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Pokemon you would use if they were easier to find?


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Chansey, Porygon2, Lapras, Hitmonlee and Hitmontop.

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Without a doubt, I would use Milotic in my Gen 3 games every once in awhile. Hunting down a Feebas is something I've never been too terribly fond of simply because of how tedious it is.


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I guess Milotic. also I would use Spiritomb.

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Feebas. No surprise there

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Milotic, Sprirtomb, Galvantula (just not early enough for me), Politoed, Zoroark (practically impossible if you didn't get the event pokemon or don't trade internationally), and Braviary.


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It would so be Deino or Axew. Why are Dragon types usually at the end?

I agree. I always wanted to start off with a dragon without having to trade an egg from the get-go...
Man, I'd love to start off with a Dratini or Bagon...


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I really like Bisharp, Durant, and Mandibuzz, but you can't find them until so late that it's just not worth leaving an open spot in your party for so long, not to mention the crazily late levels they evolve at. Seriously, fifty-four!? Why would they even do that?

See also: Larvesta. You can't get it until you're able to use Surf, and when you do, you have to hatch it out of an egg, meaning you get it at level 1. And it evolves at level 59. Seriously, WTF?

AND, on top of that, if you do take the trouble to train that little fire bug all the way to 59 and evolve it... After you defeat N, you go into the Relic Castle only to find... a level 70 Volcarona?!? Then you facepalm, knowing that the time you spent training that Larvesta was a waste, that you could have just caught this Volcarona instead.

Well, at least that Volcarona can potentially help against trainers like Alder and Cynthia... provided you haven't already battled them.

Anyway, what should also go into this category are Pokemon that are so f***ing hard to find. Like Chansey in every game before Diamond/Pearl. Or Heracross in G/S/C. And there was one neat little idea I had in White: create a triple battle team composed of the three elemental monkeys, except all female and named after the Powerpuff Girls. Only problem is, two things. First, the monkeys themselves are hard to find (save for the free one you get in the Dreamyard, but that's only one). You have to wait for shaking patches of grass for one, patches that might contain Audino instead. And on top of that, they have an 87.5% chance of being male. After searching for hours for just one female monkey, I just gave up. So much for that idea.
though im not a big fan of it, Braviary/ its prevo or Hydreigon. Both come in late in the games and evolve at crazy levels for an elite 4 first round team


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Agreed Feebas, also dem Deinos and don't let me forget, those awful Ralts in Emerald. God where are those Ralts?!
Route 103. Where Wally found his...

Guys, seriously. Stop complaining about good Pokes (Spiritomb, Pawniard, Larvesta, Rufflet/Mandibuzz, Dragons, etc) being found late in the game at low levels. I mean for Gods sake, THATS THE POINT. They dont want you dominating the game with a frikin T-Tar, Salamence or Haxorus (etc) that you obtained as a Larvitar/Bagon/Axew before you got your 3rd-5th badge. Just be happy that you can get a Dratini in Celedon Game Corner BEFORE your 4th Badge (FR/LG) or a Gible after your SECOND badge. (Platinum)

And Gible Evolves Earlier than the other Dragons...

ANYWAY, I'd have to say that a Pokemon I would use if it wasnt so hard to find would be Cryogonal. It looks awesome, but its a pain to find... And if your looking for a certain nature, good luck... And anybody whos sane doesnt even bother looking for a shiny one. They just catch one and MM it...