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Polio's Fabulous Trade Shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by PolioParalyzer, May 19, 2011.

  1. tyty

    tyty Poke Dealer

    Interested in your non-shiny flawless ev'd zekrom.
    CMT for anything you might like.(Yeah I read the rules, but I'm too lazy to paste my list here)
  2. rennir

    rennir Dragon Friend

    I'm interested in Shiny Flawless Tepig, Snivy, Tirtouga, Archen, and Ferroseed, and Carlita's Hydreigon.

    Can you please check my shop for those pokemon (link in sig). And taking a longer time to reply is fine with me :)
  3. PolioParalyzer

    PolioParalyzer I <3 Venezia

    @Wardek: I would like your: Shiny Flawless Sewaddle, Blitzle, and Elygem. c:

    @tyty: It's cool I'm on my compy atm haha.
    I'm into this: Jirachi@timid, near flawless UT
    Can I get its exact IVs though? o:

    @rennir: LOL, I'm on my compy so you will not have to wait this time. ;)
    Fabulous list man you're like my hero. ;u;
    I'm interested in:
    Flawless Aipom, Jolly
    Flawless Buneary, Jolly
    Flawless Staryu, Timid
    Flawless Baltoy, Modest
    Flawless Mawile, Careful
    Flawless Turtwig, Adamant

    But I'd love to know if any of these have any egg moves; it may affect my choice.
  4. tyty

    tyty Poke Dealer

    The jirachi? I can calculate them but they're not accurate because he's at level 10. If you're looking for the HP I'll take it to the guy in mistralton. It's all 31's and 30's except for 1 29 from what I remember the previous owner telling me.
    Also interested in pokepark mew(shiny), once again CMT if you want anything else.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2011
  5. Lee Sin

    Lee Sin Formerly MegaLeaf

    I'm interested in your Shiny Totodile or Treecko, if possible, even flawless, I could give you a shiny Bibarel, GameStop Beasts, and other events.
  6. rennir

    rennir Dragon Friend

    Mawile has Fire and Ice Fang and Sucker Punch.
    Aipom has Fake Out and Pursuit
  7. PolioParalyzer

    PolioParalyzer I <3 Venezia

    @tyty: Can you just pop by the judge in Nimbasa and tell me the results? He will give me a good enough idea. c:

    @MegaLeafeonmon: I'm sorry, but I'm only interested in flawless shinies myself. If you have any to offer then that's fabs but otherwise, I'm not interested. :c

    @Rennir: Damn, I was hoping Buneary would have something. All the others are fine but I'll have to replace Buneary with something so give me a tick. c:
  8. tyty

    tyty Poke Dealer

    Yeah, could I ask where he is in the subway? I always hear he's in there but I can never find him. Would it have something to do with the fact that I don't have all badges?
  9. PolioParalyzer

    PolioParalyzer I <3 Venezia

    Right when you go downstairs he's there. He has the blue hair and such if I recall. He's the first one you see.
    I have no idea tbh, it might. But either way, I'm interested in Jirachi so we can trade whenever. I'm done trading for tonight but tomoz mid-afternoon I should be good to go. c:
  10. tyty

    tyty Poke Dealer

    Okeydokey. Gotta get it cloned, which I should be able to do by tommorow but I'll actually be gone all day tommorow, saturday and sunday(3 on 3 basketball tournament, biggest in the country)
  11. rennir

    rennir Dragon Friend

    Nvm. I couldn't find buneary in my cluttered PC before so I didn't post anything but now I did :p Buneary has Fake out, Fire/Ice punch, and switcheroo
  12. PolioParalyzer

    PolioParalyzer I <3 Venezia

    @tyty: Thats cool, I can wait. I will just PM you so we remember the trade for later.

    @rennir: Oh you are just a doll and you made my day. Do me a favour and PM me so we can figure out a time to trade. ^^
  13. Wardek

    Wardek U & I

    Great, we'll trade tomorrow! =D
  14. PolioParalyzer

    PolioParalyzer I <3 Venezia

    YESSIR! 8D I will be home mid-afternoon EST.
    Btw, sorry about earlier in the Wifi room. I didn't have the pokemon ready and I was doing like five things at once so. D: Tomorrow though fer shizzle.
  15. Wardek

    Wardek U & I

    Thank you! c:
  16. Matt36

    Matt36 Clone my Balls!


    Shiny Minun (M) - Naive, level.16, UT (In a Masterball & Japanese)
    Shiny Volcarona - level.100
    Shiny Rhyperior - lvl.100

    Shiny Kyurem - Timid, lvl.75, UT
    Kyurem - Lonely, lvl.78 (Pokerus)
    Kyurem - Sassy, lvl.77 (Japanese)
    Kyurem - Mild, lvl.75, UT
    Zekrom - Careful, lvl.52
    Zekrom - Jolly, lvl.76 (Pokerus)
    Reshiram - Hardy, lvl.59
    Terrakion - Brave, lvl.42 UT
    Terrakion - Bashful, lvl.42 UT
    Cobalion - Relaxed, lvl.42 UT
    Cobalion - Bashful, lvl.42 UT
    Virizion - Lax, lvl.42, UT
    Shiny Thundurus - Timid, lvl.40, UT
    Shiny Thundurus - Sassy, lvl.40, UT (Japanese)

    WIN2011 Celebi - Lax, lvl.50
    Ranger Egg Manaphy - Quiet, lvl.7

    Moltres - Docile, lvl.55 (Japanese)
    Mewtwo - Timid, lvl.74 (EV trained but unknown)(Nicknamed 'Exodus' by previous owner)
    Cresselia - Brave, lvl.50
    Rayquaza - Serious, lvl.40
    Shiny Giratina - Hasty, lvl.72
    Shiny Heatran - Hasty, lvl.70 (Pokerus)
    Shiny Darkrai - Adamant, lvl.100 (Had Pokerus)

    DW Flareon: Male - lvl.10 - OT Marco - DW Pokeball - Guts Ability
    DW Vaporeon: Male - lvl.10 - OT MATT - DW Pokeball - Hydration Ability
    DW Mamoswine (Jap): Bold - Male - lvl.34 - OT Snow - DW Pokeball - Thick Fat Ability

    DW Ponyta: Lonely - Male - lvl.10 - OT Midna - DW Pokeball - Flame Body Ability
    DW Ponyta: Relaxed - Male - lvl.10 - OT Hikari - DW Pokeball - Flame Body Ability
    DW Lickitung (Jap): Serious - Female - lvl.10 - OT Tsu - DW Pokeball - Cloud Nine Ability
    DW Tangela: Adamant - Male - lvl.10 - OT Sari - DW Pokeball - Regenerator
    DW Oddish: Jolly - Male - lvl.10 - OT Batboy - DW Pokeball - Run Away Ability
    DW Sunkern: Relaxed - Male - lvl.10 - OT Hilda - DW Pokeball - Early Bird Ability
    DW Hoppip: Jolly - Male - lvl.10 - OT Ben - DW Pokeball - Infiltrator Ability

    DW Vulpix: Bashful - Female - lvl.1 - OT Heather - Pokeball - Drought Ability - x3! - 31/31/31/31/31/31
    DW Oddish: Jolly - Male - lvl.10 - OT Buzz - Pokeball - Run Away Ability - 14/5/28/23/4/23
    DW Poochyena (Jap): - Male - lvl.10 - OT Buzz - Red Pokeball (?) - Rattled Ability - 14/25/22/23/5/22
    DW Poliwag: - Female - lvl.1 - OT Steven - Pokeball - Swift Swim Ability - 25/15/26/9/25/25

    Bit more relaxed on 'clones' now. Can't avoid them. Just don't want people to ask to clone my stuff.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2011
  17. PolioParalyzer

    PolioParalyzer I <3 Venezia

    @Matt36: Only into flawless shinies, and I have all of those anyway.
  18. Freefaller

    Freefaller New Member

    Would you consider a hadou regirock, regice, registeel, or mew for your PCNYc aggron? if you don't want them I have pretty much any event from 2004-2005 (according to bulbapedia =/)
  19. PolioParalyzer

    PolioParalyzer I <3 Venezia

    Uhmm do you have an event list I could look over? c: Or could you create one? It'd help me make my choice rly.
  20. DarkStar66

    DarkStar66 New Member

    Is 2 shinies per flawless ok with you?

    Ledian: UT, Bashful
    Raticate: UT, Relaxed
    Tauros: UT, Naughty
    Combee: UT, Lax (Female)
    Drifloon: UT, Gentle
    Bibarel: UT, Mild

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