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Pokemon X & Y Rules [New rule as of 7th Feb]

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  • All standard SPPF rules apply.
  • No spamming! Posts that are short and contribute nothing to discussion will be deleted and possibly infracted. Rumors from 4chan, fake scans and the like are all considered SPAM.
  • And while it should be obvious, this still applies to posts talking about how you can't wait for corocoro to release or asking if corocoro has released
  • Keep your cool! Nobody likes arguments, so if someone posts something you disagree with, it's better to just ignore it. You've got 10 months of waiting to go after all!
  • Please avoid discussing fanart of Pokemon here, including of yet-unknown evolutions which is unofficial and encourages off-topic posts discussing the fanart alone rather than the thread topic. If you wish to post/discuss fanart there's the Art Section for that, including this thread sticky for art not made by yourself.
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