations are looking good so far, keep it up!
Jade ;407;

Secret Identity: Ava Maggio, a journalist

Profile: Ava lived with her father after her mother's death. One night, her father went to a bar. On the way home, he was about to crash with his car. Ava saw this, and fear triggered her ability, telekinesis. She saved her father and is currently dealing with her powers.

Pros: Loving, caring, supportive, logical
Cons: Overprotective, sometimes a hothead

Powers: Telekinesis


Come on people! Maybe it'll get more attention if I bump it...from the 3rd page.
Well, I originally intended AC to nominate (Since I asked him to help with the thread), but since nobody is going to, I'll just take the last spot. I'm not going to be dominating the contests here anyway, so I don't see a problem with submitting one myself.

Live Wire the ;024;
aka Mac Donaldson, an electrician
Live Wire has the ability to send electrical impulses through his body and transfer them to others, as well as travel through electric passages such as phone lines by turning himself into a lightning bolt. Mac has been an electrician for over 20 years. He acquired his powers when he was sent to fix some lighting near a Nuclear Power Plant. He accidentaly zapped himself and was sent flying out the door. The electricity within him as well as the radiation infused him with the electricity.

Pros: Intelligent, rational, but still energetic
Cons: Has a temper, drinks a lot

And with that, we can start!

This seasons's heroes are:
;184; Hydro Ball
;078; Speedo
;369; Elder Rock
;474; Chaos Cyber
;292; Undead
;253; Cloud Wolf
;259; Sonic Wave
;215; Ice Feather
;407; Jade
;024; Live Wire

;398; Supeheroes! I am Star Lee, comic icon and host of the show. your first challenge of this competition is to show your eyes for crime. I'm going to send you to the streets and see what you do to keep an eye on the city. Go!

;184; Found a Marijuana load and destroyed it all by sucking it dry. However, Hydro didn't know the water in it had traces of the drug in it, and accidentaly got stoned.
;078; Ran around helping people in need and controling petty crimes rahter than searching for serious ones. However, he got a lot done.
;369; Watched from atop a tall building and looked out for any serious crimes. He found nothing, however.
;474; Cleaned up any metal waste/litter he found and converted it into a really cool car, which the team used to drive back to the lair.
;292; Shapeshifted into a gangsta to try to get inside information on any upcoming crimes.
;253; Cleaned out the air by filtering out smoke from... Well, smokers.
;259; Heard a plot to destroy America from a small apartment on the corner. He went in to find a group of terrorists, which he proceeded to beat the snot out of.
;215; Helped get some kids out of a fire, and then took off.
;407; Lifted a fallen tree with her mind and shoved it into a conveniently located woodchipper.
;024; Warped into the phone lines to tap in on any criminal phone calls.

Now, vote!
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