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Pokemon you'd love to fly the skies with.


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Arceus... I mean, its a flying magical pony god.

Actually, Genesect can learn Fly... maybe that would be more fun, partly since it looks like it wouldn't be able to fly. Otherwise, I might take to the sky on a Skarmory (with a comfortable cushion on its back, of course). They're fairly large and, according to the dex entry, are very fast.
Pretty much any dragon like dragonite, flygon, altaria or salamence. Going with Pidgeotto or staraptor would be great too.
For a legend, I'd pick Rayquaza. Just the view of everything from the Ozone, and the solitude on the Sky Tower...what a sight...And for any regular ol' Pokemon, I'm gonna have to go with Flygon. It just seems so powerful, yet so elegant...


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I like how some Pokemon have the levitate ability and thus render themselves immune to attacks that could cream them. Like Magneton for example.

I quite like Delibird as well. In real life, it would seem like a funny Pokemon


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A Latios would be divine. He's probably among the most skilled and hardy of them all. We would be pretty close to where Rayquaza could get. Not to mention his battling capabilities. My first choice.

A Togekiss would be graceful. They're always reliable and sturdy when flying. Also, Togekiss are close to being legendary by my standards.

An oversized Scyther would be insane. Nobody in the sky would expect to look to their side and see a giant ninja mantis staring back.


aerodactyl would be sweet. that, or dragonite. although i do have to agree with Golurks rocket feet skillz :p

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Pidgey. =w=
Or Rayquaza or Golurk, those would be EPIC.
Either Altaeia because of the cptton wings or Dragoniite for itssoft belly,,,


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Latios. Latias is too small.


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Dodrio. Nuff said.

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Altaria, since it would be like flying in a soft bed, Flygon, just cause it would be fun to fly with one, and Lati@s (whichever one).


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Flying on a scyther sounds a bit risky to me. it's flapping wings seem like they could hit you. So it seems the dragon and legendaries seem quite popular. Ditto and its transform ability will be the best. could transform into any flying pokemon you want.