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Polio's Fabulous Trade Shop


I <3 Venezia
@tyty: Normally I see them as equal but...wth. c: I'm in a good mood; I'll make that deal. Are you able to trade in a few minutes?

@x_vandslaux_x: Not into DW females; they just kinda take up space in my boxes. Sorry man. :c

@Khybon: No thanks. I already have a flawless scraggy; I could just EV train it myself.


hi im interested in your movie victini. Would you consider trading for a tru regigigas, pklatam jirachi, mystry mew or fal2010 mew?


I <3 Venezia
@tyty: Sure, might as well. c: I'm coming into the wfc now.

@craig87: Are Regigigas and Jirachi UT?


I offer a flawless lonely Reshiram (UT) for this pokemon:

NON-SHINY Zekrom: EV trained in ATK, SPEED, Jolly


I <3 Venezia
@craig87: Sorry, I'm just notrly interested in those. I'm just not very big on events.

@Pingo: No thanks. It's just not a very good nature for a Reshiram. x.x If it were I'd be super down. Sorry dude.


I <3 Venezia
@thejt: I have a TRU Shaymin already.

@tyty: I also already have that, sorry. :c


Rub My Belly?
Shiny Rufflet: UT, Hasty

for UT? Mareep Level 34 Shiny if the trade is good could i plz have a flame orb attached?


Poke Dealer
Sassy dw murkrow, flawless and shiny with featherdance and roost for just the growlithe, and flawless shiny heracross(jap.) with eggmoves pursuit, megahorn, toxic and endure for the DW charmander and possibly the flawless shellder
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I <3 Venezia
@Khybon: I'm only interested in flawless shinies, I'm afraid. If you have any, I'd be happy to offer you multiple regular shinies though.

@thejt: No thanks, sorry. For most of my flawless shinies I'm interested in other flawless shinies. Rarely will I take any sort of event.

@tyty: Bad timing. D: I just got that exact one today.
Oh and I got a Heracross RNG'd specifically for me recently. Sorry. :c


Ok, what about this one:

UT 31/X/31/31/31/31 DW Timid Eevee w/egg moves Wish, fake out and stored power



Poke Dealer
just reposting the list
shiny near flawless/flawless evd:
timid latios
adamant scizor(non-redis)
jolly archeops
jolly haxorus
modest empoleon w/ stealth rocks
adamant infernape w/ blaze kick(non-redis)
adamant metagross
modest starmie
timid espeon
timid zoroark
jolly garchomp
jolly terrakion
timid thundurus w/ hp ice
adamant excadrill
adamant tyranitar

shiny flawless/near flawless ut:
jolly dw carvanha w/ egg moves
calm dw poliwag w/ egg moves
timid dw vulpix w/ hypnosis
jolly virizion
adamant elekid w/ ice and fire punch, cross chop
modest deino w/ dark pulse
timid dw eevee w/ 4 egg moves and hp(dragon)
quiet solosis w/ trick room, hp(forgot), psychic, shadow ball
impish dw gligar w/ egg moves
adamant scraggy
timid kyurem
timid palkia(sinjoh)
modest dialga(sinjoh)
modest zapdos

ev'd pokes:
hasty weavile flawless/near
quirky slaking(bad ev spread and nature) flawless/near
gliscor timid w/ baton pass
vaporeon bold w/ baton pass
fortress relaxed w/ explosion
relaxed ferrothorn w/ egg moves and flawless(0 speed ivs)
adamant dragonite
adamant breloom(i think its near flawless) w/ substitute, leech seed, low sweep, spore
brave bronzong
chandelure(shiny) timid 31 ivs in sp.attk and pain split
hydreigon modest
bold rotom-w w/ trick, t wave, reflect, light screen
naive infernape w/ stealth rocks, overheat, mach punch and endeavor
modest accelgor
charizard(shiny) w/ substitute, belly drum, fire fang, eq
blaziken dw adamant near flawless
near flawless gorebyss modest w/ shell smash and baton pass
relaxed shuckle
adamant salamence(shiny) w/ dragon dance, eq, dragon claw, flamethrower
adamant lucario(shiny) w/ blaze kick, crunch, cross chop, and bullet punch
jolly heracross(shiny) w/ eq, close combat, aerial ace, megahorn
lax cloyster w/ shell smash, icicle spear, and skill link

ut flawless/near flawless pokes:
adamant timburr w/ drain punch
adamant darumaka
timid lugia

So I can get you all these cuz my friend and I are opening up a trade shop. I'm too lazy to scan through and eliminate the ones that are on your list though...


I <3 Venezia
@Pingo: I have a DW Eevee, I think it might be that exact one. Sorry man. D:

@tyty: What're the exact IVs on the Quiet Solosis?


I <3 Venezia
@tyty: Alright, I'll give you one of the pokemon you wanted for that Solosis. c: I'm down for a trick room team.