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Pokethlon VS Contests

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by dragonbreath, Sep 18, 2009.


Two sidequests walk in, one walks out.

  1. I played HG/SS and Pokethlon gets the gold and silver medals

    435 vote(s)
  2. I played HG/SS and I want my contests back!

    107 vote(s)
  3. I'm waiting for US release, but I can't wait for Pokethlon

    257 vote(s)
  4. I'm waiting for US release, but I play even without contests

    66 vote(s)
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  1. Akaatje01

    Akaatje01 New Member

    I think that Pokéathlon is much more fun then the contests.

    More th8ings to do and to choose from. The contest were just a standard thing I think...
  2. James62

    James62 Rangers lead the way

    I have done both and enjoyed Pokethlon more than contests. So that's why I choose for Pokethlon.
  3. Absol trainer

    Absol trainer Hidden Valley...

    I don't like either of them, but I guess I'm gonna go with the pokéathlon because it requires less preparation then the contests. Really, I don't see the point of either of them, my best guess is that they put them in for some more 'variation' but both of the two are still pretty bad.
  4. Sushich3f

    Sushich3f Munchlax Trainer

    I like Pokeathlon, but I liked the contests a lot more.
  5. Xin...

    Xin... Member

    Pokeathlon is a b**** to play.

    Contests are better than this, stylus-toting, braincell-killing WarioWare wannabe.
  6. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before. Staff Member Moderator

    I'm more of a contest fan in terms of actually being able to do well in them... as for the Pokeathlon... I'm ok with it... just don't get to practice that often...
  7. ParrotX

    ParrotX Loather

    Pokethlon for the win, easy trainer star right thar.
  8. AshMayMistyHikarifan

    AshMayMistyHikarifan Well-Known Member

    I am the Mike Singletary of Pokethelon as I want winners, and I want to win no matter what in Power, Stanima, Skill, Jump, and Speed, I go in with a team and I come out the winner with the team. I want to excel with that team and send that team to hall of fame no matter what in the pain and stress it can cause sometimes. No matter who I take in, I come out the winner.

    I also opened up the Friendship room and have nearly 4000 points!
  9. Dragonite19

    Dragonite19 Dragonite Fan

    I'm personally going to have to go with the Pokethlon. With contests, you do the same thing through all the ranks, but with Pokethlon you have a variety of minigames you can enjoy.
  10. LR2K

    LR2K Member

    The Pokeathlon is everything contests aren't: fun. I view both as escapes from battling, escape from consuming breeding, EV training, and leveling up. At least, that is what I want from both, only to find that contests are the exact same thing, with less strategy and more luck. I can see where people would enjoy them, but I cannot stand them. The Pokeathlon, on the other hand, is pure fun. The games remind me of wholesome times playing the minigames from Pokemon Stadium I and II, such simple yet addicting alternatives to the main purpose of the game.
  11. Allyson


    I loved the Pokethlon! :)
    I never really liked contests, they were boring to me :p
  12. Shaymin*Sky

    Shaymin*Sky New Member

    I agree with lots of the people here. I like the pokeathlon more than contests, because the thing with contests and poffins and all always ticked me off, cause I could never get past Ultra Rank for contests due to poffins.
  13. deoxysdude94

    deoxysdude94 I'm gonna miss my boi Deoxys...

    I feel pokethlon is better in that it's easier to get the star on your trainer card for it, but contests in how fun they were were better.
  14. Camcam

    Camcam Well-Known Member

    I found pokethlon better all around. I could actually win them and I knew what I was doing the whole time. It was also tons of fun to do.
  15. Pokethlon is so much better then pokemon contests.
  16. AshMayMistyHikarifan

    AshMayMistyHikarifan Well-Known Member

    I think I found a trick that has helped me win:

    What you got to do is look at the speed of your Pokemon: If you can bring in 4 or 5 star statted Pokemon, you got a good chance. Also, you got to take a chance and anticipate where the flags are. If you can, and you have not grabbed enough flags, try going back the other way, trying to move fast, and you'll pick up 4 or 5 extra that appear. You got to watch out for the barriers as they do slow you up, I just keep my Pokemon and do square sweeps and I usually get a lot of flags. I also try to smack into the Pokemon as it comes out of the gate and do quick sweeps and bump into Pokes to give them lesser flags, you having 8 makes a big differeence to them finding 6.

    What I do to get all my Pokemon the top medalist:
    For the slow Pokemon, I have it at 3rd place
    I put in my 2 fastest Pokemon
    I try to find 15 to 18 flags in 2 sweeps
    The slower Pokemon, just have it find maybe 4 flags, or even one flag, bring it up, and send out the faster Pokemon for another sweep.

    My findings have varied between 31 to 40 flags. If you can get in the 30s with your flags, you'll either win or come in 2nd.

    Try that, the faster your Pokemon, put them in the top 2 slots.
  17. AshMayMistyHikarifan

    AshMayMistyHikarifan Well-Known Member

    I like the contests, but Pokethlon is way cool! I am the Mike Singletary of Pokethlon as I want winners, I bring in a team and I want to win with that team. My team doesn't rest until we win and until we win impressively and with domination and authority. My team wants to be kings out there. When we go into a contest, I expect we come out the winner.

    Hogan and Susie are tough competitors in that contest!

    I scored 530 on the lamp jump
    My fastest team ran a 89.8
    We can run 17.8 laps
    We can throw 56 snowball
    We can score 11 soccer goals
    We can grab 44 flats
    We score 40 to 50 points in circle
    In Ring Drop, Raichu dominated for 170 points in one round!
  18. ZackZenith!

    ZackZenith! 我们都有一个家,名字叫中国

    Pokethlon is much more interesting. The contests weren't bad, but the events of the Pokethlon have variety and feel much more involved.
  19. MasterDream

    MasterDream Pokemon Professor

    Versus the Contest of Sinnoh, Pokethlon takes the cake. Especially in an environment (college) where you've got loads of people to play with, Pokethlon is extremely enjoyable.

    But I'm partial to the Hoenn Contests. Pokethlon is still better in my opinion, but I enjoyed the Hoenn Contests very much, mostly due to the variation on individual moves and combinations you can make. They removed a lot of the strategy in Sinnoh, which was disappointing in my opinion.
  20. Ho-Roudon

    Ho-Roudon Bug Pokémon Fanatic

    I didn't really care for the contests in RSE/DPPt, they were based on luck too much. Still, I tried them, and I didn't really do very well. I guess I just don't like 'fashion' shows like that, and I wasn't really good at them. But still, they were pretty fun (even though I'm super-competitive and like to win xD).

    To be honest, I didn't really care about the Pokéathlon at all when the games first got released. I just ignored it and went about training/catching/breeding/etc.

    It was only 2 days ago that I discovered the Pokéathlon. One of my friends came back from college for the summer, and after a couple battles (she was no match for my team, heh), she suggested to do the link Pokéathlon. I told her I would, even though I had never done a Pokéathlon in my time playing the game.

    But... oh my god. It is so much fun!

    We had a blast doing the different events, and I found out that I was actually really good at it. I came in 1st place 6 times out of the 8 times we played together (she won the other two), and once she left, I set out to do the regular Pokéathlon for myself.

    I stayed up well into the night that day trying to beat all the previous records for each event, and I finally did it. I now have a shiny gold room dedicated to myself~ I also have 5 teams set up for each event, and I'm currently trying to get all of the medals and awards I can to complete it for good!

    But I have to say, it's really fun. I love all of the events (the Goal Roll is my least favorite, but it's still fun xD), and they're all challenging and awesome! I hope they keep the Pokéathlon in future generations.

    Also, here's my records for each event and my opinions on each if you guys are interested xD

    Hurdle Dash- 89.4 Seconds- I like this one, it's fun and challenging. At first, I didn't like that you had to control all 3 Pokémon at once, but as soon as I got the hang of it, I found it to be quite fun!
    Pennant Capture- 39 Flags- Fast Pokémon are really good for this, and I personally like it (I've heard a lot of negativity about it, which is surprising).
    Circle Push- 51 Points- I didn't get the point of this one at first, but it is pretty challenging. You have to keep an eye on all 3 of your Pokémon, which is a nice challenge.
    Block Smash- 138 Pieces- Haha, I love this one (probably because I break boards all the time in taekwondo, so I can relate), and it's fun to try to break more than 120 boards in the given time.
    Disc Catch- 48 Points- This one is more challenging than it seems, which makes it fun. I usually keep a couple Pokémon in the front and one in the back to catch the maximum amount of discs.
    Lamp Jump- 519 Points- I always make my Pokémon run into each other with this one. xD It is pretty fun, though, and you have to make your Pokémon jump in certain ways to get the maximum amount of points (or you can just jump randomly like I did the first few times XD).
    Relay Run- 17.2 Laps- Relay runs have never been fun to me, but they are now! It's challenging to plot your way through the rocks and barriers on the track, and trying to keep yourself from hitting other Pokémon can be hard. Also, really fast Pokémon get through the track faster, but it makes them more likely to hit an obstacle, I've found.
    Ring Drop- 200 Points- This is my favorite one. I always dominate the ring with my Typhlosion whenever she's out. xD It's kinda like a 4-way sparring match, which I find very appealing.
    Snow Throw- 41 Hits- This one can be challenging, but it's very fun. I find it easier to aim at the teams on the sides rather than the one in front, because I find it easier to get a hit on a Pokémon that way.
    Goal Roll- 5 Points- And the goal roll... I like this one, but it's very challenging. I keep at least one Pokémon by my goal at all times, and try to get as many goals as I can within the first few turns, then I go back to guarding my goal so nothing else can get in. xD

    Whee, long post. XD I think you can tell I love the Pokéathlon, and if they don't include it in future games, I will be very sad. It's the perfect mix of fun, games, and challenges, which I personally adore. I love a good challenge, and the thought of winning said challenge makes it even better!

    Haha, now I'm rambling. If you read all of that... you either have no life or are incredibly awesome. Kudos to you~ xD
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