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PokeTalk - An Anime Discussion/Interview/Debate Show


L Kickin' the Noise
Ah, I was going to do post this tommorow as I was working on my fanfiction, but my document didn't save it, so I have really nothing else to do. So I'll put this up tonight, and I hope this is in the right section since it is general pokemon anime.

Anyways, I was going to do this with general anime and mix other forums, but I am probably going to be more stable on Serebii than most of my other forums, so I instead am going to do just Pokemon and people at Serebii - at least at the begginning.

So, first - what is PokeTalk? Okay, first I thought podcast, and I tried to hook that up with some others, but sadly, all that went through as most of the comments were 'Sorry, mic broke' or 'Eh, I was supposed to get a mic, but it faltered', so instead I am doing a interview show through AIM (As I am guessing that is the most popular, correct?)

It would basically work with the panelists and such in one chat and we just go through different topics of Pokemon discussion, with questions pm'ed to me answered by some other panelists, which I hope are knowledgeable about the anime with sprinkles of manga and games (Mostly anime, but we may steer off as it is chat and everyone gets off-topic)

This is basically a sign-up thread I guess. I am just seeing if this can go down and work. If it does, more will probably come. If it bombs, it's all cool - just an idea that I wanted to try out.

If you want to participate all you really need is AIM (Or if I see that everyone has MSN, Yahoo or such, I'll get that), DON'T CHATSPEAK in chat; I know, it will be in a chat setting, but I want to post the show and such, I really don't to go through it all and fix all the u's and r's to you and are, don't be totally booked up in the coming days and know that even if the show won't be directly on Serebii that flaming the other panelists for their opinions is wrong and such.

So yeah, if this against the rules or wrong section, TOTALLY SORRY, you can delete/close/move or whatever you need to do. I know it's hard to moderate such a big forum with lots of spam and such going on each day. So, if this is wrong in anyway, total apology from me.
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