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Pokemon you haven't used in a while.


That's not funny...
My level 100 froslass, shaymin, tyranitar, and arceus(He makes battling boring anyway)
My absol, raichu, garchomp, and cresselia (whos only use was a contest slave so I could be in the ribbon syndacate, now she just sits in my box...)


Hoenn Obsession
I'd say my Squirtle from 2004. Trying to beat Leaf Green with only a Raticate, a yet decided flier, and a yet-decided surfer. Squirtle is out of the picture.


Well-Known Member
My starter in SS. A lvl. 7 cyndaquil that i only used in the beggining when i was forced to use it.


Furret <3
I haven't used my Blazekin or Swellow from my Emerald in a while, but I still like them.


Isn't that Dandy?
my blaziken and breloom in sapphire was planning to migrate them over but my stupid dog ate it and never saw it again not even sure it it came out of him either :(


RoflCopter is Down
Any electric types. seriously. last one i even caught was Shinx in my Pearl


My shiny Mew, shiny Gyarados, and Jirachi. I obtained them and was like "YAY. 8D" But after that, I stuck them in my "PokeRanch" Box in the PC and almost never take them out.

Argh. :(

I'm also considering sending Seabelle, my Lapras; Mango, my Lickitung; Blaze, my Charmander; and Bandit, my Larvitar, to the ranch as I don't have the time currently to train them. D: I feel so bad about that.

might yena

is EVing off sentret
My mightyena.

OMG it hurts to even joke about such a thing, how will i EVER forgive myself. :'(


My Pearl died, and I just started a new game on Pokemon Emerald, so there's nothing I have that's out of my party... Except that Nincada... He's been in my party, but I haven't used him in ages.

I wonder if I should release him...

Ace Trainer Alex

wants to fight!
Magneton. And that is mainly because it is one of my brother's faves, and he HATES when everyone uses the same pokemon.


Sex on fire
my aggron, desposited it in my pc after the league... must be in there somewhere...


Breeder in Training
Honestly? It's my poor Pachirisu. I caught one, bred it for IVs and moves, and EV trained it. Left it in the box one day, and forgot about it for a year. :(

Dr. Empoleon

Steel Type Champion
The first game i ever got was sapphire. My sterter Twig (Sceptile) was the first pokemon i ever got to lv 100. It had the best moves ever. Now it just sits in my pc un used


Infernus Rex
Like... all haha
I only use my Elite Team, i rarely change them around



The Moral Aethiest
The majority of my original SoulSilver team. I still use my Level 85 Tyranitar frequently and my Level 80 Red Gyarados but my Level 70-72 Typhlosion, Leafeon, Pidgeot, and Ampharos
have been in my box for a while. I do use an Ampharos and Typhlosion that I bred when I tried a bit of EV training, both are Modest with really high Sp Attack IVs and fully EV trained so my original team can't compete. I probobly will get them to level 100 atleast.
Also a few of my legendaries I once treasured as Team Members have been boxed when I realised their stats were terrible. It feels bad because normally I don't care about stuff like that. But once you try it it's hard to stop.

Metagross Guy

ᴸ м f ᴬ σ.
Pretty much every single pokemon I've caught that i really dont need.