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Polio's Fabulous Trade Shop


Call me nick. K? k.
Hey PP! :D I am interested in your Shiny Flawless Duskull: UT, Impish (w/ Pain Split)
I can offer any 2 of my 16 shinies holding an item of your choice (i have most items) , you can find them by:
Going to my profile
Going to "Threads started by billybobjoefizz"
Going to my clan
Looking at the first post. it has my clan's shop
I have all of my shinies up there. pick 2 and only 2 unless we discuss differently. :D


Shiny Hunter
Could I have ure shiny flawless mienfoo for my shiny flawless rhyperior


New Member
im offering my flawless shiny female Roserade and desperatly hoping for a shiny dw snivy

pm me if interested
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Pokemans man

magikarp trainer
i can RNG you a few on your RNG wants list however in return i would like your shiny Jirachi
PM me if interested or if you don't want the do the trade off PM me and we can work out another deal


Strider: Spider King
Hi, do you still have the shiny seviper? I don't have any shinies, but I have a modest dw tangela, dw impish metagross, and dw doduo (I think its hasty). And I have pokerus as well.