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Poll - Charizard vs Arcanine

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Andros 1337, Aug 8, 2009.


Who is better?

  1. Charizard

  2. Arcanine

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  1. Andros 1337

    Andros 1337 Well-Known Member

    So, who do you think is better - Charizard or Arcanine?

    I much prefer Charizard. While Arcanine has higher stats, Charizard has a much better movepool. Also, while some may disagree, I find Fire/Flying to be better than pure Fire, mostly due to the immunity to Ground-type attacks.
  2. Neekerisanni123

    Neekerisanni123 Kanbei <3 _ <3

    Charizard's better,as it's awesome. :D And it's immune to Ground,but it's sad that it has 4x weakness to Rock...
  3. TheLeviathan

    TheLeviathan Has left forever.


    Arcanine is very awesome, but doesn't hold up as well as it should, plus his best stat is really just good attack and speed.

    Charizard has It's own balance of ups and downs. Stealth rock and stone edge being a big threat, but ground immunity and great speed and special attack make it a tough foe in some situations.

    But, It's all up to preference, an arcanine CAN beat a charizard, and a charizard can beat an arcanine. Depends on how you play.
  4. Trainmaster718

    Trainmaster718 ORAS is here!

  5. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

    Charizard, though rock is its one weakness, at least it has "no need to worry" about ground moves.
  6. BynineB

    BynineB Wielding Übersaw.

    Wouldn't it be Ninetales vs. Arcanine?

    Anyway.. I've always kinda liked Charizard, but Arcanine.. I've never gotten the chance to use it (Blue and Leafgreen ;3; ) but the design is really cool, and it's one of the sturdiest fire types (probably the sturdiest in RBY).

    Oh, and Extremespeed is the shit.
  7. The Mursu

    The Mursu <-- Epic coat!

    Absolutely Arcanine, at least nowadays, when it has got a good physical stab Flare Blitz and Iron Head from the move tutor in pt. It's ideal for countering rock types. When EV trained, Exremespeed is not bad either.
  8. i would have to say arcanine - im not really a big charizard fan
  9. freeganXL

    freeganXL Pokemon & Heroscape!

    Arcanine for me! Who could resist that stripey, spiky doggy/wolf/tiger beast?
  10. Rokroad

    Rokroad Hot Drops

    Arcanine has an awesome design.
  11. Icup

    Icup Well-Known Member

    Arcanine is my favorite pokemon! Without a doubt I voted for him!
  12. Zenotwapal

    Zenotwapal have a drink on me

    You people are nutz, Charizard is the ownage.
  13. xxxLauraeevee96xxx

    xxxLauraeevee96xxx Pokemon Co-ordinator

    Arcanine is definately the best it is on my dream team
  14. klubkj

    klubkj Well-Known Member

    Charizard is the best ever!
  15. m!ss p!nk

    m!ss p!nk Puss wuss >3

    Arcanine iz the best ^^
  16. Gunter

    Gunter Bass players unite!

    Arcanine, it's on my dream team.
    Why oh why did they not put growlith in as well as ponyta in D/P? D:
  17. Chaos Shadow

    Chaos Shadow Well-Known Member

    Charizard is better when you're in a competitive circuit, I would wager, but I prefer Arcanine's design. The Pokemon world is brimming with lizards; we don't have nearly enough good doggies.

    Mind, I do love Charizard, but Arcanine's-- I just prefer Arcanine.
  18. fraedaya

    fraedaya New Member

    Charizard is beastly. But don't get me wrong, RK9 (arcanine) is good, too. But i like dragons more than tigers.
  19. Arlo

    Arlo ...and so on...

    I'd say Charizard, but not by far. Before the physical/special split, it was no contest - Arcanine was a great design, but was only moderately useful because it couldn't really make use of its STAB, while Charizard was a beast. But since the split, Arcanine's gotten a chance to finally put that high ATK to good use. But I still like Charizard just a little better, mostly because of the added Flying type, both for the immunity to Ground and for the Flying STAB.
  20. SuperPichu

    SuperPichu Pokémon!

    Arcanine FTW! 8D
    I've always loved Arcanine so much and Charizard is awesome but definetely not my favourite Fire type. So Arcanine! ^_^
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