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Pokemon Zero (PG-13 for swearing and violence in later parts)

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Shrike Flamestar

Video Game Addict

Description of Fan-Fic
Shrike Flamestar is your normal, everyday Pokemon Trainer who just happens to have a rich uncle; is quite talented at Pokemon battling; and has a knack for getting himself into nasty situations.

Take Shrike’s first day at Pokemon Battle Academy, an elite school for the best of the best located in New Bark City, Johto. After a practice battle with his roommate, Zack Spira, Shrike suddenly finds himself being saved by some mysterious guy who shortly afterwards turns out to be a Mew. Given the power to morph into any Pokemon he can touch, Shrike is suddenly thrust into the middle of a fight for survival as the evil Team Zero works on exterminating the entire Mew population as they use genetic mutation to enslave all humans and Pokemon alike who they can get their hands on.

Is Shrike truly the great Pokemon trainer he acts like? Will he fare as well when he’s fighting as a Pokemon compared to when he’s handing out orders to one? What mysteries does the mysterious Sol Tower hold that Team Zero is putting most of their efforts towards unlocking? Who is commanding Team Zero, anyways? Find out by reading Pokemon Zero!

Background Info on Author
Shrike Flamestar; known elsewhere as Zelos, Zelos689, and BladeLiger689; has been interested in Pokemon ever since it came out and he got his Blue version. He didn’t even have a Gameboy back then, but instead an SNES with the Super Gameboy adapter. He quickly became fascinated in Pokemon, and has ever since.

A few years ago, probably somewhere around five or six, Shrike read his first Pokemon fan fiction. It was called “Pokemorphs” and changed his views on Pokemon forever. Pokemorphs was a crossover between Pokemon and Animorphs (who could have guessed?) that was intended to, like the true Animorphs series, have around 50 books total. Pokemorphs died after only 14 books and three side stories. Of course, going back and looking at Pokemorphs now Shrike has realized that it was poorly written and far to ambitious.

Regardless, Pokemorphs sparked an interest in fan fiction. Over the years Shrike has tried countless times to write a fan-fic he has been happy with. Unfortunately, this proved rather difficult. Now, finally, about five years since his dream first started Shrike has realized his problem. He was either trying to extend the original Pokemorphs series, or continuously using content he did not consider good. In addition, his old keyboard rather sucked.

After Shrike bought a new keyboard, the Logitech UltraX which is the best keyboard he has ever used, Shrike decided he would try writing again, but in a whole new direction. He tossed all his old ideas and concepts out the window and completely redid everything.

Enter Pokemon Zero. The first fan-fic Shrike has ever written that he considers good enough to release online, and that is still going strong to this day.

-Pokemorphs. I would never have thought about writing fan-fics if it wasn’t for this.
-Logitech UltraX. FINALLY! A keyboard that feels RIGHT!
-B0unc3. I listen to his music a lot when I write, and have found it is very inspirational.
-David Cooper. Same as above.

-Pokemon Zero takes place approximately three decades after the anime series.
-In the anime, the Tower of Sol was never shown because the cameramen thought it would distract viewers <_<
-I am no good at reproducing sounds in writing. Excuse me if my Pokemon voices are inaccurate or just plain weird.
-I only recently started watching the anime again, so there’s quite a bit about Pokemon voices or movement I don’t know about.
-“Ky” is pronounced “Kay”

Links to Completed Parts
-Prologue (can be read below all this)
-Part 1: The Power Within, Chapters 1-5 (same as above)
-Part 2: The Buried Truth, Chapters 6-14 (Post 1, Post 2)

Individual Chapter Ratings
-Prologue (clean)
-Part 1: The Power Within (mild swearing)
-Part 2: The Buried Truth (average swearing, very mild violence)

Current Status
-Writing Part 3
-Finished with first half of Part 3 minus proofreading

Ending Words
Enjoy reading and if you have the time, feel free to drop off a review.


“Flight number 36; destination New Bark City, Johto; will be departing in ten minutes. If you have tickets for this flight please make your way to the departure gate immediately. Thank you.” A voice said over the intercom.

“That’s our flight.” I said, glancing up over the top of my laptop’s screen. “Finally. It only took them a half hour longer then expected.”

Blaze, who sat in the chair next to me, looked up and squeaked.

“Yeah, you do have to give them credit for refunding almost half our ticket money, but still...” I trailed off as I stood up, pushed my glasses back up my nose, folded my laptop shut, and stuck it into its leather travel bag. “Well, let’s get going. Don’t want to miss it now.”

Blaze squeaked and leaped off the chair, landing on my shoulder and sitting down.

“Why do you never want to walk anywhere yourself?” I growled as I began walking towards the departure gate. “What am I, your personal cab?”

Despite carrying my heavy laptop bag in one hand, and Blaze on my other shoulder, I managed to reach the gate with plenty of time remaining and fished my ticket out of my pocket, handing it to the flight attendant.

“Is that your Cyndaquil, sir?” The flight attendant said, looking at Blaze.

“Blaze? Well, yeah, of course he’s mine. Why else would he be sitting on my shoulder?” I said, quietly adding “the lazy bum” under my breath.

“I’m sorry, but we can’t allow Pokemon on board the plane out of their Pokeballs. Company policy.” The flight attendant said, rather blankly. “You’ll have to return it to its Pokeball if you wish to board the plane.”

“Quil!” Blaze squeaked somewhat angrily at the flight attendant when she referred to him as an “it.”

“Come on Blaze, you have no choice.” I said, grabbing his Pokeball off my belt.

Blaze whined as I held the Pokeball up to him, a beam of light shooting out from the center of it and enveloping Blaze. Soon he had disappeared into the Pokeball.

The Flight attendant nodded and motioned me through the departure gate once Blaze was gone. I nodded at her and walked through the gate, down the long tunnel, and into the plane.


I quickly found my seat and plopped down into it, dropping my laptop bag into the seat next to me. I sighed and closed my eyes; I never had been fond of planes. It seemed that almost immediately once I closed my eyes, though, a voice next to me spoke.

“Excuse me, is that your bag?” The voice said.

“Wuh? Oh, yeah, sorry about that.” I moaned as I saw there was a man wanting to sit in the seat I had dropped my laptop bag into. I picked the bag up and began to slide it into the storage compartment above my head. Changing my mind though I stopped and took it back out, opening the bag up and pulling the laptop itself out.

“My name’s Mark Spira. Nice to meet you.” The man, Mark, said as he held out his hand.

“I’m Shrike Flamestar.” I said quietly as I shook Matt’s hand.

“Not the very talkative type, are you?” Mark chuckled.

“No, it’s not that. I just don’t like planes very much, plus I have some other stuff on my mind.” I shrugged as I logged onto my laptop, looking to see if I could connect to the internet on this plane.

For a moment it was silent as I found that the plane did in fact have wireless internet access, only to have the silence broken by the intercom reminding us that all wireless devices should remain off during take-off and landing. I turned my laptop off again and closed it, dropping down into my seat farther as the plane began to roll down the highway. It was then I noticed that Mark was watching me.

“Are you rich?” He asked.

“What? Well, er, no. Not quite...” I said, surprised by the question. “Why do you ask?”

“Those laptops, they cost at least 2,000 dollars, and I remember seeing you pass through security, you have a whole computer that has to cost at least 4,000 dollars in your luggage. All this and you can’t be more then sixteen years old.” Mark frowned.

“Actually, I’m seventeen.” I said matter-of-factly. “And while I’m not rich myself, nor my immediate family, my uncle is very rich; he owns this big business, you see. He tends to buy me very expensive stuff a lot, as well as just giving my a thousand dollars at a time almost every other week.” I bragged.

“I wouldn’t mind taking some of that money off you.” Mark laughed.

“I couldn’t give you any even if I wanted to. I don’t actually receive any paper money ever, it’s all put into a savings account that I can access with a debit card.” I said, patting the pocket in which I kept my wallet.

“All that money, and yet you’re just a Pokemon trainer.” Mark said.

“How are you so sure that I’m a Pokemon trainer?” I asked, my eyes beginning to close again.

“It’s pretty obvious. I saw that you have a Cyndaquil back in the airport; you keep his Pokeball and one other on your waist; you have a Pokedex, the most expensive model, no less; and I saw that you keep some healing potions and such inside your laptop bag.” Mark said. He seemed almost proud of how much he had noticed about me.

“Are you sure you aren’t stalking me? You seem to be finding out an awful lot about me.” I said as I reached down and grabbed the two Pokeballs off my belt. “But, you’re right. I am indeed a Pokemon trainer.” I said, looking at the two Pokeballs in my hand.

“If one of those holds a Cyndaquil, what’s in the other one?” Mark asked.

“Drake, a Vibrava. He’s a little bit weaker then Blaze, my Cyndaquil, and I have yet to develop any real tactics with him, but that’s to be expected considering the sheer amount of training I’ve done with Blaze, plus the fact that Blaze was my first Pokemon. Now that I think about it though, I should stop neglecting Drake...” I frowned, then shrugged as I put Blaze and Drake’s Pokeballs back on my belt.

“So, are you going to New Bark just to get away from Hoenn, or do you have some other reason?” Mark asked.

“Well, I’m going to school, actually. Pokemon Battle Academy.” I said. “Obviously, I don’t have to, but I figured that I should. Tuition was no problem thanks to my uncle, and since I’m aiming to be a member of the Elite Four one day, I figured it would probably be beneficial to go to PBA. After all, normal people go to college after High School if they want a good job, why shouldn’t trainers go to a Battling Academy if they plan to have a good career? Besides, I don’t think I COULDN’T go when I passed the entrance exam with five wins, zero losses, and zero ties.”

“Pokemon Battle Academy? And you passed the entrance exams 5/0/0? Wow, you must be excellent then.” Mark whistled. Pokemon Battle Academy’s notorious for their extremely difficult entrance exams.

“Yeah, I like to tell myself that to. However I can’t help shake the feeling that, well, it’s not important.” I shrugged.

“My son, Zachary, is enrolled in PBA, in fact, I’m visiting him right now. I have a feeling you two would get along together.” Mark said.

“Zachary Spira? I’ll keep the name in mind.” I nodded.

Part 1-The Power Within

Chapter 1
“Hey, you must be Shrike Flamestar. My name’s Zachary Spira, however no one calls me that except my parents so you can call me Zack. I guess we’re roommates now.” Zack said, turning around from the computer he was sitting at. I stood in the door of the dorm room, frozen in place.

“Yeah, I met your dad on the plane. He told me about you briefly, but I never thought we’d be roommates...” I said, still surprised.

“Dad? He didn’t talk to much, did he? He’s frightened some people away before from all the question he’s asked them.” Zack nervously said.

“No, it was fine, don’t worry about it.” I said as I walked into the room, pulling my two suitcases behind me. Blaze looked up from where he sat on one of the suitcases at Zack curiously.

“That your Cyndaquil?” Zack asked when he saw Blaze.

“Yeah, his name is Blaze. Blaze, this is our new roommate, Zack Spira.” I said.

Blaze squeaked happily before hopping off the suitcase and wandering around the room, examining it.

“Why don’t you meet my main Pokemon as well then.” Zack said, standing up and reaching for a Pokeball that sat on the desk his computer was on. “Come on out, Spark!” Zack said as he threw the Pokeball onto the ground.

Out of the Pokeball an Electrike formed, growling once it saw me and Blaze.

“Spark, this guy is Shrike Flamestar, he’s moving in here; the Cyndaquil is Shrike’s Pokemon, Blaze. Don’t worry, they’re not our enemies.” Zack told Spark, calming him down.

We let Blaze and Spark to themselves as Zack helped me unload my suitcases, whistling in awe all the while.

“Damn, this is one awesome setup, how did you get all this?” Zack asked as he hefted my computer out of one of the bags and set it on the floor next to the second desk in the room.

“As I told your dad, my uncle is rich. Pretty much everything I have was bought using money he’s given me for no reason.” I said as I set one of my two 24” widescreen LCD monitors on my desk.

“You could share the wealth a little, you know.” Zack grunted as he set my scanner/printer combo on the ground on the other side of the desk from the computer, as there was no space on top of the desk for it along with my two monitors.

“I could, but as I also told your dad, it’s all in a savings account.” I sighed, as I set my second monitor, the same as the other, on my desk.

Wiped out I wandered over to the window and slumped down in a chair next to it. I looked out the window, which overlooked a good deal of PBA’s campus, however it wasn’t the campus I was looking at.

“Hmm, is that the Sol Tower?” I asked.

“Huh? Oh, have you never seen it before?” Zack asked, coming over to the window.

Off in the distance, near Mt. Silver, a huge tower stood. I had heard about it before coming here, “The Sol Tower,” or sometimes “The Tower of Sol” it was called. It was famed as being the tallest building in the world.

“No, this is my first time coming to Johto. I wonder just how tall it really is.” I said.

“No one knows, its top is always obscured in clouds, and planes have never managed to get through the clouds due to storms.” Zack shook his head.

“Is it possible to go inside it?” I asked, staring at the tower in wonder.

“No, the entrance is locked from the inside, and seems to be made of some kind of unbreakable metal.” Zack said, once again shaking his head.

“If it’s locked, what’s its use, then?” I wondered.

“Today many consider it a monument to the sun God, Sol. Just as how the Luna Tower used to be a monument to the moon God, Luna. Of course, the Luna Tower has been destroyed for centuries. Doesn’t stop tourists and pilgrims from visiting the ruins, however.” Zack said, bored.

I was to busy looking at something else now to pay attention, however. “Who are they?” I asked, pointing down at two small figures walking across campus. They looked strange and out of place, as if they didn’t belong here.

“Those two girls? Don’t know, but they don’t look like they’re from around here, I don’t think they go to school here.” Zack said, squinting to try to make out the two girls. “I know, how about I take you on a tour of campus now? I’m sure you probably want to know where everything is so you don’t get lost.” Zack said, standing up and calling out for Spark.

“Sure, sounds fine to me.” I agreed, picking up Blaze as he and Spark came running back over to us.

Chapter 2
As Zack walked me through the halls of Pokemon Battle Academy, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the size. Everything seemed to be on such a large scale, as if the school was originally designed for giants before being refurbished to house normal humans. It quickly became obvious to me why, though. As we passed by other people in the large halls I noticed that many of them had their Pokemon out and walking alongside them, or, in some cases, flying. Blaze seemed curious about all these Pokemon, but I held him firmly so he wouldn’t run away.

“This is the courtyard,” Zack said as we stepped through a large, arched doorway, “And you can see our dorm up their.” Zack pointed up at one of the windows set into the wall behind us, through which I could just make out the identifiable shapes of my computer equipment. “People like to come here to talk, relax, study, or just walk. But no battling. We aren’t allowed to battle anywhere but the Battle Center and certain classrooms.”

“Battle Center? What’s that?” I asked.

“I’ll show you, it’s just on the other side of the courtyard.” Zack said as he began to walk along one of the several paths that twisted their ways through many types of trees.

“Hey, they’re still here.” I said, noticing the two girls I had seen from up in the dorm sitting down next to a tree. Zack and I walked over to them, as they looked up at us.

“Something the matter?” The older girl growled.

“Are you new here?” Zack asked.

“No, we’re just passing through, if you don’t mind.” The older girl again said, turning away from us.

“We’re heading to the Luna Tower ruins, and thought we’d stop to take a break.” The slightly younger girl said.

“Oh, are you tourists then?” I asked innocently.

“No. We are not tourists!” The older girl said angrily.

“Whoa! I didn’t mean anything, sorry. Are you pilgrims then?” I asked

The younger girl chuckled. “No, not quite, however I suppose we are closer to pilgrims then tourists.”

“The Luna Tower ruins are a sacred place! We are visiting them because it is our obligation and duty!” The older girl said, still angry.

“Allie, calm down.” The younger girl said. “He doesn’t mean any harm.” The older girl, Allie, slumped down and didn’t speak any more.

“My name is Zack Spira.” Zack said to break the tension.

“And mine is Shrike Flamestar. My Cyndaquil here is Blaze.” I said and Blaze squeaked happily.

“Aww, he’s cute. My name is Ky, and she’s Allie.” Ky said, motioning to Allie. “I assume you’re students here?”

“Well, I just got here a couple hours ago, actually. Zack’s my roommate and is showing me around campus.” I said.

“I’ve been here for about half a year now, not that that matters much here; your advancement in classes is based on your skill, not your experience.” Zack shrugged. “Where are you two from, are you Pokemon trainers?”

“We live in a small town northwest from here. We have to come down into this city because the mountains are too rough to climb, and the only safe passage is through a cavern system to the east of this city. As for trainers, I can’t say we’re technically Pokemon trainers, we were never licensed or anything like that, but we do have our own Pokemon that we battle with.” Ky said.

“How long are you going to stay in the city? Perhaps we could battle sometime.” I asked.

“Maybe, but I think you’d be a little surprised.” Ky said amused.

“Yeah? Well, I think you would to. Blaze and I shouldn’t be taken lightly.” I said and Blaze squeaked in agreement.

“That might be so, but I don’t think we’ll find time to have a battle anyways, we’re going to be leaving again soon. In fact, if we want to make it to the ruins by tomorrow morning we should be leaving now.” Ky said standing up. Allie stood up too, but remained silent.

“Well, nice meeting you two.” I said.

“Same to you.” Ky nodded, walking off towards an open gate in the courtyard’s surrounding wall which led out into the city.

“Ky seems nice.” I nodded as we and Zack continued walking along the path.

“Yeah, but that Allie, what was her problem?” Zack said.

“Don’t know, but she needs to lighten up. Oops, sorry.” I apologized as I bumped into a boy who was standing in the middle of the path, looking up at the sky. As I passed him I noticed he was clutching something attached to a chain around his neck in his hands.

“You know, Mike. You asking Ky to a battle got me thinking, how about you and me have a go at it. I might as well show you how the Battle Center works while we’re there.” Zack suggested.

“A battle? Do you mind, Blaze?” I asked Blaze.

“Quil!” Blaze squeaked excitedly, he was getting bored by now.

“Okay then, let’s do it. I’ll show you why I emerged top in the entrance exams.” I smirked.

Chapter 3
“Battle rules have been set. One on one battle between Zack Spira’s Electrike, Spark and Shrike Flamestar’s Cyndaquil, Blaze. No switching of Pokemon allowed. The competitors may enter the battle room now.” The referee said over an intercom.

“Good luck.” I said to Zack.

“You’re the one who’ll be needing all the luck you can get.” Zack sneered. We entered the battle room through separate doors and each walked over to opposite edges of the field. I noticed that bleachers lined the walls, and a few people even sat watching us.

“You never told me I would have an audience to impress.” I said to Zack.

“Didn’t want you to get stage fright.” Zack said. “Spark, go!” Zack threw Spark’s Pokeball out onto the field, Spark himself emerging out.

“Trike!” Spark howled as electricity rippled through its fur.

“Oh, don’t worry. I actually like audiences. Blaze, show Zack and Spark why we’re here!” I said, holding my arm out. Blaze sat up from my shoulder and ran along my arm, jumping off the end and onto the field.

“Quil!” Blaze growled as his back flared up with fire.

“The battle will begin in three, two, one, fight!” The referee yelled.

“Blaze! Let’s kick this off with agility! Close the gap between you and Spark!” I yelled.

“Quil!” Blaze yelled as he began running towards Spark in a seemingly random path.

“Spark, don’t let him get near you, use thunderbolt!” Zack yelled.

“Electrike!” Spark howled as he leapt back, an arch of electricity erupting from his fur, racing towards the ceiling where it bent back down, dropping down to where Blaze was running.

“Blaze, don’t let that electricity hit you, just do as we practiced!” I yelled.

“Quil!” Blaze yelled as speeded up even farther, jumping out of the path of the electricity just in time.

“Now, Blaze, flamethrower!”

“Cyndaquillll!” Blaze yelled as he stopped running and fired a stream of fire from his mouth at Spark.

“Spark! Jump over the fire and hit Blaze with, well, spark!” Zack yelled.

“Trike!” Spark howled as he jumped into the air as the stream of fire hit where he had just been standing. “Electriiike!” Spark howled as electricity flared up around his fur as he began to drop down on Blaze below him.

“We’ve got him right where we want! Dig below the ground, Blaze!” I yelled.

“Quil!” Blaze said as he leapt back and fired an extremely hot blast of fire at the ground, so hot that it melted the ground, forming a hole Blaze dropped into.

“So, scared, is that it?” Zack taunted as Spark dropped to the ground and looked around.

“No, just thinking about what I’m going to do when I win.” I smirked.

“Quil!” Out of the ground behind Spark Blaze shot into the air, fire surrounding his entire body.

“Blaze, let’s finish this off now! Fire wheel!” I yelled triumphantly.

“Trike!” Spark yelled as he began to turn around, but it was too late.

“Cyndaquil!” Blaze screamed as he crashed down onto Spark, fire still circling around him. Spark whined and dropped to the ground as Blaze back flipped off him and landed in front of me, the fire circling him subsiding.

“What! Spark, are you alright!?” Zack yelled as Spark lay twitching in the middle of the battle field.

“Shrike Flamestar and his Cyndaquil, Blaze, win the battle!” the referee announced as the few people watching us clapped.

“Quil!” Blaze squeaked as he ran back over to me.

“You did great, Blaze.” I said stroking him as I walked over to Zack.

“Spark, return! I’ll get you to the Pokemon Center as soon as possible.” Zack said, holding out Spark’s Pokeball.

I waited until Spark had disappeared back into its Pokeball before speaking. “Great battle Zack.” I said and shook his hand.

“Yeah, it was good. Blaze is stronger then he looks.” Zack nodded as Blaze squeaked proudly “I’m surprised he hasn’t evolved into a Quilava yet.”

“I sometimes think about that too,” I said, “I suppose he just isn’t ready yet.”

“Maybe so, but—” Zack began to say something when there was suddenly a loud explosion from the reception room.

Chapter 4
“Augh!” I screamed as I fell to the floor, clutching Blaze as he screamed too.

“What was that!?” Zack yelled, kneeling on the floor. Through what used to be a glass window, but was now completely shattered, I saw a bunch of Scyther’s and a couple of men wearing black trench coats run through a hole in the wall. They seemed to be looking for something.

“Who are they?” I asked. There was something about the men and Scyther’s, something that wasn’t right.

“If you value your life and your Pokemon, you’ll follow me.” I heard someone say. I looked up and saw it was one of the persons who had been watching our battle. While all the rest of them had either been knocked unconscious or run off, this guy was standing and looking straight at us.

“Oh! You’re the guy I ran into!” I said, suddenly realizing that.

“Just follow me.” He said, jumping down off the benches and running past us down a hallway.

“Should we?” I asked, turning to Zack.

“No where else we can go, so let’s follow him. For now at least.” Zack said, running off down the hallway as well. I nodded and followed, managing to catch up to Zack and the mysterious guy just as he opened a door.

“In here.” He motioned. He was blocking the rest of the hallway, so we had no choice. He followed us into the small room, a maintenance closet it turned out to be, and shut the door behind us.

“Quick, we don’t have much time. I would rather not do this, but there’s something about you two, something that I can’t let fall into their hands. Just as I can’t let me, or this.” The guy said pulling the chain he wore up out of his shirt. On the end of it dangled a small blue crystal. “Each of you, put a finger on the crystal.” The guy said.

We were too puzzled to know what to do, and so we did as he said. Almost instantly I felt a tingling sensation go down my body.

“Good. As much as I didn’t want to do it, you now have the power to morph into Pokemon. Congratulations.” The guy said.

“Wait, did you just say we can morph into Pokemon?!” Zack asked shocked, I felt the same way.

“Yes, I did in fact. It’s the only way you can hope to survive now. You, get out that Electrike you call Spark.” The guy said, pointing to Zack as he tucked the crystal under his shirt again.

He said it with so much authority Zack couldn’t help but oblige, and unwillingly released Spark onto the ground. Spark whined and panted as he looked about him. It was about now someone started pounding on the door.

“****, not much time now. You, put your hand on your Cyndaquil. You, your Electrike. Concentrate on them, on their shape, their powers, their raw DNA.” The guy said.

Zack and I looked at each other and shrugged, each of us putting our hands on our Pokemon and concentrating on them.

“Good, that’s enough. Now put them away and remove all the other Pokeballs you have from your belts, you can’t morph with those.” The guy said as he pulled a wooden plank away from the wall, revealing a small tunnel. By now I was lost and had no idea what was going on, and unwillingly returned Blaze to his ball before setting his and Drake’s Pokeballs on the ground. Zack did the same with Spark and the other Pokeballs he had.

“Now, try not to panic. You, think about your Cyndaquil, focus your mind solely on your Cyndaquil, and you your Electrike. As I said, do NOT panic. You’ll get used to it in time, I promise.” The guy said. I noticed that he seemed to be turning pinkish and was growing fur all over him. Deciding I had gone mad I closed my eyes and concentrated on Blaze.

I began to feel an itchy feeling on my hand and instinctively reached to scratch it, only when I tried to move my fingers I couldn’t. Frowning I opened my eyes, and realized that I didn’t have any more fingers, and fur was sprouting all over my exposed skin and my clothes, which themselves were turning pale.

“I knew I shouldn’t haguh guill!” As I began to talk my mouth began shrinking, and my voice box changed to. I decided now wasn’t such a good time to scream though. Silently, but scared silly nonetheless, I watched as the ground rose up to me, or rather I fell down to it. All over and in my body I could feel things changing. Oddly though, nothing hurt, which was a very good thing because at that precise moment my heart literally leaped up and shrunk to less then half its original size as a couple of bones in my chest disappeared altogether. I don’t know when it finished, however before long I realized that nothing was happening to me anymore.

“Quil!” I said, although I meant to say “What the **** just happened!”

<Easy now, it takes some getting used to morphing at first.> A voice in my head said.

<Great! Now I’m hearing voices in my head to!> I thought to myself.

<No, you’re hearing me, the guy who’s saving your ***. I can’t explain it now, but this is called thought speech. Just follow me!> The voice said.

I began to understand what I was seeing now, and realized that in the closet along with me, now stood an Electrike and a Mew. Normally, I would have been shocked at seeing such a rare Pokemon, however I was still recovering from the explosion. The Mew started towards the small hole in the wall, and I assumed it was he who had been putting voices in my head.

<Hey, our Pokeballs, we can’t just leave them here!> I thought.

<Huh, oh, almost forgot about them.> The voice said again and the Mew turned around and ran over to them. He held out one of his paws and the Pokeballs began to glow pink, before vanishing into thin air. <You’ll find them back in your dorm, now hurry up and follow me!> The voice in my head said.

The Electrike, who I could only assume was Zack, looked at me as if we had all gone crazy before running into the hole after the Mew. It was about then I realized the door was being destroyed from the other side, and ran off after them. I found the Mew standing right inside the hole, and as soon as I got in his eyes glowed pink and the board that had covered the hole in the first place shot back in front of it. The mew let out a weak sigh and faced down into the tunnel.

<Let’s go.> He said. <I have a lot of explaining to do now, more then I really want to explain to you humans.>

Chapter 5
<My name is Blake-Skrii-Nal. I am not a human with a Mew morph, as you may have thought at first, but actually a Mew who can morph into a human. I have been entrusted this ability and have acquired this human morph because I am what my race calls a “Seeker.” See, my people believe in this ancient prophecy that one day the ancient heroes will return and rid the world of the evil, more on them in a moment. Seekers, such as myself, are given the job of wandering the world, under disguise of course, and looking for people who we believe may be the ancient heroes reborn, come to fulfill prophecy.> Blake said as we walked down the tunnel. I had gotten over the explosion by now, and was starting to realize that I now had a semi-unique power that, of all humans, only me and Zack possessed.

<So, you think we may be these ancient heroes?> I asked, thinking about how neat it would be if we were.

<Perhaps. I can’t tell just by looking at you. That’s why I really didn’t want to give you this power. However, I had no choice since you may be them, and if you are, I can’t let the enemy capture you. So now, regardless of rather you are the ancient heroes or not, you have no choice but to assist us in this fight.> Blake said solemnly.

<Well what if we refuse? I’m not fighting anything unless you tell us the whole story.> Zack growled, the first thing he had said since we morphed.

<I was just getting to that. Do you remember those men and those Scythers? They belong to this evil I mentioned, though they prefer to call themselves “Team Zero.”>

<Team Zero? Hey, I’ve heard of them, but I didn’t think they were bad or anything, just a group of new world scientists who are interested in the basic fundamentals of how the world works and unraveling various mysteries about the world while at it. I hear a lot of their current research is towards uncovering the mysteries of the Sol Tower, in fact.> Zack perked up.

Blake nodded <Yes, they’re the same. Except there are many things about them which you have no idea. For example, do you know that they’ve been experimenting with genetic mutation? Not so much physical mutation, but actually tweaking with the minds of things. Those Scythers, I am sure that all of them have been modified to some degree to make them do whatever their commanders, those men in black trench coats, say without question.>

<What!?> I said angrily. I was about to say more but Blake continued speaking.

<That’s not all, of course. I mean, it may be somewhat cruel to genetically mutate something living, however if that was all they did we wouldn’t be so worried about them. No, they’ve done far worse.> Blake said, I noticed he had stopped walking and his voice was taking on a somber tone. <Far, far worse.> For a moment Blake paused, before looking at the tunnel ceiling. <When you first saw my true form, you were surprised to see such a rare Pokemon, weren’t you? Surprised to see what some propose is even one-of-a-kind. I can assure you though, Mews are not one-of-a-kind, however nowadays we most certainly are rarer then we used to be, although even though back then we were still referred to as rare since we stayed hidden all the time.> I began to think I knew what Blake was going to say next.

<For some unknown reason, we Mews are one of the biggest targets of attacks by Zero. Most propose that it’s because we are far smarter then other Pokemon, so smart that we are able to communicate using thought speech and have uncovered how to morph.> Blake shrugged. <Really though, morphing is nothing special. We merely discovered how to unlock what’s hidden away naturally inside every living thing. Now’s not the time to discuss how morphing works, however. The point is, Team Zero is exterminating Mews colony by colony.> Blake breathed deeply as he said it and dropped to the ground. <The colony I was born in, it was wiped out by Zero and I was the only one who escaped. That’s why I have the Morphing Crystal; I managed to save it from our elders at the last second. Normally when a colony is attacked they destroy their Morphing Crystal to keep it out of the hands of Zero, however our colony was attacked to fast and didn’t have time to react. Before anyone knew what happened, half the colony lay dead. By the time the other half realized they were under attack, they were dead to. I barely managed to escape, much less with the Morphing Crystal.> As Blake said this I noticed that the Morphing Crystal hadn’t morphed with him but still hung around his neck. He gripped it tightly in one of his paws.

For a while nobody said anything, but finally Blake shook his head and stood up. <But, I can’t let myself dwell on the past. There was nothing I could have done, and we must make our way out of this building and to relative safety. Of course, there is no such thing as safety for me, and you may be at risk now as well depending on if they saw you or not.> Once again we started walking down the tunnel as Blake continued explaining things to us.

<While Team Zero’s mass genocide of Mews certainly must be worried about, it is not all they’re up to that must be stopped. Team Zero has been oddly active with Sol Tower lately, and while no one quite knows why, we have a hunch that there’s something inside it that they want badly. Something that they can use to carry out their master plan.> Blake carried on.

<Master plan? So you know what they want to achieve?> I asked.

<Not really, however our elders tell us that in their visions they see lots of blood, lots of dead bodies of both humans and Pokemon, and only one large army.> Blake shrugged. <Of course, they see things in their visions a lot that don’t necessarily mean anything.>

<So, you’re fighting against this Team Zero who is genetically mutating Pokemon, for what purpose you don’t know, but you suspect that some of it is to make Pokemon more loyal so they will do anything; wiping out Mews in mass genocide, supposedly because you’re to smart for their liking; trying to get into the Sol Tower, which may contain what they need to carry out their master plan, whatever that is; and who just may carry out a huge war against both humans and Pokemon alike?>

<That’s about it.> Blake nodded.

<It sounds as if you guys don’t know much about them and their goals at all, maybe they’re really good and just misunderstood.> Zack suggested.

<Yeah, because attempting to wipe out an entire species can be interpreted any other way. Oh, and don’t forget the whole blowing a hole in a wall just because I’m inside and they desperately want to kill me because I’m one of the few Mews who have ever escaped from them part.> Blake angrily said.

<Still not my problem though, that makes them sound just like any other poachers, except maybe a bit crazy to want you dead that much.> Zack said.

<Look, just because I’m a different species then you doesn’t make us any inferior, hell, in most ways we are superior to you humans! While I can’t prove anything, I have a feeling that Zero is doing something involving humans to as they’ve been kidnapping them a lot recently along with Pokemon, hence why I told you to follow me if you value your lives and Pokemon. If you agree to come with me on just one mission into one of their labs you’ll probably change your mind on not wanting to fight them.> Blake said contemptuously.

<So, just one mission, then? And then I can decide if I’ll fight or not?> Zack asked.

<Yes, just one mission. And then you can decide.> Blake nodded.

<Fine, I’ll follow you into this lab of theirs that you claim will change my mind.> Zack growled.

<What about you, Shrike? Will you come on this one mission with us and then decide rather to fight or not afterwards?> Blake asked.

<I don’t need to decide, I’ve already made up my mind. I’ll fight for you, even if Zero isn’t doing anything towards humans.> I said. Zack looked at me oddly, but then again it may have just been the fact that he was currently an Electrike that made him look odd.

<Glad that that’s decided upon, as here’s the exit now.> Blake said, stopping in front of what looked like a solid rock wall. <I don’t think anybody’s on the other side, so it should be safe. I suppose we have to part ways for now, so just remember that to return to your human selves you just have to concentrate on you, just as how you concentrated on your Pokemon to morph into them. Since tomorrow is a Saturday it makes the perfect day for this mission so we’ll do it tomorrow. Do not bother looking for me, though, as I’ll come to you. See you later.> Blake’s eyes glowed pink again and the end of the tunnel slid out of the way. Blake stepped through the opening and looked around, before morphing back into a human right there on the spot. He bent down to look at us and nodded, before walking off into the trees.

End of Part 1
To be continued...

Part 2- The Buried Truth (Post 1) (Post 2)
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Well, I thought it was not too bad. I like the dialogue and all. Keep writing and improving!

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Thanks for commenting. And now, after two long, hard days of writing:

Part 2 is now finished!

Hooray! This one is a whole eight pages longer then part 1 in Microsoft Word, and actually has some action in it! The extra length even means I need to split it up into multiple posts.

Without farther ado:

Part 2- The Buried Truth

Chapter 6
A clock on the wall slowly ticked away the seconds as I lay sprawled out in my bed. It had been nearly eight hours now since Zack and I had returned to our dorm room, and still neither of us could quite get our minds around what had happened.

It had all been to fast. Way to fast. We had no idea what was happening, and by the time we realized that our whole lives were changing, it was already too late. Yeah, Zack can insist that he won’t fight against Team Zero all he wants, but there’s no changing the fact that we now have a power no human has ever seen before; a power that, rather we want it to or not, will take our lives in directions never before even thought possible.

I lay still, barely breathing, and tried to focus on just one part of what had happened, hoping that I could begin to understand it all one part at a time.

<So, Blake’s a Mew. Who can turn into a human. Okay, that’s somewhat simple.> I thought absentmindedly.

“I heard that.” Zack said from where he lay facedown on his bed.

“What? But, I was thinking it.” I said, confused.

“Must be a side effect of getting that damn power.” Zack growled.

“You don’t think other people will be able to hear my thoughts, will they?” I pondered.

“Who knows. Hopefully not. Next time you think, though, try to think a little quieter.” Zack grumbled. Ever since we got back he had seemed to be angry for no reason.

Sighing I turned onto my side and looked at Blaze who lay curled up in a small bundle of blankets next to my bed on the floor. He looked so peaceful, as if nothing had happened.

I buried my face into my pillow and moaned.

<Why me? Why does it always have to be me?!> I thought angrily. Rather Zack heard it or not I don’t know, he didn’t say anything.

Nothing had even started yet and already I wanted it to all be over.


I don’t know when I fell asleep, but I eventually managed to. When I woke the next day, Saturday, I dismissed it all as having been a bad dream and tiredly looked around my dorm room. There was nothing to prove anything had happened. Happy that it was all a bed dream I jumped out of my bed and hobbled over to my computer. I tried turning it on and grunted as I realized I had forgotten to plug everything in the day before. As I turned around towards the closet next to my bed, besides which my clothes lay in a pile, I noticed that Zack’s bed was empty. It was only seven though, and Zack didn’t seem the type to get up early to exercise. I stumbled over to his bed and began to hear a faint whimpering sound. Following the voice to Zack’s closet I saw the door was open a crack. Pulling the door open the rest of the way I jumped back in surprise as there on the ground in the closet sat what looked to be a cross between a human and an Electrike.

“Zack?!” I said surprised.

<Shrike, it’s real. All of it, it’s all real.> The hideous beast turned to look at me. <Our lives will never be the same again, will they?>

“I suppose not.” I sighed, dropping down onto Zack’s bed. “Now why don’t you pull yourself together, who knows when Blake will want to do this mission of his.”

The beast began to shift, its fur sucking into its skin and its bones solidifying. I turned away in disgust as Zack morphed back into himself. When Zack had finished morphing I let out a sigh.

“We can’t let this change our lives. We have to act as if nothing is different. While we’re not sure yet if Team Zero has any interest in humans, I’m sure they have an interest in morphing. If someone were to find out we could morph and then Zero were to hear about it they would come looking for us as they would know we’ve been in contact with a Mew and a Morphing Crystal.” I said as I stared at my feet.

Zack pulled himself off the ground and nodded his head. “Agreed, we can’t let anyone know.”

<Good thinking. I had forgotten to mention that to you yesterday.>

I spun around at the voice and tried to find where it had come from “Blake? Is that you?”

<Outside on the windowsill, can you let me in?> Blake asked.

I walked over to the sole window in our dorm, outside of which was perched a Spearow, looking around casually. I quickly undid the locks and pulled the window up.

<Thanks.> Blake said as he quickly flew into the room. As I shut the window Blake began to turn into a human.

“Isn’t this a bit early to go and do anything?” I asked.

“Yes. The people in the lab will be waking up now and hurrying about to prepare for the day, we need to wait until things have settled more or less into their normal pattern.” Blake said as he stood up from the ground.

“You can morph like that, straight from one form to another?” Zack asked.

“You won’t be able to. It’s very hard, and I can only do it because I’ve had a great deal of experience with morphing. And I’m wearing a Morphing Crystal.” Blake said, fingering the small blue crystal which hung around his neck.

“So, if we’re not going to the lab now, why are you here?” I asked.

“To prepare you.” Blake said, walking over to the door and running his hand along the crack between it and the wall. I noticed that the door seemed to glow pink for a moment wherever his hand passed over. “There’s no way I can teach you everything, that would take many years. But I can teach you the basics.” Blake spun around to face us again and clapped his hands together. “So, you both have one morph each. Shrike, a Cyndaquil. Zack, an Electrike. They’ll do for combat purposes, especially since you’re familiar with commanding them at least, but they’re not very good for travel. You’d be forced to take land routes which are generally very slow. Not to mention there’s the matter of other trainers. Well, other trainers wouldn’t be much of a problem, just an annoyance...”

“Your point?” Zack asked.

“If you want to get anywhere fast, you’ll need to be able to fly. If you want to fly, you’ll need to acquire a flying Pokemon. Like my Spearow morph.” Blake said as he pulled the chair away from my desk and sat down in it.

“Flying? How’s this?” I said, walking over to my nightstand and picking Drake’s Pokeball up off it, tossing it the floor in the middle of the room. The beam of light from the Pokeball quickly turned into the shape of a Vibrava before flying back to my hand.

“Brava!” Drake yawned as he looked around, trying to figure out where he was.

“Drake, that’s Zack and that’s Blake over there.” I said to Drake, pointing to Zack and Blake in turn. “Zack and Blake, this is my Vibrava, Drake.”

“Yes, it’ll do.” Blake nodded. “What about you, Zack? Do you have any flying Pokemon of your own?”

“Just one.” Zack said, picking out one of his Pokeballs. He tossed it on the ground in front of him and out of it a Taillow formed. “I call him Gust.” Zack said as Gust looked around silently.

“You really like naming your Pokemon after attacks, don’t you? First Spark, now Gust.” I mocked.

“They’re easy to remember.” Zack shrugged.

“Well, that was easier then I had hoped.” Blake said. “Okay, you remember how you acquired your other Pokemon? Just do the same with these, put your hands on them and concentrate.”

“Look, this time I actually know what’s going on, so I’m going to say it right here and now. You can’t keep on bossing us around like this. There are still several questions that you haven’t answered and I want explanations.” Zack said, lowering his eyes at Blake is if he was the enemy.

“I’ll explain more as the time comes, but for now you need to learn what’s most important to get you through this first mission. So, acquire your flying Pokemon now.” Blake said assertively.

Chapter 7
Once we had each acquired our flying capable Pokemon and recalled them back into their Pokeballs Blake worked on teaching me and Zack the intricacies of morphing. He had us morph back and forth between our normal human selves and both of our acquired Pokemon several times. Even though it was still disgusting and even revolting to a point I began to get used to morphing and seeing others morph after around the sixth time we did so. All this time Blaze sat and stared at us, wondering what we were doing. After a while Blake had us take a break and tried to explain more about how morphing worked. I didn’t understand much of it, and I don’t think Zack did either, but I was able to catch onto why we weren’t able to morph with our Pokeballs, why the Morphing Crystal didn’t morph along with Blake, and why the crystal even amplified his morphing powers.

In the most basic of terms, it turns out that when someone morphs they radiate a large amount of used energy and draw in even more energy from their surroundings. The energy one draws in during the morphing process is also used to create the temporal space-time bubble used to hold Pokemon in Pokeballs, so if we were to try to morph with our Pokeballs one of several things could happen depending on the quality of the shielding around the ball. If the shielding on a Pokeball were weak morphing near it would most likely cause it to break, thus causing the space-time bubble to destabilize and collapse, potentially trapping any Pokemon in it in nothingness. Stronger shielding, while keeping the ball and Pokemon inside safe, would cause the Pokeball to either fuse into our skin or merely drop away from us unharmed as we were morphing.

Blake explained that Morphing Crystals are also constantly radiating large amounts of energy, supplying enough that a skilled morpher could morph directly from one form to another while near one, and that the crystals are made using special materials that have natural anti-morphing properties.

“Anyone in morph also both radiates and absorbs energy at a constant rate. The upside to this is that if someone tries to capture you, the Pokeball will merely shatter as you try to absorb all the energy inside it. The downside is it provides Team Zero an easy means to identify us by scanning for any Pokemon that has abnormal energy radiation and absorption going on around it. Fortunately, they’re not looking for anyone in morph right now so we currently have the upper hand.” Blake finished, lounging back in his chair.

“The point of all this, is?” Zack asked, bored.

“You’re the one who said there are a lot of things I have yet to explain, so I’m explaining them.” Blake shrugged.

“Look, I was never any good at science, so just give me everything I need to know in a nutshell, will you?” Zack asked.

“Morphing is nearly unlimited in use; one can even stay in a morph all their life if they wanted to even. You can’t morph from one form to another unless you are highly skilled, and even then you’d probably need to be wearing a Morphing Crystal. Acquiring humans is not easy, and is very tiring for me even with a Morphing Crystal; you, with no experience, have no hope of acquiring and morphing humans. Since morphing is mostly DNA based, injuries are not carried over from morph to morph. Morphing near a Pokeball will cause it to break, merge into you, or do nothing. You can’t be captured in a Pokeball while in morph as the energy you absorb from it would cause it to break. Anyone with the right equipment could easily discover someone in morph, but we’re safe for now as no one is looking for us. Is that all simple enough for you?” Blake said bluntly.

Zack nodded. “It’ll do for now.”

“Wait.” I spoke up. “Last night I was thinking and Zack said he could hear me just as if we were in morph. Does that mean anything, or is it just a side effect?”

Blake shrugged. “Thought speech in Mews is a natural thing and since you’re the first humans to be given this power, I hadn’t thought about what else it may do to you. I had expected you to be able to communicate with thoughts while in morph, and you have, but being able to out of morph is most likely just a side-effect. With thought speech only people you direct your thoughts towards can hear you, so just be sure that you only direct your thoughts towards people who you want to be able to hear you from now on, both in and out of morph.”

I glanced over at the clock that hung on the wall. I was surprised to find that it nine o’clock. Blake had been here for three hours now, yet at the same time it was still early.

“So, when DO you want to go and check out this lab?” I asked.

“Any time now, I suppose. You’ll probably want to eat something first, though.” Blake said.

“So, nobody will realize that we’re missing if we leave now?” I asked Zack, turning to face him.

“They shouldn’t. Since it’s a Saturday it’s not like we have to go to any classes or anything.” Zack said.

“Okay, how about we grab a bite to eat, and then get on with this.” I said, jumping off the bed I was sitting on.

“Right now?” Zack moaned.

“What, you don’t get this over with?” I asked.

“No, it’s, well... Oh, fine then. Let’s do it.” Zack said, standing up as well.

“So it’s settled then. Meet me at the school’s north gate in one hour. Remember to leave all your Pokeballs here.” Blake said, walking over to the door and running his hand along the crack again, unsealing it or whatever I suppose.

I opened up the window again as Blake morphed into a Spearow and flew out of the room, circling around the courtyard before flying away.

“Well, come on. Let me show you to the cafeteria since we never got there yesterday. Oh, you might want to bring your Pokemon if they haven’t eaten in a while.” Zack said, pulling open the door as I shut the window.

“Come on Blaze.” I whistled as I picked up Drake’s Pokeball from where I had put it down. “I’m sure you’re hungry, you always are.”

Chapter 8
To get to the cafeteria we had to pass through a glass walled hallway that went past the Battle Center. As we passed the Battle Center I stopped and looked at the hole that had been blown in its wall; a pair of Machamps were working on filling it in with new cement, however it was quite big and looked like it would take a while. Yellow tape sealed off the main entrance into the Battle Center, and police officers stood around looking for anybody who might try to disturb the Machamps or enter the building. I didn’t know when they had arrived as once we had escaped from the building we had immediately returned to our room; being stopped only about ten times from people, students and staff alike, who had heard we were in the Battle Center during the explosion and who wondered if we were all right. Even though we insisted we were fine several times and declined several invitations to see the nurse, we still had to deal with being confined in our room for the whole night, having food brought to us, and being questioned by the police about what had happened and how we got out. We managed to avoid telling anyone about what really happened, though. As we passed the Battle Center now a police officer guarding a second entrance into it from inside the hallway looked up at us.

“Hey, you’re those kids Shrike Flamestar and Zack Spira?” The officer asked.

“Yes, we just happen to be them.” I sighed.

“Do you happen to remember anything about the explosion now? Any ideas on who may be responsible?” He asked.

“No, as we said yesterday, we didn’t see anyone. As soon as we heard the explosion we ran away through that door there.” Zack said, pointing through the glass walls to a small door on the outside of the Battle Center which he claimed was an emergency escape exit. What the officer didn’t know, however, was that we couldn’t have escaped through that door as it connected to a different room then the one we had been in, and a wall had collapsed to block it off from us.

“Well, we think now that there may have been some kidnappings during the explosion. Around five kids are missing, and they seem to have gone missing at the same time as the explosion. You’re sure you don’t know who or what caused it?” he asked persistently.

“No, we don’t. If something does come to mind though we’ll be sure to tell you about it.” Zack said, beginning to walk towards the cafeteria again.


A couple minutes later we arrived at the doors of the cafeteria, which turned out to be its own building separate from the rest of the school.

“Well, here we are.” Zack said, walking through the pair of open, arched doors.

I walked through the doors and stood in awe; the cafeteria was huge. Along the floor plastic picnic tables were set up with a generous amount of space between them; all in all I estimated that there had to be at least 100 tables, maybe more.

“Welcome to the cafeteria!” Zack said, spreading his arms out wide. “Come on, let your Drake out if you want him to eat and let’s grab a table. Come on out Spark, Gust, and Alpha; it’s chow time!” Zack said, throwing all three of his Pokeballs down on the ground. Out of them an Electrike, Spark; a Taillow, Gust; and a Poochyena, Alpha I assumed; emerged.

I nodded to Zack “Wow, Alpha. You broke your naming scheme. No new Pokemon from me, though. I’m sure Blaze and Drake will eat enough between them to account for at least four Pokemon, however...” I sighed as I tossed Drake’s Pokeball on the floor.

Zack and I, along with our total of five Pokemon, walked over to one of the nearer tables. I pulled out a chair and reclined casually in it as Blaze hopped up on the table next to me.

“So, how do we get our food here?” I asked Zack.

“Wait for it...” Zack said.

“Welcome to the cafeteria! What can I serve you today?” an energetic waitress spouted as she ran over to us, nearly knocking me out of my seat in surprise. Zack chuckled as I pulled myself back up, fixing my glasses. “Hey, you’re new, aren’t you?” the waitress said, looking at me.

“Er, well, yes. My name’s—” I began to say, but the waitress cut me off.

“Shrike Flamestar. I was there during your battle yesterday. I was almost caught in that scary explosion, but I had to leave just seconds before it happened. You’re very good for a newbie, you know that? Not that Zack is all that great but—” The waitress said at a speed that amazed me.

“Yes, we get it,” Zack snapped angrily, “Just give him the drill before I starve.”

“Ah, yes. Very well then. My name is Ann and I along with my sisters run this cafeteria. Do you have the little computer PDA thingy the school assigned you?” Ann asked at the speed of light.

“Well, I didn’t—” I began to say, but Ann cut me off again.

“Ah, I see! You have that fancy new Pokedex doohickey! Ooh, Pokedex, Pokegear, Pokenav, and a PDA all in one! Yet still the size and shape of a modern cell phone! These are quite expensive, you know!” Ann said, snatching my Pokedex off my belt and turning it around in her hands.

“Hey! Give that—” I began, not really expecting to finish what I meant to say.

“There!” Ann yelped, shoving a small card into the expansion slot on the Pokedex. “Just turn that on and the menu software will automatically load into memory!” Ann said, thrusting my Pokedex back into my hands.

Timidly I pushed the button that slid the cover of the Pokedex up and turned it on. There was a moment of awkward silence as the menu program, or whatever was on the expansion card, installed itself into my Pokedex. At last though there was a beep as it finished.

“Ah! Finally! These things are WAY to slow!” Ann said, snatching the Pokedex out of my hand and popping the expansion card out, casually tossing my Pokedex back to me. “There, now you should have a new program on there with which you can check to see what we are serving each and every day! Even though it’s slow, isn’t technology great!” Ann said hyperactively.

“Er, yeah.” I said as I pulled the thin stylus out of its holder on the back of the Pokedex and clicked the touch sensitive screen to start up the menu that had just been installed.

“So then; a Cyndaquil, Vibrava, Electrike, Taillow, and Poochyena. Their food will be up in just a moment.” Ann said, punching something into an electronic clipboard she held. “Now, since that’s all over with, what CAN I serve you today?”

Chapter 9
Eventually we managed to get all our food; during which I was introduced to two more of the sisters, Lyn and Sara, who were both as hyperactive as Ann. Hungrily we finished it all, though Blaze and Drake whined for still more food.

“I’m putting you guys on a diet.” I sighed, dropping my head. I ended up staring right at my watch, and realized we only had ten minutes to get to the north gate in order to meet up with Blake.

“Zack, we only have ten minutes. I think we need to hurry up here.” I said, leaping out of my chair and scooping Blaze up in one arm as I called Drake back into his Pokeball with the other.

“Oh, man, hadn’t been paying attention to the time.” Zack said as he quickly recalled all three of his Pokemon into their Pokeballs. “Fortunately, we’ll pass our dorm on the way to the north gate anyways.”

“I trust you enjoyed the food?” Ann said, rushing up as she saw us getting out of our chairs.

“Yes, we did. We have to be leaving now, though.” I said.

“Be sure to come back again! We’re always open!” Ann yelled after us as we rushed out of the cafeteria.

“Shrike, you may want to put Blaze back into his Pokeball while we’re away.” Zack said as we ran down the hall.

“He won’t get into any trouble.” I said, shaking my head.

“The staff doesn’t like Pokemon wandering around by themselves, even if it is in dorm rooms. You could get in trouble if you don’t.” Zack said.

“Fine, then. Blaze, you won’t mind, will you?” I asked.

“Quil.” Blaze squeaked, shaking his head.

“Okay then, that’s settled.” I said.


We ran all the way back to our dorm room and quickly dropped our Pokeballs off there; I also put Blaze back in his. Once we were finished in our room we quickly ran to the north gate as fast as we could, fortunately we weren’t stopped by anyone on the way.

We managed to reach the north gate just two minutes late. At first we didn’t see anything, then I noticed the Spearow perched on top of the fence.

“Blake, that you?” I whispered. I wasn’t sure as it wasn’t wearing the Morphing Crystal like Blake had all the times we’d seen him previously.

<Yes, and don’t say anything else verbally. If you can use thought speech even when you’re a human, do so. There are a few other students just a couple of yards away.> Blake said.

<So, then, what are supposed to do?> I thought at Blake and Zack, hoping it worked.

<Follow me.> Blake said as he jumped off the fence and flew across the street outside the gate. Making sure no cars were coming Zack and I carefully crossed the street and followed Blake into a small side road between buildings.

<You should be safe in here, quickly morph into your flying forms before anyone comes.> Blake said as he landed on an exposed pipe.

Quickly I closed my eyes and focused on a Vibrava just as I had done several times this morning. I kept my eyes closed the whole time, though, as to avoid having to see either me or Zack morph. When I opened my eyes again, I found myself staring out at the world through the green protective eye coverings meant to protect Vibravas’ eyes from sandstorms.

<You know, I just realized. I don’t know how to fly. Fancy that.> Zack said. I turned around to find that Zack had finished morphing as well.

<No, but the Pokemon does. Let its natural instincts fly for you.> Blake said, hopping off the pipe and hovering in the air. <Follow me, but try to keep some distance between us. Spearows, Vibravas, and Taillows don’t normally fly in groups.>

Timidly I hopped into the air and flapped my wings. I don’t know how, but something inside my mind clicked and I suddenly found myself hovering in the air a few feet above the ground.

<Well, that’s a start I suppose.> I said as I hovered in the air.

Not really knowing what I was doing, I told myself to fly up to where Blake hovered in the air. The basic instincts of the Vibrava took care of the actually flying for me, and I found myself elevating up to Blake’s elevation. Looking around I saw that Zack had managed to fly up here as well.

<Right, let’s get going.> Blake said, soaring up and out of the gap between buildings.

<You know, I just remembered that I really hate flying.> I moaned as I flew up to follow Blake.


We flew in silence for a while as Blake led us over New Bark and towards the surrounding forest to the northeast. At first I was a bit shaky in flying as I thought about how high up we were without any sort of safety device, but I managed to blank out my mind and focus solely on flying after a while. Once I had got that down, I realized how great of a view we had up here.

<Wow! The Sol Tower! It looks even bigger from up here!> I said as I stared in awe at the Sol Tower, almost straight ahead of us and to the right a little. It thrust up out of the mountains like a giant, nearly perfectly round flag pole and extended all the way up into the clouds. Its surface was pearly white though seemed to give off a yellowish glow and had odd shapes covering its surface.

<Yes. And it’s bigger yet when you’re right next to it.> Blake said. <I like to fly around it as fast as I can when I’m bored. My current record is about thirty second as a Pidgeot, my fastest flying morph.>

<Say, what all morphs do you have?> Zack asked.

<Well, quite a few actually. You get bored when your whole life is devoted to searching for some people who may not exist. However, now since my colony is gone and I’m on my own, I can finally fight against Team Zero the way I’ve wanted to since I was a child.> Blake said, a dark tone overshadowing his voice.

Looking at the Sol Tower again I noticed a pile of large white rocks next to it. The rocks seemed to give off a dark purplish, almost black, glow.

<Are those the ruins of the Luna Tower?> I asked.

<Yes. I find them depressing so I don’t go near them much.> Blake said.

<I wonder if Allie and Ky have reached them yet?> Zack wondered.

<Probably, they were aiming to get there this morning.> I replied.

<Ah, there’s the lab now.> Blake said and began to descend into the trees, through which a large, boxy building was visible. Zack and I followed him down as he landed on a tree overlooking the lab compound. <Spread out from me a little and stay back. We don’t want to luck suspicious. There are guards.>

I landed on a tree about eight meters to Blake’s right and farther back into the forest. Looking into the clearing in which the laboratory sat I saw that there were several guards patrolling the compound, a combination of Scythers and men wearing black trench coats; they looked just like the people who had broken into the Battle Center. The lab itself seemed unimpressive, one large box with few windows along its wall, and a smaller, circular, building connected to the larger building with a short enclosed hallway. The smaller building didn’t have any windows on it at all.

<How are we getting in?> I asked. <There are too many guards, and I think I can see some security cameras.>

<Undoubtedly. However, they are watching for people on the ground. They do not expect an invasion by air.> Blake said.

<Since when has three people been an invasion?> Zack asked from where he sat a little farther back from me and about twelve feet to Blake’s left.

Blake ignored him and continued <On the roof of the building are a few exhaust vents. They should be small enough for us to crawl though. Unfortunately, however, from my observations our target is the smaller outlying building and the only way to get there is through the single, no doubt guarded, hallway.>

<How do you know that’s where we need to go? And how are we supposed to get in there then?> Zack asked.

<I know because that’s where they take people who they have kidnapped. Yesterday I followed the Team Zero people from the Battle Center back to this lab and watched as they escorted the people they had kidnapped from the Battle Center into the building. Obviously I couldn’t follow them into the lab, but from what I saw they took the prisoners down that hallway.>

<You know, I don’t think I like where this is going.> Zack said.

<So, if we want to have any hope of getting into that building where they keep their prisoners I have to morph into a guard, as I’m the only one of us who can morph humans; then one of you will be a Scyther, whenever a prisoner would enter the building he was always guarded by a Scyther along with a human guard; and the other will just be himself as a prisoner.> Blake said as Zack sighed.

<How are we getting these morphs?> I asked.

<Already taken care of. Follow me.> Blake said, hopping off his branch and flying back into the trees. Zack and I followed as Blake explained. <I managed to knock out one of the guards and a Scyther a couple of hours ago. I’ve already acquired the guard and will wear his clothes; one of you can acquire the Scyther. For whoever’s our “prisoner” I’ve got some different clothes together and as long as you keep your head down no one should recognize you. Decide now who’s who.>

<Well, seeing as I have longer hair then Shrike it would be easier for me to keep my face covered.> Zack said. <With Shrike’s short hair and glasses he would be more easily recognized if someone saw him afterwards.>

<Good thinking. We need to hurry up with this as I don’t know when they’ll realize this guy’s been gone. Shrike, the Scyther’s unconscious right below you. Quickly acquire him and morph. Zack, you’ll see some clothes down there for you to change into, don’t worry about your current clothes right now, I can get them later.> Blake said as he quickly descended to a small clearing.

<Why can’t you teleport them back to our dorm like you did yesterday with our Pokeballs?> Zack asked as he landed on the ground and began morphing back into a human.

<Too far. I can only teleport small objects a mile and we’re quite a ways away from your dorm now.> Blake said as he morphed to a Mew. Without the Morphing Crystal he had to morph to his true form before he could become the guard.

I landed and focused on the image of myself. I could feel my body changing as I turned into a human, but once again I kept my eyes closed. When I felt that I was no longer changing I pried my eyes open and found myself sitting right next to the unconscious Scyther. I placed my hand on its arm and focused on it, acquiring it according to the plan. I stood up and backed away some, wanting enough room as I had no idea how this morph would go. Blake caught my eye as I saw him morphing into the guard who lay unconscious at his feet, completely naked.

Quickly I turned around and focused on my new Scyther morph. The changes began immediately, starting with my hands turning into giant scythe claws. This caused me to fall to the ground where I continued to lay as my skin hardened and turned green. Morphing into a Scyther wasn’t as bad as morphing into a Cyndaquil or Vibrava, though as Scyther’s are much more humanoid. The morph finished quickly and I stood back up. As I turned around I found that Blake was pulling on the last of the guard’s clothes and Zack looked distinctly prisoner like. He was wearing a pair of old, worn blue jeans and a torn shirt covered in dirt. Zack had even taken the initiative and splattered his bare arms with some dirt. He had taken his long blond hair out of the ponytail he usually kept it in and tossed it over his face. If he hung his head down you couldn’t see any distinctive features about his face at all.

<Well, let’s get going.> Blake said, stepping over next to Zack and lightly grabbing his arm. The guard’s clothes pretty much consisted of a pair of black jeans, a black shirt, a black trench coat, and black tinted sunglasses. I awkwardly ran over to them and stood on the other side of Zack.

<Are you sure this will work?> Zack asked as we walked through the trees back to the lab.

<No, but it should as long as I can be sure none of the cameras see us as we come out of the trees. Once we’re inside the lab just follow my lead.> Blake said. A short while later we came upon the trees surrounding the lab and stopped; Blake looked like he was watching the small, rotating cameras on the lab. I looked and noticed that one of them appeared to be slow and out of sync; Blake must have damaged it earlier. Finally the cameras were both facing away at the same time and we hurried out of the trees, walking towards the front door. One of the guards noticed us and ran over.

“Caught someone, I see.” The guard said.

Blake nodded. “He was slinking around the trees, like he was trying to find a way in.”

“Well then, he’s our honored guest, show him in.” The guard sneered, motioning towards the door. Blake nodded and continued along.

<So far, I think we’re doing good.> Blake said.

<Can we just hurry up, you’re hurting my arm.> Zack growled, if that was possible in thoughts.

<I feel kind of useless.> I commented.

We walked through the automatically opening door together, Blake nodding to another guard just inside the doorway as we passed through a second door. Finally we were inside the lab.

Chapter 10
The inside of the lab was just about as boring as the outside. Beige walls seemed to be pressing in on us as we passed a couple of doorways, but nothing else or anything exciting.

<Down this hallway.> Blake said, turning left and into another hallway. At the end of it stood a closed door next to which two Scythers and a man stood.

“Halt.” The men said as we approached.

“I found this boy snooping around the trees outside, looking for a way in.” Blake said calmly.

“Authorization.” The man demanded. Blake reached into one of the pockets in his trench coat and pulled out a small ID card which he handed to the man. He took the card and examined it, before handing it back to Blake and pressing his hand onto a scanner on the wall. The scanner beeped and a light on the door lit up. There was a small electronic hum as several locks disengaged in the door before it split open vertically and slid apart to either side.

“Proceed.” The man said, stepping out of the way. Blake nodded at him and we continued on through the hallway. Behind us the door closed and locked again.

<Uh, how are we going to get out of here?> I asked.

<Don’t worry, it will come to me.> Blake said.

<Great, you don’t even have a plan to get out.> Zack said and dropped his head lower.

Before long we came upon another door similar to the other one and got through in the same manner.

As I stepped through the second high security door I could only think one thing.

<Holy ****!> I yelled in my thoughts.

<Are you sure this is a LAB!> Zack asked frantically.

<Well, no actually.> Blake said.

<This looks like anything BUT a laboratory!> Zack yelled <This is more like a freaking jail!>

We emerged onto a small walkway that circled around the perimeter of the building. The whole way along the wall small pods of sorts were lined up, and inside each pod a human was held. But that wasn’t all. Stairs led downwards and below the ground, into a large, vertical tunnel of sorts. Walking to the edge and looking over I saw that the human prisoner pods stretched underground for several levels, farther then I could even see.

<Seen enough?> Blake asked.

<Fine, you were right, they definitely are doing something with humans. We can’t just leave now though.> Zack said, turning towards the stairs. <We have to at least find out what they’re up to, and I have a feeling that we will at the bottom of these stairs.>

<Okay, your choice, but still act like you’re a prisoner and we’re your guards. I don’t see anyone, but there may be people farther down.> Blake said.

Quickly we descended the stairs as I stared in disgust at the hundred of pods filled with human prisoners. The stairs never seemed to end, continuing downwards into the ground forever. Finally, however, I noticed a subtle change in our surroundings. Empty pods began to appear here and there, and more frequently the farther we descended. Before long we were seeing more empty pods then occupied ones. And shortly afterwards I realized we had finally reached the bottom of the tunnel. I glanced around to see if there were any guards, but saw no one. What I did notice though was the large computer terminal in the center of the tunnel and the four doors set into the walls of the tunnel amongst the pods.

<So, what are they up to, Zack?> I asked as I looked around.

<It’ll probably be in this computer.> Zack said, wrenching his arm free from Blake and running over to it. <Hmm, I appear to need a password. Well how’s this for a password “screw you”?>

<I’ve been studying human computers, I could probably hack into it.> Blake said, gently pushing Zack out of the way and typing a few things into the keyboard. After a brief moment Blake continued, <But it may take some time. Watch for anyone coming and warn me if you see someone.>

As Blake worked on hacking into the computer Zack wandered around the room, looking at the prisoner pods. I looked at one of the doors inset into the walls and realized there was something written on it.

<Lab. Well, there is A lab down here.> I said, reading the label. I walked over to the next door to my right, <Supplies.> I read. The third door was labeled <Waste Disposal.> while the last was then labeled <Pokemon.>

<That third one doesn’t sound too nice.> Zack said.

<And I think I’ll stay away from the fourth door.> Blake said.

<Almost done?> I asked.

<This is harder then I thought. Give me some more time here.> Blake said as he typed frantically.

<I think you better hurry, I can hear someone coming!> Zack said as he stood next to the door labeled “Lab.” Before Blake had a chance to respond, though, the lab door was suddenly flung wide open.

Chapter 11
“Who are you? And what are you doing?”

Out of the lab door a woman wearing a white lab coat and rose tinted glasses walked; she had an air about her of authority and power.

“Oh, just trying to get this prisoner into a pod. Hehe, stupid computer; it doesn’t seem to be working right.” Blake said as he frantically typed, trying to get into the computer.

“And you’re just letting him wander around? What’s the use of having a Scyther guard him if they’re on opposite sides of the room?” She said angrily.

“Scy!” I snapped to attention and ran across the room, hovering one of my scythe claws over Zack’s neck.

<Blake! You have a way out of this!> Zack yelled.

“No matter. I came to retrieve a prisoner and this one will do nicely.” The lady said grabbing Zack’s arm.

“Ah! Let me go, you *****!” Zack yelled, tearing his arm away from her.

“Well, feisty. Scyther, I command you to knock this boy unconscious.” The lady said, turning to me.

<Do as she says!> Blake yelled.

<Wait, what?!> Zack asked dumbfounded.

<Knock him out!> Blake ordered me.

“Come on, knock him out!” The lady ordered me as well.

<Sorry Zack.> I said, swinging the flat of my scythe claw at his back. Zack crumpled to the flood unconscious from my blow and the lady smiled.

“Good. At least someone can follow orders right. Scyther, pick the boy up and come with me. You, give me your ID card and haul your sorry *** upstairs.” The lady said, turning to face Blake.

<Do as she says! I’ll be along shortly!> Blake said as he handed the lady the ID card before turning around and beginning to walk up the stairs. At a loss for what to do I carefully picked Zack up with the sides of my scythes, being sure not to hurt him while keeping his face hidden. The lady quietly pocketed Blake’s ID card as she turned around and walked back through the lab door. I followed, the door shutting closed behind me.


The lab down here was slightly more interesting and lab like then the one upstairs had been. Windows lined the spacious white walled hallway which we walked down. I looked through one of the first windows and almost gasped out loud, the hallway we were in seemed to be suspended over a giant cavern, inside of which thousands of cages sat; and inside every cage was a Pokemon.

<That must be where the “Pokemon” door leads to.> I thought to myself as I tried my best not to drop Zack and slit the woman’s throat right now.

“In there.” The woman said, having stopped at an open doorway which she pointed at. I turned into the door, making sure Zack didn’t hit it and almost dropped him again as I saw who was inside the room.

<Allie! Ky!> I yelled out, but only to myself so as not to blow my cover.

Two prisoner pods hung on hooks from the ceiling, and inside one was Allie, the other Ky. Unlike the people we had seen outside, they were wide awake and twisting in their pods.

“Let us out of here, you filthy *****!” Allie roared.

“How funny, this boy also called me a *****.” The woman said, walking over to Allie. “Is that what you really think I am?”

“All I know is that you’re one of the head scientists in Team Zero. That alone is enough to tell me that you’re just a grand, glorified *****!” Allie roared. Her feet stuck out of the bottom of the pod and as she said this she kicked the woman in the shin as hard as she could.

“Why you little *****!” The woman yelled.

“Like you have the right to call anyone a *****!” Allie yelled.

“Can we all stop calling each other *****es?” Ky suggested.

“Not until this filthy ***** here lets us go!” Allie said, beginning to thrash around in her pod again.

“How sweet.” The woman said, composing herself as she backed up to a panel on the wall. “She thinks she has any hope of getting free. Scyther, put the boy into the empty pod.” The woman said as she pressed a few buttons on the panel. A door on the wall slid open and an empty pod slid out, the door on the front of it swinging open.

<Shrike! As soon as I say so, duck!> Blake’s voice in my head said.

<Huh? Blake, where—> I began to say.

<Now! Duck!> Blake yelled.

I dropped down to the ground right as a large beam of pink energy burst through the door, passing above me and slamming into the woman.

“Urgh!” She screamed as she flew into a window overlooking the Pokemon cavern below. The window shattered and she went flying out of it, blood and shards of glass flying everywhere as she screamed, falling the long distance to the cavern below.

<Hurry! We don’t have much time!> Blake said, flying into the room in his true Mew form; I noticed he wore the Morphing Crystal around his neck. He flew over to the panel on the wall and jabbed a few of the buttons on it.

<But, what, how, why...> I tried to say, however too many questions were circling around in my mind for me to say at once.

<I’ll explain later! For now just demorph!> Blake said as Allie’s and Ky’s pods swung open, dropping them to the floor. I gently laid Zack on the ground and quickly began to turn back into a human.

“All right! Just what the hell is going on here!?” Allie yelled as she walked over to me and Blake. “And just why is that Scyther melting!”

<Because I’m NOT a Scyther.> I said as I became more human then Scyther.

“Hey, wait a second, are you...?” Ky walked over to us but her voice trailed off as I stood up.

“I would ask you about that battle, but I don’t think now’s such a good time.” I said grimly.

<Allie, Ky each of you put a finger on this crystal.> Blake said, holding the Morphing Crystal up in his hand.

“Did that Mew just talk to me? In my head?” Allie said, surprisingly calmly.

“Yes, he did. Now just do as he said and touch that crystal.” I said as I bent down to Zack. “Hey, wake up Zack! I think it’s about time we get out of this place.” I said as a slapped Zack across the face.

<Congratulations, you can now morph into Pokemon!> Blake said.

“Ugh, what happened?” Zack said, coming to.

“I knocked you cold, and now Blake is saving our asses. Again. This time we’re not alone however.” I told Zack.

“We can WHAT?!” Allie screamed.

“Oh no, not her.” Zack moaned. “Can you knock me out again, please?”

<Okay, now we have the small matter of actually getting out of here to take care of. And you don’t have ay flying morphs.> Blake bluntly stated.

“Wait, where’s Chaos!” Allie said, looking down at her empty belt.

“All around us.” Zack grumbled, standing up.

“Hey, Rain’s gone to!” Ky said, noticing her empty belt as well.

<I’ve shut down most of the lab. If you want to get your Pokemon back we’ll have to be quick though before someone manages to start up the lab again. Shrike, Zack, prepare for a fight as there are some Scythers coming this way now. Shrike, use your Cyndaquil morph as we need to be fast here.> Blake ordered, rushing over to look through the hole he had melted in the door. I quickly focused on a Cyndaquil as Allie and Ky stared in fascination. I shrunk down rapidly, my bones shrinking and some disappearing. Fur sprouted out all over my body and clothes as my fingers and toes merged into one. Before long I was looking up at the world from the ground as a Cyndaquil.

<Here they come!> Blake yelled from the doorway.

Then the alarms went off.

Continued in next post.

Shrike Flamestar

Video Game Addict
Chapter 12
“Intruders present on sub-level L1. Electrical malfunctions in sub-levels L2 through L5. All defense personnel converge with intruders on sub-level L1. Intruders must be stopped at all costs.” A voice over an intercom said as klaxons blared and red emergency lights flashed.

“Scy!” A Scyther said, suddenly appearing at the door and swiping a scythe at Blake.

<Protect Allie and Ky and follow me!> Blake yelled as he swiftly dodged the scythe and fired a ball of pink energy from his palms at the Scyther, knocking it back.

<Right.> I nodded, jumping over the Scyther and out into the hallway. Running straight towards us were at least five Scythers from inside the lab, and three from the prisoner storage.

<Allie and Ky’s Pokemon are probably stuck in Pokemon processing right now, so we need to get down there before they can start the power again.> Blake said as he fired another ball of pink energy at a Scyther and flew towards the lab. I ran straight at another and leaped at it, letting the Cyndaquil’s instincts encircle my body with fire as I slammed right into the Scyther, severely burning it and knocking it down.

Behind me I saw Zack in Electrike morph howl and fire an arch of electricity from his fur at a Scyther that was about to swing at Blake, knocking it out.

<They aren’t so tough.> I grunted as I fired a stream of fire from my mouth at another Scyther in my path.

“Hiyah!” I heard behind me. Looking back I saw Allie high kick a Scyther and knock it out as Ky ducked under a Scyther’s swipe and swing her feet around in a circle kick, knocking two Scythers to the floor.

<Was it really necessary to give them the power to morph? They seem to be doing fine on their own.> I said as I just barely dodged a Scyther that had snuck up behind me while I wasn’t looking. As it passed by me I fired a flamethrower at it at point-blank range, knocking it into the wall. I turned back around to face into the lab, and was surprised to find we had cleared the way into the lab.

<Allie, Ky! Let’s get moving!> I yelled as I hurried up to follow Blake and Zack who had already started down the hallway.

<Down these stairs!> Blake yelled as he turned a corner. I ran around the corner and leapt down the stairs in front of me, rolling as I landed on a landing. I noticed that the lights were out down here except for the red emergency lights and jumped down another set of stairs.

<More Scythers!> Blake yelled up ahead.

“Scy!” A Scyther yelled as it swung at Blake. A pink bubble appeared around Blake for a moment, deflecting the Scyther’s attacks before Blake spun around and hit it with his tail.

“Trike!” Zack howled as he charged ahead, running into a Scyther as electricity flowed through his fur.

“Quil!” I screamed as I jumped to the bottom of the stairs and stood my ground, launching another flamethrower at two oncoming Scythers.

“Hiyah!” Allie yelped as she leapt over me and kicked another Scyther down, before spinning around and knocking yet another down with a circle kick.

I paused for a moment to catch my breath. The Scyther came from the shadows to my left.

“Scy!” It shrieked as it swung at me.

“Quiiil!” I screamed as the claw sliced into my side. Fortunately it didn’t cut very deep, but I could feel my whole left side go numb.

“Shrike!” Ky yelled, jumping down the stairs with a metal rod in her hand. It looked a light pole. She swung the rod around in a circle, knocking the Scyther that had hit me out before swinging it downwards at another. “I’ve got you!” Key said, bending down and picking me up in one hand as she swung the rod at another Scyther with her other. Blood dripped out of the cut on my side as I weakly stared through the shadows at the chaos around us.

<Shrike! You okay?> Zack yelled from someplace up ahead.

<I got hit by a Scyther... Can’t feel my side...> I moaned as Ky rushed after everyone, holding me tightly.

<Try to find a place to demorph and then morph back!> Blake yelled <Morphing heals wounds!>

<Okay...> I mumbled.

“In here!” Ky said, dropping the rod and pulling open a door set into the hallway. She rushed inside it and set me on the floor. “I’ll be right there!” She yelled at Allie as she closed the door.

<You can use thought speech now... Just think what you want to who you want to hear it...> I mumbled as I lost more and more blood.

“Just hurry up and remorph!” Ky said as she looked out a window into the hallway.

Tiredly I focused on myself again. I could feel the changes, but they seemed to be slow. I don’t know how long it took, but eventually I found myself curled up on the floor back as a human again.

“Hurry! I think some Scythers are coming this way!” Ky yelled as she ran to the door and braced herself against it.

<We’re almost at the Pokemon processing center!> Blake yelled from somewhere.

I focused on a Cyndaquil again as I lay on the ground in a puddle of my own Cyndaquil blood. About half way through the morph the lights came back on.

Chapter 13
<****! They’re faster then I thought!> Blake yelled.

With the lights on I could see what was in the room. As I morphed I looked around curiously at the banks of computers lining the walls, along with some medical equipment. In the middle of the floor sat two tables; however I was to low to the ground to see what was on them. I looked up at Ky and noticed she looked terrified and her eyes were fixed on the tables.

<What’s on them?> I asked tentatively.

Ky shook he head and bent down to pick me up.

<I think we’ve uncovered a part of their plans...> I whimpered as I saw what lay on the table. On one table what looked like the remains of a Scyther lay, while on the other lay a human. However, instead of hands he had a Scyther’s claws, and underneath him a pair of Scyther’s wings could be seen. His chest was sliced open and inside it was clearly visible that his heart and lungs weren’t his.

Ky pulled open the door and rushed out into the hallway before I could see anymore.

<I’m fine now, you can let me go!> I said, trying to pull myself out of Ky’s grasp. Ky dropped me on the ground and I hurried on ahead of her, running down the hallway I remember that Blake went down. It opened into another set of stairs that I jumped down as fast as I could. Emerging into another hallway I noticed the bodies of Scythers strewn everywhere.

<In here!> Zack yelled, sticking his head out of a doorway.

<You’ve sure made a mess.> I said as I rushed past the Scyther bodies and into the room, Ky following.

<I think we’re safe for now.> Blake said, hovering over a computer console. <I’ve turned off the signal that was telling the Scyther’s to look for us.>

<Great. Did you know that Team Zero—> I began.

<Is splicing humans and Pokemon together. Yes. I saw it in the computer.> Blake nodded.

<I thought you hadn’t gained access into the computer yet when that woman came?> I asked.

<I’ll explain everything later. For now what’s important is that we get Allie and Ky’s Pokemon back, then get out of here.> Blake said as he pushed a button on the console. There was a whir as something stopped, and as I looked up I realized it was a conveyer belt that snaked its way around the room we stood in. Actually, it wasn’t much of a room, but more of a platform suspended freely over the giant cavern below. The conveyer belts hung openly in the air over the cavern with no floor beneath them, heading towards some odd machine at the end next to which a row of empty cages hung in a rack. On the belt I noticed two Pokeballs which were just about to fall into the machine.

“That’s them!” Allie yelled, jumping up onto the conveyer belt. She ran along it, jumping from belt to belt over empty air until she reached the end. She bent down and picked up the two Pokeballs. “Here, Ky. Catch!” She yelled, tossing one of them at Ky.

<How do you know those are yours?> I asked.

“How do you know which of your Pokeballs is which?” Allie said as she rushed back over to us.

<Well, now that you mention it...> I said, realizing that I could just feel what Pokeballs are mine and which is Drake’s and which is Blaze’s.

<Great, now, one flying Pokemon coming up!> Blake said as he punched a few more buttons on the console. Over the cavern a giant pole with a hook on the end moved over and lowered into the cavern. I watched it hook onto one of the cages below and begin to rise back up.

<More Scythers!> Zack yelled from the hallway.

“We’ll take care of them. Chaos, we need you!” Allie said, tossing her Pokeball into the hall.

“You too, Rain!” Ky said throwing her Pokeball next to Allie’s.

“Sol!” An Absol said, emerging out of Allie’s Pokeball.

“Vaporeon!” A Vaporeon said as Ky’s Pokeball burst open.

“Chaos! Guard the hallway! Don’t let any Scythers through!” Allie yelled.

“Rain! You guard the other direction!” Ky yelled.

Chaos and Rain nodded and faced back to back. Chaos starting tossing energy scythes from its head blade at Scythers as Rain launched a blast of water from her mouth at more Scythers.

<Allie, Ky! I’m bringing up a Pidgey for you two to acquire. To acquire it just touch it and focus on it. As soon as its acquired morph into it by focusing on it again! Oh, put your Pokeballs on the ground away from you, bad things can happen if you try morphing near them! Shrike, Zack, get into your flying forms as well!> Blaze yelled as he flew out into the open cavern. His eyes began to glow pink and a large ball of pink energy formed between his paws. <And there’s our escape route!> He yelled as he fired the pink ball of energy at the ceiling of the cavern. The whole cavern shook as the energy ball collided with the wall; dirt and pieces of debris falling down into the cavern below as a hole was blown clean through the cavern ceiling.

Wanting to get out of this place as soon as possible I quickly focused on my human self again. <You could have told me this earlier, would have saved me two whole morphs!>

“Wait, we can’t just leave Chaos and Rain here!” Ky said as she hurried over to where the cage was rising up.

<Leave them to me.> Blake said as he hurried back over to us. Out in the hallway Chaos and Rain were now fighting close quarters with the Scythers. Chaos had several cuts along his face and sides which blood leaked out off, and Rain looked as is she was getting tired fast. I watched for a moment as Chaos deflected a Scyther with his head blade and Rain spun around, whipping another Scyther with her tail.

I began to morph into a Vibrava as Allie and Ky quickly opened the Pidgey’s cage, pressing their hands against it as it squawked and tried to escape. Immediately afterwards they dropped their Pokeballs on the ground and began to morph. I was surprised by how fast they morphed, and before I was even done morphing myself they had already finished. I looked over at Zack and saw he was just about done, as well.

<Okay, let’s get out of here!> Blake said, flying over to where Chaos’ and Rain’s Pokeballs lay on the floor. He reached a paw out to them and they glowed pink for a moment. Suddenly a beam of light shot from the tip of each one, touching the surprised Chaos and Rain and withdrawing the back into the Pokeballs. Still holding his paw out next to the Pokeballs a pink bubble appeared around the two Pokeballs. <Move it!> Blake yelled as he leapt off the floor, the pink bubble with Chaos’ and Rain’s Pokeballs in it seemingly stuck to his paw.

I turned around and jumped off the platform, flying up to the hole in the cavern ceiling alongside Zack. I looked behind me and saw that Allie and Ky were doing surprisingly well for their first time flying, almost catching up to us. Scythers now filled the platform we had just stood on, as well as a couple of scientists wearing white lab coats. They looked up at us and scowled as we flew out of the hole, away from that cursed lab.

Chapter 14
“Just what the hell are you not telling us!?” I yelled, pushing Blake back against a tree. We had flown a couple miles from the lab in silence before Blake ordered us to land in a small clearing below to rest. He had morphed into his human form in case any campers showed up.

“You knew an awfully lot about that lab, especially since you didn’t get into the computer before that woman came! How did you shut the damn lab down! Where did the Morphing Crystal come from! How did you know exactly where to find Chaos and Rain! If you want us to work together as a team you can’t keep secrets from us!” I yelled angrily, holding Blake against the tree. Blake’s eyes suddenly glowed pink and I felt as if my stomach had been kicked. I flew backwards before skidding to a halt against another tree.

“As I said before, I will explain everything now.” Blake said as he sat down on a fallen log. Zack stood against a tree next to me as Allie and Ky sat on a second fallen log in the clearing.

“I am not lying about having never been in that lab before, that is the truth.” Blake said, closing his eyes. “In fact, the only thing I lied about was that I hadn’t gotten into the computer yet. I managed to crack the computer’s security almost the moment I touched it, yet the first thing it brought up was a map. I saw that Allie and Ky were being held inside the lab, and that there was a head-scientist scheduled to come and retrieve another prisoner in just a moment. I knew that if I told you someone was coming you would knock them out, however that would arise suspicion in the lab and inevitable cause more people to come looking for them, blowing our cover before we could save Allie and Ky. So, acting as if I was still working on hacking the computer, I managed to discover some files about experimental projects they are working on; human and Pokemon splicing being one of them. As for the morphing crystal, I had hidden that outside just incase it was needed. As it turned out it was needed, however as I said I can only teleport small objects within a mile and we were more then a mile underground. To teleport it to me I needed to be at the top of the stairs, so as soon as she left I demorphed and flew back up to the top of the stairs before teleporting the Morphing Crystal to me.

Shutting down the lab was easy. As it turned out the computer in the prisoner hold was networked to all the computers in the lab so I was easily able to access electrical controls from there and jam them for the lower floors. And I then knew where Pokemon processing is because, as I said, there was a map in the computer.” Blake finished.

“Wow, you’re good.” Zack whistled.

“Okay, then. That answers some more questions, but just open up another: Why were you so interested in saving Allie and Ky?” I asked, calming down.

“Because I think they may also be the reincarnation of the legendary heroes.” Blake answered as Allie and Ky lowered their eyes. “I’ve been watching them for a while now. After I saved you from Team Zero yesterday I noticed that they were among the prisoners they took to that lab. I had to save them just like I had to save you; I couldn’t risk them being Zero’s prisoners if they are in fact the legendary heroes.”

“So, this whole mission was to save them, and not gather information on Zero’s activities after all?” Zack asked.

“Not necessarily. As I said, I did find some files in the computer on what their current experiments are. As I said, and Shrike and Ky saw, splicing humans and Pokemon together is one. I believe they are trying to construct the perfect super soldier that way. As expected they are also performing genetic mutations on both humans and Pokemon relating to the brain. The Scythers we fought are the first generation of Pokemon they have mutated in this manner; they can be controlled through radio signals emitted from a central transmitter as well as obey all orders given verbally.” Blake replied. “Work on genetically mutating human minds is progressing, according to the data files I read, but hasn’t had enough success yet to warrant a field test.”

As Blake said all this I noticed Allie and Ky were whispering to each other. Seeing me watching, however, they stopped.

“So, you want us to fight with you against Team Zero, don’t you?” Allie grunted.

Blake nodded, “Yes. But it’s your choice. I can’t force you to fight.” Blake glanced at Zack as he said this. Zack had dropped his head and looked to be thinking.

“We’ll help you fight.” Ky nodded.

“Yes, as long as you don’t keep bossing us around.” Allie growled.

“I already said I would, and what I’ve seen today just makes me want to fight them even harder.” I said, clenching my fist.

There was a pause for a moment, before Zack lifted his head again.

“Fine. I’m with you.” Zack said.

“A group of five...” Ky muttered.

Allie nodded but didn’t say anything.

“So, what now?” I asked.

“Now we do what we can to stop Team Zero. We stop them from kidnapping any more people or Pokemon, we prevent them from wiping out any more Mew colonies; and then, when the time is right, we attack their heart. At the Sol Tower.” Blake said, pointing to the tower we could clearly see above the trees.

“From what I’ve heard Team Zero’s leader is using Sol Tower as his base. It is him we need to take out if we want to finally stop Team Zero.” Blake explained.

“The Sol Tower...” I said quietly, staring up at it. “You know, I have an odd feeling that there’s much more to it then meets the eye...”

End of Part 2
To be continued...


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