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Pokemon X problems


From the instant the cart downloaded Pokemon X to my 3DS system I've been having problems with the controls: when there's any sort of list (Pokemon selection screen, options, etc) the select icon darts around like crazy, and most of the time even when I start pressing the d-pad or control stick it's still uncontrollable (meaning if I want to select something I have to time it juuuuust right). Furthermore, when I try walking around with the d-pad sometimes I don't move, and have to rely on the control stick (which, due to the difficulty in exact controls, isn't something I always want to do!).

At first I suspected this was due to a faulty 3DS, but I detect no problems on any DS game or Sonic Generations.

I'm completely dense in the world of technology, so if someone could just point out if I've done anything remarkably stupid, your help would be much appreciated!
The same thing happened with a Wii game and it ended up deleting my entire file. All that happened was that the circle pad was stuck or the game needs to cool off. Give it a try


This has happened every time I've played it and there's no problem on other games. Other suggestions?