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PokeSpe Shippings

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Yuppirox, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    So I was thinking, "Why don't we have a Thread for this yet?" and lo and behold, here I am making it. It's relatively simple: What ships from the Pokemon Special/Adventures manga do you like/support?

    As for me, my main 'Spe ships consist of: Special, OldRival, MangaQuest, Frantic, Entourage, and Agencyshipping.

    I like other side/minor/obscure ships as well, but I'll leave that for another time.

    REMEMBER, follow the general Shippers' Community rules and show respect to your fellow members and their ships.

    Discuss away!
  2. ☭Secret_Shocker☭

    ☭Secret_Shocker☭ Well-Known Member

    I loved CommonerShipping. Dia and Plat were so cute together. Wished that it was canon, but you never know what Plat's thinking about.
  3. JetshipperKekkaishi

    JetshipperKekkaishi New Chapter

    I do enjoy Specialshipping but I starting to fall in love with Luckyshipping. Commonershipping is awesome too. Dia and Platina look great together. Agencyshipping is cute too. I support it more in BW but I started to like Blackwingshipping (Black x Skyla) Since that chapter with the gym match. As for Green(boy) I support him with Blue and Yellow.
  4. JennaJayfeather

    JennaJayfeather jflkdjkfgjafgaf

    Oh gosh, I like so many shippings. Silver's my shipping bicycle I think. XDD

    I like:

    PreciousMetalShipping (I just love Gold and Silver. Romantic or brotherly, I don't care I love these two xDDDD)
    SpecialJewelShipping (Ever since Silver saved Crys in HG/SS)
    SpecialShipping (It's really cute, I like the idea of Red catching Rattata for her when she was little and rescuing her and stuff. Also her being a girl and he thought she was a boy the whole time XD)
    ViridianShipping (Silver x Yellow) Yeah...since the tag battle in FR/LG
    CommonerShipping (Yeah I love this one too, Dia obviously has a crush on her. X3 Dunno about Platinum though...she might)
    FranticShipping (Somehow I almost forgot about these two O.O; but yes...this one is obvious xD)
    EDIT: Oh yeah I forgot about MangaQuest too. xD; Woops... Gold, Silver and Crystal just need to live together in my eyes. xD
  5. Pokemonpal7

    Pokemonpal7 Jungle Ninja

    I don't know the names of them all, but I know CommonerShipping and FranticShipping are my favourites. I quite like Red x Yellow and Gold x Kris
  6. WinterStarlight

    WinterStarlight Let us eat!

    Lets see. I like:
    Specialshipping- it's really cute how they met when Yellow was little and then again when she grew up. It's also obvious she has a crush on Red.
    Mangapokeshipping- I really like how Misty is always worrying about Red and how she gets jealous at times.
    Franticshipping- Sapphire and Ruby are basically canon already. Again they met when they were just kids and then met up later on. Childhood love...
    Dia x Platinum/ Pearl x Platinum- They are both really cute ships and I really can't decide which I like best
    Mangaquestshipping- I just love how they bicker at times. Gold and Crystal are really adorable together.
    Agencyshipping- One of my absolute favorite shippings ever. They both care for one another. If something happens to White, Black will always be right there for her. White supports and tries to help Black's dream come true. And then there's the train scene :3
    Oldrivalshipping(my OTP)- Don't know why, but I've shipped them since the first day they met. They just look perfect for each other in my eyes. Both Blue(girl) and Green(boy) have showed that they both care for each other. I just love their love-hate relationship!!
  7. Blue Astra

    Blue Astra Icy blue

    My favourite are:

    FerrisWheelShipping - White & N (Ferris Wheel ftw)


    AgencyShipping~ (Black x White)
  8. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    This is called Hyalineshipping; Ferriswheelshipping is Hilda, not White.
  9. Ludger

    Ludger スポック

    FranticShipping : The first canon, and the first shipping i know
    SpecialShipping : I think this is the cutest shipping i know
    AgencyShipping: They are matched
    HaughtyShipping: I think they are really cute
  10. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I like:

    -FranticShipping (Ruby and Sapphire make an interesting pair, IMO)
    -CommonerShipping (love the idea of Dia and Platinum being together)
    -whatever Silver x Green (girl) is called (don't remember the name)

    I used to be totally obsessed with GracefulShipping when I first got interested in Pokespecial. It's still definitely my number one ship for both Wallace and Winona - in fact, I never ship them with anyone else. I'm currently obsessed with shipping a whole ton of Sinnoh characters, so there are many ships with characters from that region that I like.
  11. Princess Raspberyl

    Princess Raspberyl ~Shining One~

    Specialshipping: Because I love Yellow, and I think her crush on him is adorable. :3
    Franticshipping: I think Sapphire and Ruby work well together, and Sapphire is my favorite Pokemon Special character ^_^
    Agencyshipping: While I did ship Ferriswheelshipping in the games, I think this pairing is absolutely adorable! ^_^ Plus I loved the little moment where White calls him handsome, blushes, and than says "How many times did I say his name just now?" ^_^
  12. Sugarhappy

    Sugarhappy Member

    Specialshipping: How can you not like these two!? I love yellow to death :)
    Mangapokeshipping: The pokeshipper in me couldn't help but ship these two, not to mention that she always worries about him
    Franticshipping: it's pretty much canon
    Agencyshipping: black X white forever!!
    Mangaquestshipping: they were cute in the anime and they're cute here XD
  13. Zino

    Zino Ice Cream Truck

    PokeSpecial is strange thing for me. I usually like everything else than "canon" pairings, or the intended main couple. But when it comes to Pokespe, the main couple (especially Dia/Platina) are my favorite ones, and I really like all of the main girl/main boy pairings.

    Okay, actually, I think I like all the shippings besides Oldrival in PokeSpe. Lots of fantastic characters, can't do anything but ship them xD

    But favorites will always be Dia/Platina, Red/Yellow and Blue (girl)/Silver.
  14. Orbis

    Orbis What?

    Yes, a thread that's not outdated!
    Oh well, here we go!

    LuckyShipping: RedxBlue (girl)
    OTP alert! I love this ship, and just the thought of the airhead and the romantic together makes me laugh! Plus, there is EXTREMELY stong evidence for this in my favorite arc, the FRLG arc! OTP!

    MangaQuestShipping: GoldxCrystal
    I really like this! Not as much as LuckyShipping, but still good :3 I think the best shipping fics are for this.

    ViridianShipping: SilverxYellow
    I don't like this as much as everything else, but Silver (THE AWESOMEST CHARACTER IN THIS MANGA) and Yellow (the mary sue of this manga) go well together! I think Yellow's cheeriness would cancel out Silver's... how do I say this... anger issues.

    HaugtyShipping: PearlxLady/Missy/Platinum/Platina/Berlitz
    I've loved this since the start of the DPPt arc. I just think they go so well together X3 Plus, Pearl is my 4th favorite character behind Red, Gold, and Silver.

    I also like whatever LT. Surge x Sabrina is called... MangaRocketShipping? Dunno...
  15. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Yay, other Spe shippers! |D

    I see I'm of the minority who likes to ship Dia Plat and Pearl together as a poly ship, Entourageshipping. I just can't ship two of them without including the other, it feels so wrong considering the trio's special bond.

    YES I'm not the only one who kinda thinks this way! I mean I love Specialshipping to death and all, but I can't help but ship Yellow with other potential guys as well like Green, Lance, and Silver. She's had some really nice interactions with all three of them haha.
  16. Hot Limit

    Hot Limit Well-Known Member

    Ah, finally! I wanted to discuss the Special shippings. I like a lot.

    In no particular order (okay, a bit of an order):

    Haughtyshipping (Pearl/Platinum): my favorite out of all of them. I love their interactions!
    Luckyshipping (Red/Blue-girl): they are hilarious together! I love them! xD They were my very first ship from when I started reading the manga.
    Specialshipping (Red/Yellow): they're very cute together.
    Raltsshipping (Ruby/Wally): okay, so this one is a little weird I suppose, but I don't care! Ever since I read the chapter when they met, I fell in love with them together! Yeah, I like franticshipping too, but not as much as this one! xD
    Commonershipping (Dia/Platinum): just a bit, but not as much as Haughty. Dia has a crush on Platinum, so I don't mind them together.

    :D I haven't read Black and White chapters, so I'm not sure.
    Last edited: May 14, 2012
  17. Xadhoom

    Xadhoom Xerbian Mutant

    JadeShipping, (Blue X Yellow) So very much! OTP!
  18. xEryChan

    xEryChan Ace Trainer Staff Member Moderator

    Lets see..

    Specialshipping: if there ever is one shipping that should become canon in my book, its this one. The hints are just obvious and Yellow clearly has a crush on Red.
    Oldrivalshipping: this one is adorable. You gotta love Green's petnames for her.
    MangaQuestshipping: I just love these two together and honestly, they're perfect for each other.
    Agencyshipping: what can I say about these two? Foe starters, they make an adorable couple and it's so freaking cute how he calls her 'boss' they belong together, IMO.
  19. paul (dragon master)

    paul (dragon master) Awesomely awesome

    For me i will go with these pairings.

    Luckyshipping: the second of the pairings got into, (yes i didn't read the original until i finished reading DPPt) i really like their interactions during the series so far and consider it my OTP of that part of the series.
    Agencyshipping: one of my top pairings, i love how they try to make eachother's dreams come true, the way they interact through the series so far and then there are the obvious hints between the two of them.
    Franticshipping: love how they got off to a rocky start at the beginning of their respective journeys, but it turns out they have known eachother for some time, (oh and it's pretty much canon.)
    Commonershipping: definitly one of my favourite pairings in the series, would like to see more from them later in the future i hope
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2013
  20. Could someone please tell me the names of some of the shippings? I like the shippings but I'm kinda unfamiliar with the names...
    But from reading the comments, I think I can say:
    Sorry, I'm still new to Serebii.
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