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Pokemon_Impact: Series 2

Brian Random

Chapter 5

Everyone made their way back to the hotel and decided to go to sleep. Only two people and one pokemon weren’t able to sleep. Mecha, Black Jack and Isaac sat on the roof of the hotel, with Black Jack drinking some beer.

“Hey, kids,” Black Jack said. “While we were battling that tank, it knew both of you. Why’s that?”

“Do you really wanna know?” Isaac asked. “Cos I don’t think you want to.”
“Then why did I ask?” Black Jack asked.

Isaac sighed a small sigh. “Okay… I’ll tell ya…”

“It was a few months back when I was taking a break from my pokemon journey. I was visiting my dad when he was working in a small shop, when I found a bunch of thugs messing around with him and setting fire to his shop. They warned him that he still owed them more money, that’s when I started to take action into my own hands.

“I tried to take each and everyone of them out but there were too many of them and they battered me and my pokemon pretty badly. They told me to consider this a warning to me and my dad. If my dad couldn’t get the money within a month of that time, they would have me killed. After they left, I sent my dad away to…”

He suddenly stopped his story, realising what he was about to say. “I better not say it,” he said. “You never know who might be listenin’”

“True, true,” Black Jack said.

Isaac continued his story. “That was when I decided to make Team Dark my target for dissing with my dad, he’s the only family I’ve got now.”

“I know how that feels,” Black Jack said. “I have a brother named John, and he was the only family I’ve got until he got a family of his own. But what about your mom?”

“She and my dad got divorced when I was a kid,” Isaac replied. “She’s now out there pokemon training, that was the last time I’ve heard from her. Hopefully, I’ll meet her again one day and battle her.”

Black Jack let out a small sigh. “And you, Mecha?” Black Jack asked. “What’s your story?”

“Alright,” Mecha said with a sigh. “Before I became part of Team Dark, they stole me from my old trainer, along with my other buds. They erased most of my memory and turned me into this freaking robot. I badly wanted to escape, but if I tried to, they’d have me killed.”

He looked at his robotic foreleg, cursing Team Dark for what they’ve done to him.

“But somehow, I did manage to escape the base… I’ve used a trash chute of one of the Team Dark bases and slid to the outside. After they discovered that I disappeared, they became obsessed with chasing me.”

There was a short silence between them, until Black Jack showed a small smile. “Mecha,” he said. “Why don’t you team up with Ash instead of me?”

“Huh?” Mecha and Isaac said in unison. “Why?”

“I like to do the things the hard way,” Black Jack said. “If you team up with me, I have a feeling that we’d get job done quicker, while waiting for the others to do theirs.”

“Suit yourself,” Mecha said with a shrug. “We’ll talk to Stevens in the morning.”

With that, they remained silent and continued staring at the stars for the rest of the night until dawn came.

A few hours after that, everyone got ready to set off on their respective paths. Before they did, Black Jack and his team suggested that Stevens could take Mecha with him. After some discussion Stevens agreed to Black Jack’s proposal, since Black Jack would be taking his motorcycle. So therefore…

The first team consisted of Wes, Rui, Jesse, James and officer Jenny.

In the second team there was Black Jack, Isaac Wolfpack, May, Max and Meowth (who wasn’t very happy about teaming up with Black Jack).

The third team contained Ash, Misty, Brock, detective Stevens and Mecha.

Each team took their respective vehicles, which were Black Jack’s motorcycle (with extra sidecars for Max and May), Wes’s motorcycle (which also had extra sidecars) and a police van for Ash’s team. They drove to the exit of Pyrite Town. “Well, this where we split,” Ash said as everyone got off the vehicles.

“Guess so,” Isaac said.

“I almost forgot,” Jenny said as she held out three cell phones. “Each team leader will need to carry one of these in case of new information. I’ll keep one for myself.”

She handed one of the cell phones to Stevens and the other to Black Jack. “And remember this everyone, we’re all heroes now. Let’s just kick some butt.”

“My sentiments exactly,” Black Jack replied as he gave a thumb’s up. “Good luck, kids.”

The three teams set off in three different directions, looking forward to new adventures and challenges. For Black Jack, it’s time to smash more heads and drink more beer.

Elsewhere, in a dark office, a shadowy figure was viewing the monitors and saw that Black Jack and his comrades part ways into different directions. “So…” he said. “They decided to make things interesting, eh?”

Next episode: Wes’s team arrives in Andaa City, looking to find one of the Team Dark bases. What kind of surprises is Team Dark holding for them?
More coming! Reviews please!


Out of Pokemon.
very good!i can't wait for you to update!and if your talking about going to were rui is from it's agate villige.
Cool! ^_^ Good background story for Isaac and Mecha. KIU =) -is happy forums are back up-



Very happy that forums are up indeed. ^^
Even though it wasn't an action chapter, the ones I like from you, it was a good backround story of Mecha and Isaac. I'll be eagerly awaiting your next chap!

Brian Random

Episode 3: Rui and the beach

ssw: I know that Rui is from Agate City, but I've read that Andaa City was built for holidays... maybe I'm reading the wrong information but who knows.

Dark_Charizard: I'm happy that the forums are back on as well. Thanx for d review.

Cs32: Thanks, mate. This chapter doesn't contain action either but it's gonna show something.

Episode 3: Rui and the beach

Chapter 1:

Wes, Rui, Plusle, James, Jesse and Officer Jenny arrived at a pokemon center in Andaa city.

“Er, Officer Jenny?” Rui said. “Can you tell me why we’re stopping here?”

“The informants have told us that this would be the place where Team Dark would strike next,” Jenny replied. “They also told me that one of the buildings around here is their hideout. Our job right now is to find their hideout and arrest everyone involved.”

“But how can we find their hideout without being recognised?” Rui asked.
“We could go in disguise,” James replied.
“Of course!” Jesse replied. “That’s the exact same plan I was thinking!”

“Good idea, you two,” Jenny said. “Plus, we’ll need to split up.”
“Plusle?” Plusle said curiously, who was riding on Rui’s shoulder.
“Not you, Plusle,” Rui said, giving out a small giggle.

“First, we’ll need a change of clothes,” Jenny said. “After that, Jesse and James, you two can hit the east side of the streets, I’ll take the west and Rui can take the beach to guard the citizens…”
“Yay!” Rui cried happily. “Wes can come with me!”
“I don’t think so,” Jenny replied, much to Rui’s displeasure. “Wes can…”
“Stay here,” Wes finished in an uninterested tone.

Everyone became shocked at Wes’s announcement. “What is that, Wes?” Rui said as she frowned. “You’re not coming with us?”

“Anyone got a problem with that?” Wes asked.
“Well,” Jenny said. “You can stay here in case Team Dark attacks the pokemon center.”
“Then let’s check in.”

After everyone checked in their rooms, Rui gave a small sigh at the fact that Wes wouldn’t be with her that day.

Wes was in James’s room as James got dressed in a Sherlock Holmes costume. “Well,” James said. “What do you think?”
“Going to a fancy dress party?” Wes said as he observed what James was wearing. “Plus, it’s very hot outside.”
“I might’ve guessed,” James replied as he sweated heavily.

Wes left the room shaking his head. As he walked down the corridor, he saw Rui in a cute red bikini carrying a plastic bag. “Going to the beach now?” he asked, while blushing slightly.
“Yeah,” Rui replied. “If you get bored here, you can come see me at the beach.”
“Plusle!” Plusle cried excitedly.
“Yep, we’ll have some fun there, Plusle. See you later, Wes.”

Rui walked passed Wes while carrying Plusle on her shoulder. Wes let out a small breath and turned his head round to look at Rui. “She sure is cute in that bikini,” Wes thought to himself. “Eh? What am I saying?”

“Is everyone ready?” Officer Jenny called out as she came out of her room. She let down her hair and also had a white t-shirt, jeans and sunglasses.
Wes snapped out of his deep thinking. “Yeah, Rui just left. She’s taken Plusle with her.”

Suddenly, Jesse and James popped their heads out behind Wes, much to his surprise. James was wearing a normal schoolgirl uniform while Jesse was wearing a typical schoolboy outfit. “You do realise it’s summer, right?” Wes commented as another sweatdrop appeared on his head.

When Rui and Plusle made it to the beach, Rui decided to do a little bit of sunbathing while Plusle decided to take a little swim. Rui then began to admire the beach. “I just wish Wes was here with me…” she thought.

She fantasised that Wes was with her, swimming in the sea, running around playing tag, and then they would admire the sunset, holding each other’s hands, then they would kiss each other on the lips.

“It would be so romantic!” Rui said to herself while blushing. “Wouldn’t it, Wes?”

She turned her head to her left, hoping that Wes was there. But it was Plusle, carrying a bucket of water as it playfully splashed it all over her. “Why, you little…” Rui snarled in an angry tone. She then yelled out, “You ruined my daydream!!”

Her yelling knocked Plusle off its feet and it landed of its back. It sat up while rubbing its butt. Before it realised it, the bucket fell on top of it, making it trapped.

After realising what she had done, Rui ran up to Plusle and took the bucket of it. “Sorry about that, Plusle,” Rui said sympathetically. “But thinking about Wes can make me go crazy.”
“Plusle,” Plusle replied happily, understanding Rui’s feelings.

Rui looked far at the horizon of the sea and let out small sigh. “Wes… please come out.”

Back at the pokemon center, Wes was lying on his bed. He was remembering the time after the leader of Team Snagem was being arrested.


Wes was researching through a computer about Team Snagem and came across another criminal organisation called Team Dark.

“Team Dark? What have they got to do with those guys?” Wes thought.

He hacked into the Team Dark computer and gained information of grunts, past thefts and others. As Wes was about to find out who the leader of Team Dark was, the computer malfunctioned. “I don’t think so,” said the computer.

The computer shut itself off as the smoke came out of the monitor and hard drive. “A virus,” Wes said in realisation.

Rui came in carrying a tray of drinks. “Something wrong, Wes?” she asked.

“Not really,” Wes replied, as he turned round with a smile. “Do you want to go on another adventure with me?”

“Another one?” Rui asked excitedly. “Yay!”

Wes quickly turned round, hiding his blush away from her. “What made me ask her that?” he whispered to himself.

-End Flasback-

After he remembered those moments, Wes let out a small yawn as he drifted off to sleep.
More coming! Reviews please!
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Out of Pokemon.
very good!i like the colleseum shipping!but i do hope for longer chapters and


love it totely the best fic ever (in history) cant wait for more [spoil]wes and riu sittin in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g first comes love them comes marrige then comes little baby in a carrige... (how cheeesy lol)[/spoil] u need to be a writer of books(i would read ll of them) ne way that concludes my... neverming keep up the good work

Brian Random

ssw: There'll be chapters longer than cthe prvious one and definatly more action.

Cs32: I didn't notice that. More coming!

Blaziken1234: Well, I've been planning a career on other things but it'll definatly involve me writing stories.

Chapter 2

Rui was walking along the beach with Plusle and soon spotted a man sitting in a hut, selling anything beach related.

“Hey, Plusle,” Rui said. “Wanna buy some stuff?”
“Plus! Plus! Plus!” Plusle replied happily.

They both quickly walked over to the shop. “Hey there, kid,” the shopkeeper said. “Is there anything you want here?”

Rui spotted a beautiful looking necklace. The lace looked like it was sparkling like a diamond, and there was a small pretty looking shell attached to it. “Pretty,” she said enthusiastically.

“Hmm? You like this one?” the man asked.
“Yes,” she replied. “How much?”
“Five dollars. It may look pretty, but nothing special. But rumour has it that it brings good luck.”
“Really? I’ll take it!”

After she bought the necklace, she carefully observed it as she sat down. “Plusle, plusle?” Plusle asked curiously.
“Oh, nothing special,” Rui replied, hoping she answered Plusle’s question correctly.

Suddenly, a huge exploding sound was heard a few distances away. Rui and Plusle looked in its direction. Rui took a pair of binoculars out of her carry bag and looked into it so she could see what was going at the far distance.

She saw a man in a uniform driving an army tank. He was driving over other vehicles while firing randomly at different shops. “Team Dark!” she cried in shock. “C’mon, Plusle! We got work to do!”
“Plusle!” Plusle cried in a determined tone.

As they left the beach, Jenny stepped in front of the tank. The tank stopped and a Team Dark grunt came out and stood on top of the tank. “What do you think you’re doing!?” Jenny yelled.
“I’m just testing out this machine,” the grunt answered joyfully. “And having fun at the same time.”
“I’m placing you under arrest!”
“Aw! You’re such a spoilsport!”

The grunt jumped back inside the tank and resumed towards Jenny. Suddenly, a Seviper swung its glowing tail and slammed it on the right side of the tank, but it caused no damage on it, much to Seviper’s surprise.

It was Jesse’s Seviper as she and James ran into the scene. “Jesse and James!” Jenny cried. “I had doubts that you two would be coming here.”
“Well, it was either that or we could get beaten up by Black Jack or Stevens!” James complained as he took out his pokeball. “Go! Cacnea!”

He tossed out his pokeball and out popped Cacnea. Cacnea immediately gave James a big loving hug and at the same time pierced his spikes into James’s skin. “Eeeeeeeee!” James cried in pain. “Cacnea! Pin Missile attack!”

Cacnea leapt off James and shot out his attack. “Cacnea!” it cried.

The pins hit the tank but it bounced off causing no damage at all. “Not good,” Jenny said as the tank continued towards them. “Jump out of the way!” she yelled.

Meanwhile, back at the pokemon center, Wes walked out of his room after taking a short nap. “I wonder what Rui is doing?” he thought to himself. He walked down to the main entrance but found out that the automatic door could not be opened. “Hey!” he said. “What’s going on here?”
“I’m afraid you can’t leave,” said a woman’s voice.

Wes turned round and saw a nurse behind him. “Why not?” he demanded.
“You may not believe this,” the nurse replied. “But there’s trouble going on outside. A tank is nearby blowing up nearby shops.”
“Oh no!” Wes thought worryingly.
“So for your own safety, I suggest that you remain here.”
“I can’t do that!” Wes yelled in a desperate tone. “I have to be outside! You have to open this door!”

He took out his identity card, showing that he is working for authority. “Oh!” the nurse replied in realisation. “You could’ve showed that to me earlier.”

She went back to the desk and pressed a button to open the door. “Thanks, nurse Joy!” Wes called as he ran out of the door.

Back at Jenny, Jesse and James’s location, their pokemon were at a losing end as they were no match against the giant tank. The pokemon were down and hurt and no longer able to battle.

“Chimecho! Return!” James cried as he held out his pokeball.
“Return! Dustox!” Jesse cried.
“Growlithe! Return!” Jenny ordered.

“We have no pokemon left!” James cried worryingly. “What are we gonna do?”
“You do nothing!” a voice shouted. It was Rui and Plusle running onto the scene.

“Leave that tank to me and Plusle!” She yelled in a determined tone. “Plusle! Thunderbolt attack!”

Plusle leapt into the air and charged its electric powers, it then let out a large yell as it shot out a powerful electric attack. “Attaboy!” Rui shouted. “Zap it good!”

But after taking the Thunderbolt attack, the tank took no damage! “What!?” Rui yelled in shock.

“Don’t you morons ever learn?” the tank driver taunted. “This tank is unstoppable!”
“Oh really?” said a familiar calm voice. “Tyranitar! Tackle attack!”

A Tyranitar dived down on the tank and knocked it down. “Hey! Who did that!?” the driver shouted from the inside.

Wes landed on the floor, along with his Umbreon and Espeon. “Well, well,” he said.
“Wes! You came!” Rui cried excitedly.
“Just dropping by,” Wes replied.

Suddenly, a strange blue energy surrounded the tank as it self-righted itself so it would be ready to battle again. “Did you actually a knock like that would stop my precious machine!?” the driver yelled.
“There are other ways,” Wes replied with an evil smile.
More coming! Reviews please!
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Out of Pokemon.
great chapter!i hope you update really soon!
Cool chaps! Sorry I didn't reply to the last one. That one was cool too ^_^



did i say u rule yet? well u do very interesting u r the best writer in history!!!! *is serious*


Nice chapter, but I found one mistake in that chapter. Here it is:

“Did you actually a knock like that would stop my precious machine!?” the driver yelled.

I think you meant to say this:

“Did you actually think a knock like that would stop my precious machine!?” the driver yelled.

Other then that, I didn't see any other mistakes.

Brian Random

Cs32: Thanks mate. *Corrects the mistake* Done!

DC: It's all right. Thanx anyways.

Blaziken1234: Yep, you did say that. You are very kind.

ssw: The update is here!

Chapter 3

Before Wes came, all of the pokemon that Jenny, Jesse, James and Rui were using were knocked out. All was lost for these four but Wes finally ran into the battle scene along with his Tyranitar, Umbreon and Espeon.

He was about to shout out his next attack. But suddenly, a pair of tentacles shot out of the machine and laced around everyone, except Rui who barely dodged out of the way. The people and pokemon struggled to get themselves free but to no avail.

“Huh! Eight out of nine ain’t bad!” the driver shouted. “You can only watch your friends scream in pain, little girl. Then you can see this lovable machine toss them all out to sea!”

The tentacles began to squeeze the people and pokemon captured; soon they would be out of breath. “Oh no you don’t!” Rui yelled as she took out a gigantic mallet she had in her bag.

“Hey! Where did she get that hammer from!?” James said in a scared tone as he struggled to be free.
“I’ve no idea,” Wes replied as an anime sweatdrop appeared on his forehead.

“THIS IS FOR HURTING MY WES!!” Rui yelled as she smashed her mallet on the tank, creating a huge dent in it.
“No!” cried the driver. “Not my beautiful machine!”

The tank began to malfunction and, the tentacles began to loosen up, releasing Wes and the others. “Thanks, Rui,” Wes said as he landed on his feet. Some of his comrades weren’t so lucky as they fell on their faces or lower back.

“Now,” Wes said. “Where was I?”

The driver began to panic as he knew that Wes about to order another attack. “Umbreon!” Wes shouted. “Use Confuse Ray!”
“What!?” the driver yelled.

Umbreon’s eyes glowed a hint of purple at the tank and the grunt’s eyes became swirly as he became confused.

“Now, Espeon!” Wes shouted. “Zap Cannon!”

Espeon leapt into the air and charged up his electric powers. After he became completely charged, he shot out a small ball of electricity. The move connected and the inside of the tank began to malfunction.

“No! She’s gonna blow,” yelled the grunt. He quickly made his escape as he jumped out of the tank. He landed on his feet and attempted to make a run for it. Officer Jenny and the others were about to give chase, but to their distraction, the machine exploded. The force made everyone fall down as they lost balance.

After the explosion, everyone picked themselves up. Wes helped Rui up to her feet. “You must be the craziest girl I’ve ever met,” Wes said in a caring tone. “Thank you.”
“No need,” Rui need as tears of joy came out of her eyes. “You’re safe, that’s the most rewarding part.”

Wes showed a small blush upon hearing that. Rui had a look of realisation on her face as she took out the necklace she bought earlier.

“Wes, I bought a gift for you,” she said as she showed him his gift.
“For… me?” Wes asked as he gazed at the beautiful necklace.
“Yeah. If you wear it, it’ll bring you good luck,” Rui replied while blushing.

“Oh no!” Officer Jenny said, not knowing that she was disturbing the moment. “That Team Dark crook has gotten away. The least we can do now is find him.”
“There’s no need for that!” yelled a familiar voice.

There was a huge earthquake that made everyone lose their balance again. Rui dropped the necklace in the process. It turned out that the Team Dark grunt was back, accompanied by a huge robot.

The robot was the same size as Wes’s Tyranitar, it had arms and legs built in along with different kinds of weaponry. The grunt began to laugh evilly as he held a remote control. “You destroyed one of my precious creations,” he snarled. “Now you all will pay!”

He pressed various buttons to control the robot as it leapt into the air. Rui was about to pick up the necklace that she had dropped, not knowing that the robot was about to land on her. Seeing this, Wes desperately tackled Rui out of harm’s way. But the necklace wasn’t so lucky as the robot landed right on top of it, crushing it into little pieces, much to Rui’s shock.

Wes quickly got back up. “That wasn’t very nice!” he said. “Picking on a girl like that!”

The grunt wasted no time as he took control of the robot as it ran towards Wes and attempted to punch him, but missed as Wes dodged out of the way, taking Rui along with him.

“Tyranitar!” Wes yelled. “Stomp attack!”

Tyranitar jumped and landed on top of the robot, knocking him down. The robot easily shoved Tyranitar off its back. “Good, that grunt is distracted,” Wes said as he placed Rui at a safe distance. “Stay here, Rui.”

He ran off to continue battling while Rui looked at the destroyed necklace with sadness. “Wes’s necklace…” she said as tears formed in her eyes. “Wes won’t be lucky without this…”

Suddenly, She had a fiery look in her eyes. “That robot’s gonna get it now,” she said angrily.

Back at the battle, Tyranitar was being held down by the grunt’s robot. “You see!” the grunt taunted. “Your pokemon is no match for this robot!”
“We’ll see about that,” Wes replied. “Tyranitar! Try to fight back!”

Tyranitar struggled to get himself back up using his great strength. As he got to his feet, he shoved the robot away. “Not bad,” the grunt said. “Let’s see if you can cause a dent.”
“With pleasure!” shouted an angry yet girly voice.

Rui held up a mallet, which was much bigger than the one she held before, while everyone was staring at her direction. “Think you can smash Wes’s things and get away with it!?” she yelled as she leapt into the air. She slammed her mallet onto the robot’s head, much to everyone’s awe, with Jesse and James being the most scared.

The robot, without the head, had its hands out as though it became blind. Still angry at the robot, Rui continued to smash the robot to pieces.

“I have to get out of here,” the grunt said in a nervous tone. As he turned round, Rui was suddenly there in front of him and she gave him an angry look, much to his surprise. “How did you get here so fast?” he asked in a scared tone.

She didn’t answer as she raised her gigantic mallet. “Don’t do it!” the grunt yelled cowardly. But Rui didn’t listen as she slammed her weapon onto him, causing a huge explosion upon impact.

Everyone’s eyes became widened with shock and concern at the nearby explosion, with Wes being the most concerned. “Rui!” he cried as he ran into the smoke of the explosion, his pokemon were about to follow him but Jenny stopped them.

It took a while for Wes to get Rui out of the smoke. They were both coughing as Wes was carrying the exhausted Rui on his arms and laid her on the floor. Rui’s eyesight became blurry as Wes whispered to her, “Hold on, Rui… hold on.”

Her eyes slowly closed upon hearing that.

A little later, Rui and Wes were sitting on the beach, alone together. They were both admiring the setting sun as they sat close to each other. “It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Rui asked.
“Not as beautiful as you,” Wes replied.

Rui looked at Wes’s smiling face and blushed. “I love you, Wes.”
“I love you too,” Wes replied.

Their faces began closing in with closed eyes. They were about to kiss, when suddenly…


Plusle leapt in front of Rui’s face as she quickly opened her eyes. She found out that she was in a familiar room as she was still wearing the red bikini. She also noticed that the nurse was sitting next to her. It all turned out to be a dream.

“Well, it looks like sleeping beauty’s awake,” the nurse said.
“Where am I?” Rui asked.
“You’re back at the pokemon center. Wes and the others brought you back here after you passed out.”
“Wes! Is he okay!?”
“Yes, but he went over to the beach a short while ago.”

Jenny came into the room to check on Rui. “Ah, Rui,” she said with a smile. “You’re awake.”
“What is it, Officer Jenny?” Rui asked in a down tone.
“I just need to tell you that the man you beaten up was actually a robot, so no worries there. Also, the other police officers came round to look for the base. They found it and arrested the other grunts. My theory is that the robotic grunt was actually the general of that base, without him the other grunts didn’t stand a chance. Now it’s up to Black Jack and the others to deal with the rest.”
“That’s great,” Rui said, still in a sad tone.
“What’s wrong?” Jenny asked curiously.
“Plusle?” Plusle asked, also curious.
“I’ve bought Wes a necklace today,” Rui explained. “I was told that it would bring him good luck if he wears it.”
“You don’t need to count on a piece of jewellery to have good luck,” Jenny replied. “Wes is a strong trainer. Besides, with you around him, I guess he’ll always have good luck.”

Rui looked up to her teammate and smiled. “Thanks, Officer Jenny,” she replied.

On the beach, not far from the pokemon center, Wes was admiring the sunset, along with his pokemon. “Rui’s right,” he said. “This beach is a great place to relax.”

He placed his hand in his pocket, took an object out of his pocket and looked at it with a smile. It turned out that it was the broken necklace, which was now fixed.

In a dark room, a shadowy was viewing Wes on one of his screens while placing his finger on his chin. “Too bad I lost a base,” he said. “But perhaps I can have them as my advantage… and to my amusement.”

Next episode: Black Jack’s team arrive at a camp full of homeless people… and gets captured by Team Dark. How will the team and the hopeless get out of that predicament?
More coming! Reviews please!
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Out of Pokemon.
awsome!i hope you update really soon!


Hey, I liked the giant mallet scene, kind of added a cartoonish kind of thing to the chap. I only found this, but don't know what you wanted to put in it originally.

In a dark room, a shadowy was viewing Wes on one of his screens while placing his finger on his chin.

shadowy what? A shadowy figure perhaps? Notice how i've started to pick out the mistakes finally. :p

Brian Random

Cs32: Thanx for point ing that mistake out, mate. *Corrects mistake* Done!

ssw and DC: Thanx! The update is here!

Episode 4: Pick on the weak

Chapter 1:

It was a cold dark night in an oasis. A lot of people in rugged clothing were living in patched-up tents; a lot of poor pokemon were there as well. Suddenly, a bunch of men in Team Dark uniform came round and knocked them about with metal rods and their unleashed pokemon.

“How many times have we told you before, you freaks!” yelled one of the Team dark grunts. “This is our territory! Now get lost!”
“B-but…” cried one of the poor people nervously. “Where will we…”

Before he could say another word, he was knocked out by another Team Dark grunt in the face with the metal rod.

“Not our problem,” he replied. “You guys better listen or else!”

Two shadowy figures were standing on top of a tree branch, spying on them. One of them was six-foot ten and the other was five-foot ten. “How brave of you Team Dark punks,” the taller figure said out loud, catching their attention. “Picking on the weak.”

They picked out their pokeballs and tossed them out.

“Mightyena, go!”
“Get’m, Feraligatr!”

The two pokemon popped out of their pokeballs and yelled out their battle cries.

“Mightyena! Take Down attack!”

Mightyena leapt into the air and tackled a bunch of Team Dark grunts in one attack.

“Feraligatr! Hydro Pump!”

Feraligatr breathed in heavily and then let out a big jet of water spray out of his mouth and shoved the other bunch away.

The large figure spotted one of the grunts taking out a gun. He jumped down and landed on the grunt’s back. He grabbed the gun that the grunt had dropped and broke it into pieces with his hands. All of the grunts immediately recognised him as the one and only, Black Jack.

“Y’know, there are quicker ways to get to heaven,” Black Jack said. “Or somewhere else.”

The other figure climbed down to the bottom of the tree. That man was none other than Isaac Wolfpack. He spotted a metal rod that one of the grunts had dropped and picked it up.

“If you guys want to fight, why don’t you fight us instead?” he asked as he motioned them to fight.

“We gotta warn the boss about this,” said one of the grunts. The other grunts nodded in agreement and ran off. Black Jack jumped off the grunt that he landed on. He quickly grabbed him by the back of his jacket and smiled at his face nastily while the grunt startled.

“Why did you pick on those people?” Black Jack asked.
“Well, er…” the grunt started nervously. “They were in our territory and we had to get them to move away from here.”
“Oh really? Tell your boss that he should let these people stay wherever they want. Also, tell him that he can catch me whenever he wants because I’m sick and tired of looking for him!”

Black Jack forcefully shoved the grunt away from him and picked up another metal rod. The grunt saw this as an opportunity to make a run for it. “Now get back home, you punk! Your mom’s waiting for you!” Black Jack snarled angrily as he chucked the metal rod at him, missing him on purpose.

“You shouldn’t have let him go, Black Jack,” Isaac said. “He could’ve told us where his base is.”
“I bet my boot that he wouldn’t say anything,” Black Jack replied. Upon saying that, Meowth, Max and May ran into the scene.

“Long time, no see,” Black Jack said.
Meowth stopped as he tried to get some air back. “How can I keep up wiv yous guys?”

Before anyone could answer, the team realised that the poor people and pokemon were staring at them. Some of them were scared of them; some of them were suspicious of them.

“I guess these guys could do with a little help,” Black Jack said.
“Good idea,” Isaac replied. “At least we’ll have some company for tonight’s rest.”
“Wot?” Meowth cried. “We can’t share our…”

Black Jack grabbed him and covered his mouth to shut him up. “Shut your ‘Meowth!’” he snarled.

Elsewhere, a man in a suit was sitting at his desk, talking to another man but in a lab coat.

“… So that is what the boss wants you to do, Dr. Lawson,” said the man in the suit. “The grunts have informed me of their location. They are just outside our base.”
“Message received and understood,” Lawson replied.
“I hope you’re aware about the boss’s feelings towards failure.”
“I am aware of that, dear sir, but I hear that he does worse when he’s in a good mood.”

Back at the location of the homeless, Isaac was nursing the sick and injured people while Meowth and Max were comforting the pokemon. Black Jack wasn’t doing much as he sat alone. May carried two opened cans of baked beans and offered one of them to him.

“Thanks, kid,” Black Jack said as he accepted her offer.

May sat down next to him and they both looked at the stars and a small moment silence came between them.

“So…” Black Jack started breaking the silence. “I’ve been wondering, Ketchum told me that you prefer taking part in pokemon contests rather than leagues. What made you come here to this place, knowing that it’s a rough one and that it doesn’t hold any?”

“Well, you know a little bit about me, Black Jack,” May started. “I had some adventures with Ash. Ever since he left to take a break from his journey, I felt kind of bored without him. When we’ve bumped into each other and you mentioned that you and Ash are going on a new adventure, I figured that it would be fun to team up with you guys.”

“I know that tone,” Black Jack said. “You used to like him, didn’t you?”
May became slightly shocked and blushed slightly at what he said. “How did you know?” she said.
“Let’s just say that nothing can be hidden away from me,” Black Jack replied with a small smile.

May let out a small sigh. “Yeah,” May said as she looked down on the grassy floor. “But ever since I noticed how close Ash and Misty were… I decided to let him go cos I want him to be happy… Misty’s also a good friend of mine, so I want her to be happy as well. I came here to help them out so they can be there for each other…”

She looked at the stars again. “If only I’ve met him first,” she said in a down tone.

“Listen,” Black Jack said. “Ketchum’s a tough kid. I noticed that he took a couple of hits, but that never stopped him doing anything, so there’s no need to worry about him.”

May let out a small sigh in response and Black Jack placed his hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry,” he said putting on a small smile. “You’ll find someone someday.”

Suddenly, helicopters were hovering over the entire camp. Isaac angrily stood up. “Hey! Some of us are trying to get to sleep, you insensitive jerks!” he shouted.

Small cans were chucked out of the helicopters. “Oh no!” Black Jack said. “This doesn’t look good.”

He quickly grabbed May and tried to make a run for it as some foggy gases came out of the cans. They became surrounded by the gas and fainted as they breathed in. The others also fell asleep.

As soon as the gas faded away, the helicopters landed and several Team Dark grunts came out of them. One of them took out a walkie-talkie and spoke into it.

“Task accomplished, sir,” he said.
“Good,” replied a familiar voice. “I’ll send out a truck for our guinea pigs. People and pokemon alike.”
“Yes sir.”
“A little word of warning… make sure Black Jack doesn’t escape. I have a little job for him later.”
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