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Pokemon_Impact: Series 2

Brian Random

Cs32: I could spoil a little something... but I'm not gonna! XD And the short post thing, I saw things shorter than that.

SSW: Thank you... but I do apologies about you having to wait for the next series... which will be here in LATE September. *Gets splattered with tomatos*

Couple of questions I would to ask you guys:
1. Favourite bit of this series?
2. Favourite battle scene for this series?
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Brian Random


Sorry to double post, but I have an announcement to make. On 3rd of October, 2 things will happen...

1. This fic will be in the completed fics section.
2. The new series will be here.

In the new series, there will be new characters (and old of course), new story and more improvements. Want to know who they are or what the next plot is? PM me and I'll put on a little spoiler here on this thread. Two things I can garuntee for the next fic is 'you ain't seen nothing yet' and if 'you want action? You got action'.


Out of Pokemon.
my favorite part of the series is the battle of the insane pokemon.i guess that anwers both questions.i'm very glad you wrote this fic here.

Brian Random

Thanks for your answer, mate. Personally, that was also my favourite. My other favourite was Black Jack Vs Damien Tusk.

Now, more questions people.

1. Which one was better? Series 1 or series 2?
2. What would you like to see next series?
3. What do you think will happen in the next series?


Out of Pokemon.
1.series 1 i don't know why i just like it best.
2.i'd like it to be longer.
3.it will be the battle against damian.
that answer your questions?


I have decided that I like Black jack. you cant go wrong with a name like that, right?

Ok, you have done well with this work, and the main fault here is that each chapter has the same good and bad points over and over again. i feel that as a writer the onus is on you to make a few changes here and there, and to shock your readers, readers like me!

The flow was good, and the grammar was pretty well done, as I did not see any glaring errors, not that I nitpicked, but you get my point. I like the fact that there was enough speech, and yet enough description, to keep me interested. Which is the result of having longer chapters. Ah, will the debate on longer, more descriptive chapters versus shorter, more condensed chapters never end?

Anyway, feel free to PM me when you post again, and keep it up.

Brian Random

SSW: Good choice, mate, although I was thinking that the second series was a bit better.

Mindripper: Cheers, mate. True, about Black Jack's name, it was a bit 'weird' when I first thought that up but it works because of his actions.

Another true thing is I enjoy getting people entertained with the fics that I write with actions and shocking moments that my characters perform. I know that I have weaknesses, but who doesn't? I intend to make chapters on my next series a little bit longer with the descriptions and such.

Don't worry, I will PM you. Cheers.

Another question if anyone's interested:
What is it that made you like Black Jack?


Out of Pokemon.
his pokemon,his attitude,his willpower,and the fact that he disbanded team rocket[scumbags].he is what makes pokemon impact what it is.i can't wait for series three!

Brian Random

Nice answer there, mate.

Warning to those who haven't reviewed yet, you have only one week left before this goes on the completed fics section.