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Pokemon World! (PG-13)

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Hey y'all! ^_^ This is a Pokemon talkshow. I got permisson from Typhlogirl to do this fic, So enjoy!!!!!

This is Rated PG-13 for swearing and 'suggestive themes'. Read at yer own risk!

Cheesy announcer voice: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Pokemon world, a talk show where we interview random Pokemon from across the globe and find out what they are like. So here is the first episode of…

Cheesy feminine voice: Pokemon Worrrrrrrrrrld!!!!

*In walks a Pokemon trainer. He has brown hair and six pokeballs at his belt. He is wearing black clothing, and his shirt has a light-blue Scyther on it. *

Trainer: Hello world!!!! I’m Ryu, the host of this dump…I mean talk show!

*random cheering *

Ryu: Thank you. Now in this episode, we will interview the…. Eeveeloutions!!!!!

*cheesy inspirational music plays *

*In walk six Pokemon that look like foxes. One is smaller and has brown fur. Another is blue, and has a fin for a tail. Another is yellow with a mane of lightning. Yet another is reddish-orange with a BURNT mane this time. One more still is purple. It has a jewel in its head and looks like a cat with two tails. The last is black, with yellowish rings. *

Ryu: Introducing Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, and Umbreon!

Eevee: Hi all.

Vaporeon: …

Jolteon: Hi! ^_^


Espeon: Hi.

Umbreon: DIE ALL YOU PEOPLE!!!!!

Ryu: *looks weirdly at Flareon and Umbreon* Okay… First, what are your elements?

Eevee: Normal. I’m normal. *twitches*

Vaporeon: …Water…

Jolteon: Electric. I like being Electric. *starts doing the robot* *in mechanical voice*-I am e-lec-tric.


*Vaporeon uses Hydro Pump*

Espeon: Sorry, you must forgive him. He had waaay to much sugar. *cough*26 cups*cough* Anyway, I use psychic.

Umbreon: I kill with dark powers. *laughs maniacally*

Ryu: *picks up phone * Erm…happy hotel… we have two runners. I repeat: two runners.

*door opens *

Dude: Dammit Ryu! You forgot to pick me up at the airport?????

Ryu: Erm…^_^; …sorry Brago.

Brago: Anyways…I’m this dude’s co-host…for life!!!!

*Organ plays funeral music*

Ryu: At least until I fire you.

Brago: You can’t. I’m under contract.


Eevee: Hello? We’re still here.

Ryu: Sorry. Brago, now you ask a question.

Brago: Ok, what is the airborne velocity of a sparrow suspended in flight?

All: …

Brago: Sorry, I watched ‘Monti Python and the Holy Grail’ too many times yesterday.
*eye twitches* Anyway, What do you do in your spare time?

Eevee: Plan to destroy the world.

All: 0.o

Eevee: …you didn’t hear that.

Ryu: Ok, moving on…Vaporeon?
Vaporeon: Sit and meditate.

Jolteon: Annoy Vaporeon.


Ryu: …I won’t ask. Espeon?

Espeon: I don’t have much spare time.

Umbreon: Kill things. *twitches*

Ryu: *looks at watch* Dam! We’re almost out of time! One last question-*interrupted by remote falling*

Jolteon: I wanna push the button!

Espeon: NO! If you push that lever, you’ll mess with the time and space continuum!

Jolteon: So? *pushes anyway*

*Hitler on dinosaur runs by*

Ryu: ^_^; That can’t be good.

Brago: Well, we’re outta time! So you next time on…

Cheesy announcer: Pokemon World!!!!!

All: Bye!!!!!

(c) Ice_Scyther, Serebii Forums, Nov2005.

So, R,R, & R. (Read, Review, and Reply)

-I.S. ;212;
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Okay, i'll make it funnier. (Although random is funny too). flareon is insane.

Next eppy is....[SPOIL]The Kanto Starters![/SPOIL]

Come on...this isn't funny?

Eevee:plan to take over the world.


Eevee:...you didn't hear that.
-I.S. ;212;
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WAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm Cohost for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brago: *Pies Ryu*

anyway it is OK a little short but OK
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