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Pokeshifting Thread

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looking for a duskull/dusclops sassy nature with helping hand from pokemon xd to gen 5. i have all dwf pokemon, all gen5 egg moves, rare items, can ev train and level up. can be multiple of these for one duskull. pm me so we can sort something out.
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I'm looking to pokeshift some poke's from platinum to b2. I have a lot to offer in platinum, but little in b2, so please bear that in mind if you would like something.

It wont be many trades, just some eggs to help my career in b2, and perhaps something to spice up my trading outside of offering people dw pokes. (i do have dream radar, so i can offer some of the pokes from there too)

pm me if you're interested.


Danger Zone
So this seems like the best place for this: I need to move six Pokemon from my White to my White 2.

I have some DWF (Vulpix, Eevee, Taillow, Houndour, Poochyena, Zigzagoon), some Egg Moves (Zorua with Dark Pulse, Cyndaquil with Extrasensory), and also some Bulbasaur I apparently bred at some point.

Got some items too (few various hold items, some evo stones, all power items).

Anyone willing to help me out would be much, much appreciated. Cheers!


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i need help transferring one or two pokemon over from my black to my white, if anyone can help please and thanks.


Code Lyoko rocks! :)
Edit: No Longer Needed

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for someone to PokeShift my 6 party pokemon from SoulSilver to Black. I can't do it myself cause I haven't beat the E4 yet, and leveling up my current party in Black would take way too long (though, I have gotten all the badges and everything).

After that, I can just do the rest of my pokemon myself.

I can't offer any of my own pokemon, because they all came from previous games through Pal Park. I'll never be able to get those back again. I can offer Pokemon from the Wild, but not anything specific.
I can offer any item available in Platinum, including Master Balls and Heart Scales.

EDIT: No longer needed. I have unlocked the PokeTransfer thanks to my lvl75 starter and Reshiram. It was awesome!
So, I can now do this myself. Sorry for anyone who wanted to do this already.
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Hey just wondering if someone can help me send some of my Pokemon from my Diamond game over to my Black 2 because I only have one ds, this would be really helpful.
Please send me a pm if ou can and we can discuss what you want in return thanks!


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I'm going to be restarting my Platinum version soon and I need to transfer some of my legendaries to my White 2. Manaphy, the 4 Regis, maybe 2 or 3 more.

I'm restarting tomorrow and I need to transfer ASAP.
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Hey I'm going to restart White and would like 5 Pokemon holding items transferred over after I beat the first gym and can trade. If you want, I can give you one Pokemon holding an item, but all I have at the moment that is any use is: everstone, eviolite, iron ball, some berries. For Pokemon I have a Zekrom that has only leveled up twice, or a Cobalion (trained). I have a few egg move Pokemon as well: remoraid with water spout, poochyena with ice fang, druddigon with glare.

ASAP? :) thanks

Ultimate Tang

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Looking for somebody to help me pokeshift 3/4 pokemon from my HG to W2, more specifically a totodile, charmander, torchic, and possibly a Latias. In return, I can either give you the latias or breed you up to 2 of the starters of your choice. Or, if you have a different kind of deal in mind, feel free to ask about it I'm willing to negotiate. PM me if you are interested!
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Looking to shift 6 Pokémon from Black 2 so I can restart. I'd like to trade them back to my reset Black 2, so I can either offer items or I can trade you something else from my copy of Pokémon White (I have some DW pokes, items, etc).

Pm me if you're interested!


Wanna trade
I can pokeshift anyones pokemon from any gen if you want me to please pm or vm me


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I need a bit of assistance transfering 17 pokemon from my B2 game to my B game. Pm me if you are willing to help. I can offer items or a shiny.


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willing to offer pokeshift or transfer from white to white 2 ect in return i just need you help me pokeshift from pearl into my black 2. pm if interested
edit: realized i need another ds near my ds so nvm but ill do it for free just pm me
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Hello all! I'm in need of sending 6 pokes from my White to my White 2. Please Vm or Pm.

EDIT: No longer needed.
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Hello i'm in need of sending my arceus over from my white 1 file to my white 2 file pm if youre willing to help :)


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hello everyone :d

i have just created a new soulsilver file, and i am doing a mono dragon run. i have 5 dragon pokemon on my soulsilver which i need traded to my white file.

if you're willing to help, drop me a PM with your skype name and i'll add you. or just PM me and we can discuss things through there.

i can't give you anything from my soulsilver or white file, as i don't have much. but if you are looking for one or a few particular pokemon, i have quite a few on my pokemon pearl file. tell me who you want and i'll let you know if i can get it for you.


Shiny Hunter
If anyone needs help with sending his pok from White/black1 to White/black2, feel free to hit me up.
I want to fill my Pokedex entries so this will also help me, while I help you lol.

Let me know if I can help.
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Ultimate Tang

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Still looking for somebody to pokeshift 3/4 pokes from HG to my W2. Can offer a Latias, or one/two/three eggs of the starters I need transferring. Willing to negotiate, please PM.


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I need someone to help me shift maybe 2 or 3 legendaries from Platinum to White 2.
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