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Poll: What's your favourite pokemon type and why?

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Hi, just wondering what's your favourite pokemon type and why?
Mine are:
Fire because they are very powerful!
Grass because they usually evolve into something BIG and POWERFUL!
Electric because their is lots of cool pokemon in their like Pikachu
and Normal because their is heaps of them!

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Normal because many Normal-types are anything but. Castform, Smeargle and Ditto, for instance.

Trainer Michael

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Water used to be my favorite, but after playing White, it's dropped to number 2. Dragon is definitely my favorite. After I beat N and Plasma with my team of almost all Dragon-types (except for my starter and Cobalion), I realized how legendary, powerful, and epic Dragon-types can be. They're definitely my all time favorites right now, and all of my future teams are gonna be based on Dragon-types.
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