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;263;: Yeah sure ^^


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;034; *walks in* Hi, could any of you guys tell me where I can find the kitchens?


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OOC: To Relinquish

;281; *Will* Who's? *Sees a Kirlia entering.* Wow.

;281; *Miss Bree*I could help find the Uxie. I have been there before.

;281; *Will* You have? Why?

;281; *Miss Bree* A little introduction may help.

;281; *Will* I'm Will. And this is *Points at the Darkrai and Shaymin* Nightstream the Darkrai and my sister Destiny the Shaymin.

;281; *Miss Bree* I am Miss Bree, and I am... well.... Never Mind. Now do you want to see Uxie or not?
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fango pango

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ok they had sex first then daron got drunk and raped sachi and threatened her with a knife,,,,,,and ended up making her his ***** BY THE POWER OF SMASHING HER HEAD AGAINST A WALL...then she got the knife using psychic and did the same daron did to her to him,THEN daron got the knife and.....started....using is as a dildo XD,then she did the same and thsen.....yh thats how far we got :p...AND THATS IT IN A NUTSHELL....i wont tell the full story
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