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PokeShipping (Ash x Misty) Discussion Thread


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o hai. This is the thread discussing everything and anything (sorta) of the romantic dyad between Ash and Misty. This is the fourth iteration of this thread, the first thread being obliterated in some freak terrorist attack, the second thread being closed on account of crowd control, the third thread closing due to the previous incumbent leaving office.

Mist/Kris, our previous beloved maintainer, has an account of this thread's history without my perverse liberties:
Back in 2004, a thread was created our former Shipping Mod, Kiori. Her version of the thread has about 80 pages with more than 1,000 posts until a hacker came in and decided to delete it. You can imagine the reactions when that was news here. Then, we had former member Ryuu create the next thread, which reached about 1,800 pages along with more than 22,000 posts. Awesome, right? Yeah, the fun didn't last long when many things went wrong. See the last thread for more detail. Now, with this thread, I don't know how well this one will go compared to the last, but hopefully with the cooperation of all Pokeshippers, we can all make this one a hit.

So, I am your new thread maintainer. I'll try my best to keep this thread oiled and topped off with gasoline so that we can crash and burn spectacularly to usher in the eagerly awaited fifth iteration of this thread.

Enjoy the new thread everybody. I know I will. :D

Why even have this thread?

Everyone knows who Ash is I reckon. He's been the star of the anime since the beginning, incessantly trying to be a Pokemon Master, whatever that means.

However, not everybody may remember Misty, especially fans who haven't watched a significant portion of the anime prior to Advanced Generation. For fans who've gotten into the Pokemon anime in Advanced Generation and Diamond and Pearl, I suggest you watch some old Pokemon reruns of when Ash was still traveling with Brock and Misty. Some later episode suggestions will come later in this thread.

Misty is Ash's very first member to join his party. She made her debut along with Ash in the very first episode of the entire series. She gets justifiably angry when Ash steals her bike and subsequently gets it destroyed much like what he does with the bikes of subsequent girls who join his party. But unlike the other two girls that later travel with Ash, Misty stands out in that she holds a grudge against Ash and much to his chagrin, annoyingly follows him in order to seek reparations for her bicycle.

Throughout the show, we see evidence and clues as to Misty's real intentions in following Ash. Even though Misty pretends that she merely tolerates Ash, you see starting even from the third episode that she actually admires him. We start seeing that this admiration was actually attraction with various episodes cracking Misty's tough exterior and showing rare moments of tenderness towards Ash, sensitivity towards accusations of her liking Ash romantically, and even jealousy. Misty's feelings for Ash ends up culminating to a point where she is given the difficult choice of starting a romantic relationship with a charismatic gym leader or staying by Ash's side. Her feelings are thoroughly tested and tempered as Misty ultimately chooses to stay with Ash.

The attraction isn't entirely one-sided. Although Ash rarely shows attraction to members of the opposite sex he has only shown them towards Misty. He also shows the same emotions as Misty albeit, less consciously: physical attraction,jealousy, embarassment,tenderness.

So with that laid out, there's seems to be plenty of substantial evidence that the two like each other. But, what the hey, Misty isn't even here anymore!

Misty eventually ceased to be a permanent cast member following Ash's completion of the Johto circuits. After a long and tearful good bye to Ash, Misty parts ways with him, still keeping her unrequited love a secret. Misty leaves her feelings unresolved as she becomes gym leader for the Cerulean Gym. We continually see her thinking about Ash romantically despite being separated from him.

With this heavy background history set in place, there is quite a bit of questions and commentary that inevitably arise regarding this relationship. Is Ash's feelings as strong as Misty's? How strong is Misty's feelings for Ash now that she's separated from him? Are Ash's feelings for Misty still even there?

These few questions are just a set of many. That's why this thread is here, to discuss, investigate, and speculate just what the heck is going on between those two loveboids </meowth>.

Rules, Regulations, Policies, Standard Operating Procedures, Army Field Manuals, Etc

1. All SPPf rules apply. Following them shouldn't be too hard.
2. Please, absolutely no bashing of any kind. Respect one another and other people's opinions. If you have a problem with someone's opinion, rationally point out what you don't like, don't impulsively and baselessly attack his position.
3. No double, triple, or more posts are allowed. Only one is needed.
4. If you wish to post an image, do [img139*]insert-link-here[/*img139]. Take out the stars, okay?
5. All fanart not created by you must be credited to its author.
5. No one liners [post consisting of one line or less], please.
7. Please stay on topic. That means, discuss only Pokeshipping. Not the characters alone, not other characters. Ash and Misty together.
8. Everyone has three chances. Meaning, if you disobey the rules three times, you will be blacklisted from posting here. But if you break the rules once/twice, then you're likely to have a PM from me. But if you annoy me or the mods to a greater extent, you'll be shot on sight.

A non-exhaustive list of suggestions we can talk about
- Discussion of hints and moments between Ash and Misty.
- Debating hints.
- Fanworks such as fan art, fan fiction, websites, banners, anime music videos, wallpapers, icons, doujinshi, etc.
- Suggestions for managing this thread in general.

Resources and Links
- The Bulbapedia PokeShipping page - it's quite an exhaustive list of hints and evidence of Ash and Misty. The problem is that there's plenty of hints listed on the page that don't really make any sense as to how it shows Misty liking Ash and vice versa. Browse at your own risk.
- The PokeShipping Hint List - Another exhaustive list of PokeShipping hints. It's more oriented towards locating the minute cute moments between Ash and Misty that illustrate their friendship/budding relationship than it being a documenting trying to prove the existence of their attraction to each other. A fun read.
- Mist/Kris's PokeShipping Website Links - Moar resources and links to finding fan art and informacion.
- The satokasucastle LiveJournal Community - Friends. It needs it.
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Cyber Robert

Shockingly Lovely
I suppose I'll post here now. Anyways, I myself have been a PokeShipper for years (starting with the second movie as it was the second anime thing I seen). Anyways,
What are your expectations from me, this thread, and AshxMisty in the future?
I have no expectations of you. For this thread, I'm willing to bet that it will grow exponentially in a matter of days. And AshxMisty, well, I have a feeling the anime writer will bring her back into the anime, although, I don't know how permanent.


Monkeyshipping, ftw!
Huzzah for the new Pokeshipping thread! Although I never posted in the old one, I've been a Pokeshipper since before I even knew what shipping was. I've always seen Ash and Misty as belonging together. But enough about me.

What are your expectations from me, this thread, and AshxMisty in the future?
I expect you to maintain this thread well, and always be fair in your judgements of people and their posts. I expect this thread to be a smash hit, and attract shippers old and new alike. As for AshxMisty, sadly I think that their glory days are behind them, and besides the occasional cameo, we won't see that much more. But we can always hope. :)


I was a pokeshipper since it was the default pairing back when pokemon first aired, but then yeah, May came along and then I decided that I might as well pair Ash with everyone. I stayed away from it for a long time though, but I figure Ill post here and there now since I still do support it, just not as my one and only shipping.

What are your expectations from me, this thread, and AshxMisty in the future?

Well, you seem to be a solid Pokeshipper and you do have some sort of experience on your side. From this thread, judging from the past successes, as long as nothing weird happens, I expect this thread to grow rapidly.


oldskool pokeshipper
Yay, new thread! It was about time for one, anyway.

I've been a Pokeshipper since 1999, when it was pretty much expected to ship these two, and the fandom was more active.

What are your expectations from me, this thread, and AshxMisty in the future?

I'm hoping it'll be more active than the last one, where several days went by before anybody posted something new. I'm also hoping we'll have exciting things to report, like a Misty cameo in a movie, or simply showing up in the show. Overall I hope to have fun :)

Blazing Charmander

Well-Known Member
And so the new new NEW Pokeshipping thread begins. :)

It was a shame to end the last one on such a low, but here's to many successes during the (hopefully long-lasting) timespan of this one.

What are your expectations from me, this thread, and AshxMisty in the future?
Swifty, I remember you as one of the veteran Pokeshippers when the Pokeshipping community was extremely active, and additionally that you made many excellent contributions. As a result, I know you will look after this thread well, and I only ask that you can help maintain optimism in this here thread.

As for the thread and future credentials for Ash and Misty, I hope that we can bring the good days back to this thread, where we'd enjoy reciting vital quotes, and posting images related to Pokeshipping. For now, all we have are memories of past hints to dwell on (then again there are more than enough to cherish for a long while), but I hope that in the not so distant future, we will get a shining light indicating that Pokeshipping is by no means over...

... whether that light be a cameo/full appearance by Misty, or at least a reference to her again, I think we are overdue more Pokeshipping love. Our loyalty will be rewarded! :D


Well-Known Member
Yay, new Pokeshipping thread!

What are your expectations from me, this thread, and AshxMisty in the future?

Well, I hope you keep the thread relatively spam-free and active. I hope the thread has good discussions and topics and that we can have a lot of fun. As for Ash and Misty, well, I'm hoping for a Misty cameo that will maybe even result in a hint! Come on, writers, Misty hasn't been seen in Japan (outside of the Mastermind special) since 2005! Surely you can do better than that!


Kamen Rider IXA
Its about time the new Pokeshipping board is up. :D Yayness! :D Now to settle in here. ^^

What are your expectations from me, this thread, and AshxMisty in the future?

From you Sam/Swifty, I expect nothing but as much as you can do to keep the Pokeshipping thread a friendly and honorable place for not only old Pokeshippers, but also for returning and new Pokeshippers as well. ^^ And also to eventually post up the Pokeshipping Hint list soon. ^_^

From this thread, as much work as we all can as well. ^^ We can't sit down, mope and be pessimistic and worry that Ash and Misty might not be together. I've been a Pokeshipper ever since the original season and i've never ever given up on Ash and Misty.

As for Ash and Misty, now that i've been mentioning them, I'm hoping to see them confess their feelings to each other one of these days and maybe eventually get married and have their own children and so fourth. ^^

And to me, one of the majority reasons why i'd like to see Ash and Misty together is that to me, Misty is not only one of the first people to have ever traveled with Ash on his Pokemon journey, but she is also one of Ashs most important friends, if not THE most important. Because if Misty hadn't fished out Ash and Pikachu, who knows what could've happened to them?

And am I ready for it?! You better believe that I am. :D I'm even creating my own martial art in dedication to them as well. ^_^ Ash and Misty Romantic Strength! :D ORA ORA ORA! :D


I guess I'll post here, just to pay my respects, because in my mind, I have read and talked about all that PokéShipping has to offer, and boy werethe last two threads fun, especially the Second Incarnation :p

What are your expectations from me, this thread, and AshxMisty in the future?

- From you ? lol, kinda unique question ^^'
But I guess I kinda hope you'll be able to contain and control this thread, as PokéShipping is an important ship and there are always some people who don't appreciate it.
Nevertheless, I expect you to be open-minded at least, so you can "mod" this place without an iron fist...

That's what I excpect from you, to keep this place happy and in good spirits ^^

- This Thread
lol, personnaly, nothing *shot*
As I said, my will to discuss shipping that are not ongoing has faded long ago.
And everything I'd like to say that isn't a one-liner would be rewriting in different words what has been said...I don't want that.
That's why I won't be seen often here.

- AshxMisty in the future ?
Misty appearing again :D
That will bring me back here with a topic to discuss ;)

Untill then, goodbye ^^


Well-Known Member
gross why did you guys give this guy thread owner seriously I'll never be able to post here now I don't know if I can get used to this

What are your expectations from me, this thread, and AshxMisty in the future?
You: wow I am very disheartened atm guys I can't believe it came down to this giving this guy thread owner what has the Pokeshipping fandom come to?!?!?!

lol jk, you'll be a great owner. <3

This thread: Haha I'm just hoping it sticks around for a while this time, like the second one. I don't know how much longer I'll be at the forums so yeah. I don't really want to see another thread get closed. x(

AshxMisty: Idk really let's just hope/wait for Misty to appear first =\


kiss my greens
Ahaha, Chelc XD Well now, the brand new thread is up already! Hello new owner! ^^ And hello to all you PokéShippers :3

inb4 "wtf is the PalletShipping leader doing here?" I'm here cuz I like this pairing too, believe it or not. Not as much as I once did, but hey, I can make my own decisions =P

What are your expectations from me, this thread, and AshxMisty in the future?

From Swifty: Not necessarily expectations, but I hope you'll keep the thread-goers happy, alert and well-fed :3 I hungwy ._.

From the thread: I'm hoping for a good sense of community, some good opinions and thoughts, and a rousing game of musical chairs discussion on the pairing ^^

From the couple: Agreeing with what Chelc said, I'm hoping for a Misty cameo myself ^_^ Dang, that's all we've got, isn't it? ¬¬; But hey, it happened in Advanced Gen, why not in DP as well? 8D


Marsh Trainer
i hope misty tell ash her feelings to him in a future episode of pokemon.


Alright I have been a faithful follower of this ship for many a year and I have never lost hope one day it would come to pass as truly canon. o(
I will post amid the rebirth before there is too much fail for me to handle

What are your expectations from me, this thread, and AshxMisty in the future?
Good topics. If I hear one thing about obama being a Pokeshipper I am going to rehack this thread and delete it. o|! Or Croagunk being a Pokeshipper. I want to see some good discussion here so I have something to contribute without having 5 people post within 10 seconds of me "OMGNFHEDDNSDJK YETU DAT IS GR8 IDEA DUUUUR XDDDDDDDD"
I'll pimpslap you if you do that. 8/

Also as for AshxMisty in the future, I think if the show ever moved focus from Ash or allowed for legit passing of years (we all know they have nights and days but I mean like 5 years), I think the Battle Frontier opened a new range of possibilities for the ship.
If Ash ever stops traveling from region to region and decides to take up the offer to become a Brain, he could do so right outside of Cerulean, right by Misty, since it seems she's the permanent gym leader now in the anime. And hey hey, then they'd be close by and have no reason not to hook up. Oh man maybe Advance Gen wasn't all a waste o)

That is all for now, keep it groovy m8s =)


Well-Known Member
Thanks for the vote of confidence guys. I'll try to make this thread the least retarded as possible and keep meaningful discussion going.

Girls liking Ash isn't exactly a new thing. We've had some run-ins with people who tried to cox blox Misty, namely Melody, Latias, and Macey. However, those instances was when Misty could keep an eye on Ash and respond accordingly. But now, Misty can't keep a watchful eye on Ash 24/7 anymore. Since Misty left, two girls so far have shown to have an interest an Ash, namely Anabel and Angie. (Huh, they start with "An") Could you imagine Misty's reaction if she figured out that Ash was being chummy with those two girls? Would she be heartbroken? Or would she turn into a screaming banshee hell bent on taking back what was "stolen" from her?

How would Misty react upon receiving knowledge that Anabel and/or Angie have shown an interest in Ash?


Kamen Rider IXA
How would Misty react upon receiving knowledge that Anabel and/or Angie have shown an interest in Ash?

I think given her current situation, she'd try to keep her cool while in the same time keep tabs on Ash the best that she can. ^^ Although if Misty does eventually meet up with Ash, there might be some chances that she'll get to meet either Anabel or Angie. What happens between Misty and one of these two women might lead up to some interesting chemistry. ^^

However, i'd like to see if Misty would try to fight for her man like how Ash kept Dawn from using his Misty lure. ^^ Who knows....perhaps Misty might also get Angie as a rival as well, not just for Ashs heart, but as a trainer as well. ^^

But what will happen? We'll have to see for ourselves. ^^


Monkeyshipping, ftw!
How would Misty react upon receiving knowledge that Anabel and/or Angie have shown an interest in Ash?
From the appearances she's had, it seems to me that, like Ash, she's mellowed quite a bit. So while I might enjoy some explosive rage, it seems far more likely that she'd take it in stride. I can see her introducing herself to either girl and being all "So I hear you've got the hots for Ash...", and getting the dirt on her rivals that way. Either that, or she'd enilst Brock to be her spy, keeping her informed on all the girls who started crushing on her man. ^^


blows stuff uhup
What's that ship? IT'S THE POKESHIP! (4th incarnation)

I'm posting in here because Swifty told me to. ;) Hai guys!!

How would Misty react upon receiving knowledge that Anabel and/or Angie have shown an interest in Ash?

Crush, kill, destroy.

OK, on second thoughts, the HoSos happened and Misty's all mature now. So maybe she'd limit herself to a few scowls with Anabel. As for Angie, I can see Misty taking a more direct tack with her and just asking her to back off. If not for the Ash-crush, I think Angie and Misty are the kind of people who would quite like each other, so I can see Misty befriending her, despite herself. Of course, making friends with your rival can be useful, as you can always guilt-trip them out of moving in on the boy you like (unfortunately, they can do the same thing to you).

- What are your expectations from me, this thread, and AshxMisty in the future?

I expect you to make me a sammich. I expect the thread to reach at least another 900 pages before the next terrorist strike. I expect Ash/Misty in the future to... err, to be honest, I don't really expect them to do anything much. But that reply is pessimistic, so my alternate expectation is that Misty will get a proper cameo at SOME point, whereupon her and Ash will... interact. A bit. Yup. Hopefully with a substantial update on what Misty has been doing at the gym. Maybe that kid with a crush on her (Georgio?) will hear she's going to visit some guy, stalk her to Pallet Town and ask her more awkward questions about who she likes, in front of Ash this time.
Lovely welcoming post, Swifty. :)

But anyways, I'll start posting here every now and then, when I actually have interesting stuff to say. o-o Yay!

What are your expectations from me, this thread, and AshxMisty in the future?

I hope this thread stays. o_o SO MANY THREADS. *shot* But yeah, I'm sure this thread is going to do very fine. :)

Satoshi and Kasumi though. Sadly, Kasumi still hasn't got her apperance in yet ..I'm starting to think they're just going to have her in a short cameo watching the tv, or way later on at his house when he comes back.
But ..I'm still hoping for some lovely interactions between the two. I really miss those two being in their silly arguments. 8) So yes ...Kasumi ..appear! o_o

How would Misty react upon receiving knowledge that Anabel and/or Angie have shown an interest in Ash?

I fully agree with Shadow. Kasumi has matured and calmed down quite a bit from her angry/short-temper ways. So she'd definitely take it much more nicer and calmer now, then she would have with Satoshi's other little fangirls back in the day. She'd probably tease Satoshi. And she'd get along with the girls fine, but secretly wanting to rip their heads apart. 8D


oldskool pokeshipper
How would Misty react upon receiving knowledge that Anabel and/or Angie have shown an interest in Ash?

I don't know either of those girls, so I can't really answer on how well she'd get along with them or anything. But I think she'd try to appear calm about the situation, maybe even helping things along and play the "good friend," but on the inside she'd be completely broken. Maybe spend her nights crying. At least, that's what I would do in her situation.