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Pokemon X & Y In-game Team Discussion Thread


Pokemon Semi-Master
Has Pichu or Pikachu's moveset changed any besides useless Nuzzle? I bred one for Volt Tackle and can't find any Gen VI moveset lists and I don't want to miss out on any cool new moves....hoping it learns a Fairy type attack haha

My current team is Frogadier, Fletchinder, Vivillon, Pancham, Skiddo, and Honedge and I'm adding a Pikachu for ol' times sake :D


Just beat the game

Aegislash level 71
Snorlax level 65
Charizard level 70
Sligoo level 60 ( completely useless placeholder)
Chesnaught level 70
Tyranitar level 61 ( so proud of him, he can hold his own despite being at a low level)


Dreaming of Greece
Current team:

- Tyrunt lv. 40
- Pikachu lv. 49
- Greninja lv. 49
- Talonflame lv. 50
- Doublade lv. 50
- Pangoro lv. 49

Doublade is my favourite ever.
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ground types
How are the stats for Meowstic, Heliolisk, and Vivillion? Im considering them for my X team.
heliolisk is probably your best choice
What level are you guys with Helioptile problems at? I know it learns a new move every 5 levels, and at 35-Bulldoze, 40-Volt Switch, 45-Electrify(not worth it).
i gave up after he learned bulldoze. you find the tm thunderbolt so it doesnt matter too much


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To get the Sun Stone you give the Intriguing stone to the hiker in Shalour City.

Evolve Helioptile at level 35 if you want Bulldoze, if not then evolve it now. I leveled mine all the way to level 53....not the brightest idea.
Rumours it learns Earth power at 56... I wish you had done those extra 3 levels haha.


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Just after the sixth gym.

Chesnaught level 46
Charizard level 47
Lucario level 47
Gengar level 43 (just got it, currently training it)
Dragalge level 35 (traded mine for another to get it up to the rest of the team faster)

No idea what to fill the last slot with.


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How are the stats for Meowstic, Heliolisk, and Vivillion? Im considering them for my X team.
Meowstics stats are kinda... meh, Heliolisks are amazing, 120 speed and Special attack, while Vivillon is 100 speed and 100 special attack it can learn sleep powder, quiver dance and hurricane (which gets 91 acc with compoundeyes)


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Just beat the 2nd gym, and so my main team is:

Quilladin Lv 21
Furfrou Lv 20
vivillon Lv 20
Honedge Lv 19
Swirlix Lv 20
Amaura Lv 20

In addition to those guys I have like... 10 other pokemon that I rotate in and out with them. Some are: Combusken, Ivysaur, Skiddo, Skitty, Bunnelby, Flabebe, and several others. Though after the last gym being so hard I'm going to start rotating less and focus on a somewhat smaller group lol.


Okay, so this is right after the Power Plant:
Greninja (lv 45)
Blaziken (lv 45)
Charizard (lv 43)
Talonflame (lv 40)
Pikachu (lv 40)
Lucario (lv 39)


Active Member
For all the planning and the contemplation that I put in to planning my teams, PFFFT, that's all gone out the window!! I have both games, but I started with Y since my sister picked out X to play, and my team strategy pretty much got turned on its ear from the get go!! Anyway, my team is currently:

Quilladin (Terradin) Lv. 23
Vivillon (Mercura) Lv. 23
Floette (Flairy) Lv. 23
Diggersby (Bunnton) Lv. 23
Honedge (Espirito) Lv. 23

I've been loving the new Exp. Share, I'm the tyro of trainer that likes to even train, so it's been handy as heck!! I'm not sure who I want in the final spot, I've been considering Goomy, since I'm anticipating Goodra being able to learn Surf, but I'm still really liking the Skrelp line!! I'm also thinking that I might have to give up someone for a MegaEvolver, but I doubt I'll be able.

Levi Jones

New Member
I am not sure if this is the right thread to ask but I want to get a scizor with technician but how does that affect an attack with STAB? Like if I had bug bite how much damage would that do?
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Galactic Fan
Team right after 4th gym.

Gabite lvl 29
Braixen lvl 32
Crobat lvl 32
Axew lvl 30
Charmeleon lvl 33
Shelgon lvl 30

Taking a very long time to level up my dragons without an EXP Share.


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Greninja (Grimes)

Florges (Fabula)
Sweet Veil

Aegislash (Mitch)
Stance Change (No Guard)

Avalugg (Zero)
Ice Body

Noivern (Isis)

Furfrou (Shemky)
Fur Coat

This is my final team. This will be my third team I'm trying out for X. I hope it does well because I really love this team...
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Anybody have any advice for my team?

Currently have..

Dragalge Level 48
Floette - Level 56 (Can evolve whenever)
Tyrantrum - Level 52
Duoblade - Level 57 (Can evolve whenever)
Greninja - Level 54
Charizard - Level 56 (Mega Y)

In my box I have (Others I want to use)..

Pangoro - Level 51
Abomasnow - Level 40 (Havent trained it yet)
Beartic - Level 40
Sneasel - Level 39
Gible - Level 27
Axew - Level 14
Lucario - Level 38

Quite keen to use an ice type or use a Pokémon that can learn an ice move or so. Also really want to use Lucario.

Don't really want Gible/Axew in my team because that would mean 3 Dragons (Dragagle, Tyrantrum).



AshXSerena = Canon
Need help on my team

Currently it's

Should i keep lucario or jolteon D:


Sceptile is super!
Left the forums for a couple days because I was playing Y all day! :D I love this game!

Anyway, i'm just about to challenge the 3rd Gym and this is my team:
Quilladin lv. 35
Fletchinder lv. 34
Wartortle lv. 35
Helioptile lv. 30
Pancham lv. 31

Plus, i'm holding on to an Inkay just so Pancham can evolve! :)


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Furfrou (Shemky)
Fur Coat
Considering this aswell, since normal type only weakness was fighting and fur coat basically gives this pokemon no weakness (haven't used a normal only vs fairy). Any1 know if this baby has decent defensive stats?

Edit: had a quick nosy and its Sdef is it's highest stat, this looks like it will definitely work but level 8 makes it hard to tell still cause it's base total could be low.
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Loving the game so far. On route 12, my team is;

Delphox Lv 36
Talonflame Lv 36
Gardevoir Lv 34
Tyrunt Lv 35
Vaporeon Lv 34
Lucario Lv 34

Shiny Espeon0429

Well-Known Member
My team, having just beaten Grant, is:

Frogadier Lv30
Serious Male
Water Pulse

Fletchinder Lv29
Lonely Female
Razor Wind

Honedge Lv29
Relaxed Male
Aerial Ace
Swords Dance
Shadow Claw

Amaura Lv29
Mild Male
Icy Wind
Rock Tomb
Ancient Power
Aurora Beam

Sylveon Lv21 (<3)
Hardy Male
Draining Kiss
Quick Attack

Just spent ages finding out how to evolve Eevee and finally managed to do so. Nearly finished super training him and then it'll be time to level him up to the other's levels. I LOVE Sylveon and Honedge so far, whilst Amaura is useful, but its over-reliance on Ice and 4x weaknesses are annoying. The other two are fun to use!

I was initially going to use Goodra as my last Pokemon, but actually, now I want to see if I can get a Skrelp even though I have X as Dragalge looks awesome!