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Pokemon X Team


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Hey guys i just got Pokemon X, help me rate my team? :)

@ Mystic Water
Ability: Torrent
-Ice Beam
-Dark Pulse

Why is his tongue a scarf? The foam he had as a Froakie/ Frogadier would be so much cooler.
Dark Pulse or Night Slash, whichever's easier for you. Greninja can be a good mixed Pokemon in-game. Water Shuriken is actually more useful than you'd think, because of those Gravelers and Boldres; Water Shurkien will break Sturdy. Either Extrasensory for Fighting coverage or Ice Beam for Grass coverage, so it would depend on the rest of the team. Or you can sacrifice Water Shuriken for one or the other. Considering that I'm advising Venusaur, I think Extrasensory is more beneficial, because Venusaur can handle grass types.
Acrobatics is another moveset option, if you so felt like it. It'll most likely OHKO Chestnaught if you're a few levels above it.
Greninja is a really solid starter; great speed, decent attacks and some nice STAB moves.
Weak to: Electric, Grass, Bug, Fighting, Fairy
Resists: Water, Fire, Steel, Ice, Dark, Ghost
Immune to: Psychic

@ Miracle Seed
Ability: Overgrow
-Sludge Bomb
-Energy Ball
-Sleep Powder

I was going to go with Charizard at first for the Fairy resistance, but Venusaur actually has super effective moves against Fairy types (that don't have a 75% accuracy like Iron Tail), plus the resistance. Sorry Mega Charizard X, as cool as you are, Venusaur wins. Earthquake for coverage and to deal with stuff like Klefki, which has has a Poison immunity because of Steel typing, or another STAB Grass move if you wanted either a draining move or a more powerful grass move.
Weak to: Fire, Flying, Psychic, Ice
Resists: Grass, Fairy, Electric, Water, Fighting

@ Expert Belt
Ability: Regenerator
-Poison Jab
-Power Up Punch
-Rock Slide

I'm so glad they included Mienshao in this game; while there are plenty of fighting types to choose from, not least that weird new Fighting/Flying Hawlucha, but for me Mienshao wins out because of Regenerator. Rock Slide will be sufficient for in-game purposes, and Mienshao gives a nice Rock resistance as well. I'm not going with High-Jump Kick, since if it misses you're really screwed. You should really only use Mienshao against things that are weak to fighting anyway, so you might as well go for Power Up Punch & then Drain Punch on everything.
Rock Smash is actually pretty useful, since there are plenty of rocks in your way in this game, and because it's not a HM move, you can replace Power Up Punch with it and swap the two moves contiually.
Mienshao does evolve late though, and you might think that Regenerator doesn't matter too much because you can use items, but +30% makes quite a big difference. Mienshao is worth using if you're patient.
Weak to: Flying, Psychic, Fairy
Resists: Rock, Bug, Dark

@ Mind Plate
Ability: Infiltrator
-Shadow Ball
-Signal Beam

Competitively, Prankster (male) Meowstic will be such a good support Pokemon, since it can set up at least one screen because of the ability.
In-game wise, either Infiltrator or Keen Eye is fine. There are a few select trainers that do set up screens, but beyond that Infiltrator is useless. Keen Eye is probably the better ability taking into account that there are SO MANY Boldres in this game and they usually have Mud Slap. Mewostic also learns some good special moves beyond its Psychic STAB, and can have some really nice coverage.
I would personally advise the male Meowstic, simply because I like having a defensive Pokemon around, but the female Meowstic is one with better offences, and in-game battles are hyper offensive, so you might want a female one. If you do get a Female Meowstic, Charge Beam is an option for her over a screen, if you want to use her to sweep.
Weak to: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Resists: Psychic, Fighting

@ Pixie Plate
Ability: Cute Charm
-Draining Kiss
-Moon Blast
-Shadow Ball

The star of X&Y, Sylveon is actually a pretty decent Pokemon. It's surprisingly slow, but it has some really great HP & Sp. Def, along with a nice Sp. Atk. Draining Kiss to replenish health, and it learns it very early on at level 20, so either evolve Eevee at level 19, or use a Heart Scale. Moonblast is great STAB, at BP 95, 100% accuracy and a chance of lowering an opponent's sp. atk. Psyshock and Dig to cover its weaknesses, even though they're pretty uncommon in-game, but Psyshock will prove really useful against Toxicroak (which, spoilers, Team Flare uses). Sylveon will trash any Dragon types, with the possible exception of Dragalge. Psyshock is only available later in the game as a TM, so Bite will be a good filler move until then.
Weak to: Steel, Poison
Resists: Fighting, Bug, Dark
Immune to: Dragon

@ ?No Item?
Ability: Static

You can get Emolga on the same route as Eevee, at a relatively infrequent encounter rate, and as far as I can tell, Emolga has the upperhand in sky battles. It also learns Acrobatics, which will be great against the Fighting Gym, and against some dude's Jumpluff in a sky battle which I was not expecting. It's got pretty cool typing, meaning its Ground weakness is negated, and its Rock/ Ice weakness is covered by Mienshao and Greninja respectively.
Sky battlers also use Emolgas themselves, but just use a STAB Electric move and you'll be fine. You should usually be a few levels above your surrounding trainers/ Pokemon anyway. Emolga is boss.
Weak to: Rock, Ice
Resists: Bug, Grass, Fighting, Flying, Steel
Immune to: Ground

I didn't include most HM moves, but guess what? Bidoof is BACK. So go use a Bibarel. As for Fly, I personally didn't find it that much of a deal to forfeit Fly, considering that I can just Fly to a centre & swap Pokemon. I can use a Fletchling to Fly. The tiny bird doesn't even need to evolve in order to learn HM02. Also note that these are final movesets, I didn't use too many HM moves or whatever throughout the game, but these are the sets I want for E4 purposes.
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Regarding Greninja, swap put either Water Shuriken or Surf for Ice Beam, simply because literally nothing resists Greninja's Moveset then.

For Venusaur, I actually recommend using Energy Ball/Earthquake/Sludge Bomb simply to run off Venusaur's much better Sp. Attack. Also, Venoshock is bad if you have no way t inflict Poison on it.

Mienshao is fine, but you could swap out either of the punches for Poison Jab to cover Fairies that would otherwise resist Mienshao.

Meowstic I would say to get Infiltrator simply because it also negates the common Safeguard, but that's just me. I'd say to swith Reflect for Dark Pulse or Shadow Ball to combat Ghosts and to not get walled by Steel Types, but it's fine.

Yeah, don't use Dig on Sylveon. It's Attack is absolutely horrid and quite a few Trainers use Earthquake now too, so Shadow Ball is a mich better option. You don't need both Moonblast and Draining Kiss, but Sylveon's Movepool is so pathetic it'll have to cope with that.

You really don't need both Tunderbolt and Volt Switch on Emolga, just one or the other is fine, I'd say to replace one of them with U-Turn or Pursuit.


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Is there a reason you aren't using MegaSaur? With nothing else on your team using your Mega slot there really isn't a reason not to use it. Giga Drain > Energy Ball if you switch to Mega as Mega's power boost remedies Giga Drain's comparatively lower base power.

Power Up Punch and U-Turn are conteract each other and you really don't want a 40BP move as your main STAB. Run Hi Jump Kick over it. Yes, the recoil can be potentially devastating, but Mienshao doesn't need to worry as much with U-Turn + Regenerator.

I'd opt Calm Mind > Draining Kiss on Sylveon to capitalize on it's great Special Stats.

Emolga really don't have the defenses to be able to use Roost successfully. That being said it has pretty much nothing else worth using. I guess using Return for some neutral coverage would work, although coming off Emogla's Atk stat means it won't deal too much damage =/