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Pokeshipping General Discussion: US > YOU 8D

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by ~Mist~, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~

    && welcome all!
    Hello, and welcome to the Pokeshipping General Discussion thread, a place where all fans of this couple unite together and keep the flame alive. This place is a relaxing spot for all Pokeshippers [supporters of Ash and Misty's relationship] to communicate with one another, discussing the many views of them, and of course, go get hyper. Yay. Anyone is free to come and post as long as the rules are followed. It's a good idea to read them before posting.

    && some history
    Back in 2004, a thread was created our former Shipping Mod, Kiori. Her version of the thread has about 80 pages with more than 1,000 posts until a hacker came in and decided to delete it. You can imagine the reactions when that was news here. Then, we had former member Ryuu create the next thread, which reached about 1,800 pages along with more than 22,000 posts. Awesome, right? Yeah, the fun didn't last long when many things went wrong. See the last thread for more detail. Now, with this thread, I don't know how well this one will go compared to the last, but hopefully with the cooperation of all Pokeshippers, we can all make this one a hit.

    && so, what's the story?
    It all began with a bike. That's right: a bike.

    A young redhead was fishing close to Pallet Town until she notices her fishing rod moving. She stands up, and pulls with all her might until out came a boy along with a Pikachu. The boy takes her bike and rides off, doing his best to locate a Pokemon Center. She runs after him. In the meantime, he accidentally destroys her bike in order to save Pikachu from a flock of Spearow.

    After she discovers the likes [or in this case, the worst] of her bike, she follows this young boy until her bike is repaid. This is where it all begins.

    Yes, their names are Ash and Misty.

    At first, the two would argue constantly, complaining at each other over little issues such as which direction to take, where to eat, etc. After a while, they began to become better friends...

    Until the girl began to have secret feelings for the boy.

    Of course, she hides it all, knowing that he is completely oblivious and that it is not his interest to settle down. Not when the guy is catching and training the whole time. Although, the two have shared many moments of deep friendship from jealousy to kindness.

    All was well until the girl recieved a call from her sisters. They stated that she must return to the Cerulean City Gym in order to take responsiblity while her sisters go on a trip.

    Both did not want to see each other leave. Not after so much they have gone through together. But, they did not have a choice.

    He gave her his trust, friendship, determination, and heart while she in return gave encouragement, opinion, a handkerchief, and a lure.

    So far, that is the story. She lives in Cerulean City. He is a traveler.

    What will become of the relationship of these two?

    Only time will tell.

    general stuff!
    && the rules // must read before posting!
    1. All SPPf rules apply. Following them are not hard.
    2. Please, absolutely no bashing of any kind. Respect one another.
    3. No double, triple, or more posts are allowed. Only one is needed.
    4. If you wish to post an image, do [img139*]insert-link-here[/*img139]. Take out the stars, okay? Please credit fanart, too!
    5. No one liners [post consisting of one line or less], please.
    7. Please stay on topic. That means, discuss only Pokeshipping. Not the characters alone, not other characters. Ash and Misty together.
    8. Everyone now has three chances. Meaning, if you disobey the rules three times, you will be banned from posting here. But if you break the rules once/twice, then you're likely to have a PM from me. But if you annoy myself or the mods to a greater extent, you'll be banned on the spot.
    9. Have fun here! Please enjoy yourself as much as possible. If you don't break the rules, you'll be just fine. ;3

    What we can talk about:
    - Discussion of hints, moments, etc. between Ash and Misty
    I think that's self-explanatory.
    - Debating hints (what kinds of arguements work and what kind don't)
    We can talk about this stuff because a good debating topic is pretty good for everyone to learn more about each other. Good god, I sound like a teacher. xD But the thing is, do not bash other shippings, members, or characters. You'll hear from the mods or myself about that.
    - Fanworks (fanart, fanfiction, websites, banners, anime music videos, wallpapers, icons, etc.)
    Please be aware that this aspect should not be the main focus of your post. Like, you can talk about Pokeshipping topics and then include a small note at the end. The thing is, we can't really be advertising. You can link to whatever you have done once but if it's constant, then I will PM you about it just to remind you. Oh, and if the work is not yours, you must credit whoever has done the fanart/banner/fanfiction by linking back to them or else it is considered to be rude (along with breaking the forum rules).
    - Any sort of idea you think would do well for the thread
    These are highly welcome! If you want to have an event go on for all the Pokeshippers that you'd like to host, then please say so and suggest the idea. I don't want to be in charge of everything that goes on in here, so you guys have power there. ;3 If you want suggest having a contest or something, then tell everyone in the thread about your idea and we'll all set up an agreement and guidelines. I want to make this place fun for you guys, so jump right in!

    What we can't talk about:
    - Bashing
    I'll assure you that if anyone bashes, just report them right away. I don't care if it's a member, shipping, character, whatever. Just report them to the mods; they will help you.
    - Topics that make absolutely no sense
    If you're trying to be funny by suggesting topics that barely make any sense, then please save it for IMs or PMs. Remember that this is a discussion, not a chatroom.
    - Extra convos
    I know everyone loves to talk to each other throughout the thread; that's perfectly fine by me but don't allow it to be the majority of your post. If more than half of your post is just talking about something random with another member, then I will remind you to stay on topic. Besides, everyone's profiles have visitor messaging; use them to your advantage! :3

    Please remember!
    - No one-liners.
    If your post only contains one line of text, that is considered to be a one liner which is pretty much spam. I will remind you to be good or else you can expect a ban.
    - Type in a way we can understand you.
    we dont need 2 typ liek dis or TYPE LIKE THIS or LiKe tHiS. You people should know how to write or else not everyone is going to take you seriously. Just keep that in mind.
    - Everyone is to respect each other.
    Again, self-explanatory. PM the mods if you're having trouble with another member, and they'll help you settle it.
    - Everyone is to work as a team.
    If you see someone who is misbehaving, don't tell them off. Just report; that sexy red button is there for a reason. We all are encouraged to do our best because without each other as supporters, then the thread dies.
    - We don't need the blasted codeword, k?
    Just come on in and jump into the discussion. You can introduce yourself to us, too!

    banned from posting // bad noodles
    Tri Hawk
    The Director

    frequently asked questions && faq!
    Q: Is there a rule for... let's say someone who isn't a Pokeshipper? Are other shippers allowed?
    A: Why yes! As long as your visit here is peaceful, then there's no problem for you to come in here to post. You guys can jump right in anytime! But if there's any rules broken here, you will be asked to leave. Otherwise, feel free to join us in case you're curious about Pokeshipping. =)

    Q: I've heard about Ash and Misty being refered to Pokeshipping, ANML, and other terms. Could you explain?
    A: Pokeshipping is a term that is basically sort of a compound word. Poke is short for Pokemon, while shipping comes from the word relationship. As for ANML, it stands for Ash and Misty Love. Sometimes you might see ANMNR at the end, which stands for Ash and Misty Romance Novel. Other terms for them are satokasu [sato is short for Ash's Japanese name Satoshi and kasu is short for Misty's Japanese name, Kasumi], Gakishipping [a less known version which translates to Bratshipping since Team Rocket refer to them as gakis in the Japanese version], Sakashipping [an even less popular name for Ash and Misty], Sushishipping [again, an unpopular name for Ash and Misty (where are people getting these names?! I mean, sushi?!)], Trainershipping [yet another unpopular name for Ash and Misty (Uh, no comment on this name. o__o)], Twerpshipping [another name], Andrewsshipping [another name where people believe Ash and Misty are long lost brother and sister (Seriously, where do people come up with these names?! xD And brother & sister? o.o)], and Bikeshipping [another name that is quite uncommon but not as rare].

    Q: It's rumored that Misty will return in 2010. Is it true?
    A: It hasn't been comfirmed on my account, so no sadly. However, Misty does make cameos throughout the new seasons. The latest cameo we have of her is when Ash fishes with the mini Misty lure she sent him. I'll be glad to alert everyone if anything comes up. Besides, where on earth are people coming up with 2010?! Just don't rely on other people's rumors. Other sites like Serebii, PokeAni, & Bulbagarden are reliable sources; they let us know when anyone makes an appearance.

    Q: Why are some "hints" dub-added while others aren't? What's up with that?
    A: Well, to be honest, some of the Pokeshipping hints aren't really there in the original Japanese version. For example, Misty's Song. We all know what that song is about, right? Well, I hope you know. xD The thing is, Misty's Song was created by the American dub company aka 4Kids. Many people tend to dislike dub-added features since the original does not contain this song. However, as an inside info, the Japanese have heard Misty's Song and rather... liked it. So you see, the dubbers just tend to like Pokeshipping. I don't know about PokemonUSA, though. The thing is, you can support whatever kind of hint you'd like; don't let others tell you otherwise.

    If you have a question, please PM me or post in the thread; thank you! =)

    extra treats!
    && hint list // moments
    I have made a list of possible hints. Why? Well, I felt that one designed for Pokeshippers was needed. Sure there's one at Bulbapedia, but for some odd reason I wanted to make my own, and fully analyze each episode for any possible hints and moments. I know, you must be thinking how boring that must sound but in my eyes, it's one of the most fun things to do. Yeah, I know I'm strange. Anyways, this list shall be updated daily with various new hints. Do feel free to take a look at the list so far. See it here.

    Thanks to pokelover @ Photobucket, anyone can read Ono's manga! Please remember not to post full scans on here but rather, talk about it instead; thank you!

    && graphics! album
    That's right. Also decided to make an album filled with banners, icons, and animations hosted by Photobucket. Please remember to credit the maker if you are taking anything from there. Also, if you would like me to add your banner, icon, or animation, please post at the thread or send me a PM, and I shall be happy to update it. If you want to see it, go here.

    && fanfiction
    Got a Pokeshipping fanfic you would like to share? Feel free to post here or simply leave me a PM. Title of fanfiction, author, shipping, genre, and a tiny summary are necessary. Thank you!
    Yoshi-kun's Suggestions

    && extra sites
    This section of my Pokeshipping website has plenty of Pokeshipping related websites whether it's fanart, informational, or sites that just have great stuff for everyone! Please PM me if you'd like me to update the list. I'll be happy to add in more sites. :3

    && future events
    Secret Santa: In the month of November, I will be announcing the Secret Santa event, which is where Pokeshippers can give a gift to another Pokeshipper for Christmas. More details will be provided in November (around Thanksgiving). ;3

    With all of that done, let's get started, guys! Let's all cooperate with each other to make this place be a great place for all Pokeshippers to post. =D
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2008
  2. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    Goooo Pokeshipping!

    First reply ! an honour ;)

    Let's start with what I do best, propose topics...but that's for later, first, I'd like to congratulate Chelc and mostly MistyMix89 for making this possible, it was a much needed revival :) And for her making a very nice first post, it truly is a good resumé of the situation and facts :D
    I'll get to work on the OI saga for the hints asap, I promise ;)

    I really feel happy right now, as though I'm taking part of some history, or something really big at least :D so here's my first topic...

    Debate on when your love for PokéShipping was at the highest, and lowest, and now ?

    Meaning, when were you completely obsessed with it ? Liked it ? Loved it ? Didn't pay much attention to it, when Misty left ? while Johto ? et caetera :rolleyes:

    Like I said ; I'll be here to build something in everlasting stone. I hope you all will be as well !
  3. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~

    Hooray, welcome shadow_shipper! Great to have you here! =D And aww, thank you so much! xD I'm excited for this place. =D

    Debate on when your love for PokéShipping was at the highest, and lowest, and now ?

    Oooh, good topic. That's hard to tell. Let's see, when I first became a Pokeshipper, I have to admit, I went nuts. I searched all over the Internet for pictures, fanart, fanfics, graphics, basically anything that relates to Pokehsipping. Nowadays, I think my love for Pokeshipping grew. The old thread allowed me to grow with everyone as a Pokeshipper. My first post there just made me wonder what on earth I was on. xDDDD But anyways, the time when I wasn't feeling very good about Pokeshipping was mostly around... gaaah, I don't really remember. I recall feeling annoyed to go post and also to the lack of hints and moments upset me a lot, too. That I was I think right before we had the Misty lure introduced yet again, which sparked me up again. xD There are many times when I felt like we didn't have a lot of hope, and growing slimmer every day. When that lure came, god, I was filled with hope all over again. I got back into the spirit of making things, being happy, making more ideas... yeah, you can see where this is going. Seeing this thread now makes me optimistic for a fresh start for everybody, feeling very happy. There I go with the optimism again. xD But anyways, right now I refuse to lose hope for Ash and Misty. Wanna know why? It's because I love this shipping so much. No other anime shipping can make me feel this happy/hyper/crackish like I do for Pokeshipping. You guys know what I mean? I owe so much to the shipping. I also refuse to give up because of someone who is dear and special to me, and every time I think about Pokeshipping, I think of us. It's that sort of specail feeling you have, and of course, a wonderful one.

    So, let's make this place as big as we can, guys!
  4. Razor Raven

    Razor Raven Darkness, guide me

    Goooo Pokeshipping!

    Whoops, only meant that some people were new, not the person I was talking to xp Glad this thread is up now =o

    Debate on when your love for PokéShipping was at the highest, and lowest, and now ?

    Definitely when I first started, I was a little bit of a zealot. Luckily, I soon grew to be a respectable shipper who was saddened at the sight of zealots from ANY ship.

    After the OPS sorta closed down, my interest waned, and then of course there are none of the members with whom I was so familair. I'm only in contact with one of the old Pokeshipping crowd, and it never comes up with her ^_^;

    My interest is certainly returning now though.

    As far as hints go...my personal opinion that anything before "I never met anyone like him, he really does love Pokemon" is a little too soon to consider a hint.

    The kimono scene from Maiden's Peak? No matter how people try to break down and analyze this otherwise, I am convinced it is one of the stongest indications, period. Also one of my favorite scenes, Ash was attracted to Misty, period.

    Yes, that's a lot of "period" using ^_^;
  5. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~

    Aww, that's okay. I'm sorry for misunderstanding. ^^ Well, welcome to our crowd, Razon Raven! We have all sorts of Pokeshippers here. xD

    I know, some are a little too soon. I put them in just to remind everyone of how Ash and Misty met. ^^ But yes! I agree greatly on the kimono scene. A lot of people I've encountered say it doesn't count just because Pikachu was there. Strnage arguement. o__o; Even witht he little spark sound and romance music, there's no denying it that Ash must have thought that Misty is beautiful. I only wish he said that, but holding hands with her makes me happy, too. xD

    Also, there is a fanlisting now in the first post. Yeah, I'm crazy, I know, guys. =D
  6. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    Goooo Pokeshipping!

    Debate on when your love for PokéShipping was at the highest, and lowest, and now ?

    Well, basicly, PokéShipping brought me back in the loop. I owe my current condition in the Pokémon fandom (reading, following the anime, shippings, playing the games,...) to PokéShipping. Because I was completely bored with standard episodes, and the plot didn't seem to interest me anymore...what can I say ? I was 14, 15 years old, I got interessted by other things ! Romance being one of them.

    So my love for PokéShipping was at it's strongest when Misty made her cameo in Hoenn, I was so hyper when I saw her again, I believed in the reincarnation of PS.
    Alas, not yet :(

    Then my passion gradually faded, lest we forget the small appearences she has made, untill it has reached is current level, very stable, just waiting for her to appear again in his life :)

    During the Orange Islands saga, well, I suspected something, but I just noticed it, I was still worried if Ash would win his next badge when I was that age xD So it took some time for it to come, but I discarded it for some time during the Johto saga, which...sucked, let's say it, as far as PS was concerned :(
    So I became less involved with it when Brock came back...lowest is in Johto...

    And yes, I have a theory of PokéShipping being linked to Ash's travelling companions, but that's for another time :)
  7. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~

    Oh, you don't have to put Goooo Pokeshipping! on every post. It's only for the first time you post. Sorrys if that wasn't clear. ^^; I'll update the first post about that so everyone won't get confused. xD

    And ooh, you have a theory? Let's hear it, shadow_shipper! I want to know. Theories about Pokeshipping are just plain awesome to talk about, plus they make the discussion far much more interesting. xD
  8. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    ok, so let's get on with this theory so I can catch some rest...

    I'll start with my conclusion :
    Brock hinders romance, PokéShipping in particular.

    Okay, so let's go season by season.
    Season one, so they've all just met each other, PokéShipping was born, it wasn't much serious in it, though still it has it's dose of genuine hints, and mostly, the majority of the time : when Brock is not there.
    So then comes the Orange Islands saga.
    Exit Brock, enter Tracey.
    Ash and Misty have known each other for some time now, they've known Brock since they've basicly known for each other, and they're all close friends. Comes Tracey, who is completely new to those two, so who doesn't know them. One thing leads to another : More romance is expressed because they feel more comfortable with someone they don't know as well, rather than throwing hints and have a close friend like Brock bring it up at an embarassing time. When you even have Tracey himself drop hints, what more can you ask for ? 34 episodes with the most blatant hints in any ship's history ! (imo)
    So what next ? Brock arrives again, exit Tracey, tension of finding an old, Casanova-like friend, who could bring awkwardness at any time if he finds somethig out, and we get three seasons of Johto...in which we had less hints, and less powerful ones than in thoses mere 34 OI eps...(naturaly, this is all in my memory, I could be mistaken in the details)
    Then exits Misty, enter Max and May, we're completely out of PokéShipping, but I'll say this : Brock also had a hand in things...
    I mean, how easy is it for you to try and engage in something romantic, when every single day, you have Brock trying to flirt with some random woman ! You just feel uneasy, and it hinders shipping development. Which is why I curse them for bringing him back in Sinnoh, but I digress...

    There, happy MM89 ? xD
  9. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~

    Hmmm, that's something to wonder about.

    I do agree that during the time when Brock wasn't around, we had some more stronger hints. Tracey basically had no idea who he was dealing with. xD And you're right, since Brock is normally very flirty with the ladies, I can bet that it would somehow make Ash and Misty hesistant about telling Brock. Why does that remind of of an episode where Misty hesistates in Johto? Oh yeah, that was The Heartbreak of Brock, how silly of me. xD I recall that she told Brock that it's easier to like someone who likes you rather than someone who doesn't. I remember Brock asking her more, wondering why, and then we have Misty hesitating to tell him. She nearly told him. xD I have to look at that episode sometime again to get the facts correct. ^^; As for Ash, well, we'll never know. He doesn't ever really notice romance very much at all, and is extremely immune to it. Immune, that word for Ash just amuses me. xD So, yeah, I can see why Ash and Misty probably didn't want to tell Brock.

    As for Tracey... hmm, what do you all think? Does he really know about Misty feeling something for Ash? I have yet to wonder about that. I mean, I do remember in Pokemon The Movie 2000 where he was listening in onto what Melody and Misty were talking about. I think he was present when Misty said her famous line, "Ash is never alone because he's got me" / "That boy out there is my burden, and this is yours". You know, why haven't I wondered about that, holy crap. I'm tempted to go watch the movie and get to that scene. xD

    But thanks, shadow_shipper for bringing this up about Tracey and Brock's link with Pokeshipping! ^^
  10. Blazing Charmander

    Blazing Charmander Well-Known Member

    Goooo Pokeshipping! :)

    It's good to see that the NEW Pokeshipping Thread has got off to a lively start. I think that this move was brilliant and much-needed.

    MistyMix - Your introductory post is perfect. It's a nice touch in also adding your own hint list (moreso because your analytic skills are top-notch ;)), and it allows people to look at it and refer to specific hints in their posts. Well done.

    Now, about time I answer a topic methinks.
    Debate on when your love for PokéShipping was at the highest, and lowest, and now ?

    There's no question that my love for Pokeshipping was at its highest when I came to contact with SPPF's first Pokeshipping thread lol. To see the number of Pokeshippers who shared the same views as each other and talking about hints that I may have picked up on before was unbelievable. This prompted me to look at pictures and AAMRN's almost all the time xD.
    On the other hand, I would say that my interest in Pokeshipping reached it's lowest when Misty wasn't around the group. Sure, I still looked back at hints from when she was, and also fanart (mostly to assure myself that the shipping was still likely), but I must admit that I have started to lose patience in waiting for her return at times. Nonetheless though, Pokeshipping is still one of my favourite ships, and I'll always look fondly at what made it one of my faves.

    As a final note, Maiden's Peak must rank high up as one of my favourite hints in Pokeshipping. No matter how many debates there may be against it, I would suggest that there is no denying that Ash was taken aback by Misty's appearance (shown by the bubbly backdrop), and their holding hands was the icing on the cake :).

    Long live Pokeshipping!
  11. Moogleborg

    Moogleborg Kamen Rider IXA

    (Holds up a V-Watch and Poses) Goooo Pokeshipping! :D

    Alrighty then, its great to see the new Pokeshipping thread up and running! ^_^ Now to answer this topic! :D

    Debate on when your love for PokéShipping was at the highest, and lowest, and now ?

    The lowest point my love for Pokeshipping was was practically when Misty first left the show and May showed up. At first I almost didn't thought that Misty was going to return until I saw some Japanese episode clips of the Togepi episodes. ^^ It renewed my faith in Pokeshipping! ^_^

    The highest was during the Orange Islands and the Whirl Island tournament, especially when Ash and Misty had a whole bunch or not only quarrels, but Pokemon battles with each other as well to revive their rivalry that started back over in the Cerulean City gym. ^^

    Now, I love Pokeshipping much more than ever, because like how Ash and Misty have been ever since they've met each other, Pokeshipping has brung me a lot of friends and strength to make it through the many hardships in life. ^_^

    Lets go Pokeshipping! :D ORA ORA ORAAAAAAAA! :D SHINSHORYUKEN!!
  12. Yoshi-kun

    Yoshi-kun Wandering the Forums

    Goooo Pokeshipping!

    Yay, new thread! :)

    Debate on when your love for PokéShipping was at the highest, and lowest, and now ?

    Well it was at its lowest when I was an anti-shipper back in Kanto obviously. :p I didn’t think the writers would put romance in a show like Pokemon. Plus the thought that they would pair up kids like Ash and Misty didn’t seem possible. I thought if any body got paired up it be Jessie and James since they were older. Then it didn’t help that I didn’t watch the Orange Islands originally because I was upset that Brock left, I hated the new intro, and I didn’t like the new guy. ^ ^;;; So as a result I didn’t see any of the Pokeshipping episodes. Then in Johto, when Brock came back, we got a new (imo better) intro, and Tracy was left at the lab(I like him a lot more now though), I started watching again and I got to see the second movie. My reaction was what the heck? O.O It completely changed my opinion of shipping in the show. So not only did I become a Pokeshipper, I became a shipper in general. Then I went back and saw the Orange Islands and finally got to see why it was so popular and considered canon. I love Navel Maneuvers, it’s got to be my favorite shipping episodes of all time, I love jealousy. ^ _ ^ I was really into it into Hoenn when I became a Contestshipper and got obsessed with that. So it waned a little bit, but I was still into it. Now in DP I’m into it because I like it and I want to see it get an ending, I want see if they end up together. And plus there’s no shipping going on in DP now, not blatant canon shipping so I can focus on Pokeshipping without being distracted. ^ _ ^

    I think the difference between Kanto and the Orange Islands is that in Kanto they were still starting out. They were still writing the beginnings of the ship, and when we got to the Orange Islands they decided to make it really blatant. I don’t think Brock is to blame, since if the writers wanted to write Pokeshipping then, they would have wrote whether he was there or not. They just used Tracy to make it blatant, since he was the one there at the time. Who else was there, besides Team Rocket. I’m not counting Melody or the other one shots. Then when we got to Johto the show just got less shippy in general. They were more interested in dragging the show out for as long as possible, at expense of things like character development, shipping, and plot. I don’t it’s Brock’s fault.

    May and Drew didn’t have problem with Brock, and he was right there for some of the blatant Contestshipping. :D
  13. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~

    @ Blazing Charmander: Oh, thank you so much! That means a lot, and makes me happy that my hard work is paying off. I'm so flattered that you think that my list is top-notch! Wow, I didn't expect that! Thanks! xD You were added to the fanlisting as well. =D

    @ Moogle: You're back, welcome! Ah, yes, the Whirl Islands! That arc had a few good hints, too! I loved how Ash and Misty did the handshake, it was great to see. Also, the scene where they were talking at night was a wonderful touch to their friendship. It showed that the two of them would alays be friendly rivals when it comes to a competition. It was nice to see that they kept backing each other up in each battle. I always thought that was sweet of them to do and completely proves that their friendship is strong. Anyways, I also added you to the fanlisting! =D

    @ Yoshi-kun: Welcome to our humble thread! Really? You honestly didn't like the Orange Islands at first? Whoa, I never thought that I would meet someone who disliked it somuch at first. Wow. xD Navel Maneuvers was a classic. I loved it when Ash was all "What about me?" when Misty ran over to danny instead. I felt so bad for him! xD You're also added to the list.
  14. Blazing Charmander

    Blazing Charmander Well-Known Member

    Cheers for adding me to the list. ^_^

    I see we are discussing Navel Maneuvers lol. That is definitely one of the shippier episodes in the Orange Islands saga. I love how Misty makes Ash jealous through Danny throughout the episode. It was extra sweet when Ash and Danny were scaling the mountain, and Misty told Danny to be "extra careful". This made Ash lose concentration, possibly through jealousy, and he lost grip on the mountain. Nice hint, i'd say ;).
  15. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~

    You're welcome. =D

    Ah, yes! That was an awesome moment. I couldn't help but to laugh at poor Ash. He was so bummed. Perhaps he's a little too used to the encouragement Misty gives him, or is it jsut me that I see that? xD I think Ash wanted her to baby him a bit in that scene. Normally, she's always either encouraging him or criticizing but when Danny showed up, oh boy. xD

    I also recall one more thing that Danny said when he saw Ash and Misty having a small dispute. I think his exact quote was "What's that saying? You hurt the ones you love?" while Misty replied that she would never go for someone younger and immature. Yeah, sure, Misty. xD She always says things in a way that everyone would ahve to interrupt them.

    I think this was a picture from that very episode. I know the second one is definitely one, but I'm unsure about the first. Gaaah, my memory isn't working well, so I'm sorry if it's not the right one. Having a huge album with PS can make me confused. xD Anyways, please correct me if needed. I have to watch that episode again sometime.



    EDIT. Found one more. xD

    Last edited: Nov 9, 2007
  16. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    ah yes, Navel Maneuvers, on of my better memories of PokéShipping, mostly because it's one of the rare episodes where it's actually Ash showing some sort of hint !
    Those kind of eps are pretty rare :(

    yes, Danny and Rudy were used to push this ship so much forward :) And I really liked the fact that both of those two (Danny and Rudy) pretty much knew what was going on between Ash and Misty :p

    edit : nice screenshots, though I myself am not sure whether the first one is from that episode :s
  17. Blazing Charmander

    Blazing Charmander Well-Known Member

    Yep, that first piccie is definitely from that very episode. It's when they're walking and Misty is trying to impress Danny by demoralising Ash. It's soon after this that Danny says "What's that saying? You hurt the ones you love?". I also felt really sorry for Ash when Misty ran to Danny rather than him upon reaching the mountain's summit :(. You could tell he wanted some comfort, but he never got any lmao.

    The episode is simply made of Pokeshipping win.
  18. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~

    I just realized that the third one has Brock. Wow, sorry guys. Wow, what am I on? xDDD

    Now that I think about it, if we had Misty ran towards Ash instead, I bet Ash would probably get overconfident and maybe a little cocky as well? Just an amusing thought. The poor guy wanted Misty's attention. xD

    I was pretty surprised how the Orange Islands gym leaders pretty much could catch Pokeshipping at first sight. It's so funny yet ironic. Now I feel like watching the Orange Islands again. Ther's a bunch of stuff during that season worthy of talking about.

    We pretty much do need a strong episode for Ash's side. There's too little hints from him. The guy sure knows how to close up like a clam when it comes to romance. xD The recent appearance of the Misty fisling lure can come into question, especially how he defended it when dawn wanted it. I'm too sure whether that is counted as a hint, but I do think it's rather a cute moment otherwise, right?
  19. Milotic17

    Milotic17 Well-Known Member

    Goooo Pokeshipping!

    I hope it's OK that I post here. I know I'm new and all. Anyway...

    Debate on when your love for PokéShipping was at the highest, and lowest, and now ?

    I think my love for pokeshipping was at its highest during late Kanto, OI, and early Johto, with its peak being during the second movie, which I just adore. I remember during that time I was always reading fanfiction and visiting the old AAML board (which I believe no longer exists) everyday and things like that.

    Then Johto came and the show got kind of boring and I didn't watch it as often, but I still followed Pokemon and Pokeshipping. Then one day during the summer (I forgot which summer) I saw THAT picture...you know, the one on the official US Pokemon webiste, the one that was leaked with Ash and Brock and May and Max and no Misty. I kind of freaked out and lost hope for Pokeshipping. I stopped watching Pokemon (except for when I knew a shippy episode like GCYL was coming on). Then AG started and I had started high school and I had neither an interest in Pokemon anymore nor the time to follow it because I was so busy with school. That's when my love for and interest in Pokemon and Pokeshipping was at its lowest.

    Then I graduated high school in 2005 and suddenly had all of this time on my hands and thought I would see what was going on with Pokemon. Well, the BF was slated to start soon and Misty was going to make a cameo. Yay! I've been into Pokeshipping and Pokemon again ever since, although I can't say that my obsession with it is quite as strong as it was pre-mid Johto.

    Whoa...sorry to write a novel!

    I agree that Navel Maneuvers and The Ghost of Maiden's Peak are awesome because we get hints from Ash's side. People are always putting down Pokeshipping because they say it's onesided, but they aren't exactly correct. :)
  20. Yoshi-kun

    Yoshi-kun Wandering the Forums

    I think that pic is from the scene where Danny says that he’s always prepared or something like that. And then Misty makes a smart comment about Ash.

    “Want to share my blanket?” No wonder Ash was so depressed. Poor Ash. :p

    My favorite scene was when Ash was climbing up the mountain and Misty called out to Danny to be careful, and Ash let go of the mountain and yelled, “What’s she so worried about him for!” and he was so distacted he fell.

    Most people don’t comment on it, but he was jealous earlier in episode, it went something like this:

    Misty: Oh no, you’ve got all wrong! I would never go for a little kid like him. I go for the mature, intellectual types. runs after Danny

    Ash: She’s the kid not me. Hmff And just who is this guy anyway? sounds annoyed

    Tracey: I think he must be another trainer.

    Ash: Oh yeah, then we’ll see who’ll be the first to win a badge! sounds really PO’ed and competitive

    NOTE: This isn’t exact since I haven’t seen the episode in a while and it’s from memory. And also notice that earlier in the episode Danny said nothing to Ash to get him upset or competitive.

    And that’s why I love Navel Maneuvers so much, because it’s all from Ash’s side. And he was jealous in other episodes too, like A Chansey Operation, and Princess vs. Princess. It’s also why I’m probably one of the few people who prefers this episode to Misty Meets Her Match because we know Misty likes Ash because of the other episodes and the movie. And I know about the scene on the boat, but it’s far easier to see that he was jealous if you see Navel Maneuvers first. Most people dispute that he was jealous of Rudy, but they’ve never been able to explain Danny.

    MistyMix89 I was reading your hint list and noticed that you said that Ash Catches a Pokemon was the only time Misty read the title, but I thought she read the title in The Stun Spore Detour too. ^ ^

    And for those of you in America Cartoon Network is rerunning the Orange Islands every weeknight at 6p.m. est
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