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Pokemon X Pokemon Shippings General Discussion

Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Don't Mess wit Texas
What are they?

Pokemon X Pokemon Shippings are pairings between species, or sometimes specimen, of Pokemon. Many are canon in a way thanks to the existence of egg groups - groups of Pokemon who can breed with one another in the games.


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With all this down, I'll start a topic.

What Pokemon X Pokemon Shippings Do You Support?

I ship Pikachu and Buneary for one, primarily the ones that belong to Ash and Dawn respectively. This is called LagomorphShipping.

I've also written a one-shot featuring May's Glaceon and Serena's Sylveon. The former doesn't have a confirmed gender, whereas the latter is female, but for the purposes of the fic I made Glaceon male.


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The one main Pokèmon X Pokèmon shipping that I support is Swampert and Primarina. I wonder if anyone else supports them.

Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Don't Mess wit Texas
Overall when it comes to Pokemon X Pokemon shippings in terms of pairing animalistic Pokemon I prefer to ship Pokemon that are based off animals in the same class of the animal kingdom. For instance, Pikachu/Buneary and Glaceon/Sylveon are both pairings of two mammalian Pokemon. I've also written something where two of Ash's bird Pokemon, Staraptor and Unfezant, get together.

Satoshi & Touko

Glimwood Tangle is Literal Dreamland
I generally only support Pokemon pairings of the same species. Like for example, a Pikachu and a Pikachu, BunearyxBuneary, etc. (Mice and Rabbits can't mate irl, right?) GardevoirxGallade is probably acceptable as well.


Me? I ship Pokémon with Pokémon all the time...but mostly because of the characters themselves than thinking two Pokémon are cute or something, though I do prefer they're in the same egg group.

For example though they're among my favorite Pokémon, I wouldn't really ship Garchomp x Charizard just because they're in the same egg group and look cool together unless the two Pokémon have good chemistry as characters. Otherwise the species itself doesn't matter.

legendary pokémon x humans on the other hand is a different story and a different topic

Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Don't Mess wit Texas
The Pokemon anime needs to explore romance between Pokemon specimen more.

I mean there was some of it with Pikachu and Buneary but they could have done more with them.


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As far as the Anime goes Buneary and Pikachu were the first Pokémon/Pokémon ship I had.

But I also thought Nidoran (M)/Nidoran (F) were Adorable since I was just a wee lass

As far other Pokémon x Pokémon pairs go:

Inteleon/Cinderace: Hey don't look at me like that! XD I blame a lot of the Japanese Fanart for this! It's one of those ships where literally nobody knows where it came from or how it got started but it's somehow became popular among the Eastern community.

Grimmsnarl/Hatterene: These two are pretty much counterparts of each other. One is a Dark Troll the other is a Psychic Witch. Both like to cause misfortune to anyone that they meet. It's like a Dark Fairytale

Rillaboom/Obstagoon/Toxtricity: This one's actually kinda canon in a way lol. They do have their own little band (The Maximizers). I imagine their in a Polygamy relationship.

Cinderace/Lopunny: Bunny Love! Their designs compliment each other and the Fanart is adorable

Inteleon/Primarina: I blame this guy lol

Greninja/Delphox: I don't really know why I just think it's cute lol

Incineroar/Primarina: I love the Short-tempered Beast & Calm Beauty aesthetic

Grovyle/Celebi: It's PMD's fault

Gengar/Gardevoir: It's PMD's fault

Loudred/Sunflora: It's PMD's fault

Sceptile/Meganium: That Episode still saddens me to this day. I hope Ash's Bayleef evolved in Oak's Lab at some point

Snivy/Oshawott: Idk why I just think it's cute


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Anime wise I'd support ValleyShipping. (Ash's Charizard & Charla.)

Gamewise I'd support a pairing between the Player's Pikachu in Yellow Version & that Clefairy in the Pokémon club.