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Poorly Created Pokemon

Rayze Darr

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Why not research and see what the moustache really is and why it's there?

Metal shavings that, for some reason, only magnetize directly under its nose instead of all around it or anywhere around the magnet on its head. Even knowing what they are, their oddly specific location still makes no sense.

I think they missed a golden opportunity to give it sideburns with this logic, hanging down from the hat. If you're gonna make an intentionally hideous Pokemon, why not go all out?

The Head Honchkrow

As the crow flies...
I'd have say Ambipom, and it's all down to one key factor; it's fingers.
God alone knows why GF chose to give it red fingertips and therefore make the fingers look like 3 "unmentionables".
If they'd just made the fingers all one colour, it'd be absolutely fine, but one poor design choice has doomed it to my NU pit.
And it's a shame, really; everything else about Ambipom is great and I'd otherwise love to use it, but alas, it was not to be.

~The Head Honchkrow~


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I think Magmortar and Tangrowth could have been better.
Magmortar is just a huge, fat version of Magmar and Tangrowth is a bigger version of Tangela, but with arms added.


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How. How can you say this. More than half of these you didn't even give a reason for. Pokemon is basically animals with powers. I won't say you're wrong (not terribly, I can see Swoobat but that's about it), but seriously...
Reshiram - fire dragon. First in Pokemon.
Tornadus - wind spirit. Only pure Flying type.
Hydreigon - hydra. 6th pseudo-legendary, highest level needed to be reached in order to evolve.
Mienshao - a...I'm not sure what animal that is, but kung fu animal nonetheless.
Cryogonal - Snowflake. Do you SEE another snowflake Pokemon or even Digimon?
Escavalier - Armored bug. Turn a knight into a bug and this is what you get. It's not poor.
Vanilluxe - It's not ice cream, it's an icicle. Would you have made a creature out of icicles?
Reuniclus - again, not sure what it is, but cells come to mind. You see another cell in Pokemon or Digimon or whatever?
Archeops - Fossil bird. Aerodactyl is most likely a pterodactyl, keep that in mind.
Gigalith - Probably a crystal cluster. Animated.

All Pokemon are kinda awesome in their own way, and I like all of them (even Stunfisk (derp)).

Mienfoo and Mienshao are based on weasels.

OP, I have to strongly disagree with you putting Mienfoo/Mienshao on your list. They are among the more unique Fighting-type Pokemon out there mainly because they don't follow "big and muscular" stereotype. Especially Mienshao. We needed a graceful looking Pokemon like it for the Fighting type. That's one reason why I love it.

I personally think all of Gen 5's Pokemon look poorly designed.

I know everyone has their own opinion but I honestly don't see how it's possible to not like an entire generation of Pokemon.
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Chewiana Jones

Cofagrigus: I actually kind of like this one. It’s really sort of an awkward design, but the interesting, original (for Pokemon), Ancient Egyptian theme and that perfectly psychotic smile make it decent enough.

Zekrom: The weird thing with Zekrom is that it is deliberately masculine-looking, while the “black” part of the yin-yang, yin, is explicitly feminine. Also, the whole concept of “ideals,” and how it is supposed to be the opposite of “truth,” is really rather vaguely defined. I do think that it’s a bit overly-detailed, but it sticks to the theme nicely aside from that weird gender-inversion, and I think it’s a decent enough version mascot.

Reshiram: More or less the same as Zekrom with the words “masculine” and “feminine” swapped. I do happen to like it slightly more, though.

Landorus: The two main problems with Landorus are that it’s too human-looking and that it looks too much like a palette-swapped Tornadus or Thundurus. It’s Therian form is, however, reasonably well-done, though I suppose the face could have been a little bit better.

Kyurem: This thing is old, awkward, crippled, alien, and monstrous – exactly how it’s supposed to look. The new forms are also quite ugly-looking and awkwardly-fused, though I’m not really sure that that’s a bad thing.

Tornadus: Like Landorus except I don’t particularly like its Therian form.

Thundurus : See Tornadus.

Hydreigon: I’m… not sure what the problem with this guy is. While the idea of “evil, three-headed dragon” is not a terribly original one, it doesn’t even come close to anything that Pokemon originally had, and the design is pulled off pretty well. Now defenseless villages can tremble before the might of the Hydreigon-training Evil Overlord!

Mandibuzz: If you want something that’s flat-out stupid-ugly (as opposed to thematically-appropriate-ugly, like Garbodor or Kyurem), go with Vullaby. I think Mandibuzz is actually pretty decent-looking once she’s evolved.

Bisharp: A cool concept, and the art is reasonably well-done. The sprite seems a bit over-packed with details, though.

Golurk: This guy’s my favorite Pokemon of all time, but going only by the way the sprite looks, I can see why you might put him on this list.

Druddigon: Ugly, but in a grumpy old man sort of way. The random redness of his head is a bit awkward, though.

Mienshao: I don’t really dislike this one, though the fur-whip concept is a bit stupid, and I like Mienfoo quite a bit better.

Accelgor: There isn’t really anything wrong with Accelgor, but it simply isn’t quite as cool-looking as something that can be best described as a “ninja-bug” should by rights be.

Mienfoo: As I said under Mienshao, I like this guy. Really, I don’t see any particular design flaws with it, it’s both cute and tough-looking, and it has a pretty cool color-scheme.

Cryogonal: Is it dumb-looking? Yes. Does still manage to be pretty cool at the same time? Also yes-ish. What else do you expect from a giant angry snowflake with an ice-stache?

Escavalier: I challenge you to make a better combination of a knight, a beetle, and a snail shell.

Vanilluxe: It’s… okay for an ice cream Pokemon… I guess. I suppose my problem is that they try to make it somewhat naturalistic (with the icicle cone and all) and end up failing miserably.

Reuniclus: I personally think that Reuniclus is absolutely adorable and a very interesting concept, though I’ve heard people say it crosses into Uncanny Valley territory.

Gothitelle: Can’t argue with you there. At all.

Archeops: Perhaps a bit overly-colorful, but I think it turned out pretty well.

Gigalith: As Golem 2.0, it’s not terribly original, but its appearance is decent enough. I’m not quite sure what’s up with those eyes, though.

Swoobat: It’s not particularly outstanding, design-wise, but it isn’t horrible either, and it’s a big improvement on Woobat (in my opinion).

Spiritomb: Definitely an interesting concept, but it came out somewhat awkward-looking when I’m not sure it was supposed to. A pair of ominous, shadowy, grasping, three-clawed arms might have helped, as could giving it a bigger stone “body” and integrating the gaseous, spiritual parts into it.

Combee: Pretty mediocre, design-wise, but it’s pretty cute without resorting to being another electric rodent (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, just rather overdone) or having an obnoxious amount of pink, and it’s evolution method is… interesting.


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Turbbish and Garbadour are garbage......literally (haha) I don't like them its just trash not even a animal just trash.


Many Pokemon from Gen 5. Just to mention a few:

Emboar: Another Fire/Fighting Starter! They could've tried to make it look good!
Mienfoo: Winnie the Pooh of Pokemon.
Cofagrigus: (hope I spelled it right), it sorta looks like a five-year old made it.
Reshiram: Wolf head with bat wings on a kangaroo.

Tepig Pignite Emboar 969

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Many Pokemon from Gen 5. Just to mention a few:

Emboar: Another Fire/Fighting Starter! They could've tried to make it look good!
Mienfoo: Winnie the Pooh of Pokemon.

I don't buy the Emboar one for one minute. (A line from a video game I play on the PC, except for the Emboar part)

I can defend a Pokemon right?

Anyways, I think Emboar is really cool. It is SO not poorly created. And saying that because he's another fire/fighting? You really irk me. (Another line from the same game. I'm doing this so that I don't get too mad at people. These lines actually make me laugh).

And I guess you saying that Mienfoo is the Winne the Pooh of Pokemon makes me like Mienfoo? Because I like Winne the Pooh.


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Poorly created pokemon could refer to terrible stats/movesets?

Flareon Is terrible in the regards that it has very little to choose from when what seems to be it's main stat "Attack" has so little movesets it could possibly use.

The re-occurring Fire/fighting Combo after 3rd gen through 5th gen is just awful, Sprites are nice/cute but sometimes I wish there was more variation.

The snow cone pokemon kind of put me off but it's not a horrible sprite it's just what it's based off to me.

Only pokemon I think was just really terrible was swoobat or it's evolution sprite wise.


Custom title: If specified, this will replace the
Many Pokemon from Gen 5. Just to mention a few:

Emboar: Another Fire/Fighting Starter! They could've tried to make it look good!
Mienfoo: Winnie the Pooh of Pokemon.
Cofagrigus: (hope I spelled it right), it sorta looks like a five-year old made it.
Reshiram: Wolf head with bat wings on a kangaroo.

Emboar: Why not research and see why he is Fire/Fighting?
Mienfoo: There nothing alike lmao.
Cofagrigus: By your silly logic, all of other Ken Sugimori's creations are 5-year old.
Reshiram: So?

That five-year-old must be mortified for having the most creative nightmares for such a young age.

That is Ken Sugimori/some other artist.


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Cofagrigus (by far the biggest joke ever) Okay it's not the greatest but it is by no means the biggest joke ever. The sprite wasn't done well tbh. (See serebii's bw dex page of cofagrigus, the cartoon picture to the right actually looks quite good)
Zekrom Argue this. I believe Zekrom was actually made very well.
Kyurem It couldn't be drawn any better imo.
Mienshao It looks like a kung-fu master, how is that not cool?
Accelgor Argue this. It looks exactly like it should, and a cool attitude is always awesome.
Escavalier I thought Escavalier was done quite well, especially for the concept.
Reuniclus It is definitely a unique concept, but is it by no means poorly created. It looks quite good imo.
Gigalith I don't like it's size (1.7m, I think that's too small) But I personally find gigalith to be one of the best drawn pokemon in gen 5.

In my opinion, Stunfisk and Dunsparce are the weirdest pokemon. They're just strange o_O

Tepig Pignite Emboar 969

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Emboar: Why not research and see why he is Fire/Fighting?

Yeah, what he said! He's a fire/fighting time because of his origin. Get this through your brains you goody goody people who complain that he's another fire/fighting type. (Sorry if I'm being mean). (LOL, goody goody people.)

(Also, I deleted my second post, because I felt it was necessary).
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