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Pokethlon VS Contests

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by dragonbreath, Sep 18, 2009.


Two sidequests walk in, one walks out.

  1. I played HG/SS and Pokethlon gets the gold and silver medals

    435 vote(s)
  2. I played HG/SS and I want my contests back!

    107 vote(s)
  3. I'm waiting for US release, but I can't wait for Pokethlon

    257 vote(s)
  4. I'm waiting for US release, but I play even without contests

    66 vote(s)
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  1. pokedexfiller

    pokedexfiller Unova Trainer

    Pokethlon definitely beats contests! I'm not saying contests aren't good, but the Pokethlon has much more excitement in it.
  2. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    I like pokeathlon a bit more than contests. I beat master rank contest easily, and no one I knew was any good at them. Pokeathlon is no different in that way, but there is more of a reason for it besides the trainer card. I tend to go to Pokeathlon because there is always a reason for it, like winning all medals with an Unown.
  3. gugtup

    gugtup New Member

    I have already beaten all of the normal contests with three pokemon:
    electrode, electrode and electrode
  4. Typhlosion Trainer

    Typhlosion Trainer Fire Trainer

    I would definitely choose the Pokethlon over contests.
  5. darksteel460

    darksteel460 slice and dice

    i liked the contest in RSE alot and the ones in DPPt were pretty good and although i prefer the pokeethelon i kinda miss the contests but i still got my DPt if i ever want to do a contest so its good i like the pokethelon alot
  6. Firebrand

    Firebrand Indomitable

    I have to say pokeathlon all the way. The events are faster, less time consuming and far less repititve or tedious.
  7. mapachatumbili

    mapachatumbili Pokenerd

    Pokethlon no contest (no pun intended).

    1) The pokethlon doesn't require you to feed your pokemon several food items (pokeblock, poffin) in order to get the best rank. You can use them if you like, but its not neccessary (I got into the very last room using no pokejuice at all).

    2) Since the pokethlon is depended on nature and not movesets, its a lot easier to use your travelling party for the events.

    3) Each event is different and actually fun.

    4) There is an incentive to playing the pokethlon. The only reward for doing well in the contests are bragging rights ribbons. The pokethlon gives you points that you can use to buy rare and useful items, like elemental stones (particularly the dusk and dawn stones).
  8. The Benmeister

    The Benmeister Master of Magnet

    Most definitely the Pokethlon...because it's actually fun?

    Also it tests your actual physical usage with the DS, rather than just feeding Pokeblocks as the only way to gain better stats.
  9. Tf5174

    Tf5174 Well-Known Member

    Both were boring tbh.
  10. Pokeathlon is a lot of fun. I got bored of contests very easily but Pokeathlon wants me to keep playing more. :)
  11. crystal uknown A

    crystal uknown A Pokemon Master

    i love pokeathlon
  12. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    I've played it, and while some of the games are really annoying (Lamp Jump, Flag Dealy), overall I'm starting to like it a lot.
  13. Pancakes!

    Pancakes! <- sensual

    I actually enjoyed Gen III contests. For some reason Gen IV contests were boring. So I'd have to say Pokethlon.
  14. rekreatur

    rekreatur Well-Known Member

    I prefer the contests in RSE, they were much better without the dressing up and dance shit. Pokéthlon is alright, but I absolutely hate the football thing.
  15. arceus03

    arceus03 Well-Known Member

    ^Ditto. I never entered a contest in the 4th Gen, but I remember entering up to Master Rank in my Ruby ^^

    Pokeathlon.. Just been to one. Okay, I guess. Better than the 4th Gen contest anyway, imo. And I think making Apri-whatever they're called is easier than baking Puffins.

    And you get Moomoo Milk with Pokeathlon 8D

    I think you only get Ribbons, and nothing else, in contests.
  16. Kaneda

    Kaneda Active Member

    Last edited: Mar 10, 2011
  17. Katipunero

    Katipunero Eye in the Sky

    Pokethlon is way better than contests on my opinion.
  18. Gligari

    Gligari Shiny Hunter

    pokethon is just a more fun and better version of contests. And how many items can you get in a contest versus a pokethon? Most of my item evolution pokemon have evolved from pokethon. And hello pokethon is awsome. especially the jumping category.
  19. Never got into contests, but I'm enjoying the Pokéathlon. Touch screen controls, records to obsess over and the more involved play are all improvements.
  20. flygonabsol99

    flygonabsol99 Well-Known Member

    pokeathlon is awessome!but pennant capture,man its hard
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