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PokeShipping (Ash x Misty)

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Credit: https://serebii.net/anime/pictures/indigo/020ps12.shtml

PokeShipping - Ash & Misty as a couple.

I saw the old thread died, & that made me sad. Perhaps it's been too long since the first series. Nevertheless, I think there's still enough to talk about, so here's a new thread.

I'll copy the rules from the old thread:

Rules, Regulations, Policies, Standard Operating Procedures, Army Field Manuals, Etc

1. All SPPf rules apply. Following them shouldn't be too hard.
2. Please, absolutely no bashing of any kind. Respect one another and other people's opinions. If you have a problem with someone's opinion, rationally point out what you don't like, don't impulsively and baselessly attack his position.
3. No double, triple, or more posts are allowed. Only one is needed.
4. If you wish to post an image, do [img139*]insert-link-here[/*img139]. Take out the stars, okay?
5. All fanart not created by you must be credited to its author.
5. No one liners [post consisting of one line or less], please.
7. Please stay on topic. That means, discuss only Pokeshipping. Not the characters alone, not other characters. Ash and Misty together.
8. Everyone has three chances. Meaning, if you disobey the rules three times, you will be blacklisted from posting here. But if you break the rules once/twice, then you're likely to have a PM from me. But if you annoy me or the mods to a greater extent, you'll be shot on sight.
I'll add one more rule:

9. Ash & Misty exist in at least two series, the anime & The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga. They may also exist in Pokémon Zensho, depending on how you want to translate "Satoshi." While these series are related, they constitute different cannons. Please specify which cannon you're referring to. If you do not, I'll assume you mean the anime. Note that there may be some cross pollination between cannons; you can use an example from one cannon to say that the writer might believe that Misty/Ash like each other in another cannon. You just can't say it absolutely proves a relationship exists outside the specific work said writer worked on.

Topic of the day: What's your favorite moment with Ash & Misty?
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