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Pokeshifting Thread

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Abra Master
looking for some one that can help me pass like all the starters and like 3 other pok ( keldeo , victiny and latios)from my black to my white 2 sorry if there to much but i can give you my genesect and like 3 dwf . plese Help


New Member
offering to help anyone shift from any generation to the new b/w2, if you'd like help pm me with your request.


Dragon Trainer
hey im just looking to get one pokemon shifted over... PM me thanks! can return the service if needed

service no longer needed
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Bug Mentalist
Looking for a reliable trade partner to help me transfer some pokes from Heartgold to Black 2


Pokemon Sir
I have a ton of pokemon that I want to transfer over from heartgold to black 2, there's about 50 of them most are shiny or legendary. Ask what you want in return, make clones or whatever, just ask. I know it's a lot but I don't what all that collecting to go to waste.
Edit: nevermind it is done.
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New Member
i need to get a pokemon from white to black 2, any help is greatly apriciated


Well-Known Member
Need help sending an Elekid from Platinum and an Axew to White 2

PM me so we can work something out


Need somebody to send my totodile from Soulsilver to Black 2, pm me with your wants
Never mind my friend helped me :)
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Newb Shiny Hunter
offering a dwf from my sig in exchange for teaching my wigglytuff stealth rock from a bw2 tutor


New Member
Hello everyone. As this is my first post in the Serebii forums, please keep me abreast of anything I may be doing wrong.

I would like to request a Transfer of a number of starter Pokemon from my White Version to my White Version 2. The specific Pokemon I would like to transfer are as follows:


In exchange I will offer as many newly-hatched individuals of any of the above Pokemon as you like, and any others from my White 1 or White 2 collections which, though not particularly expansive, may have one or two 'Mons you need.

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Razor Wind

The Heartless Absol
Looking for a reliable trading partner to transfer about 20 Pokemon from my Pokemon Black to my Pokemon Black 2.


Kanto set? Johto set? Hoenn set or Sinnoh set?


PM me if interested.
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New Member
Hey I got a per- owned Pokemon white and I was wondering if anyone can hold a few Pokemon for me so I can make a new account? I'll be willing to help hold anyones Pokemon in return.


I'm in need of help with trading my pokemon from white to white 2 could anybody help plz PM.


New Member
Hey guys :), I wanted to restart my black 2 game but wanted to poke shift 18 Pokemon I wanna keep and then have someone trustworthy send them back after I restart. Help would be really nice :) PM me if you want to help. Thanks a lot guys :)


New Member
I am looking for people willing to help me pokeshift from Black to Black 2. I can offer Zoura eggs in exchange.


Arcanine Breeder
Need some help getting a 3 pokemon from my White to my White 2 (a lvl 1 milotic, a lvl. 1 Arcanine, and a lvl. 1 Ralts). I'd be happy to offer a legendary bird, or maybe an item or two in exchange for the service. Or I could help with your poke-shift, up to you. PM if you're interested!
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I need help trading 3 pokemon from my white version to my white 2 version (lv 14 togetic, lv 2 glaceon and lv 1 feebass) please PM for help.


Well-Known Member
I need help sending my Dialga from Platinum to Black 2. I'd prefer it if you were to VM me, but PMs work to.

I don't have much to offer in return, besides a handful of DW females I've collected.


Well-Known Member
Needing some help getting a Bagon from my White to my White 2 & Ho-Oh from White 2 to my White
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