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PokeShipping (Ash x Misty) Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Swifty, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. ⊱✿RedAshEntropy

    ⊱✿RedAshEntropy · MultiShipper ·

    It's ok, we all have Pokeshipping deep in our hearts in our own very ways.
    You know what, sometimes I asked myself, what if Misty confessed? What will Ash say? Will they get awkward? what happens next? To think that Ash would probably laugh it off or consider it as a joke, or maybe Ash will still remain oblivious if Misty ever confessed in GCYL. XDXD In some ways, I like how Misty, instead of confessing, her line and her conclusion on her feelings in GCYL is truly lovable, she didn't stay because she wanted Ash for herself, but despite she likes him , she still went on the decision on follow her sisters in taking over the gym.
    One of my favorite lines from Ash in GCYL would probably him telling that meeting each other wasn't a coincidence. I guess that's really something to consider how their bonds is as strong despite all the travels, arguments, and all they've been through even the distance so to say.

    Ok, I got random thought atm. sorry.XDXD
  2. Kein

    Kein AKA Unown Seer

    It's hard to imagine how Ash would have reacted to a confession. Serena kissed him right at the very end without giving him a chance to respond, because there wasn't anything he could have said. At least Misty gets to return (albeit infrequently) without that baggage interfering. I actually like how their feelings were handled in a subtle way.

    "Well, Ash Ketchum, finally, I know how you feel about me."

    I assume that this isn't a dub-only line since Dogasu's site doesn't mention it. Either way, the fact that Ash cried says a lot, although as far as he knew Brock was leaving, too.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
  3. Ashmisty

    Ashmisty Well-Known Member

    I agree,well after seeing Pokemon’s episodes for nth number of times,I do think that ash feels the same about misty.I think it’s pretty obvious,I still wonder had misty confessed,what ash’s reaction would have been,it’s hard to predict knowing ash’s character,but I think the writers kind of deliberately left it like that with her line at the end of course “ I know how you feel about me “,I think the beauty and essence of pokeshipping lies in the fact that they both have feelings for each other,without a confession.It feels more right this way.and the writers like to play it safe,they have always given open endings,it’s mostly up to the viewers to interpret.I think ash and misty’s relationship is subtle and unique,it’s perfect for me,I don’t know if I should give the credit to the writing,maybe I should,because it felt very natural,development took place gradually and smoothly,and the episode of misty’s goodbye said a lot.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2017
  4. ⊱✿RedAshEntropy

    ⊱✿RedAshEntropy · MultiShipper ·

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Hope everyone is doing as BLAST!

    This is the season for saying goodbye for 2017 and moving forward to 2018! Of course, as the years goes by, how much I love this ship will not fade and gone.
    As for topic. What would be Ash surprise Misty in New Year's Eve? or vice versa. or AAML: Kissed under a mistletoe scenario? XDXD
  5. Ashmisty

    Ashmisty Well-Known Member

    I think ash visiting misty at her gym would be a good surprise for her,and if he manages to get her togetic along xD,misty can surprise ash with a rare nice pokemon as he has a penchant for them only,maybe if she gives him a quick kiss on his cheek would be a good surprise too xD.I wonder how ash would react if they both accidentally end up under the mistletoe though.
  6. zdbz_sn

    zdbz_sn Well-Known Member

  7. BubChan

    BubChan Wonderwall

  8. Ashmisty

    Ashmisty Well-Known Member

    hi everyone,how are you all,since the thread is a little inactive I would post a question here-" what according to you makes pokeshipping unique or stand out among the rest?I would like to post my thoughts here.there are many factors about pokeshipping which make it beautiful for me-

    1.the thing which I like the most about pokeshipping is the selfless love and care which misty has shown for ash throughout the OS.at first she didn't like him,and only thought of him as some brat who was a bike wrecker and injured his pokemon,but in the very second episode she changed her perception of him,she got to see what kind of a person he really is and gradually started warming up to him and started considering him as her friend whom she can fully trust.in the course of time she started developing feelings for him and it was quite evident on a lot of occasions,she started to deeply care for him,would worry for him,would watch over him,without expecting anything in return,I saw it as selfless love,devotion and commitment towards her best friend,it was just beautiful to see!she always used to motivate him,even if she had to be harsh on him when his ego got the better of him,a lot of anti-pokeshippers have used this fact against her,some of them have watered down misty's character to a "tsundere which abused ash",and it really saddens me!anyway this is one factor.

    2.another aspect is that I think this is the only ash ship which has that mutual-factor.a lot of ash's actions towards misty are debatable for many but I,like many pokeshippers believe that he does return her feelings,because she is the only girl he has gotten jealous over,several times I think,you don't get jealous over a mere friend like that,he has even blushed when he has been teased about his relationship with her,and ash ketchum rarely blushes,let alone over a girl,lol!!I really liked the way he got possessive of her lure in one episode,it was really sweet!though I think he is completely unaware about the fact that he might sees misty in a different light because this is all normal for him when it comes to misty,most of his feelings are based on instincts,moreover,he is a dense,naive 10 year old who can't see past his pokemon and food XD,it's kind of cute though!!

    3.I think ash and misty had the most emotional goodbye!!I still cry while watching that episode!!from misty thinking that ash doesn't really care about her as much as she does,running away feeling dejected over his insenstivity reflected in that comment which he made without thinking much,to ash getting to know that misty didn't follow him only because of a stupid bike,but at this point,she really wants to stay with him,the episode had it all and was beautiful in its own way!it was more of ash and misty's goodbye for me,than the trio separating,because remember,brock had already separated from them in an episode,but later came back!so IMO,the episode was focused more on ash and misty!also,misty finally got to know that ash does care about her a lot,considers her an important part of his life,before she was uncertain about what position does she really hold in his life,a part of me feels that this is the reason she never really confessed her feelings to him while travelling with him,because she was uncertain about what she was to him and all that,but her doubts got cleared in the episode "gotta catch ya later",hence her self realisation"well ash ketchum,I finally know how you feel about me",she got to know that she has entrusted her feelings to the right person,so no confession was needed at that point between them IMO!!I still get sad seeing her in that episode,how broken she felt on leaving him,she didn't even want to but was forced to in the first place!and the fact that ash cried when she left,it can be debatable whether ash cried because both brock and misty left,but brock left them before too,he didn't cry back then,surely he also cried because both of them left and he didn't see it coming,but it had to do with more of misty leaving him IMO!

    4.I really like the fact that whenever the group got into some kind of trouble,both of them have shown their priorities towards each other when it came to the other one's safety,surely this point can be brushed off by many,but for me it's cute and special in its own way!

    5.their relationship is organic,dynamic,unique,they gradually warmed up to each other and became best friends from 2 people who were ready to bite off each other's heads in the first few episodes!!they still bickered,but it was more in a humorous way and even hilarious at some points,and in the process,developed feelings towards one another!I do feel that they bring out just the best in each other,and make each other better people!!ash is extremely himself whenever he is with misty IMO!!even after seeing misty after so many years,I was glad that her friendship with ash was still the same and they still had that unique chemistry,that comfort level around each other,there is just SOMETHING which is special about their relationship which I rarely get to see in the shippings!!

    sorry for the long post,I was just bored so felt like making a long post xD.fellow pokeshippers,please do express your views about my question,that is,what makes this ship different to you from the rest?! :)
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2018
  9. ⊱✿RedAshEntropy

    ⊱✿RedAshEntropy · MultiShipper ·

    Watching pokemon back then had never made me ship these two before. But as the series progresses, after an episode or so, I started liking these. I never even know what a shipping means that time until i find this forum. XDXD For me, I grew up with pokeshipping. I was on the point of wishing them to be canon, but as I grew older, I always thought that was never the case. Even so, what I like about this ship is how they progresses. They started as complete stranger, then the bike thing, it wasn't even "like at first sight"; yes they fight, but sometimes it were out of concern. Like you mentioned before, I always have the feeling they got the most emotional departure/goodbyes ever. I couldn't really say more from what you post. If i ever wanna put it into one word, let's just say I wanna call it "BONDS". Every companion is unique, but there's this "bond" between them, that make me smile every time I see them. Canon or not, pokeshipping holds something in my heart.

    Hi everyone!~~been quite a long time since I post here btw, XDXD
  10. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    This summer will mark 15 years since I became a Pokeshipper. I got into it by reading a lot of fanfics. I don't remember many of them, but I do remember that I became a Pokeshipper months before the OS ended in the US.

    This ship remains my OTP, 15 years later. I have never seriously considered any other ship involving the characters. I hope one day that this ship becomes canon.
  11. Mikeachu

    Mikeachu Soul Trainer

    Sooooooo................ Kanto remake/sequel rumors. Do I dare dream of what this could mean for the anime & Ash/Misty if they turn out to be true? Is the prospect of Misty & Brock returning as regulars (or at least more frequently appearing) for a season or 3 actually in the cards? Maybe I shouldn't get too worked up over this, lord knows the 20th movie was a buzzkill.
  12. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush Looking Good

    Brock and Misty just appeared in SM042 & SM043 so I think the chances of them returning as main characters in unlikely but I can definitely see them appearing in the anime again at some point.
  13. PokeShipper4Lyfe

    PokeShipper4Lyfe Active Member

    It's been a while. Bump! :p

    After a long hiatus from having watched the Pokemon series, I was hit by the nostalgia train earlier yesterday when I heard my brother watching the original series downstairs. Pokeshipping still gives me a warm feeling in my stomach, all these years later, haha :)

    Hey, just wondering, how have you reignited your passion in Pokeshipping for all these years? I tend to lose interest periodically.
    AvatarKorrina likes this.
  14. Ashmisty

    Ashmisty Well-Known Member

    @PokeShipper4Lyfe though I have loved pokeshipping since the first episode of pokemon,even I tend to lose interest periodically and I think it's perfectly normal lol..I mean it has been I don't know maybe 21 years since the birth of pokeshipping so every once in a while you tend to gain your interest somewhere else or in another pairing though the love for your OTPs never really goes away..the hiatus may even happen for years..about reignition well I think when I get bored and read fanfictions about them I again gain interest in the pairing and my hibernated love for them wakes up again lol..and also watching a couple of episodes of the first season is all what it takes!!pokeshipping is my OTP and is always embedded in my heart but I do tend to lose and gain interest back n forth..sometimes it even takes me 2-3 years to gain interest again lol but I think the love for it never really goes away.
  15. PorcelainVulpix

    PorcelainVulpix Well-Known Member

    Hi, Pokeshippers. I'm new to this thread but not to Pokeshipping and I wanted to drop by.

    Recently, I've had sort of a nostalgia kick which made me want to get back into Pokemon. I do this periodically, lose interest in Pokemon then come back because I'll always love it.

    I've been a Pokeshipper since I was a little kid and didn't even know what shipping was. This was my first ship ever.

    I was surprised to find out that Misty and Brock made an appearance in the Sun and Moon saga and of course, I had to watch the episodes and I was excited to see them. However, I'm a little disappointed because like I mentioned earlier, I lose interest in Pokemon then always come back to it and I like to see what's changed but every time I'm drawn back, I'm always surprised and let down that this ship isn't cannon by now. Five year old me definitely thought they would be canon by now lol
  16. Hakajin

    Hakajin Obsessive Shipper

    Well, it's been a while, but hi! I still think about Pokeshipping sometimes... Once in a while I'll have a dream about it. It's funny how it's still kind of with me, even though I don't obsess over it like I once did.
  17. ⊱✿RedAshEntropy

    ⊱✿RedAshEntropy · MultiShipper ·

    Hi welcome aboard! It's been awhile since we have a new member so, gladly to know you :) It was a good mood to start of, seeing Misty and Brock in SM. We all shock, we are mostly SHOCK about it. As an orginal trio fan, I'm glad. and the little moments bring about is really good and not all that nostalgia. But sure. Been waiting my whole life to see another AAML battle, and welp, they are still the dorks that I love. Not really that shippy, but those are good moments to remember.
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  18. PorcelainVulpix

    PorcelainVulpix Well-Known Member

    With the news of Brock and Misty returning to SM, I thought it would be time for a new topic.

    What interactions are you hoping to see between Ash and Misty when Misty appears again in Sun and Moon?
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  19. Zhydra

    Zhydra Master of Chaos!

    Pick a beach episode and an episode where Misty meets Big Bad Guzma, who's only real crime is having Golisopod with him, which results in a miss understanding from Ash and we get out Guzma fight. Or just Misty meeting Golisopod... and maybe Pheromosa, the later will be during an Ultra Guardian mission.
  20. Leonhart

    Leonhart Disney fanatic

    I'm looking forward to Kasumi's upcoming return, because I didn't necessarily feel like her previous SM appearance did PokeShipping enough justice. I had waited such a long time to see her and Satoshi reunite back then, yet the focus on their bond was minimal. I sincerely hope that that was just a warm-up for something more worthwhile coming up. My ideal PokeShipping scenario is for Kasumi to wear a swimsuit during a beach outing, and for Satoshi to gawk at her before blushing.

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