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Pokemon You Don't Want to see Evolve

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Acdog, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Madaras

    Madaras New Member

    Caterpie and Pikachu should never evolve, they need to stay cute and cuddly!
  2. Argylegasm

    Argylegasm The Dictotter

    I ordinarily applaud evos and prevos, but I really wish Dewott didn't evolve... or at the very least, didn't evolve into a scary, seashell-encrusted sea lion.

    After reading octoboy's post, my desire for a Farfetch'd evo has shrank a bit.

    I do hope, however, that neither Wailord nor Camerupt get evos. I can't even imagine what would happen.
  3. *~Silver*~

    *~Silver*~ Well-Known Member

    You can disagree if you feel the need, but I don't want Absol to evolve. An unevolved form would be great, I'd actually love to see a baby form of Absol, but I don't think Absol's stats are bad to the point of needing an evolution. He's a great offensive Pokemon and his movepool is massive. I don't have any problem with Absol staying Absol.

    However, I'm very aware that Absol is a Pokemon that many, many, people really want to see evolve, and I wouldn't have much of a problem with it if they did make an evolution. It's just not something I'm completely in favor of. I like Absol.
  4. telivisionhead

    telivisionhead Well-Known Member

    My guess if wailord got an evo it will be the size of a town in pokemon. Or the whole region. So wailord I don't wanna see evolve.
    Luvdisc, should've evolved into alomola so it better get an evo if it isn't Alomola.
    Milktank? I dunno but Whitneys miltank is a pain as it is and people try to keep away from mitank. Maybe give it a pre evo or new evo.
    Tyranitar can;t evolve. OF COURSE IT'S THE 3RD EVO OF SOMETHING but still it can;t, it'd be unstopable if it isn't already.
    Gyrados, I have no idea what it would be and it will be basicly a beast,
    Absol. Again, what will it evolve into and an evo for Absol is un-neccesary.
  5. xYachu

    xYachu Spicy Tuna!

    Let's see...

    I don't mind gloom evolves in bellosom, but vineplume is not one of my most faves <.< and I probably spelled their names wrong xD

    and some more which I can't remember atm xP
  6. Wolfram74

    Wolfram74 Shiny Feebas

    Aipom never should have evolved. It went from a little kid to lost in the stages of puberty.
  7. Argylegasm

    Argylegasm The Dictotter

    That just permanently ruined Ambipom for me. IT HAS TWO HANDS. TWO HANDS CAN DO SO MUCH MORE.

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