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Pokemon x Pokemon Shipping Thread: because they need love too~

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Hm... I was never interested in any Pokemon x Pokemon shipping, but...

I would've posted source if I knew where this pic is from...

Can anyone come up with a name for this one?
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I would've posted source if I knew where this pic is from...

Can anyone come up with a name for this one?
D'AWWWWW! That's so cute! Hmm...name name name...how about FairyFrogShipping? OK, not the best I could come up with ^^;

Anyways, I was playing Mystery Dungeon 2 and decided to cheat to get some non-playable Pokémon as the hero and partner. The result: Hitmontop (hero) x Buizel (partner) - WaterPunchShipping (I checked to see if that name was taken. Nope, it's not.)

Even though it's cracky, I really like it. The cowardly Buizel who gains some courage thanks to his best friend Hitmontop is so sweet (then again, all MD2 hero x partner ships are like that, but still.) To people who are wondering, this is a yaoi couple.

I'm planning on writing a fic based on the ending of MD2 for this team, but I'm kinda stuck at the moment. Poor Calder (Buizel) losing Enar (Hitmontop) after he confessed his feelings to him... *cries*

Kutie Pie

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How about BowFrogShipping? *shot for lame pun*

I completely and totally forgot about PMD2 and the pairing of Grovyle and Celebi. Which is weird because it's one of the very few canon Pokémon pairings out there--even though it's on a spin-off game and not the actual universe, but come on, it's Pokémon of course it's going to be in the same universe especially when you have Mewtwo in it which suggests that yes it possibly is on the same timeline as the main games oh good Lord now Game Freak and Nintendo will have to make a timeline for Pokémon like with Legend of Zelda. Yeah, granted it's kinda one-sided on Celebi's side, but they basically expand on it in the special chapter and thus chances are there are little Treecko and Celebi babies running around at some point in the future.

*giggly face*

But otherwise, yeah, hero/partner is probably the most common if you're not pairing up the hero with another character. I actually think a lot of Pokémon pairings came from those games because of the many possibilities and combinations. I've secretly come to like the idea of Mudkip/Bulbasaur after my play-through of the game. I don't know why, there's just something so adorable about it. So people can tease Bulbasaur for lieking Mudkipz*SHOT*
XD Baby Treeckos and Celebis. I can see that half of them are shiny, while the other half are not XD

So...I've been using this Random Pokémon Generator, made the settings so that only two Pokémon appear, and I got SO many hilarious pairings from it (I'm not using it now, though, so I'll show the random pairings later).

Also, to those that are interested, Marowak's Master is now in the Fanfiction Section. I need some reviews, so if anyone's interested, please check it out *shot for shameless advertising*

And, I was doing a Wedlocke on my Ruby, and these are the pairings I got:

Blaziken x Linoone
Mightyena x Dustox
Swellow x Breloom

By the looks of it, none of them are named. Any suggestions? My brain's dead ATM.
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I agree with all the shipping potential in Mystery Dungeon games! I think a lot of my love for those games comes from them being the first ones to show Pokemon as characters with interesting backstories, relationships and emotions...And, yes, I too harbour a love for hero/partner, in whatever form <3 I think my fave is Pikachu (me)/Chikorita (partner), because that was the first combination I played with and they're two of my faves anyway so slightly biased XD and yeah, Grovyle/Celebi was really cute! Wigglytuff/Chatot remains the PMD2 pairing of my heart though~

@PokeGirl: you're welcome! *hugs back* ^^ and d'awww, they have babies!! That is just too adorable <3 Deerling/Cyndaquil is a cute idea too! WarmSeasonshipping, I like ^.^ I always see Cyndaquil as quiet, so if Deerling's shy too they could be adorably awkward together :3 (And I can't wait to see the random pairings from the generator XD)

@Kutie Pie: *continues staring back*...*falls over* damnit, you win XD;;

But because pairings tend to be from fans, the fans that want to share the pairing with others will need to have a convincing argument, in a way. You know? The thought of incest turns away maaaaany people (and I'm pretty sure a tiny percentage of Mewshippers support it as such like all other incest pairings), which is probably why Mewshipping isn't wide-spread due to the fact people associate it with the games more than with the anime (and they tend to bring that same argument over despite games =/= anime). Next to the fact Pokémon pairings tend to not be as popular as the human pairings anyway.
yep, that's definitely true! I like being sold on pairings I wouldn't otherwise have thought of by good fic, or just hearing other people's reasoning, it's part of the fun ^^ and yeah...I see how seeing it as incest would turn some people off (obviously I've been ruined being in fandoms with super popular incest pairings, because my default reaction to "but it's incest!!!" is pretty much "yeah...and?" :X). regardless of the genetics, though, Mew and Mewtwo weren't raised as family and they definitely don't have a conventional family dynamic - either siblings or parent/child - which is what interests me about the pairing. And yeah, games and anime are different canons, but some people seem to have trouble understanding that -_-

By the way, as cliché as it is, I do like your explanation for the Whiscash/Milotic pairing, at least for two specific characters.
Hee, thanks ^.^ yeah, I was worried I was going a bit far into fanfic territory with that, but that's just one way I could see the pairing as characters...When you think about it, every Pokemon is a different character so you can have the same PxP ship but with entirely different characters/dynamic/gender ratio. I think that's why a lot of ships are from the anime or Mystery Dungeon where they have distinct personalities, or people shipping their own Pokemon from the games with different ideas/headcanons about their personalities. So many possibilities, it's wonderful~~

Aww, cute Froakie/Sylveon pic! For names, I rather like Kutie Pie's BowFrogshipping X3 or perhaps something like Waternymphshipping, for the whole water/fairy thing? sorry, my naming skills are gonna need some time to get back in action ^^;; (My favourite Sylveon ship is Sylveon/Umbreon, though, gotta say. More of the opposites attract thing, and my two looked so pretty together on X I kind of fell in love with the idea c: Sylveon/Espeon/Umbreon works, too...idk if any of those are named. Oh, that can be a topic if anyone wants one: What Pokemon do you ship with Sylveon?

There does absolutely need to be more PxP shipping fics...I wrote one forever ago, for a gift - it was Gypsyshipping (Quilava/Kirlia), which I never considered before but ended up quite liking when I was done with the fic XD I really should write some MarvelWhiskershipping sometime...hopefully I will get around to it one day, as well as the 394507 other fics I'm not currently writing ^^;
@Whiscash: Haha, yep! And my shiny Cyndaquil is anything BUT quiet; I think she's a Naughty Nature...XD

Oh, and as for the Generator...I'll post 10 pairings that I got from it.

Here it is:

Abra x Darumaka
Ferroseed x Roggenrola
Clawitzer x Snivy
Froslass x Conkeldurr
Foongus x Bergmite
Feraligatr x Sawk
Venomoth x Ducklett
Ampharos x Dragalge
Metang x Inkay
Riolu x Buizel

I think I'm starting to like Ferroseed x Roggenrola and Foongus x Bergmite XD

Oh, and about my Mewtwo x Lucario story: I posted the first chapter up. So far I only have one review, so if you're interested, check it out: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?624930-High-School-Love-A-Mewtwo-x-Lucario-Fanfic



Well I will be....

These two are defniteley my favorite XD



Well I will be....

These two are defniteley my favorite XD
D'aaaw! So cute!

And why the heck is Pikachu in a glass tube?


So Froakie did show interest in Sylveon then? I haven't seen that episode yet, but the fact that he sort of blushed implies that he liked her. Regardless, I mostly support Ash's Froakie x Serena's Fennekin because Froakie helped her groom her fur in XY011 and he totally blushed bright pink afterwards. I just thought that was adorable, and this is coming from someone who usually only ships human characters in Pokemon. :p


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Victini x mew: victini overprotive and bossy mew shy nice sweet you know what they say opposites attract

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I think the OP should be the one to keep the thread alive whenever possible, since it's their responsibility in a way to keep things going. Just saying xD. Good luck with your fanfic, by the way. Try not to overwork yourself with more than you can chew.

Anyhoo... we need a topic. One that helps freshen the thread...

What makes Pokémon/Pokémon fics special or different compared to human/human fics, in your opinion?

I suppose it's because it's easier to create a personality for a Pokémon instead of resorting to canon personality given to us, and being stuck with it. There's a bit more leeway with Pokémon characters as there are millions of members in a species (usually), so no one's going to go up-in-arms over out-of-character moments (maybe, depends on how you set up and portray the character), though you will have to worry about potential Mary Sue labels. In the meantime, there's just something unique about a relationship between Pokémon and not just humans. We've seen in the anime and even in the side games that Pokémon can develop romantic feelings, so it's similar to a human romance, but at the same time, because they're Pokémon, you kinda have to get a bit creative with the romance. Can't make them too human (unless you're shooting for a gijinka).

Personally, when I write Pokémon/Pokémon fics, they tend to be more between Legendaries, and Legendary Pokémon are different from regular Pokémon because of the myth and power behind them. That alone makes them that much more interesting to me, especially since with some of them, I still do have freedom to give them a personality. But with the others, the challenge to keep them in their established character is just as fun, if not more-so.

Also, it's kind of a guilty pleasure in some way. But that's just me.


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Honestly, I'm not too much of a Pokemon/Pokemon shipper, but I do like it when certain Pokemon are together. :)

What makes Pokémon/Pokémon fics special or different compared to human/human fics, in your opinion?

I guess that it's the fact that there are no limitations on which Pokemon gets shipped. I mean the in-game breeding partners for Pokemon are already quite strange right? lol I think Pokemon/Pokemon shipping is fun too considering that even though you have multiple of the same Pokemon, they don't necessarily have to be the same Pokemon (unless, of course, it's a Pokemon where there's supposed to be just one of).


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Man, so many ships emerge from PMD 2...
Here we go:

SunfloraXLoudred: I think it's cute how Loudred broke Guild rules just because he thought she might be in trouble. :3 I used to pair Sunflora with Bidoof, though, and I kinda still do...
Guildshipping (WigglytuffXChatot): I've always subconsciously shipped this, even before my second playthrough of the game. I sort of get the feeling that it's one-sided, with Wigglytuff liking Chatot, and maybe Chatot liking him back but being embarrassed by that - you know how he gets. Especially Chatot saving him in Brine Cave and both being so friendly with each other seem like massive hints. Plus, if you think about how la Pokédex says that Wigglytuff's fur is incredibly soft to the touch, and then imagine the two sleeping side-by-side... Eek! Seems like I've turned into Sunflora...
PlayerXPartner: My friend helped me realize that the game can actually be a love story between the two main Pokémon! When I chose my partner, I had mostly male options and one female, but for him, he had more girl options! This ship is mostly self-explanatory - if you've played the game, you'll know right away what the hints are. The list is too long for me to state, really...
GrovyleXPlayer: This is a bit of an odd one, but I think that Grovyle and the Player were very close, if you catch my drift. That could be why he seemed to reject Celebi's prompts for a while. When he realized that everyone was going to disappear in Sky, he finally gave in to her. I think this because when he was telling the partner how good he/she and the player were together, he seemed sad, like he figured that he no longer had a chance with the player. There's that, and also the fact that he referred to himself and the player as 'partners,' which we all know could mean more than just a Pokémon and a human working together. There were some other hints, too, but I forget them.

And, of course, Grovyle and Celebi. I'm not even going to explain this one.

What makes Pokémon/Pokémon fics special or different compared to human/human fics, in your opinion?

Well, first of all, the relationships are usually more sincere feeling, since they don't really 'date' and 'get married' but rather mate, and I expect many Pokémon mate for life. Also, the smaller and cuter the Pokémon, the more playful the feel of the story. With Pokémon shipfics, there's less restrictions, too - they could be wild, belong to Trainers, be forced into love, you name it! Plus, torture is easier to get away with in those kinds of fics - they can survive longer and more pain. >:)


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Unfortunately this was bumped after over a month of inactivity, so I'm going to have to close it. If someone wants to try again with a new thread for this topic then they may.
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