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Pokemon x Pokemon Shipping Thread: because they need love too~

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The old thread lived a long and fulfilling life, but is sadly no longer with us, so: welcome, my friends, to the wonderful world of Pokemon x Pokemon shippings~! With so many different Pokemon, potential combinations, dynamics and scenarios - the possibilities for PxP shipping are virtually unlimited, something that has always made it one of my personal favourite sub-genres of shipping. Games, anime, manga, whatever you desire: anything goes here, so long as it's between two (or more!) Pokemon ^_^

~da rules~

- follow the usual SPPf rules.
- this should be obvious, but: no bashing of any kind. Disliking a particular pairing or Pokemon is fine, being a jerk about it isn't.
- to keep discussion interesting, please try to avoid posting lists of shippings with no elaboration! If you support a ship, please try and say a little bit - just a sentence or two is fine - about why you like it.
- Have fun!!! (^▽^)

To get things started:

What are your favourite Pokemon x Pokemon shippings?

I'll go first~ (I seriously have SO MANY of these it's kinda insane, but I'll try to stick to top five ^^; )

MarvelWhiskershipping ((Whiscash x Milotic))
PxP OTP 5ever~ n__n I guess it started with them being my Hoenn favourites, and I just grew to love the idea of it - an odd couple kind of thing, with Whiscash being kind of weird and derpy but crushing on Milotic who's all gorgeous and classy, and not thinking he stands a chance but the two of them just kind of...completing each other, in a weird way. Idk, it makes sense in my mind and I shall always love this ship <33

Pi3shipping ((Pikachu x Jigglypuff x Clefairy))
I couldn't pick a favourite combination of this so gotta be OT3~ it's just freakin' adorable, is why. Blame that episode where they build a rocket, but I definitely see Jigglypuff/Clefairy both being divas and bickering a lot, and Pikachu tries (but mostly fails) to be the voice of reason...But they're bffs (cause Mt. Moon, and Pikachu lives in Viridian Forest which is kinda near...?) and always make up eventually. And then they snuggle up together~ :3

Nightlightshipping ((Espeon x Umbreon))
tbh I could fill this list with just Eeveelutions pairings, but this one is a classic~ opposites attract again, and I may be influenced by all the pretty fanart, but they just look so right together, sun and moon, light and dark - there's a lot of potential and different dynamics to play around with. Also, pretty sure this is canon in the latest Mystery Dungeon games, which is awesome.

Krazyshipping ((Pikachu x Meowth))
Anime-specific, with Ash's Pikachu/Team Rocket's Meowth - yeah, you can pretty much blame the episode where they're tied together for this. So much potential for angst and conflict, and yet so adorable! (I like my opposite/rival pairings, sue me...) They're on opposite sides, but they work so well together when they have to, and I like to think there's some kind of ~connection and grudging mutual respect there.

Guildshipping ((Wigglytuff x Chatot))
And a games one, in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 with the Guildmaster and his right-hand man/bird. They're just too cute, the way Chatot worries over Wigglytuff and Wigglytuff is generally happily oblivious but also a BAMF, and Chatot's the only one who can calm him down when he gets mad. Aaaaah~ <3


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Shippings from Pokémon in the anime;

LagomorphShipping (Ash's Pikachu & Dawn's Buneary): This couple is so cute! I don't know what to add... I just love it.

AdvancedGildedLilyShipping (Ash's Bulbasaur & May's Venusaur): Well yeah, this couple was damn cute when they were both Bulbasaur, but I think it still fits as a Venusaur. The overprotective, strong girl with the smaller boy.

InsectivoreShipping (Ash's Froakie & Serena's Fennekin): AAAH! My new favorite anime Pokémon shipping, oh dear god! Fennekin looks like a little princess who's frail and takes care of her appearance, while Froakie looks like the cavalier that saves her from the danger and is very caring toward her. Even if a frog and a fox looks odd, I love it; so unique!

Shippings between Pokémon that aren't from the anime;

PsyflameShipping (Blaziken & Gardevoir): This ship started to grow on me when I realized how cute they were because of a double battle with my female Gardevoir and my male Blaziken in Sapphire.

MedievalStoryShipping (Gallade & Gardevoir): A classic, but so cute.

RevivalShipping (Eevee & Pikachu): I always thought they were like male and female counterparts (thanks to the anime, I can't, or rarely, picture Eevee as a boy).

BastetShipping (Delcatty & Luxray): Alright, this one is also coming from my own games, and I think it's pretty. They complete each other pretty well; Delcatty, sweet and graceful and Luxray, fierce and brave.

That's few! I might have others, but I'll stop here for now. :p
Awesome! I'll list my Pokemon x Pokemon shippings:

- Ash's Pikachu x Misty's Togepi/Togetic, it's just so cute! I like how Pikachy always protects that naughty Togepi and then gets blamed for causing trouble, and I just love how Pikachu didn't want to battle Togepi in "The Totodile Duel", I just love it! This shipping only works in conjuction with PokeShipping (Ash x Misty), and requires Togetic returning to Misty, like in my PokeShipping fic "Aquatic Passion".

- Milotic (male) x Shiny Absol (female), because those are my and my girlfriend's favourite Pokemon and signature Pokemon. She and I even have gijinka OCs based on ourself as these Pokemon and have those in a relationship, and she and I have Milotic and Absol in the games and treat them as a couple. I also often draw my girlfriend and me, and then also often draw Absol and Milotic as a couple. I even once put my Absol and Milotic in the games in the Day Care together for one night. Of course there was no egg, but the idea seemed really cute to me.

- Jumpluff (male) x Vileplume (female), in my fic "Working On A Dream", Tracey has a Jumpluff who was in a relationship with and had intercourse with a female Vileplume at Professor Oak's lab, leading an Oddish egg Tracey gives to Daisy as a birthday gift, in order to teach her about responsibility, Pokemon and unselfishness. This shipping works best in conjuction with HandymanShipping (Tracey x Daisy).


~Draco Rex~
*Throws confetti* Hooray, a new thread at last! ^_^

What are your favourite Pokemon x Pokemon shippings?

Haha, I have so many these days, but I'll just list a few of them:

KyukamiShipping (Mightyena x Ninetales)

What can I say, this will probably always be my most favourite Pokemon ship <3. I just think Mightyena is a perfect match next to Ninetales, with a mystical and elegant Fire type next to a rougher and tougher Dark type. They're different, but they complement each other~

(Samurott x Liepard)

Which is apparently unnamed? I could've sworn it had one >.<. Since Samurott is a samurai and Liepard is ninja like, I like to think of them being sworn rivals who grow to respect each other over time (Especially with my own, Shiny, male pair ingame, Daisuke and Sissel X3).

FeudShipping (Zangoose x Seviper)

Although Zangoose and Seviper are said to be mortal enemies, I like to think that there's a chance of a pair denying that feud and coming together (A bit Romeo x Juliet ish, I know, but still :p)

NightlightShipping (Espeon x Umbreon)

Because Espeon and Umbreon just always seem perfect as a pair X3. I mostly blame Pokemon Colosseum for making me like this so much though, since they were always Wes' doubles partners.

KrazyShipping (Pikachu x Meowth)

Anime-based~ Whenever Pikachu and Meowth have teamed up or been forced to work together, they show that that they actually care about each other, even if they don't like to admit it XD. They also have a close rivalry, so there's that love-hate aspect too.

Thanks to X/Y I have a new favourite P x P ship too: Tyrantrum x Charizard. I loved Tyrantrum the minute I saw it, and think it goes great together with Charizard as two powerful looking, prideful Pokemon~


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MegaZardshipping Mega Charizard Y with Mega Charizard X
I find it cute and just go together the same way Umbeon and Esopeon do^^. Plus Mega char Y will protect Mega Char X from those nasty fairies.

Delphox and Lucario (Mega form or not)
The brave warrior of Aura and the Fox mage what is not to love.

Pidegot and Bravary
Two great birds of prey...


I don't have any species of Pokemon that I just generally ship together, they do have to be individuals. I like Ash's Snivy/Iris's Axew. I'm also inexplicably fond of Team Rocket's Meowth/Jessie's Yanmega.


Yusarin >_<
some of my favorite shippings:

Krazyshipping ((Pikachu x Meowth))(i don't know what shipping this is called as long its these two)
For me pikachu and moewth they seemd to be rivals since meowth is a member of tr, although when meowth is separated from tr , pikachu seemed to have always helped him, implying that they have deep friendship even though they were rivals, and that gives the reason why i like these two

froakie x fennekin(name is still unofficial)
knowing that ash and serena get along really well, i could say these two are also the same, like in xy011 when fennekin was disappointed with its tail, froakie seems to help it shine back by using the what so called frubbles, i could say they have a deep connection even though they're just pokemons


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Yaaay, activity~ Welcome to the thread, everyone! ^__^ *basks in confetti*

omg, I didn't even think of Ash's Froakie/Serena's Fennekin before but the potential is adorable! Froakie does seem very proud and chivalrous, and I haven't seen XY11 yet but the idea of him protecting Fennekin is d'awww <3 I didn't know it had a name either! Insectivoreshipping, huh~ Looks like I got me a new anime ship (along with Pikachu x Dedenne, and Krazyshipping, always Krazyshipping) n.n

@AquaMilotic: Jumpluff x Vileplume is totally my OTP in that fic, they're so cute <33 It helps that I love both Pokemon anyway, they'd be adorable together.

@Ambri: omg, Samurott x Liepard is STILL unnamed? I remember talking about that forever ago...We should fix that, as it is a wonderful ship to be sure x3 maybe something to do with blades/claws/swords, since Liepard has sharp claws and the whole Samurai thing...I'll think about it ^^; my ship-naming skills are way rusty, lol. And I like the sound of Tyrantrum x Charizard too! They would indeed look majestic together~

@WildHennaCharizard: Mega Charizard X/Mega Charizard Y would be awesome! And now I'm just picturing CharY protecting CharX from, like, a Klefki or something, and it's great XD I do like when the same species has different looks.


fire master
Sylveon(male) x umbreon
dawn bunnery x clemont bunnelby: bunny in love
Ashs pikachu x iris emolga
infernape x greninja x blazikien x sceptile


~Draco Rex~
I haven't even finished watching through Best Wishes/ BW saga yet, so I'm nowhere near ready to see XY, but from pics and gifs I've seen of Ash's Froakie/Serena's Fennekin they're really adorable together! X3.

@WildHennaCharizard: Wow, I didn't even think of the possibilities from mega evolution shipping! You can have mega x non mega pairings, also with the same species, and mega x mega. It's great~ Mega Mewtwo X/ Mega Mewtwo Y would make a nice pair, especially since their aesthetics are so different.

@Whiscash: I know, I even did come up with a name, but apparently it's taken :B. Using blades/ claws as a theme is a good idea. Hmm, what about something like...KamatanaShipping? The Kama is a sickle bladed weapon, which is what Liepard's tail resembles, and '"tana", coming from Katana, could symbolize Samurott. Ah, it's been ages since I last named any ships too. Sadly, I haven't thought of any good potential ship names for Tyrantrum x Charizard yet XO.
Hi! I enjoy reading the old Pokémon x Pokémon thread. May it RIP XD

Annyway...I have a couple of ships that I named. I check the shippings list, and so far none of these ships have names.

ThunderSeasonShipping - Deerling x Blitzle. My first PxP OTP. Man I love this couple...it's based off of my Deerling and Blitzle (both now evolved) in my Black team. I can see Blitzle being the protective guy to his shy and unconfident Deerling. It's so cute :D

MuddyWatersShipping - Seismitoad (shiny) x Simipour. I'm quite surprised there was no ship named like this o_O Anyway, it's based off of my very first shiny in Black *hugs her shiny* and my cute female Simipour in White. I can see Simipour protecting Seismitoad from being outcasted and bullied due to him being a shiny, and Seismitoad returns the favor by saving her countless times. They now have an adopted daughter shiny Cyndaquil <3

Marowak'sMasterShipping - Gallade x Cubone/Gallade x Marowak (PMD2). Based off of my fanfic Marowak's Master, where Marowak, then a Cubone, was trained to run a dojo that Gallade ran before *SPOILERS* his death. It's a pretty good yaoi/family ship <3

Also, we should keep this new thread alive in honor of the old thread! So how about we put in topics like everyone did in the old thread?

I'll start:

How do you think your OTP first met?

I'll answer this later.

Kutie Pie

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*pokes head into thread with whistle accompaniment*

What are your favourite Pokemon x Pokemon shippings?

*repeatedly and rapidly points to signature with both fingers while circling it*

I'm probably the biggest Mewshipper on Serebii right now--to the point anyone (whether they know me or not) basically has to look at my signature and just know how much I support the pairing and find me a wacko for doing so because "GASP THAT'S INCEST--not if it's the anime-verse because they got DNA from a Mew fossil thus we don't know how related that dead Mew is to any of the living Mew--YOU DAAAAAAAAARE PAIR UP BROTHER AND SISTER OR WORSE MOTHER AND CHILD GAAAAAAAASPPPPPPPP."

*inhales deeply*

There used to be more Mewshippers, but they're gone now so I've been secretly trying to convert others into the pairing so I can have this group of Mewshippers and know I'm not alone in this anymore--no this is a lie I'm not that evil. Fun fact, I actually saw them more as brother/sister for quite a while, but the aforementioned Mewshippers had quite a number of (good) stories on the two that I fell in love with the concept. And I fell hard as a twelve-year-old. Yeah, it's been almost ten years now, and I'm still in love with it when all the other pairings in Pokémon fell into more of a phase.

And yes, my parents know of this. I draw these two a lot, so they caught on pretty quickly. What they don't know is my writing. I plan to keep it that way.

For a long time.


Meanwhile, I've come to like LunarEclipseshipping, or Darkrai/Cresselia. I don't know why, but there's something about how it's like the two can't live with each other, but they have to have each other to live I got a Mr. and Mrs. Smith vibe from it all looooool. I like to imagine they have that red string of fate that is either tangled around them or it's really short, so they're never too far away from one another. I came to like it due to fan-art and fan fiction, but it's nowhere near as close as Mewshipping in terms of how much I really like it.

Yeah, I tend to support Legendary pairings more than just regular Pokémon pairings. Not sure why, either...

*stares at Wishcash and next poster*

*slowly slides away off-screen*

Kutie Pie

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What's the status with Charizard and Charla? Still together/long-distance? It's complicated? Separated? Did they have a baby Charmander yet?
Yeah, I'm curious about that, too. Same goes with Ash's Butterfree and his pink mate, I want to see the babies (and if they're all pink or something because come on, pink Caterpie!).

Oh, someone's trying to get a topic going. All right, let's go ahead and do that, as weird as they may be. (But hey, every thread has to have topics shared by frequent posters.)

How do you think your OTP first met?

For my OTP? Pfft, how else? Attempting to murder each other for different beliefs is always the start of a budding friendship/romance. /sarcasm. But of course, looking back on it now, I don't think Mewtwo and the Mew he met on New Island ever really called it a "truce", or at least I don't think they will ever be on good terms. (Also, no one knows if that Mew's male or female anyway especially since we have some proof there are more Mew in existence than just the one.) Even then, I doubt Mewtwo can get over being tormented by the thought of a Mew for a while even with the bittersweet ending we got in Mewtwo Returns. But things change over time, and that includes opinions.

I personally always felt like it was Mew who made the effort to get to know Mewtwo more, she just had to put more effort into it than usual given Mewtwo's nature. And that in itself would take years to do. I imagine the same thing happens with Cresselia and Darkrai and probably any other budding couple in which one member is rather grumpy and aggressive.


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@PokeGirl101: Hi and welcome to the thread! ^_^ yes, the old thread was indeed glorious, but I'm really happy to see people contributing to the new one~ And you have some nice ships! I remember liking the idea of Deerling/Blitzle way back when, and your scenario sounds adorable <3 I can definitely see shy!Deerling and protective!Blizle...and same to Simipour/Seismitoad! MuddyWatersshipping is a very good name for that pair, I'm surprised it wasn't taken too but then I haven't looked at the list for a while...

@Kutie Pie: *stares back* ...Hi. XD your fics may have sold me on Mewshipping, truth be told...I never really thought of it as incest since as you said, Mewtwo was cloned from a Mew but presumably not the Mew he meets...I like the dynamic they have going on, with Mew being all sweet and naive-seeming (in Mewtwo's eyes anyway), and the idea that she (genderless okay but I've always seen that Mew as a she) could be the one to help Mewtwo realise he could have a better life, that everything's not quite so bleak and hopeless and he doesn't have to isolate himself from all the other Pokemon because of what he is, and come to see her as an equal...[/sudden attack of Mewtwo feels, oops.] And Darkrai/Cresselia is cool too, in a similar vein! Cresselia seems like she could be a calming influence, which Darkrai needs...

@Ambri: Oh, I like Kamatanashipping! :3 As for Tyrantrum/Charizard, I feel like something dinosaur-related would be good, for some reason X3 um, what's the period with T-Rexes...Cretaceous, is it? Or one of the others, lol sorry, I'm dumb :S

A topic! Yay ^.^

How do you think your OTP first met?

Hmm...I always saw it as something like a little Barboach and Feebas, living in the same lake or whatever yes I know they don't in the games but sssh bond, because Feebas is weak and ugly and the other Pokemon laugh at her, and Barboach is drifting looking for a place to live because the other big, scary Whiscash won't let him into their territory, so they stick together to survive and become friends. Then later, Feebas evolves and she's beautiful, and other Pokemon suddenly are interested in her - and she likes the attention, but doesn't always understand why these Pokemon want to associate with her now, and so she's glad to have Whiscash, who's always been her friend and she knows he doesn't care if she's pretty or not because he's kinda clueless anyway. Whiscash is just happy if his friend is happy, and things haven't changed except for how he sometimes feels incredibly protective when some other Pokemon gets a little too close to Milotic, but he doesn't fully understand why. ...And yeah. (or something like that idk that was turning into the world's worst fanfic)
Whiscash: Thanks! *hugs* And your scenario for Whiscash/Milotic is cute <3 And as for my Deerling/Blitzle, they now have two baby Deerlings *squees* One of them is shy, like his mom, and the other is a bossy, bratty big sister XD I also thought of pairing the male Deerling with my shiny Cyndaquil. WarmSeasonShipping maybe? :D
I also wanted to give Sawsbuck x Zebstrika a name...any one have any suggestions?

How do you think your OTP first met?

Well, for ThunderSeasonShipping, in a fic that I should write but can't 'cause I'm lazy, Blitzle left the team briefly to get a drink of water from a river, and he saw a wild Deerling being attacked by a Cryogonal (I know, Cryogonals are not in the same Route as Deerling, but Vanillite is just TOO cute to be a bully XD) because she accidentally wandered into its territory. Blitzle protected the Deerling, and when his team came by, he convinced Deerling to join the team. She accepted, and that day was when they fall in love. Awww....

And for Seismitoad/Simipour...my Trainer in Black and my other Trainer in White meet up in Castelia City, and they went to get some Casteliacones (it was winter at the time. What? I eat ice cream in winter XD) and when Seismitoad (then a Tympole) was eating his bowl of the ice cream, the Sandile in my White team ate it all up and mocked him for being a shiny. Simipour (then a Panpour) stood up to him, telling him to leave him alone. Soon after, Tympole and Panpour became good friends. ^_^

I won't say about the Gallade x Cubone one, 'cause there was some spoilers in the fic ^^; is there a place somewhere on here that I can post my fanfic on? Sorry, I'm new here ^^;

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
@Kutie Pie: *stares back* ...Hi. XD
*stares back even harder because-you're-not-supposed-to-lock-eyes-with-cats-or-you-get-challenged* XD

your fics may have sold me on Mewshipping, truth be told...
*creepy grin* Excellent. *scoots closer*

Lol, seriously though, I find that a success. Guess in a way that comes full-circle because it was the fics I've read that sold me on Mewshipping, and now I'm selling it to other readers. Kinda weird how that works, but it's really the only other way to spread it out. Someone may have the same opinions as you, but until it's publicly announced, you don't know if they do. And it really does help that the quality has to be pretty good in order to get it to sell, because one bad experience/story of a certain pairing will turn someone off from that pairing entirely.

But because pairings tend to be from fans, the fans that want to share the pairing with others will need to have a convincing argument, in a way. You know? The thought of incest turns away maaaaany people (and I'm pretty sure a tiny percentage of Mewshippers support it as such like all other incest pairings), which is probably why Mewshipping isn't wide-spread due to the fact people associate it with the games more than with the anime (and they tend to bring that same argument over despite games =/= anime). Next to the fact Pokémon pairings tend to not be as popular as the human pairings anyway.

So yeaaaaaaah, that's my little do-ditty that I can't remember my reasons for... why I'm explaining all of this. Then again, whenever the topic of Mewshipping is brought up in the slightest, I kinda-sorta get a little giggly/fan-girly so I write rather nonchalantly almost like a stream-of-conscious if you will. Not sure if it's natural, or just a bad habit that carried over from my early days here despite the fact I have a much more mature tone in other topics.

I'm kinda weird like that.

And Darkrai/Cresselia is cool too, in a similar vein! Cresselia seems like she could be a calming influence, which Darkrai needs...
That's probably one of the other reasons why I pair up the two. Kinda also doesn't help (or does it help?) the islands they tend to inhabit are directly across from one another, almost like they have to keep an eye on each other or something. I dunno, the (few) stories I've read seem to suggest that, and I'm not entirely sure if that was actually ever stated in canon.

By the way, as cliché as it is, I do like your explanation for the Whiscash/Milotic pairing, at least for two specific characters.

(or something like that idk that was turning into the world's worst fanfic)
And technically, you can make such a cliché idea rather endearing when you allow the reader/viewers to get connected to the characters on an emotional level. It'd be the world's worst fan fic/story if it was handled atrociously, which to be fair would take a special kind of talent to do.

*creepily stares with straight face as fingers steeple*

(I know, Cryogonals are not in the same Route as Deerling, but Vanillite is just TOO cute to be a bully XD)
Or that would be a brilliant idea because the Vanillite uses its cuteness to get away with bullying a Deerling. No one would have seen it coming. Unless there's an explanation that the Cryogonal just drifted there and decided to make it its own territory.

is there a place somewhere on here that I can post my fanfic on? Sorry, I'm new here ^^;
If it's for a pairing, you post it in the Shipping Fics section as shown directly above the Shippers Community page (it's its own little sub-forum that needs more lurve, seriously, it used to be more active in the day but it's kinda slowing down). Just make sure you read the rules before you post so you won't get it closed on the first day.
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Or that would be a brilliant idea because the Vanillite uses its cuteness to get away with bullying a Deerling. No one would have seen it coming. Unless there's an explanation that the Cryogonal just drifted there and decided to make it its own territory.
Yeah, the Cryogonal drifted there and make it its own territory, but I like your idea ^^

If it's for a pairing, you post it in the Shipping Fics section as shown directly above the Shippers Community page (it's its own little sub-forum that needs more lurve, seriously, it used to be more active in the day but it's kinda slowing down). Just make sure you read the rules before you post so you won't get it closed on the first day.
Thanks for that, though Marowak's Master doesn't EXACTLY have a shipping: it's just a backstory of the Marowak from PMD2 and how he met his master, Gallade.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Yeah, the Cryogonal drifted there and make it its own territory, but I like your idea ^^
xD Well, glad I helped. Make the Vanillite jealous for more conflict and "possible rivalry" or something. Do take your time writing it, I'd like to see it when it's done. There needs to be more Pokémon/Pokémon shipping stories, honestly because then that means more competition in the Shipping Oscars.

Thanks for that, though Marowak's Master doesn't EXACTLY have a shipping: it's just a backstory of the Marowak from PMD2 and how he met his master, Gallade.
Since romance isn't the focus, then it goes in the regular fan fiction section waaaaaaay over there. Rules still abide, even though there's slight difference between there and the Shipping Fics.
Thanks Kutie Pie! I appreciate the help! *hugs*

Now I'm in love with BetrayalShipping (Mewtwo x Lucario). I didn't like it at first, but after seeing some pics on dA, I grew to like it. In my HUGE crossover series on my dA account that has yet to be written, Mewtwo downright hates Lucario 'cause he took his spot in Brawl. However, when Bowser tried to trophify Lucario, Mewtwo took the hit for him, and Lucario saved him after a brief fight against Bowser. They became good friends after that <3 Plus the two are smexy >3

And in my fanfic that is "kinda" written, it's about high school love with Lucario, a timid outcast, and Mewtwo, a tough guy but sweet on the inside guy. Poor Lucario was being bullied by some other Pokes when Mewtwo stepped in. They became close until the bullies came back with vengeance by kidnapping Lucario as an attempt to lure and kill Mewtwo...

I should write something before more plot bunnies come and attack me... XD
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