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Polio's Fabulous Trade Shop


I <3 Venezia


2) No hacks: I will not offer or accept them. If I trade you one without realizing you will get a tradeback, and I expect the same courtesy. *RNG'd are fine
3) I clone, dip if you don't like it.
4)I trade my regular shinies for flawless shinies or events. (Will give multiple regular shinies for one flawless shiny)
I trade my events for other events or flawless shinies.
I trade my flawless shinies for flawless shinies.
5) I only want UT or EV Trained Pokemon, without nicknames. I will cancel trades/ask for a tradeback if I see a pokemon is nicknamed or touched.
6) If you ask for pokemon then tell me to check your trade shop, I will be slower in replying to you, because I am almost always on my phone and it makes it too dang hard to do. So I'd PREFER direct offers without any links.
7) Free item with every trade! Feel free to request an attached item for your pokemon. ^^ (One item per pokemon)

Looking for:

Any Flawless shinies

Dreamworld Shinies: I already have DW Dratini, Vulpix, Gligar, Magikarp, Slowpoke, Growlithe, Mareep, Poliwag, Carvanha, Eevee, Tangela, Psyduck, Swablu, Lapras, Murkrow, Wooper, Ledyba, Tropius; some of these are for trade below

I offer 2-3 Pokemon for anyone who can RNG me one of these: (1-2 Pokemon if it's not nicknameable)
Shiny Flawless DW Spinarak: UT, Adamant (w/ Night Slash) (WHEN RELEASED)

Shiny Flawless Weedle:
Naive (Male, Nicknamed Archer) (Re-added to want list due to lack of response from RNGer)

Shiny Flawless DW Nidoran (Female):

Shiny Flawless Cleffa: Modest (w/ Wish) (w/ Magic Guard) (Nicknamed Kitten)

Shiny Flawless Cleffa: Calm (w/ Trick, Wish) (w/ Magic Guard) (Nicknamed Puppy)

Shiny Flawless Rayquaza: Hasty/Naive (Nicknamed Ozzy)

Shiny Near-Flawless Mareep:
Modest (w/ either HP Ice 70, or HP Water 70) (Male, nicknamed Fleance)

Shiny Flawless Lotad: Modest (w/ Swift Swim) (Male, nicknamed Miror)

Shiny Flawless Wailmer: Quiet (w/ Water Veil) (Male, nickname pending)

Shiny Flawless Spinda: Adamant (w/ Fake Out) (w/ Own Tempo) (Male, nicknamed Trippy)

Shiny Flawless Chimecho: Bold (w/ Hypnosis) (Female, nickname pending)

Shiny Flawless Lileep:
Careful (w/ Curse, Recover) (Female, nicknamed Anning)

Shiny Flawless Paras: Adamant (w/ Pursuit) (w/ Dry Skin ability) (Male, nickname pending) (Must be RNG'd on fourth gen and traded to my fourth gen game)

(RNG Pending, thank you WhiteWisper <3) Shiny Flawless Tailow: Jolly (w/ Brave Bird)

(RNG Pending, thank you WhiteWisper <3) Shiny Flawless Skitty: Adamant (w/ Sucker Punch) (w/ Cute Charm)

(RNG Pending, thank you WhiteWisper <3) Shiny Flawless Electrike: Timid (w/ Lightningrod)

(RNG Pending) Shiny Flawless Pichu: Adamant (w/ Volt Tackle, Encore) (Must be in fourth gen, and transferred to my fourth gen game)

(Trade pending) Shiny Flawless Marill: Adamant (w/ Huge Power ability, egg moves: Aqua Jet, Superpower)

(RNG Pending, thank you WhiteWisper <3) Shiny Flawless Cleffa: Adamant (w/ Wish) (w/ Magic Guard) (Nicknamed Bunny)

(RNG PENDING: thank you noniza <3) Shiny Flawless Hoppip: UT, Jolly (w/ Encore) (w/Chlorophyll)

New Additions!

Carlita’s Hydreigon: UT, Timid
Janta’s Golurk: UT, Brave
All Nippon Airways Darkrai: UT, Impish
Pokémon Smash! Zoroark: UT, Quirky
Satoshi’s Scraggy: UT, Adamant
Flawless Shiny Mewtwo: UT, Modest
Shiny Flawless Magmar: UT, Timid
Shiny Flawless Mareep: UT, Modest
Shiny Flawless Seviper: UT, Adamant (w/ Sucker Punch, Aqua Tail)
Shiny Flawless Ponyta: UT, Jolly
Shiny Flawless Ekans: UT, Adamant
Shiny Flawless Natu: UT, Modest
Shiny Flawless Meowth: UT, Jolly (w/ Hypnosis) (w/ Technician)
Shiny Flawless Machop: UT, Adamant (w/ Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Bullet Punch)

HEY GUESS WHAT. I'm going on Vacation tomorrow. Any trades not completed today will have to wait until the 13th of July-ish. When I come home.


Flawless IV shinies:
Dreamworld Shinies
Flawless Shiny DREAMWORLD Dratini: UT, Jolly (w/ Extremespeed)
Flawless Shiny DREAMWORLD Gligar: UT, Impish (w/ Agility, Baton Pass, Double-Edge, Poison Tail)
Flawless Shiny DREAMWORLD Vulpix: UT, Timid (w/ Hypnosis)
Near-Flawless Shiny DREAMWORLD Vulpix: UT, Timid (w/ HP Ice 70)
Flawless Shiny DREAMWORLD Poliwag: UT, Calm (w/ Encore, Ice Ball)
Flawless Shiny DREAMWORLD Carvanha: UT, Mild
Flawless Shiny DREAMWORLD Eevee: UT, Timid (w/ Wish, Yawn, Stored Power)
Flawless Shiny DREAMWORLD Tropius: UT, Calm (w/ Synthesis, Leech Seed)
(Only in exchange for other DW Shinies)
Charmander: UT, Jolly
Growlithe: UT, Jolly (w/ Close Combat, Flare Blitz)
Snorlax: UT, Impish
Shellder: UT, Impish (w/ Rock Blast, Rapid Spin) (w/ Skill Link)
Porygon: UT, Timid
Kabuto: UT, Adamant (w/ Rapid Spin)
Aerodactyl: UT, Jolly (w/ Pursuit)
Horsea: UT, Mild (w/ Swift Swim)
Lapras: UT, Modest (w/ Shock Wave)
Staryu: UT, Timid
Horsea: UT, Adamant (w/ Outrage)
Magmar: UT, Timid
Ponyta: UT, Jolly
Ekans: UT, Adamant
Meowth: UT, Jolly (w/ Hypnosis) (w/ Technician)
Machop: UT, Adamant (w/ Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Bullet Punch)
Alakazam: Ev trained in Special Attack, Speed, Timid
Cyndaquil: UT, Timid (levelled to 15 in Day care)
Totodile: UT, Adamant (w/ Aqua Jet)
Elekid: UT, Adamant (w/ Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Cross Chop)
Larvitar: UT, Jolly (w/ Dragon Dance, Outrage)
Togepi: UT, Modest (w/ Nasty Plot)
Sneasel: UT, Jolly
Houndour: UT, Sassy
Houndour: UT, Rash
Smeargle: UT, Jolly
Dunsparce: UT, Adamant (w/ Magic Coat, Rock Slide, Curse)
Girafarig: UT, Timid (w/ Magic Coat, Wish)
Pichu: UT, Timid (w/ Charm, Encore)
Mareep: UT, Modest
Natu: UT, Modest
Treecko: UT, Jolly
Mudkip: UT, Adamant (w/ Yawn)
Mudkip: UT, Relaxed (w/ Curse)
Sableye: UT, Modest
Shroomish: UT, Docile (w/ Seed Bomb)
Zangoose: UT, Rash
Beldum: UT, Adamant
Bagon: UT, Adamant (w/ Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump)
Absol: UT, Adamant (w/ Zen Heatbutt, Megahorn)
Trapinch: UT, Jolly
Aron: UT, Adamant (w/Head Smash, Iron Head)
Duskull: UT, Impish (w/ Pain Split)
Milotic: UT, Calm
Relicanth: UT, Adamant
Snorunt: UT, Timid (Female)
Numel: UT, Adamant (w/ Simple) (w/ Yawn, Heat Wave, AncientPower, Mud Bomb)
Mawile: UT, Careful (w/ Sucker Punch, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, AncientPower)
Baltoy: UT, Modest
Seviper: UT, Adamant (w/ Sucker Punch, Aqua Tail)

Turtwig: UT, Adamant
Piplup: UT, Quiet
Starly: UT, Adamant
Spiritomb: UT, Adamant (w/ Pain Split, Shadow Sneak)
Gible: UT, Jolly (w/ Outrage, Earthquake, Iron Head)
Skorupi: UT, Impish (w/ Night Slash)
Shinx: UT, Adamant (w/ Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang)
Riolu: UT, Jolly (w/ Hi Jump Kick, Crunch)
Buizel: UT, Jolly (w/ Ice Punch)
Chatot: UT, Modest (w/ Nasty Plot)
Drifloon: UT, Timid
Happiny: UT, Bold (w/ Aromatherapy)
Rotom: UT, Timid
Croagunk: UT, Adamant (w/ Ice Punch, Gunk Shot, ThunderPunch, Sucker Punch)
Mantyke: UT, Modest (w/ Hydro Pump, Mirror Coat)
Buneary: UT, Jolly (w/ Fake Out, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Switcheroo) (w/ Run Away)
Empoleon: EV trained, Modest (w/ Stealth Rock)
Snivy: UT, Timid (w/ Glare)
Tepig: UT, Adamant (w/ Curse, Superpower)
Oshawott: UT, Adamant (w/ Night slash, air slash)
Pidove: UT, Jolly (Japanese)
Sigilyph: UT, Calm (/w Stored Power, Psycho shift, Roost)
Darumaka: UT, Adamant
Mienfoo: UT, Hasty
Venipede: UT, Jolly (w/ Toxic Spikes, Spikes)
Zorua: UT, Naive
Tynamo: Level 2, Naughty
Archen: UT, Jolly
Solosis: UT, Bold (w/ Magic Guard)
Rufflet: UT, Adamant (w/ Sheer Force) (Flawless except for special attack)
Sandile: UT, Jolly (w/Thunder Fang and Fire Fang)
Axew: UT, Jolly (w/ Night Slash, and Rivalry ability)
Cubchoo: UT, Jolly (w/ Ice Punch, Night Slash)
Deino: UT, Modest (w/ Dark Pulse)
Bouffalant: UT, Adamant
Ferroseed: UT, Brave (w/ Spikes, Leech Seed, Stealth Rock)
Karrablast: UT, Adamant (w/ Megahorn, Bug Bite)
Roggenrola: UT, Adamant (w/ Curse) (Japanese)
Scraggy: UT, Adamant (Dragon Dance, Ice Punch, Drain Punch)
Drilbur: UT, Adamant (w/ Crush Claw, Earth Power)
Tirtouga: UT, Adamant
Minccino: UT, Jolly (Japanese)
Timburr: UT, Brave (w/ Drain Punch, Mach Punch) (0 Speed IVs)
Frillish: UT, Calm (w/ Pain Split, Recover) (Male)
Petilil: UT, Modest
Cottonee: UT, Careful
Gothita: UT, Timid (w/ Mirror Coat, Dark Pulse)
Darumaka: UT, Jolly (w/ Sleep Talk)
Dwebble: UT, Careful
Axew: UT, Jolly (w/ Mold Breaker)
Deerling: UT, Jolly (w/ Synthesis, Sleep Talk, GrassWhistle)
Pansage: UT, Hasty
Sewaddle: UT, Jolly
Blitzle: UT, Timid
Elygem: UT, Modest
Flawless Shiny Legendaries
Moltres: UT, Modest
Zapdos: UT, Modest
Articuno: UT, Modest
Mewtwo: UT, Modest
Lugia: UT, Timid
Suicune: (GAMESTP shiny event) UT, Relaxed
Kyogre: UT, Timid
Groudon: EV trained, Adamant (4 HP/ 252 Attack/ 252 Speed)
Latios: UT, Modest
Regice: UT, Calm
Registeel: UT, Sassy
Deoxys: EV trained, Jolly
Palkia: UT, Timid
Dialga: UT, Modest
Shaymin: UT, Timid
Giratina: UT, Timid
Darkrai: EV trained, Timid
Azelf: UT, Timid
Cobalion: UT, Jolly (Flawless save for special attack)
Terrakion: EV Trained, Jolly (4 HP/252 Attack/252 Speed)
Terrakion: UT, Adamant (Japanese)
Verizion: UT, Jolly
Landorus: UT, Jolly
Thundurus: UT, Timid
NON-SHINY Zekrom: EV trained in ATK, SPEED, Jolly
NON-SHINY Victini: (Movie 14 event) UT, Jolly

Near Flawless Shinies:
Chikorita: UT, Bold (29/14/24/31/31/31) (w/ Leech Seed, Ancient Power)
Litwick: UT, Timid (31/5/29-31/30/30/31)
Mienfoo: UT, Naive (w/ HP Ice 70, Egg moves Knock Off +Baton Pass)
Larvesta: UT, Timid (31/30/30/31/31/31) (w/ Morning Sun)
Yamask: UT, Modest (31/31/31/31/31/30) (w/ Nasty Plot - HP Ice)
Golett: UT, Adamant (31/31/23/31/26/31) (w/ Iron Fist)
Articuno: UT, Timid (31/30/30/30/30/30)
Kyurem: UT, Timid 31/0/30/30/30/30 (w/ HP: Fire)
NON-SHINY Jirachi: (Gamestop Event) UT, Timid (w/ Wish, Draco Meteor)


Charmander: UT, Bold
Bulbasaur: UT, Brave
Squirtle: UT,
Scyther: UT, Serious. (French, name INSECATEUR)
Zubat: UT, Docile
Dratini: UT, Jolly
Hypno: T, Bashful
Ninetales: T, Quirky
Zubat: UT, Docile
Gyarados: UT, Quiet (Japanese)
Pidgeot: EVs reset, Brave
Golem: UT, Sassy
Venonat: UT, Docile (NN: Lucky)
Seaking: BT, Impish
Raticate: UT, Relaxed
Vaporeon: UT, Gentle (NN: Desu)
Tentacool: UT, Naive
Kabuto: UT, Jolly
Bellsprout: UT, Bold
Eevee: UT, Lonely (Japanese)
Golduck: T, Bashful
Steelix: UT, Naive
Lapras: T, Hasty
Gastly: UT, Impish
Clefairy: BT, Brave
Granbull: T, Lonely
Staryu: UT, Timid
Arbok: T, Bashful
Gloom: UT, Quirky
Aerodactyl: UT, Calm/ T, Naive
Gloom: UT, Quirky
Girafarig: UT, Careful
Tauros: UT, Naughty
Cloyster: UT, Bashful (Japanese)
Dragonite: T, Hardy
Growlithe: UT, Hasty
Poliwhirl: UT, Mild
Totodile: Ev trained, Sassy
Meganium: T, Lax
Cyndaquil: UT, Hasty
Sneasel: EV-trained in attack and speed, Naughty
Heracross: T, Sassy
Smeargle: T, Timid (NN:Gold) (Appears to have been levelled with rare candies)
Skarmory: UT, Adamant (NN: AIRMURE) (31 Speed IVs)
Ledian: UT, Bashful
Tyrogue: UT, Adamant
Larvitar: UT, Adamant (NN: Libya)
Espeon: UT, Quirky/ T, Brave (Both Japanese)
Scizor: T, Timid
Donphan: Ev trained 252ATK and 84SPEED
Pichu: UT, Modest
Blissey Naive, Appears to have been levelled only with Rare candies
Miltank: T, Bashful
Yanma: UT, Adamant
Shuckle: UT, Serious (NN: Wiggles)[/spoil]
Treecko: UT, Brave
Mudkip: UT, Careful
Torchic: UT, Adamant
Cacturne: UT, Naive
Claydol: UT, Lax
Duskull: UT, Docile (NN: Reaper)
Sableye: UT, Modest
Meditite: UT, Sassy
Beldum: UT, Calm
Lunatone: UT,
Lotad: T, Modest
Wailord: UT, Bold
Castform: UT, Mild
Cacturne: UT, Naive
Dustox: T, Quirky
Trapinch: UT, Impish
Hariyama: UT, Naive
Ninjask: T, Lax
Milotic: UT, Timid (VGC09 event)/ T, Lax
Zangoose: UT, Adamant
Aron: BT, Rash
Altaria: UT, Hardy
Roselia: UT, Rash (NN: Black Rose)
Chimecho: T, Serious
Chimchar: UT, Adamant
Turtwig: UT, Brave
Infernape: EV trained in Special Attack and Speed, Modest; Flamethrower, Grass Knot, Taunt, Focus Blast
Gliscor: EV trained in Defense and HP, Rash; Baton Pass, Rock Polish, Swords Dance, Taunt
Gible: EV trained in Attack and Speed w/Outrage, Serious (Only for EV trained shinies or other good offers)
Gastrodon: UT, Gentle
Mothim: T, Impish
Rhyperior: T, Brave
Shinx: BT, Impish
Skorupi: UT, Lax
Roserade: T, Timid (Japanese)
Lucario: T, Rash
Buneary: UT, Bold
Rotom: UT, Rash
Combee: UT, Lax (Female)
Magmortar: T, Bashful (NN: Destructo)
Drifloon: UT, Gentle
Pachirisu: T, Sassy (NN: Pearl)
Bibarel: UT, Mild
Riolu: UT, Modest
Tepig, UT, Docile
Snivy: UT, Docile
Oshawott: UT, Timid
Sandile: UT, Naive
Archen: UT, Timid
Tirtouga: UT, Bold
Heatmor: UT, Calm
Braviary: T, Mild (Japanese)
Litwick: UT, Relaxed (NN: Flicker)
Axew: UT, Adamant (31 Attack IVs)
Deino: UT, Bashful, with Dark Pulse
Darumaka UT, Brave
Audino: UT, Hardy (Japanese)
Venipede: UT, Adamant
Zorua, UT, Gentle
Pidove: UT, Gentle (female)
Zoroark: T, Calm
Woobat: UT, Bashful
Volcarona: UT, Bold (NN: URUGAMOSU)
Serperior: T, Lonely
Sigilyph: UT, Adamant
Shelmet UT, Calm
Karrablast: UT, Serious
Ferroseed: UT, Lax
Garbodor: UT, Lax
Solosis: UT, Calm (w/ overcoat)
Joltik: UT, Bashful
Golett: BT, Bold
Druddigon: T, Serious
Krookodile: T, Bashful
Scraggy: T, Brave
Mienshao: UT, Brave w/ regenerator
Sewaddle: UT, Brave
Rufflet: UT, Hasty
Liepard: UT, Careful
Vanillish: UT, Sassy
Dwebble: BT, Lax
Sawsbuck: T, Timid
Tympole: UT, Calm
Whimsicott: UT, Hardy (w/Prankster)
Petilil: UT, Lax (NN: Alice)
Cofagrigus: UT, Sassy (NN: Grimm)
Deerling: UT, Adamant
Pansear: UT, Jolly (Japanese)
Ducklett: UT, Gentle
Larvesta: UT, Bashful
Minccino: T
Maractus: UT, Hasty
Durant: UT
Blitzle: UT, Lax
Tynamo: UT, Quiet
Munna: T, Impish[/spoil]
Shiny Legendaries
Moltres: T, Jolly
Ho-oh: T, Impish
Manaphy: UT, Calm
Lugia: T, Jolly
Latios: T, Bold (NN: HYDRYU)
Dialga: T
Palkia: T, Relaxed
Deoxys: T, Impish
Cresselia: UT, Lax
Rayquaza: EVs reset, Careful
Mew: EVs reset, Timid/ UT, Calm (Japanese)
Latias: T, Naughty (Japanese)
Shaymin: UT, Hasty (31 HP IVs)
Kyogre EVs reduced, Modest
Giratina: UT, Careful
Verizion: BT, Jolly
Registeel: UT, Bold
Regirock: T, Rash (NN: Flintman)
Regice: UT, Serious
Heatran: T, Jolly
Suicune: UT, Relaxed
Entei: UT, Adamant
Darkrai: T, Sassy
Jirachi: UT, Hasty
Raikou: UT, Rash
Landorus: UT, Naive

Dream World Events:

Dreamworld Charmander: UT, Modest
Dreamworld Squirtle: UT, Bold
Dreamworld Torchic: UT, Adamant (NEAR FLAWLESS)
Dreamworld Mudkip: UT, Adamant
Dreamworld Chimchar: UT, Jolly
Dreamworld Piplup: UT, Modest
Dreamworld Vaporeon: UT, Modest (English)
Dreamworld Flareon: UT, Jolly (English)
Dreamworld Jolteon: UT, Modest (English)
Dreamworld Espeon: UT, Hasty (English)
Dreamworld Umbreon: UT, Calm (English)
Dreamworld Umbreon: UT, Careful (Japanese)
Dreamworld Leafeon: UT, Adamant (English)
Dreamworld Glaceon: UT, Mild (English)
Dreamworld Glaceon: UT, Brave (Japanese)
Dreamworld Croagunk: UT, Timid
Dreamworld Mamoswine: UT, Jolly
Dreamworld Birthday Togekiss: UT, Modest
Dreamworld Arceus: UT, Naughty (OT: Mat)

Event Pokemon:
Carlita’s Hydreigon: UT, Timid
Janta’s Golurk: UT, Brave
All Nippon Airways Darkrai: UT, Impish
Pokémon Smash! Zoroark: UT, Quirky
PCNYc Flygon – Lax
PCNYc Kingdra – Bashful
PCNYb Wailord – Naive
PCNYc Absol – Careful
PCNYc Aggron - Careful
10 ANIV Celebi: UT, Modest
10 ANIV Pikachu: UT, Brave
10 ANIV Umbreon: UT, Sassy
10 ANIV Absol: UT, Sassy
10 ANIV Tyranitar: UT, Impish
10 ANIV Charizard: UT, Sassy
10 ANIV Articuno: UT, Lonely
Saikyou Salamence: UT, Naughty
Saikyou Milotic: UT, Bold
Saikyou Dragonite: UT, Mild
Saikyou Magmortar: UT, Hardy
Saikyou Electivire: UT, Serious
Pokesmash Cubchoo: UT, Bold
Trade for Evolution! Karrablast: UT, Lax
PKTOPIA Electivire: UT, Adamant
PKTOPIA Magmortar: UT, Modest
TRU Shaymin: UT, Modest
Goon’s Scizor: UT, Adamant
MYSTRY Mew: UT, Rash
Hayley’s Mew: UT, Lonely
Aura Mew: UT, Lonely
Kyle’s Riolu: UT, Serious
Shiny WISHMAKR Jirachi: UT, Hasty
Shiny Pokepark Mew: UT, Quirky
Shiny GAMESTP Suicune: UT, Relaxed
Shiny WIN2011 Raikou: UT, Rash
Shiny GAMESTP Entei: UT, Adamant
Satoshi’s Scraggy: UT, Adamant
Ash’s Pikachu: UT, Naughty (Japanese)
Onemuri (Sleeping) Pikachu: UT, Relaxed
PALCITY Lucario: UT, Modest
FAL2010 Mew: UT,
World 08 Lucario: UT, Adamant
World09 Weavile: UT, Jolly
World 10 Crobat: UT, Timid
WC Shiny Eevee: UT, Hardy
GAMESTP shiny Pichu: UT,
ALAMOS Darkrai: UT, Brave
ANA Darkrai: UT, Docile
Ranger Manaphy: UT, Calm (Shiny)
TRU Dragonite: UT, Mild
Gamestop Deoxys: UT, Hasty
Jeremy Gengar: UT, Hardy
Jeremy Machamp: UT, Quiet
Jeremy Staryu: UT, Timid
Jeremy Vulpix: UT, Quirky
Jeremy Psyduck: UT, Lax
Jeremy Growlithe: UT, Quiet
Ruby Zigzagoon: UT, Hardy
Saphire Zigzagoon: UT, Naughty
Birthday Charmander: UT, Naughty
Birthday Chimchar: UT, Mild
Movie 14 Victini: UT, Jolly


Absorb Bulb
Air Balloon
Binding Band
Call Battery
Choice Band
Choice Scarf
Choice Specs
Dragon Scale
Dubious Disc
Eject Button
Flame Orb
Float Stone
Focus Band
Focus Sash
Iron Ball
King’s Rock
Life Orb
Light Ball
Metal Coat
Muscle Band
Power Anklet
Power Band
Power Belt
Power Bracer
Power Herb
Power Lens
Power Weight
Reaper Cloth
Red Card
Scope Lens
Toxic Orb
Wide Lens
Wise Glasses
Evolution Stones
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D= To think, no one has posted yet!!! Put the link in your sig! >_> So you're interested in my shiny houndour and darumaka? I'd like your shiny flawless Shellder(w/ rock blast) and your DW Croagunk. :3


New Member
Offering(UT unless stated)

Shiny DW Impish Gligar 31/31/31/x/31/31
Shiny DW Bold Poliwag near flawless + HP Electric
Shiny DW Timid Eeevee near flawless w/ wish+yawn 31/x/31/31/31/31 + HP Dragon
Shiny DW Gentle Eevee Flawless
Shiny Timid Volcarona near flawless 252 sp.atk / 252 Sp / 4 hp + HP Ice
Shiny Adamant Tyranitar Flawless 255 atk /255 speed
Shiny Adamant Scizor Flawless EV'd w/ Roost
Shiny Adamant Staraptor Flawless EV'd
Shiny Excadrill Flawless sand force EV'd
Shiny Sassy Latios Flawless
Shiny Timid Azelf Flawless w/ pokerus
Shiny Jolly Deerling 31/24/31/31/30/31 (NN'd)
Shiny Timid Thunderus near flawless + HP Ice
Shiny Shelmet near flawless w/ endure/encore/yawn/baton pass + hp Ice
Shiny Timid Deino near flawless w/ dark pulse/screech + hp ground
Shiny Timid Litwick near flawless + HP Ground

many more, this is just a sample.
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Dragon Master Traine
I am looking for;

PCNY Altaria (English Version) UT
PCNY Kingdra (English Version) UT

do u got either of these pokemon?


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Hi, would you trade a shiny DW Carvanaha for your DW Chimchar and DW Pipulp?


I <3 Venezia
@MufinskullzFTW: Lol I wasn't on since May so if people did post they woulda been waiting. P: And sure, dealio.

@Afwan: I don't like being linked to trade shops. Please send me direct offers.

@DarkStar66: Interested in the DW Timid Eevee and Litwick, but can I know its IVs? Please pick any two pokemon off my list for the Eevee.

@Razor_Claw99: Nope.

@JinMo92: Just edited my shop list, and I added that I have one. Sorry.

@TheBluePorygon: Just edited my shop and everything. Got one already.

@ZottenDim: Dealio. c: I'll PM you.


포켓몬사랑 - Pokemon Love
I want these Pokemon:
DW Birthday Togekiss: UT, Modest
DW Chimchar: UT, Jolly
DW Croagunk: UT, Timid
DW Mamoswine: UT, Jolly
DW Squirtle: UT, Bold
DW Treecko: UT, Timid (FLAWLESS)
DW Mudkip: UT, Adamant
DW Piplup: UT, Modest
DW Umbreon: UT, Careful
DW Glaceon: UT, Brave
DW Flareon: UT, Adamant (OT Mat)
DW Bulbasaur: UT, Careful (OT Mat)
Shiny Pokepark Mew: UT, Quirky

I can offer these Pokemon:
Victini and the White Hero: Reshiram/Black Hero: Zekrom Event Victini | Lvl: 100 (Touched) | Naive - Credit: jmmL
Snarl Event Zoroark | Lvl: 50 | Quirky
Event Cubchoo | Lvl: 15 | Mild
ANA Darkrai | Lvl: 50 | Docile - Credit: Fissurous (SPPf)
Nagashino Spa Land Axew | Lvl: 10 | Serious - Credit: Vest (SPPf)
TRU Egg Cilan's Pansage (Unhatched) | Lvl: 0 | Brave --> Circle Mark to Confirm - Credit: KiwiDude (SPPf)
TRU Egg Iris' Axew (Unhatched) | Lvl: 0 | Naive --> Triangle Mark to Confirm - Credit: KiwiDude (SPPf)
TRU Egg Ash's Pidove (Unhatched) | Lvl: 0 | Hardy --> Square Mark to Confirm - Credit: KiwiDude (SPPf)
Liberty Garden Victini | Lvl: 15 | Quirky - Credit: Twiggy
Castelia City Zorua | Lvl: 10 | Bashful
Lostlorn Forest Zoroark | Lvl: 25 | Quiet
Treasure Hunter Larvesta Egg | Lvl: 0 | Quiet
N's Castle Reshiram | Lvl: 50 | Timid
N's Castle Zekrom | Lvl: 50 | Quiet
Toys 'R' Us Regigigas | Lvl: 100 | Quirky
Alamos Darkrai | Lvl: 50 | Naive
Toys 'R' Us Shaymin | Lvl: 50 | Impish
Toys 'R' Us Arceus/Eigakan Arceus | Lvls: 100, 100 | Hardy, Lax
Gamestp Jirachi | Lvl: 5 | Naive
Gamestp Raikou/Movie 10 Raikou | Lvls: 100 (Touched), 30 | Rash - Credit: Shayminskyforme88
Gamestp Entei/Movie 10 Entei | Lvls: 100 (Touched), 30 | Adamant - Credit: Shayminskyforme88
Gamestp Suicune/Movie 10 Suicune | Lvls: 100 (Touched), 30 | Relaxed - Credit: Shayminskyforme88
WIN2011 Celebi | Lvl: 50 | Lonely - Credit: Shayminskyforme88
Gamestp Pikachu-colored Pichu/Shokotan Pichu | Lvls: 30, 30 | Jolly
SPR2011 Mew | Lvl: 100 (Touched) | Lonely
Ash's Pikachu | Lvl: 50 | Naughty - Credit: Twiggy
Toys 'R' Us Dragonite | Lvl: 50 | Mild - Credit: Twiggy
Mystery Mew | Lvl: 10 | Rash - Credit: Twiggy
Goon's Scizor | Lvl: 50 | Adamant - Credit: Twiggy
Saikyou Salamence | Lvl: 50 | Naughty - Credit: Twiggy
Gamestp Deoxys | Lvl: 50 | Naive - Credit: Ju-da-su
Space Center Deoxys | Lvl: 70 | Relaxed - Credit: Rin
Shiny Relic Castle Volcarona | Lvl 70 | Rash
Shiny Roaming Thundurus | Lvl 40 | Hasty
Shiny Roaming Tornadus | Lvl 40 | Lonely
Shiny Guidance Chamber Cobalion | Lvl 42 | Hardy
Shiny Trial Chamber Terrakion | Lvl 42 | Bashful
Shiny Rumination Field Virizion | Lvl 42 | Gentle
Shiny Abundant Shrine Landorus | Lvl 70 | Rash
Shiny Giant Chasm Kyurem | Lvl 75 | Naughty
Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Giratina | Lvl 1 | Timid
Shiny Seafoam Islands Articuno | Lvl 50 | Jolly
Shiny Power Plant Zapdos | Lvl 50 | Sassy
Shiny Mount Silver Moltres | Lvl 50 | Brave
Shiny Roaming Latias | Lvl 40 | Relaxed
Shiny Fateful Encounter Southern Island Latios | Lvl 50 | Naive
Shiny Desert Ruins Regirock | Lvl 40 | Quiet
Shiny Island Cave Regice | Lvl 40 | Timid
Shiny Ancient Tomb Registeel | Lvl 40 | Rash
Shiny Marine Cave Kyogre | Lvl 70 | Bashful
Shiny Terra Cave Groudon | Lvl 70 | Timid
Shiny Sky Pillar Rayquaza | Lvl 70 | Brave
Shiny Bell Tower Ho-Oh | Lvl 45 | Sassy
Shiny Whirl Islands Lugia | Lvl 70 | Quiet
Shiny Wishmaker Jirachi | Lvl 5 | Docile - Credit: Dakilla455 (SPPf)
Shiny Fateful Encounter Birth Island Deoxys | Lvl 30 | Quiet
Shiny Fateful Encounter Navel Rock Lugia | Lvl 70 | Relaxed
Shiny Fateful Encounter Navel Rock Ho-Oh | Lvl 70 | Hasty

They are not hacked one bit, and shinies are obtained by soft-reset.


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Polio check my shop maybe a shiny flawless darkrai and flawless DW porygon for flawless ferroseed and pokepark mew


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CMT for

Gloom: UT, Quirky
Dustox: T, Quirky
Wailord: UT, Bold
Castform: UT, Mild
Chimecho: T, Serious
DW Squirtle: UT, Bold

I have all of the DW Eeveelutions and lots more stuff in my thread!


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@Regiultima: Don't like checking shops. Please c/p a list of your flawless shinies, events, and such in a spoiler here.

@Ex_Hollowman: Pick any four off that want list. I would like your Nagashino Axew and your TRU events.

@Porygon: I don't like checking shops. But I'll give you the shiny pokepark Mew for the DW Porygon.

@Palkiacatcher: It's hard to check shops on my phone. Can you please c/p an offer list in a spoiler and stick it here?
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Straight outta my shop!

Shiny Pokemon

Shiny EV'd/Regular EV'd Pokemon!
For these, I want other Shiny EV'd Pokes.

OT:Jim ID:42521
Ability:Shell Armor
IVs: 31/31/31/24/31/31
EVs: 248 hp/ 24 atk/ 236 SpD
Swords Dance
Iron Head

Durant (NN:THEM!)
OT: Jim ID: 42521
IVs: 31/31/31/1/31/31
EVs: 252 atk/ 4 def/ 252 speed
Hone claws
Stone Edge
Thunder Fang

OT: Jim ID: 42521
IVs: 31/31/31/29/31/31
EVs: 104 hp/ 252 atk/ 152 speed
Swords Dance
Leaf Blade
Shadow Claw

OT:Jim ID:42521
EVs:252 Hp/234 Def/24 Speed
Cosmic Power
Stored Power

Zebstrika (NOT SHINY)
OT:Jim ID:42521
EVs:4 Hp/252 Sp Atk/ 252 Speed
Hidden Power (Dark?)

Volcarona (NN'd Mothra)
OT:Jim ID:42521
Ability:Flame Body
EVs:4 Def/252 Sp Atk/252 Speed
Quiver Dance
Bug BUzz
Hidden Power (Ground)

OT:Alex ID:61657
Ability:Mold Breaker
EVs:252 Atk/4 Def/252 Speed
Night Slash
Dragon Claw
Dragon Dance

OT:Infi ID:48660
Ability:Sheer Force
EVs:4 HP/252 Atk/252 Speed
Crush Claw
Rock Slide
Brave Bird

OT:Infi ID:32080
Ability:Iron Fist
EVs:252 HP/252 Atk/4 Sp Def
Shadow Punch
Gyro Ball

OT:Kurt ID:00007
EVs:4 HP/8 Def/252 Sp Atk/240 Speed
Nasty Plot
Dark Pulse
Hidden power (Ice)

OT:Infi ID:32080
Ability: Defeatist
EVs:252 Atk/252 Speed
Rock Slide

Chandelure(NOT SHINY)
OT:Mat ID:30160
Ability:Flash Fire
EVs:44 HP/252 Sp Atk/212 Speed
Shadow Ball
Energy Ball
Fire Blast

Scolipede (NN'd Megapede)(NOT SHINY)
OT:Jim ID:42521
EVs:4 HP/252 Atk/252 Speed
Swords Dance
Rock Slide

Hydreigon (NN'd Ghidorah)
OT:Jim ID:42521
EVs:4 HP/252 Sp Atk/252 Speed
Dragon Pulse
Fire Blast

Carracosta (NN'd Gamera2) (NOT SHINY)
OT:Jim ID:42521
Ability:Sold Rock
EVs:252 HP/4 Atk/252 Sp Def
Aqua Tail
Stone Edge

Carracosta (NN'd Gamera)
OT:Jim ID:42521
Ability:Solid Rock
EVs:4 HP/252 Atk/252 Speed
Shell Smash
Aqua Tail
Rock Slide

OT:Jim ID:42521
Ability:Magic Guard
EVs:252 HP/4 Def/252 Sp Atk
Calm Mind
Shadow Ball

Legendary Shinies
[spoil]Cobalion lvl 42 UT (30/1/29/30/31/30)
Virizion lvl 42 UT (30/30/30/30/31/31)
Terrakion lvl 42 UT (30/31/31/7/30/30)
Thundurus lvl 40 UT (30/18/31/30/30/31)
Landorus lvl 70 UT (31/30/31/30/30/31)
Kyurem (NOT SHINY) lvl 75 UT (30/31/31/31/31/30)
Ho-oh lvl 45 UT (31/30/30/30/30/30)
Rayquaza lvl 50 UT (31/30/30/30/30/30)
Articuno lvl 50 UT (31/30/30/30/30/30)
Zapdos lvl 50 UT (30/14/30/30/30/31)
Moltres lvl 50 UT (30/31/30/30/30/30)
Mewtwo lvl 70 UT (30/17/16/31/30/18)
Cresselia lvl 50 UT (31/22/30/30/30/30)
Latios lvl 40 UT (31/30/30/30/30/30)

Regular Shinies
Still adding more!
[spoil]Golett lvl 30 UT (30/30/31/8/30/30)
Litwick lvl 26 UT (31/2/30/29/30/30)
Bouffalant lvl 35 UT (30/30/30/13/31/30)
Rufflet vl 40 UT (30/30/30/7/31/30)
Throh lvl 48 UT (8/13/22/18/6/19)
Electrode lvl 46 UT (31/31/30/30/30/31)
Emolga lvl 32 UT (4/1/0/28/0/24) (lol)
Ralts lvl 11 UT (21/25/18/28/7/15)
Panpour lvl 15 UT (3/24/14/4/26/29)
Archen lvl 25 UT (30/29/30/29/30/31)
Solosis lvl 1 UT
Deino lvl 1 UT
Cottonee lvl 1 UT
Clamperl lvl 1 UT
Zorua lvl 1 UT
Treecko lvl 1 UT
Absol lvl 1 UT
Snivy lvl 5 UT
Tepig lvl 5 UT
Oshawott lvl 5 UT
Bulbasaur lvl 1 UT
Torchic lvl 1 UT
Venipede lvl 1 UT
Shinx lvl 3 UT
Bagon lvl 5 UT(?)
Duskull lvl 1 UT
Axew lvl 1 UT
Cyndaquil lvl 1 UT
Cubone lvl 4 UT
Aerodactyl lvl 1 UT
Lileep lvl 1 UT
Anorith lvl 1 UT
Cranidos lvl 20 UT


[spoil]English Events
[spoil]ALAMOS Darkrai - USA
Almia Darkrai
E4ALL Manaphy
EUSMR09 Regigigas
JBHF Manaphy
Movie 11 Shaymin
NWS Manaphy
Nzone Pikachu
PKTOPIA Electivire
PKTOPIA Magmortar
SMR2010 Jirachi
SPR2010 Pichu
TCGWC Pikachu (Surfing Pikachu)
TRU Arceus
TRU Dragonite
TRU Manaphy
TRU Regigigas
TRU Shaymin
VGC09 Milotic
VGC10 Eevee
WORLD08 Lucario
WORLD09 Weavile[/spoil]

Japanese Events
[spoil]10th Deoxys
ARIO Pikachu
ARUMIA Darkrai
Eigakan Arceus
Eigakan Celebi
Eigakan Darkrai
Eigakan Shaymin
FESTA Electivire
FESTA Magmar
GORUKO Octillery
Konsaato (Concert) Chatot
KYOTO Pikachu
MAKKU Pikachu
NAGOYA (Birthday) Chimchar
Nintendo Zone Jirachi
OBLIVIA Deoxys (Attack)
OBLIVIA Deoxys (Defense)
OBLIVIA Deoxys (Normal)
OBLIVIA Deoxys (Speed)
OSAKA Meowth
PALCITY Lucario (Fukuoka)
PALCITY Lucario (Makuhari)
PALCITY Lucario (Nagoya)
PALCITY Lucario (Osaka)
PALCITY Lucario (Sapporo)
PALCITY Lucario (Yokohoma)
PARUSHITY Manaphy (Osaka)
PARUSHITY Manaphy (Yokohama)
PARUSHITY Mew (Yokohama)
SAIKYOU Dragonite
SAIKYOU Electivire
SAIKYOU Magmortar
SAIKYOU Salamence
TENIMURA Regigigas
TOKYO (Birthday) Charmander (Naughty)
TOKYO (Birthday) Charmander (Mild)
TOKYO (Birthday) Charmander (Naive)
TOKYO (Red and Green Anniversary) Pichu
VUIKORE (Pokemon Center) Eevee
WCS (World Championships 2010) Eevee
WCS (World Championships 2008) Milotic
YOKOHAMA Pikachu (Modest)
YOKOHAMA Pikachu (Mild)[/spoil][/spoil]

10th ANIV Pokemon

[spoil]USA 10th Anniversary Pokemon
[spoil]10 ANIV Absol
10 ANIV Alakazam
10 ANIV Articuno
10 ANIV Blastoise
10 ANIV Blaziken
10 ANIV Bulbasaur
10 ANIV Celebi
10 ANIV Charizard
10 ANIV Dragonite
10 ANIV Espeon
10 ANIV Entei
10 ANIV Latias
10 ANIV Latios
10 ANIV Moltres
10 ANIV Pikachu
10 ANIV Raikou
10 ANIV Suicune
10 ANIV Typhlosion
10 ANIV Tyranitar
10 ANIV Umbreon
10 ANIV Zapdos[/spoil]

Bryant Park 10 ANIV
[spoil]10 ANIV Absol
10 ANIV Alakazam
10 ANIV Articuno
10 ANIV Blastoise
10 ANIV Blaziken
10 ANIV Bulbasaur
10 ANIV Charizard
10 ANIV Dragonite
10 ANIV Entei
10 ANIV Espeon
10 ANIV Latias
10 ANIV Latios
10 ANIV Moltres
10 ANIV Pikachu
10 ANIV Raikou
10 ANIV Typhlosion
10 ANIV Tyranitar
10 ANIV Umbreon
10 ANIV Zapdos[/spoil]

German 10 JAHRE Pokemon (10 ANIV)
[spoil]10 JAHRE Articuno
10 JAHRE Charizard
10 JAHRE Entei
10 JAHRE Ho-oh
10 JAHRE Latias
10 JAHRE Latios
10 JAHRE Lugia
10 JAHRE Pikachu
10 JAHRE Raikou
10 JAHRE Suicune[/spoil][/spoil]

Gotta Catch 'Em All Events!
Gotta Catch ‘Em All Event 1

[spoil]TOKYO Mudkip (Careful)
TOKYO Torchic (Naive)
TOKYO Treecko (Bashful)[/spoil]

Gotta Catch ‘Em All Event 2
[spoil]TOKYO Chikorita (Bold)
TOKYO Cyndaquil (Hasty)
TOKYO Totodile (Lax)[/spoil]

Gotta Catch ‘Em All Event 3
[spoil]OSAKA Bellsprout (Naughty)
Fukuoka Chansey (Careful)
Fukuoka Delibird (Impish)
TOKYO Ekans (Lonely)
TOKYO Electabuzz (Bold)
OSAKA Growlith (Modest)
TOKYO Kanghaskan (Mild)
TOKYO Magmar (Lonely)
TOKYO Mantine (Brave)
TOKYO Meowth (Hardy)
TOKYO Misdreavus (Calm)
TOKYO Murkrow (Sassy)
TOKYO Pikachu (Jolly)
TOKYO Qwilfish (Rash)
YOKOHAMA Scyther (Jolly)
YOKOHAMA Shellder (Impish)
TOKYO Slowpoke (Modest)
TOKYO Sneasel (Rash)
TOKYO Tauros (Brave)[/spoil][/spoil]

Nintendo Game Cube Events
[spoil]Colosseum Events
Mattle Hooh

XD Events

Miscellaneous Events

[spoil]Sunday Wobbuffet
Pokebox Pichu
Pokebox Skitty
Pokebox Swablu
Pokebox Zigzagoon
German Spring 2010 Pichu OT: FRü2010
Europe Spring 2010 Pichu OT: PRI2010

5th Gen Events
[spoil]7-11 Pikachu
Trade for Evolution! Machoke
Trade for Evolution! Slowpoke
Trade for Evolution! Haunter
Trade for Evolution! Scyther
Trade for Evolution! Electabuzz
Trade for Evolution! Magmar
Trade for Evolution! Karrablast
Trade for Evolution! Shelmet
Ash’s Scraggy
Birthday Togekiss
DW Arceus
DW Mamoswine
Movie 14 Victini Adamant Nature (Flawless)
Movie 14 Victini Jolly Nature (Flawless)
Movie 14 Victini Timid Nature
Zoroark (Lostlorn Forest) (Flawless)[/spoil]


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@DarkStar66: Interested in the DW Timid Eevee and Litwick, but can I know its IVs? Please pick any two pokemon off my list for the Eevee.
Shiny DW Timid Eeevee w/ wish+yawn 31/16/31/31/31/31 + HP Dragon
Shiny Timid Litwick 31/5/29-31/30/30/31 + HP Ground or Shiny Timid Litwick 31/2/30/30/30/30 + HP Fighting

Shiny Flawless Frillish: UT, Calm (w/ Pain Split, Recover) (Male)
Shiny Flawless Kyogre: UT, Timid
Shiny Sableye: UT, Modest
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@Regiultima: Don't like checking shops. Please c/p a list of your flawless shinies, events, and such in a spoiler here.

@Ex_Hollowman: Pick any four off that want list. I would like your Nagashino Axew and your TRU events.

@Porygon: I don't like checking shops. But I'll give you the shiny pokepark Mew for the DW Porygon.

@Palkiacatcher: It's hard to check shops on my phone. Can you please c/p an offer list in a spoiler and stick it here?

Ok but u dont want flawless shiny darkrai for flawless ferroseed?


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would you trade a shiny DW Tangela instead?


Kimetsu no Yaiba. <3
Interested in the following shinies:
Chimchar: UT, Adamant (flawless Attack, Defense, Speed)
Golett: UT, Adamant (31/31/23/31/26/31) (w/ Iron Fist)
Deino: UT, Modest (w/ Dark Pulse and Earth Power) (FLAWLESS)
Darumaka UT, Brave

Kindly check out my trade shop to see what you'd like in return for them.


I <3 Venezia
@Palkiacatcher: Thanks for the list. c:
I'm interested in:
KYOTO Pikachu
OSAKA Meowth
VUIKORE (Pokemon Center) Eevee
Eigakan Arceus
Eigakan Celebi
Eigakan Darkrai

Sound good?

@Darkstar66: Deal, we are PMing so I'm sure you know this. c:

@Porygon: No, since I already have a flawless shiny Darkrai. It is on my offering list. Please PM or VM me to remind me of the trade. I am able to trade tomorrow.

@JinMo: Can I get some details on the DW Tangela? Nature, any egg moves, IVs? It was hatched from an egg, yes?

@Confusious: Alright. For my four I ask for your Flawless Smeargle (Where are its EVs exactly?), Flawless Chatot, and Flawless Zapdos.