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Pokemon Zelda Version

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by JFought, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. JFought

    JFought Sloooowly writing...

    Hello People. This is another Fanfic by me, JFought, called Pokemon Zelda Version. The Link in this Fanfic is the same Link from Spirit Tracks. Do note that this is the Sequel to another Fanfic called Legend of Zelda Destiny Bonds, so there will be references to that fic.



    I do not own the rights to The Legend of Zelda or Pokemon whatsoever. Also, I am not the original owner of Hero Swap. More Copyright details will be shown as the story progresses.


    A girl was running with her Absol. No, running from something. That something was a Claydol, all eyes fixed in a menacing glare. The girl continued to run. She simply could not afford stopping. She turned down an alleyway.

    Dead end.

    “A-Absol, Quick Attack!” The girl shouted as the Claydol got closer.

    The Absol ran toward the Claydol at high speeds, but the Claydol used Hyper Beam and the Absol was thrown into the wall.

    “Sorry Leaf, but there’s nowhere to run.” Said a man dressed in a red jacket and white jeans.

    “W-w-what are you gonna do to me?” Leaf asked, trembling in fear at the thought of the nasty things this man could do to her.

    “You’ll see.”

    Chapter 1

    A boy with blonde hair dressed in green ran through town, and, not paying attention, ran into a lady carrying a basket of apples.

    “Hey! Watch where you’re going, Link!” The woman scolded.

    “Oh, sorry, it’s just that Zelda needs to see me. Let me help you with that…” Link replied. He then began to help the lady pick up her apples that she dropped.

    That morning Zelda sent Link a note asking for him to meet her at her room in the castle. Link hoped it wouldn’t end up like last time, but this time there were no menacing clouds trying to grab Link, so nothing TOO bad could happen.

    When he finally got to Zelda’s room, he was out of breath.

    “Link? Are you OK?” Zelda asked, a look of concern on her face.

    “Yeah…. just got a…. little caught up” Link huffed. “So what do you need me for THIS time?”

    “Well, it’s about the Hero Swap program.”

    “Hero Swap?”

    “Yes Link, remember? The program you signed up for so you could get free admission to Brawl?”

    “Oh ya, that” Hero Swap was a program where a hero could fill in for another hero if said hero can’t make it. For example, if Mario is on vacation, but Princess Peach has been stolen, then a hero can be chosen from Hero Swap to fill in for Mario. “So, uh, what do I need to do?”

    “Well, apparently Prof. Oak, a expert on creatures called Pokemon, sent a girl named Leaf to go study the Cotta Region, but she has mysteriously disappeared. So he is asking you to fill in for her.” Zelda explained. “Also, he thinks that you should be the one to do it because you are the correct age and you might just be able to solve this mystery.”

    “Well, it’s better than sitting around doing nothing all day. Maybe it won’t hurt….” Link started

    “Oh, and you’re not allowed to bring any of your weapons.”

    “But I don’t wanna go!” Link suddenly exclaimed.

    “Hey, YOU signed up for it, so YOU have to do it!” Zelda argued.

    “Can Navi come with me?” Link asked.

    “Sorry, but no”

    “What about my Boomerang?” Link pleaded.

    “I guess that’s OK.”



    Link boarded the train. “Are you sure this train can take me all the way to the Cotta Region?” Link asked doubtfully.

    “It’s not called the Inter-Dimensional Train, for nothing!” Navi said in her usual naggy voice.

    “I’m starting to get kinda GLAD you’re not coming” Link muttered.



    The train lurched forward. Link’s new journey was about to start.

    “Don’t forget that if you’re in trouble, you can ask for the power of the Triforce!” Navi shouted as the train rolled away.

    “I won’t!” Link yelled back. He looked back at his left hand. His marking of the Triforce glowed a bit, before disappearing from sight once more. Memories flooded back to him from his last adventure.

    If only Vaati could see me now… Link thought. Too bad he was dead. But that was in the past, and the future was ahead now, and Link could only imagine the wonders he may find in the Cotta Region.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2013
  2. Rotomknight


    although hero swap was a bit vaugue, at least it wasn't cliched, I'm not a fan of tha idea though.
    Is this the same universe as conspiracy? Or are the two unreated.
    Basically is hero swap in conspiracy?
  3. JFought

    JFought Sloooowly writing...

    No, the two stories are not related at all.

    Hero Swap was not in Conspiracy either.
  4. Rotomknight


    I also love link's somewhat bratty but eager personality.
    Psychic attacks don't affect absol, it's dark, i suggest changing it to something along the lines of a linoone.
    Is the guy in the red coat Red, hero of pokemon firered, leafgreen, red and blue.
    If it was, sort of obvious, but you can go back and say he said it from the shadows.

    Rank UP!
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2012
  5. JFought

    JFought Sloooowly writing...

    Ok, I changed the move used on Absol to Hyper Beam, and I also decided to change corridor into alleyway because alleyway just seems more right.

    No, he was not Red. Besides, Red wears BLUE jeans, not white.
  6. JFought

    JFought Sloooowly writing...

    New Chapter! In this Chapter, Link arrives at Cotta Town, Gets a starter Pokemon, and meets a rival!

    Chapter 2

    Wow. Link never thought he’d ever get to see the Inter-Dimensional train. It’s supposed to be this train that can cross the gap between dimensions. Originally it was to be something called an “airplane,” but no one liked that idea because some terrorist could come and end up crashing it. So they settled for a train. It was said that it was the fastest train that ever existed.

    Link looked out the window and saw all shades of purple surrounding the train, along with several balls of white light that must have been different dimensions. The train was making its own tracks too, which was sorta weird.

    Then Link remembered something. What dimension was he going to? According to Zelda, it was a place where creatures called Pokémon existed. What were Pokémon? Were they small, cute and cuddly? Or were they dangerous, big, and ugly? Or maybe even both? It wasn’t going to be long before he found out; the train had just pulled into a small village.

    It may have been small place, but it seemed bizarre to Link. Bright light came out of every window from every house, and looked very distinct from one another. Some were tall and fancy. Others were small and pathetic. What amazed Link the most though was the huge building in the center of town. A sign above it read something. Link, having studied English, the native language here, read: Cotta Town Pokémon Center. Link was looking for the lab, but maybe he can check this building out and ask for directions.

    Link went inside and saw some weird things. There were multiple tables with plush cushions for seats. On both sides of a desk were moving staircases. Behind the desk was a young lady with pink hair, sitting next to a machine and behind her a door with a syringe symbol above it. No one was there, and she seemed pretty bored. But maybe she knew where the lab is?

    “Um, excuse me?” Link asked, walking up to the counter.

    “Oh, finally! Someone to attend to!” The lady exclaimed. “So what do you need?”

    “Actually, I just need directions to the Cotta Town Pokémon Lab.” Link replied.

    “Oh, it’s right behind this building. Seriously, it’s SOOOOO boring around here. Nothing to do but wait for some injured Pokémon that will never come. Like that’ll ever happen though, because-” But Link already left.
    Right behind the Pokémon Center was a large white building. That must’ve been the Pokémon Lab.

    When Link entered, he was greeted by a woman with blonde hair wearing a green sailor’s hat looking thing and wore glasses.

    “Oh, hey there! You must be Link, right?” The women asked.

    “Yeah, who are you?”

    “I’m Bianca. I’m the professor filling in for Por. Oak after he suddenly disappeared. Weird huh?” Said Bianca.

    “Yeah, whatever, what do I need to do?” Link asked impatiently.

    “Oh yes. You need to explore the Cotta region and gather information on Pokémon for me.” Bianca explained. “And to do that, you’re going to need one of these.” She Showed Link three red and white balls.

    “What are those?” Link asked, now interested.

    “These are Poké balls” Bianca replied. “They are used to catch wild Pokémon. These three contain Pokémon you can use to start your journey.”


    “Yes, now to show you who they are.” She threw all three Poké Balls up into the air and all of them opened to release a strange creature.

    “This is Oshawott ” She said, pointing to the creature with the shell on its stomach and the confident look on its face. “This here is Tepig” She continued, pointing at the orange and black pig looking thing. “And finally this is Snivy” She finished, pointing at the green snake like thing with a look of defiance on its face. “You may choose any one of them. I brought them from my home region in Unova.”

    Link liked the confident smirk on the Oshawott’s face, but the Snivy looked like one who wouldn’t constantly annoy him like Navi does. He simply didn’t like the Tepig. “I pick Snivy!” Link decided.

    “Well, well. It seems like the amateur made up his mind” Said a voice. Behind Link was a tall boy with purple hair and a smirk on his face. He looked like he came from a rich family. “Well I choose Tepig, since he is the strongest out of all of them.”

    “Who’re you?” Link asked, anger building up inside for being called an amateur.

    “I’m Ryan. And you must be Weak, judging from the Pokémon you chose being the weakest of all three”

    “Hey! I saved the world TWO FREAKIN TIMES! You are in NO position to call me WEAK!” Link snapped.

    “Ha! Look at this kid! How childish. If you think you’re so strong, then how about we have a Pokémon battle right outside.”

    “Fine! We’ll see who’s weak!”

    What a jerkface! Link thought. I’m not weak at all! I’ll show him!

    As Link exited the Lab, an Absol had been watching from a high perch, a look of sorrow in its eyes.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2013
  7. Rotomknight


    I can't wait to see link barrage the enemy with growl, or whatever like I did in my very first pokemon battle, bulbasuar vs charmander, firered version.
    En Garde, it would behilarious if link got two toy swords and ordered a duel with him.

    Great, no grammatical errors.
  8. KyuremCraze

    KyuremCraze Aspiring Author

    This is pretty good! I love your original ideas, such as hero swap! I think this a really good fic! Hope all your future chapters are as good as these!
  9. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    Well, ... i wonder how he could deal with his first battle WITHOUT his sword? I mean, he must have known the pokemon trainers don't kill both species by swords arrows, bombs, you name em
  10. JFought

    JFought Sloooowly writing...

    Next Chapter posted early cuz I felt like it. In this one, Link and Ryan face off! Sort of.

    Chapter 3

    Link headed outside for the battle, while Bianca returned the infuriated Oshawott. Apparently it thought it would be picked. She put the Oshawott’s Poké Ball away and took Snivy’s and Tepig’s Poké Balls up to a small clearing perfect for battle. She handed Link and Ryan their Poké Balls.

    “Okay! You two are about to have your first battle! Remember, no killing each other! I will be the referee” Bianca shouted, holding a green flag and a red flag “Are you guys ready!?”

    “I was born ready!” Ryan shouted. He seemed very confident.

    Link stared at his Poké Ball. How did it work? Was he supposed to pull it apart? Maybe I should let Ryan go first Link thought. “Ready!” He shouted, not really sure of himself.

    “OK! And, begin!” Bianca yelled, crossing the two flags above her head before putting them back to her side.

    Ryan immediately pushed the small round button on the Poké Ball and threw it in the air. It opened up and out came a red light, which formed into a Tepig. Press the button, and throw it in the air? I can do that! Link thought, now confident himself. This will be a piece of cake!

    Link pressed the button on his own Poké Ball and threw it as well. Sure enough a Snivy came out. “So far so good” Link whispered to himself.

    “OK Tepig! Ember!” Ryan commanded. The Tepig shot out a blast of fire that quickly consumed the Snivy, who yelled out in pain. It didn’t do too much damage though, because Snivy was still geared for battle.

    Oh, that’s how it works. I was thinking swords and stuff.

    “Snivy! You use Ember too!” Link shouted out. Snivy just looked back at Link in confusion. “Um, Snivy? Did I not say it right?”

    “BWAHAHAHAHAHA!” Ryan burst out laughing. “Is this guy for real!? Come on Tepig, this is a waste of time. Finish him with another Ember!” Tepig let out another burst of fire, which proved to be too much for Snivy, who wobbled a bit before falling to the ground unconscious.

    “Snivy is unable to battle! Tepig wins!” Bianca shouted, waving the red flag towards Ryan.

    “What!?” Link shouted, confused. “But, I did exactly what Ryan did! Why didn’t Snivy listen?”

    “Because Snivy can’t learn Ember, Greenie.” Said Ryan. “Don’t you know anything?”

    “Of course I do! Just not about Pokémon that’s all”

    “Then why are you even going on a journey? If you want to save yourself millions more failures, then you should give up. Leave the journeying to me kid.” Ryan said. He swaggered off, with his Tepig by his side.

    “That jerk! I’m going on this journey, whether he likes it or not!” Link said defiantly.

    “That’s the spirit Link!” Bianca encouraged. “Don’t let Ryan get you down!”

    “I won’t! In fact, I’m gonna start my journey right now!”

    “Actually” Bianca stopped Link “You’re gonna need this” She handed Link a red device.

    “What is it?”

    “It’s called a Pokédex, and it has information on all the Pokémon discovered ever. It should help you on your journey. Also, you should have this too” Bianca handed Link a small thing. “This is called a Pokégear. Use this to communicate with me. Also, can you hand this other Pokédex to Ryan if you see him?”

    “Sure, I guess.” Link replied. He WAS planning on avoiding Ryan, but just giving him a Pokédex shouldn’t hurt.

    “Oh, and one more thing. I noticed in the battle against Ryan you were unfamiliar with what moves Snivy can use. If you need to know, all of that info is in the Pokédex too. Use it wisely!”

    “OK!” Link said, now more confident that he could do this. If he could learn to use his Pokédex, he should be able to finish his journey WAY before Ryan ever does. “So uh, where do I go?”

    “Here” Bianca handed another object to Link; this one was an orange cylinder with a large button on the side. “This Quickmap should help. Just press the button and it will open up with a map of the current area”

    “Wow, uh, a lot of stuff, isn’t it?” Link said.

    “Always be prepared!” Bianca stated cheerfully.

    “Prepared to get slowed down by all this extra weight” Link muttered while putting all of his items into his bag.



    Link left the lab and pulled out the Quickmap. He pressed the button and the cylinder unrolled itself, revealing a black screen, which hummed to life and showed a map labeled "COTTA TOWN” The map showed an exit to the East.

    “Well, here goes nothing” Link said to himself, unaware of the Absol following him.

    Link's Current Team:
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2013
  11. JFought

    JFought Sloooowly writing...

    Hey! I decided to give a sneak peak at Legend of Zelda: Destiny Bonds. I'm thinking of posting it in the non-pokemon stories thread. Anyway, until then, this is all you get.

    This scene is from when Link, Navi, and Red search the Lost Woods for Vio.
    NOTE: this Red is NOT the one from Pokemon. If you've read a specific Zelda manga, you'd know exactly who Red and Vio are.


    Link turned around to see that Red was gone. "Red?" Link shouted. "Are you playing a trick on me!?"

    No reply.

    "Maybe he got lost?" Navi said with a small voice.

    "Ugh, first Vio, then Red. These guys are a handful" Link complained

    "Now you know how I feel!" Navi shouted at Link. "You think I'm tagging along just for the heck of it!"

    "Well, yeah, pretty much" Link said. "Why are you tagging along then?"

    "Because I feel guilty" Navi replied. "I never should have left him..."

    "But if you never did, then the world of Termina would be destroyed!" Link exclaimed.

    "Yes but, I never even said goodbye. He must of felt so neglected. And when I look at you, I remember all the good times we had"

    "But that was in the past, now your here, and we need to find the others and get these 'Spiritual Stones' to prove my power. OK?"

    "OK. I guess I am paying too much attention to what I did then. What really matters is that I'm with you, Link" Link swore he saw Navi gain a tint of pink.

    "Um, yeah" Link said, wondering what she meant by that. "Anyway, we gotta find Red. Hopefully he didn't stray too far."

    "A-actually, its a little too late for that" Navi stammered. "L-look!"

    "What? All I see is-" Then Link noticed. The woods have changed shape. The dead tree was gone, and in its place was very dense overgrowth. Link looked up and saw that the sky had vanished into blackness, yet light still managed to get into the forest.

    "We're lost!" Link gasped


    If you confused on why they are panicking, its because when someone who is not a Kokori enters the Lost Woods, they turn into a Skull Kid if a child and a Stalfos if an adult.
  12. JFought

    JFought Sloooowly writing...

    Yay a million years later I FINALLY GET BACK ON SEREBII!

    As for Rotomknights question(on my visitor page), I will finish my crossover (This thread) guaranteed, but as for Conspiracy, not really sure. I want to focus on my PMD fic Dawn of Darkness since I have just about the entire story planned out, but when I get to it, I will post new chapters.

    Until then!
  13. Espeon EX

    Espeon EX Active Member

    Really liking the fic, but there was a problem in chapter one. Isn't the triforce on Links Left hand? That was the only thing that was off. Keep writing!
  14. Aegon

    Aegon _

    It depends of the incarnation of Link. In Skyward Sword, it appears on his right hand.
  15. JFought

    JFought Sloooowly writing...

    *Facepalm* WOW! Big Zelda fan I am forgeting that Spirit Tracks Link is left-handed! Thanks for pointing that out!

    Next chapter may be a while since I only have one working computer that constantly turns off.
  16. JFought

    JFought Sloooowly writing...

    Update: Instead of the Gardia region, Link will travel the Cotta region. Map of region will come out soon!
    This will be the shortest chapter in the fic and every chapter after this will be alot longer, I promise.

    I had an epic fail at posting this chapter earlier, so hopefully you guys will appreciate what I'm going through to post this story.

    Chapter 4 - The Beginning of the Beginning!

    The path ahead of Link was a straightforward one. It was basically a dirt path bordered closely by trees. It was probably designed this way to attract wild Pokemon, but Link didn't want just any Pokemon, he wanted a team of super rare Pokemon to impress everyone and make Ryan jealous.

    Then Link remembered what Bianca told him about the Pokedex. So Link took it out and pressed the button at the bottom labeled POWER and the rectangular device hummed to life before opening up to reveal two screens. As if holding in the information, a picture of a Snivy appeared on the top screen and a robotic male voice said:

    Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokemon. Being exposed to sunlight makes its movements swifter. It uses its vines more adeptly than its hands.

    On the bottom screen was a list of moves that Snivy knew. So far, there was Tackle, Leer, and Vine Whip. And now that Link knew what moves Snivy could use, the incident with Ryan will never happen again.

    Link continued on through the quiet route, when he heard a rustling from behind him. "Huh?" Link turned around and reached for his sword, only to be reminded that he didn't bring it with him. He had to use his Pokemon to fight for him. So Link stared at the grass, waiting for his opponent to pop out from the rustling patch. Suddenly, a raccoon-ish Pokemon with brown zigzag fur patterns along its body jumped out of the grass. Link took out his Pokedex and checked the Pokemon.

    Zigzagoon, the Tiny Raccoon Pokemon. It walks in a zigzag fashion. It is good at finding items in the grass and even in the ground.

    "Hmm. I could try to catch it, but I don't know how. So I'll just have to battle it!" Link sent out his recently healed up Snivy. "Okay Snivy, now that I know what to do, use Tackle!"

    Snivy sighed in relief. He was afraid Link would order him to use Ember again. Snivy ran forward in an attempt to ran into the Tiny Raccoon Pokemon, but, anticipating Snivy's attack, dodged to the side just in time.

    It missed,but now I know what Tackle does. Link observed. "Now try Leer!" Snivy's eyes began to glow red, to which the Zigzagoon took a step back. So Leer scares the opponent, but how does that contribute to the battle?

    "Okay, now finish this off with Vine Whip!" Two vines sprouted from the collar like thing on Snivy's body and reached over to the Zigzagoon before slapping it, knocking the Pokemon out.

    "Yes! I won!" Link exclaimed. Snivy just rolled his eyes.

    "Sni..." Snivy sighed. If Link got this excited over beating a Zigzagoon, then this was going to be a LONG journey.

    "Come on Snivy, return!" Link mimicked what he saw Bianca do to return a Pokemon to its Pokeball and pressed the button on his Pokeball. Snivy then evaporated into red energy before being absorbed back into the Pokeball. "I know what all of Snivy's moves do now, but I don't know how Leer helps in a battle" Link stated. As if on cue, Link's Pokedex opened up in his bag. Link pulled it out and the machine stated:

    Leer is a move in which the user throws an intimidating glare at the opponent, lowering the foes defense

    "Well, then I guess I know now" Link said as he continued on towards his next destination, Renaissance Town.
  17. TheSilentBang

    TheSilentBang Im An OxyMoron!

    Pm list pwease??

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