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Pokeshifting Thread

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Shiny Hunter
I'm in really big need of an Male Scyther from firered/leafgreen send to B/w2
with the move: Double edge + Reversal

If you could help me with this, I'll give you an Shiny, seriously I need it :O

EDIT: Nvm got it.
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New Member
Don't know if this is the right place (sorry) but i need help trading 4 pokemon from White to White 2. Please PM me :)


New Member
i can help people move their pokes. this would help me as well with the dex entries, so there is no need for any payment...unless you want to...i'm available in the mornings, like around this time and the weekends..
Would anyone be so kind as to help me shift some pokemon from my older games to my white 2 game? There's actually a few games that I wanted to shift pokemon from so if you have the time, please pm me :)

Still looking for help~
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Shiny Hunter
I would be grateful if anyone could help me transfering my pokemon from my Heartgold to my White. If you have the time, please PM me :)


Shiny Hunter
I need some help to pokeshift :
-Feebas from my White to my Black. helped
-Zweilous from my black 2 to my whitehelped
-Ditto and Cresselia from White/Black2 to Black. H helped

Please PM me if anyone could help me in any one of those three above. Tell me what you need in return. :(
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Whatcha Lookin' AT?
Returning player...

Need help to poke shift several event and legendary Pokemon from my white to white 2.
Pm me if anyone is willing to help, thanks.


Shiny Hunter
I need
- 31 pokemon transfered from my platinum to my white
- About 20 pokemon transfered from my Black 2 to my white

Help, PM me! :( Let me know what you want in return!
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I can help anyone Pokeshift just pm me and tell me what you'll offer in return (unless it's only one or two Pokemon)


Shiny Hunter
I need someone to help me pokeshift from gen 5 to gen 5. about 5 pokemon max. PM me if you can help and let me know what you want in return :)


Well-Known Member
I'm looking for someone to help me move 6 pokemon from my black to White 2 version sometime soon. If anyone can help just pm me and we an work out a trade.


Just Monika
i need help pokeshifting some pokemon from both platinum and heartgold to my blaxk 2 version


Shiny Hunter
Not sure if this is the right thread, but this thread seems to be the most fitting. I need someone to help me transfer 200+ pokemon from my White to my X after the release of Pokebank. Let me know if you can help :)
I'm willing to give 1 event pokemon or 1 shiny starter for 50 pokemon of mine transfered. (Open for negotiation)

I have
+ALL Shiny starters of all Gens such as
;004; ;152; ;001; ;405; ;007; ;158; ;155;
+ Almost all US Events and a few Jap Events, just ask me.


Team FroakieMander!
I think I found the thread I was looking for! *jedi hands*

I need to shift 55 pokemon. I can offer a Shiny Female Minccino + Ability Capsule for helping me. :)
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