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~*Pokemon Zircon*~


Mud in my veins

1. Rainore Town - starting town
2. Foamcoast Town - Professor Maple
3. Cancave City - Dale(Steel Gym) 1st
4. Crossroads Village - Crossroads
5. Mosshaven Town
6. Electry City - Cassidy(Electric Gym) 2nd
7. Seagate Plaza - Tye(Water Gym) 7th
8. Actrence Town - Acting hall
9. Swampfield City - Isobel(Bug Gym) 3rd
10. MorrowGrove Town
11. Sparklite City - Carl(Fire Gym) 4th
12. Green Ridge City - Kane(Grass Gym) 5th
13. Nort Town
14. IceCrest City - Isaac(Ice Gym) 6th
15. Snohill Village - Ice Temple
16. Portisle Town - Shipping Docks
17. Boreal Town
18. ???
19. ???
20. Pitchcave City - Kent(Dark gym) 8th
21. Desure Town
22. The Citadel (Elite Four)

i. Jewel Cave
ii. Opate Forest
iii. UnderWater Passage
iv. Desert
v. Bamboo Forest/Valley of Wind
vi. Wind Spire
vii. Geyser Field
viii. Elite Four

(Sorry TDM, you had a good Job list layout. I 'borrowed' the idea. :3)
1. Sprites ~ (me), LoneStarAkira, Chaoscrippler, Medical Meccanica, Pokechuppa, Hyper Chibi Absol, Douger
2. Maps ~ Red Gyrados, *, *
3. Tileset ~ Red Gyrados, Raunikai
4. Script ~ Hyper Chibi Absol, *, *
5. Storyline ~ (me), Klnothincomin, Medical Meccanica, Red Gyrados
6. Misc ~ (me), Alder, , Sharpedo Master, *, *
7. Pokémon Concepts ~ (me), Medical Meccanica, Alder, Sharpedo Master, ElementMan-Novapoke
* ~ open jobs
If you'd like to help out, please contact me, Aquakip, through PM or VM.
^(If I got something wrong, please tell me via PM or VM.)^

The Story of Team Mecha:
Hiding deep within a dripping wet cavern concealed deep within the misty Windlore Mountains lies a creature so indescribable to man: Ectrien.
Ectrien is said to be the protector of Ralstic, keeping the life poignant and beautiful. Legend has it that Ectrien lies far too deep within a cavern known as the Wind Spire, generating life from its very soul.
No one knows of the cavern’s location, for the legend says, that an answer from the heart opens it to human eyes.
A boy was said to have opened this cavern once, but was trapped inside after being found unworthy.
No one’s seen him since…
After that tragedy, an organization was formed to locate this cavern and find the boy. But when the organization was shut down after failing to find The Wind Spire, a man started it up again, but not with the intention to find the missing child…but to find Ectrien and tame the beast to use the power for his own intentions.
Still, The Wind Spire was unfound…and the organization starting wreaking havoc upon Ralstic to lure the beast out from hiding. Once the man found Ectrien, he attempted to tame it, but failed. And passed away soon after.
Ectrien was enraged.
Years later, today, the organization is back, and eviler than ever…

But Ectrien isn't the problem anymore...

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Korobooshi Kojiro

Very neat sprites indeed.

Is the region meant to be based off a real world location? I can't help but feel I've seen that shape on a map somewhere.


Teh Frostest Phoenix
Wow. The sprites are very good. And I love the map. The colours are perfect, and it's pretty detailed.

Crevice is my only problem. It's pretty 2D, or else I cannot understand the sprite. And the arm seems a bit dark. Other than that, GOOD WORK!


Come at me bro
I'll edit this post with concepts and a couple maps I made.
thats a great map that you have made, it's so detailed and awesome

nice fakemon too, but i think the map is better

keep it up :)


Well-Known Member
WOW thats awesome, one of the best maps i've ever seen. Is it based on tasmania? but there are two things that are bugging me, the first is Electouse, it kinda look a bit like....(but maybe thats just me), and the second is Galcatic, i swear i seen that shape of head on another cat-like pokemon, but maybe i didn't i dunno. Anyway great sprites!
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Come at me bro
Ew, tom, Ithink that is just you. Rofl.

I do have to agree with you on Galcatic, its head is a bit too Glameow-shaped.


The Ghost Inside
Everythings looks good and very detailed.

I like the way the map is colored.

Sharpedo Master

Well-Known Member
Okay, good region good map, PLUS im helping, but heres a few things;


Voltech ;; Has much less detail on it then Crevice and Lavock. As Crevice is all icy and alot of detail looks like its been put into the ice. Lavock has those flames and that lava around it, which makes it look much stronger and detailed too. But then, Voltech... Voltech has these bright...hard to see legs with that lightning stuff around them. And then theres that plainly shaded dark flesh colour. Hmm. Well, mainly all I have to say about it is that it needs more things added onto it, on the flesh. And, The shading on it isnt very much like the other two, Lavock and Crevice. And, finally, dont you think if theres those lightning bits blasting off their legs that theyd shine, creating a shine on the arms [which are just above the lightning legzz] I just thought.

Pharypt ;; Okay, nothing bad about this pokemon, its pose just looks awkward and its shading is off. its just the shading looks too different from the other pokemon in your dex.

Well. thats all I have to say ;D!


The region map looks absolutely great :D
Liking the Fakemon.

A few minor things...
Some have already been said,
but i noticed that Crevice and Lavock are the same sprite, just flipped over...?
Maybe you should try giving them different poses to one another.
Its nothing major, they still look great.

:) Well done.
If there's anything I can help with.
PM me :D
~ P x


First, I love the map! Its so detailed and perfect.

The fakemon aren't bad at all, but Galcatic could do with a better head. It reminds me of Delcatty and seems a little odd compared to its body.

But everything seems awesome >w<


Mud in my veins
EVERYONEINGENERAL ~ Yeah, Crevice and Lavock have the same legs, that's all. And yes, I'm gonna fix Voltech up A LOT. I've been getting some odd comments about him, and it's supposed to be steel, so I need to make that more noticable.

Thank you all for the map comments, that took me 3 days to make. :) LSA made the Pharypt sprite, so that's probably why. I'm not changing it though, because I think it matches the shading just fine. (sorry)

Pokechuppa, I'll PM you your assignment, forgot, sorry. As you can see by the Job list, there's a lot of people, and I may have forgotten to send something. Plus my computer's been going haywire recently, and it won't post sometimes, which means that this post may not post...and that PMs may get lost even after 30 minutes of typing...on and on...and on...

But tomthepom, you are not alone, my parents think Electouse looks like a...too. So your perverted mind isn't alone in this rather large world. (joke, I don't know if you have one or not. it may just look like a...)

Um, but about Galcatic, the head is just...the head. I can't seem to give you the right word, but I'm afraid that if I change it, It won't be Galcatic anymore...
Douger has sprited us a new...sprite. It's Fluny:



Come at me bro
Lol, good one Douger.

Putting all of my concepts into a notepad document, will PM later tonight

Sharpedo Master

Well-Known Member
Yes, i just seemed to have noticed, the map DOES look like Tasmania.

Aussie ftw ;D!


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WOAH!!! Fluny is awesome, hey do you have a sprite of Ectrien yet because i'm dieing to see it, it sounds like an awesome pokemon (note: i didnt say people there, like i did last time) but aren't the bodies of lavork and crevice the same, just switched areed and an arm removed? or is that just me? i dunno, but great work anyway.

also is RALSTIC based on tasminia? you know, the lower island part of australia?
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Sharpedo Master

Well-Known Member
It has to be based on Tasmania.

It looks like a big tasmania to me. xD!


Mud in my veins
SHARPEDO MASTER ~ Well, I love, love, LOVE AUSTRALIA! And I was kind of looking at it when making the map, maybe my vision WAS more on Tasmania...but I didn't base it off of it. Maybe I should...so from now on it is.

TOMTHEPOM ~ No, I don't have the Ectrien sprite yet. Still working on the design. :/ So, guess we'll both have to sit and wait for a while, you're not alone, I even want to see what it looks like!

Sharpedo Master

Well-Known Member
Btw, i just noticed.


Right, now i finally understand what you were all talking about.

an oval and two circles...o-o

I dont see the problem, I dont think itll need redone, or anything. I kinda like it.

Minus that, one..little bit.


Veteran Spriter
I never noticed that on Electouse. What perverted minds you all have. lol
I honestly think Voltech looks okay. It just might need like a lightning blot or something coming out of its head. Otherwise, it's one of my favorites. But it's not my favorite. Terroth is my favorite. And Skarkurg isn't far behind. But don't you all like Terroth?! It's just amazing!!

I need a new assignment already. Plus, make sure you add my name to the list of spriters, Aquakip. :) Thanks!