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Pokemon XD: The completely messed-up version.

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Bewear my power
Hello. This is my second attempt at a comedy fic.

Just tell me if this is a ripoff and have a mod close it.

Anyway, here' the "prolouge". Hope no-one minds this style of "script".


Michael: Salamence, Earthquake!

Salamence: ROAR! *smashes ground with claw*

Metagross: *is hit by the earthquake* AAAAAAAAOOOOWWWW!!!!!! WHERE'S MY LAWYER!!!!!!!

Sim Trainer: Um...Metagross, Sludge Bomb?

Metagross: AHHAHHHAHAHAHAH!!! EAT THIS, DRAGON BOY!! *fires several balls of sludge*

Salamence: *opens mouth and eats sludge bombs* Mmmm...that hit the spot.

Michael: Salamence! That stuff's not good for you!

Salamence: It isn't? *head explodes*

Sim Trainer: And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the attack is called "Sludge BOMB".

Michael: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I DEMAND TO CALL MY LAWYER!!! *suddenly dissappears then reappears in reality*

Cooltrainer: Um, Michael...that was your 1,579th loss today. In total, that makes 77, 935 losses throughout the week. And throughout the month...

Michael: I GET IT BOB!!!

Cooltrainer: My name's Rich.

Michael: Really? How rich is your name?

Cooltrainer: *stares*

Michael: What?


*Michael rushes outside*

????: Uh, HELLO!! I'm in here!

Michael: Oh, sorry. *rushes back inside*

Receptionist lady at the HQ lab: Michael! The first emergency is that someone is making off with proffessor Krane!

Michael: And the second one is?

RLATHQL: The scientist nut in the other room has something for you.

Michael: How's that an emergency?

RLATHQL: Remember the vortex maker?


*Michael and the Snag Machine maker guy are standing in a room*

SMMG: Now, Michael, just press the button and the vortex maker will do what it was made to do!

Michael: Make cotton candy?

SMMG: No! It makes vortexes! Now just press the button.

Michael: *presses button*

*a vortex appears*

SMMG: Look! Something's coming through!

*a steamroller runs over Michael*

Michael: ...Ow.

SMMG: Wait! Something else is coming through!

*a herd of elephants stampedes on Michael, then a herd of hippos do the same.*

Michael: I...hate...you.

SMMG: Eh-heh-heh-heh.


Michael: Oh yeah! I remember that! *goes and gets a Snag Machine from a different room*

RLATHQL: Nice choice. Now go get proffessor Krane!

*Michael goes outside*

Naps: Come on, guys! The sooner we get this done, the sooner that sister Lovrina pays us!

Cipher Grunt A: All right...so now what?

Naps: We bring the Prof to the lab! What do you think, stupid?

CGA: I thought we were going to play cards.

Naps: ARGH! What did I do to deserve having to deal with you two bozos! *sees Michael* Hey, kid! What are you doing here?

*Michael says nothing*

Naps: Come on, kid, tell me why you're here! *shakes Michael, who promptly falls apart* What the-!? *the "Michael" that Naps shook was revealed to be a cardboard dummy* HEY! THE BRAT'S TRICKED ME! I DEMAND TO CALL MY LAWYER!

Michael: *grabs prof Krane, who turns out to be another cardboard dummy, as are the truck and grunts* Wha-!?

Naps: Teddiursa, go! Attack!

Michael: *throws a Pokeball*

Teddiursa: *is caught*

Naps: AAAAAAHHHH!!! A SNAG MACHINE!!!! WE'RE DOOOMMMMEEEDD!!! DOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs after the truck, which is speeding away* Get back here, grunts!

Michael: .....ooooooooooookay. Weird.


That's it for the "prologue" Sorry if it's short, but it looks so big on the "post new thread" screen.

Anyway, read, review and rate!


Yup, exactly what Dilasc said. It's a script.....a not very well written one at that. Yup, people will mind and then they'll give you a peice of it.

As always, be kind to the mime.


Just me
What they said about script. Please read the fanfiction rules.

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