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Pokemon you trust!

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i ALWAYS use starmie. hail, sun, rain, doesnt matter. hes probably the best spinner in ou. i tried fortress but he set up hazards better than spinning. my other staple is ferro. he always pulls his weight and sets up hazards.

Starmie can even be anti-weather while spinning.
Gengar: Gengar is a very reliable Pokemon. I mean who can deny that especially when it manages to remain OU through all 5 gens. There is just so much you can do with Gengar with its huge movepool and good offensive stats very easy to fit on most teams

Ferrothorn: Probably my favorite hazard layer (Besides maybe Deo-D). Does not feel like deadweight like Forretress does to me. It can put down hazards or status but it can also give/take hits. It is not compeletely useless when Taunted like some other status/hazard setters. Iron Barbs is just a +

Azumaril: Yeah

Stoutland: So yeah I do not know why more people do not use Stoutland on sand teams. Silk Scarf+Retaliate is crazy powerful as I have found out. One of the most handy Pokemon when you are in trouble

Landorus: Like Gengar in the sense that there is a lot you can do with it because of movepool stats etc. Easy to find a good place for it on most teams and has even more potential as a sweeper than Gengar since it gets stat boosting moves


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Ferrothorn. Fav. Setter. Ever.


Elite Spritist
I made a new competitive team the other day and my Glaceon is amazing. It's incredibly lucky (has avoided most Fire Blasts and Hi-Jump Kicks that came its way), and is able to defeat most counters that would be seen as hard to beat. In fact, it has wiped out a team of Chandelure, Mienshao and Hydreigon single-handedly (my new battle video). It's also great when it works with my Blaziken or Togekiss, because they cover each other's weaknesses.

Divine Retribution

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Heatran. The sheer amazing power of this thing is only one of the reasons why I love it. His stats are all amazing (except his Speed, and that's what Flame Charge Heatran is for), his typing almost couldn't be better, and his ability only compliments that and gives him the ability to severely mess with Sun teams. In fact, I'm sure that Heatran is at least partially responsible for nobody ever using Sun. If they made some sort of Rain equivalent of Heatran that doesn't totally suck (which puts Gastrodon out), then maybe we wouldn't have such a big issue with weather team dominance. Not to mention, what's not to love about a fiery molten metal death monster that eats babies for 3 square meals a day?

I made a new competitive team the other day and my Glaceon is amazing. It's incredibly lucky (has avoided most Fire Blasts and Hi-Jump Kicks that came its way), and is able to defeat most counters that would be seen as hard to beat. In fact, it has wiped out a team of Chandelure, Mienshao and Hydreigon single-handedly (my new battle video). It's also great when it works with my Blaziken or Togekiss, because they cover each other's weaknesses.

On what tier does one find Glaceon, Blaziken, and Togekiss on the same team? You crossed like 4 different tiers there... VGC maybe?

jireh the provider

Video Game Designer
Currently, I find 2 worthy pokemon to use in terms of Defense in RU and UU. potentially, OU as well.

Ampharos (believe it or not, with one cotton guard up or two, earthquakes become nothing much) and Walrein (the Ice body hail set is rather annoying to the opponent. Give the move hail, he can disrupt the weathers summoners excluding Obamasnow).


Professional Cynic
I put so much faith in my Porygon2. With eviolite, Calm nature and 252 SDef EV's, the thing has upwards of 600 special defense. With no investment at all, it has more than 400 physical defense. Porygon2 has gotten me through countless games and I can't imagine my team without it. Here's to the duck.
JELLICENT! With Cursed Body and Special Defense spec. Dear good, has that weird little mustached Jellyfish has covered my bum so many times.... Switching in on a fighting 'mon they will instantly switch to a special attack monster... only to do 10% dmg. Works everytime, 100% of the time. Plus he wiped 3 straight teams in the Global Showdown... He's my MVP for sure.


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Glass cannon pokemon are great, unless you hit Trick Room teams.
Aerodactyl is really good, with great moves, 130 base speed, including STAB AoE Rock Slide if you like double/triple battles.
Starmie is also awesome, I go with the 'Death Star' moveset (BoltBeam, Psychic, Surf/Scald IIRC).
Jolteon with a good HP can also do serious damage.

I also like all four of the muskedeers, but it's REALLY annoying that Keldeo is unfairly banned, given that he's basically a special version of Terrakion, and he doesn't seem to have a great movepool, yet Garchomp is allowed (Cynthia is overpowered for this reason). Terrakion gets both Rock Polish, Swords Dance, and possibly better coverage than Keldeo. The offensive ones can do good AoE damage without boosts, and the defensive ones can get nasty with one Swords Dance. Helping Hand on all of them also allows them to fill a support role if you're using more than one in a double or triple battle. Getting 6-0 on Cynthia's Triple Battle team in the PWT using the 3 original muskedeers was AWESOME. 2x Helping Hand + Terrakion with Rock Slide = PAIN.

As for Battle Subway in White, not only did I use Cobalion (only muskedeer I recruited in that game), but I also used Volcarona (borderline overpowered, and totally awesome - Focus Sash + Quiver Dance = GG unprepared teams without priority moves) and stuff like Jolteon/Starmie for a >50 streak.


Melancholic Trainer
SS Cloyster haha jk.

Crocune/Calmcune for its great utility and bulkness
Mixmence for surprising unprepared teams
though I find BKyurem handy atm
Espeon for obvious reasons
and most of the dancers.


Unwashed skank
Set Name: CruelSupport

Nature: Bold

Item: Black Sludge

Ability: Rain Dish (Needs Rain Support)


Scald, Substitute, Rapid Spin, Toxic

Stat Spread;

HP: 252

Def: 240

Spe: 16


Try this set out. It's a pain in the *ss. I use it on my Mono Water Rain Team, and will be using it later on my OU Mixed Type Rain Team. It stalls and spins.

People tend to forget Tentacruel's great natural Speed. I once stalled a Ferrothorn with this set.

Sp. Def? Don't worry, it's so great at it naturally, it can take two-three Earth Powers from a Heatran, and if my memory serves right one-two Earth Powers from a Nidoqueen. It can survive zero-two-ish Earthquakes, depending on the user.


Grass Type Trainer
Breloom! It finds its way on both my Grass monotype and my OU team. I can always rely on it to KO a few pokemon. That, or my Jumpluff. It'd extremely underrated and manages to sweep a team once in a while.


hey trainer
My most trusted Pokemon would probably be


I play Doubles, VGC Format way more than I do Singles, and Togekiss has been a great help in almost every battle that I play in. Whether it be helping me control Speed with Tailwind or Thunder Wave, redirect attacks aimed at her partners with Follow Me, deal that crazy flinch hax with Air Slash, and even just taking a hit to allow me get into a better position, Togekiss has not let me down.

I actually try really hard to make Doubles teams without Togekiss, but even on teams that start out without her, she finds her way back in almost no matter what. She's just great utility in Doubles. :D


Well-Known Member
I'm going to say Flygon. He's a strong, fast attacker with excellent coverage as no-one in UU resists his STABs, great resistance to hazards and is immune to paralysis. With Roost he can even heal off any LO recoil without the need for a Wish user. The only thing he fears is the occasional Burn but even then Guts Heracross says hi to any Will-o-Wisp and can often power through bulky waters with Scald. Besides Stealth Rock it requires just about no team support and still reliably breaks face.


New Member
Hitmontop :/
Always used him on my team with technician with:
Fakeout, pursuit, close combat , and rapid spin/protect/sideboard
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