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PokeRPG (not completed)

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This is a mIRC Chat RPG script but currently you can only sign up. If you want to sign up here and I'll get you started. Please put it in this format.
1.(disiared name)
Olny 1 starter is supported right now, and that's Mudkip. If you can help (ex. Sending in Treeko stats, Torchic stats, Help Mirc scripts....) you will get AOP or SOP. btw, The chan is #DUR_I_NEVER_READ_THE_RPG_RULES
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Power Shot

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Uh, dude, this is not good. You don't have a plot or any rules at all. Fix it, or else I'd put good money on Renegade getting over here to roast you.

Put a plot, more detailed sign-up, and have some rules. You're going to end up with people with legends as starters because there are no rules here.

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
Rules. Read them.
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