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Hey guys,
I tried searching for this, but I couldn't find anything.

Is there any way to have the Pokesmiles organized by name or Pokedex #?

I also don't think I have all of them.

Trying to put all of my DWF in my sig and I'm having a really hard time finding all of the Pokesmiles to insert (all 10-15 of them).

Thanks so much!

Frosty Zekrom

New Member
Yes,for example if you want a Mew pokesmile,you do ; 151 ; (without spaces) and you do that with any other pokemon you want (phione ; 489 ; without spaces and so on)
Except 5gen pokesmiles,where you do for example : 649 : (again without spaces) for genesect and not ; 649 ; ( : instead of ; )
examples: ;489; for phione :649: for genesect ;151; for mew [I wrote without spaces so it showed the pictures]
I hope that helped!
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