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Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by NickoTheGuitarist, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. This might be awkward for you, but what is your stance on pornography? Do you think it is discriminative against women, or their own choice? Post your feelings/comments.
  2. PartyPokemon

    PartyPokemon L or Kira?

    It's always their own choice.
    But why they're not in the kitchen at the time is a big old mystey to me.
  3. Electivirus

    Electivirus Not really, no.


    Anyway, even if men are the ones buying most of the porn, the women are very much in control of the industry.
  4. ZarraWolf

    ZarraWolf Well-Known Member

    I'm female, and I have no problem with pornography, as long as everyone involved is there by their own choice.

    I don't feel that people who watch porn have a bad image of women. A friend of mine makes soft porn photographs, and he's a really nice, respectful guy.
  5. I think pornography is not discrimanative of women. How so?
    I think porn is ine of those behind closed door things. Honestly who the hell cares if you watch porn, let the people fap.
  6. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    About 97% of these women posing for pornographic pictures are held at gunpoint, and it can be anywhere. The majority of the time is by force. PlayBoy is an exception (as far as I know), as they're being paid to pose for men to ogle at them on pages.

    I have hatred for porn and sympathy for the women. They know they're showing themselves off for millions of strangers. They know that what they're doing may disgrace their parents if they ever came across it. Pornography is disgusting, and is dangerous because of how addicting it is. Married men addicted to this trash end up divorced because their wives feel betrayed. Who here has seen Fireproof, anyone? Or at least heard about it and some major aspects of it? It's related to the topic, if brief.

    Back when our parents were in school, they knew it existed, but it wasn't very wide-spread and it was seldom heard of. Nowadays with the Internet, it's everywhere you look. Pornography is the second most looked at on the World Wide Web, believe it or not, and about 85% or more of the pictures on the web are porn. And it's sad that brief images of this are starting to leak onto regular television, and not stay on late-late-night cable shows like it should.

    It's very serious, especially when children are involved. These are things kids should not be exposed to at such an age. Actually, it's a thing no one should be exposed to at all. I've seen what it does to families, and a huge rift comes between them immediately upon discovery. And it takes a really long time for that trust to come back between the person who has the addiction, and the affected family members. ESPECIALLY if that person has sisters. But that trust only comes back if the person finds counselling and breaks the habit and shuns pornography forever.

    So, in a way, I find it insulting to women. Men who have a desire for such a sick thing needs to go find something else to do, or remember that they have their wives/girlfriends. Where's the pleasure in looking at inanimate, digital pictures on a computer screen compared to having alone time with his wife/girlfriend?
  7. Carlisle

    Carlisle BAM

    Excuse me? 97% of women are being held at GUN POINT? What the hell? Please, provide some proof and statistics before you make ridiculous statements.

    As for porongraphy, I have no problem with it. Almost everybody watches it, and it's everywhere. You can't really get rid of it. As long as everything is voluntary and everyone is of age in the pictures/videos, then there shouldn't be any complaints. If somebody chooses to "degrade" themselves, that is their choice.

    As stated up above, this is one big fat lie. Where do you get this crap?
    They're adults, who cares what their parents think? Your parents should not be your priority when you are an adult. It's their choice.
    It's really not that addicting. The people who become addicted to it already have problems that stem from other issues.
    Because women never do anything wrong in a marriage or watch porn?
    Statistics, please.
    Children are children, they are a different issue. But seriously, nobody? Wtf. I have the right to watch this if I want to. You can't tell me what I can and can't watch if it isn't illegal.
    That's too bad. Many other things tear apart families. Like, oh, the 60% divorce rate and how common adultery is these days, and how little morals are valued.

    People get horny, they need a quick fix.

    And oh, because women TOTALLY don't watch porn and don't get horny, right?
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2009
  8. Peter Quill

    Peter Quill star-lord

    Unless the woman are raped and then posted on a site, or was taken without their consent there really isn't a problem. Oh and that they're 18/21

    Most people who say they haven't seen pornogrophy are liars anyways.

    I'm sorry but that's total BS. At least give evidence when you say such ridiculous notions.

    I see where you're coming from, I seriously do. However I've always found the claim of porn breaking up couples to be totally ridivulous and immature. Hey, I haven't actually seen it break up a family yet. This shouldn't have to to break up a family and as rude as this sounds, usually the woman is overreacting. Yep.

    I'm going to quote Kathy Mitchell, and Marcy Sugar. They write a column called Annie's Mailbox. I always found it interesting how many tiems this damn question comes up. "I just saw porn that my husband has, I am shocked and offended. We were in this relationship for blah, blah, blah. Insert half the column here. should I divorce him?

    Men have diffrent views surrounding pornography then women. I'm going to set myself in here, would I be offended if I saw my wife had pornography she wasn't telling me about? Yes, I would be a bit hurt. But Divorce her? No! That's rediculous, the whole damn reason we're married is because we love eatchother right? Honestly as rude as it sounds, women overreact when it comes to this. It astounds me. People have the privacy to do whatever they like, you can question if you feel you have the right to know why they hide the porn.

    Many people get so "shook up" that they have to see a counsellor. Personally if the couple were actually trying they'd be able to talk about it amongst themselves.

    I honestly hate it when people say porn breaks up a relationship. You should honestly know when to talk to your partner when something is wrong. Honestly the way couples use it as an excuse is ridiculous.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2009
  9. Ri-Chan

    Ri-Chan ♚ get s l e a z y

    Right now, Its everywhere on the web, There really is no way to avoid it.

    It really only becomes a problem when someone will find thier young children acidentally stumbling upon it. When I was about 10 years old, I googled "pokemon". My parents had not enabled safesearch, so it came up with some innapropriate Images. My mother was horrified and asked me what I searched. I just said "Pokemon". She checked why it came up and it turned out safesearch was off.

    In retrospect, You can find it anywhere on the web, really. Its one of those things that even if you go through life not watching it, you'll end up seeing it.

    I dont believe its discriminative to women. The only time I find it discriminating is when bondage is used.
  10. BynineB

    BynineB Wielding Übersaw.

    My take on it?
    Get a girlfriend.
  11. Hammerheart

    Hammerheart Son of Wōden

    were did you get that statistic from?

    Personally I don't see an issue with it. I dont watch/look at it myself, but if someone wants to, then why not. (assuming its all legal in regards age/consent)
  12. Farmermon

    Farmermon Is back once again!

    i have no problems with it, as long as its by choice
  13. Erienne

    Erienne Anime high :D

    Porn is bad, that's what I think. If you want to... you know... either do it in your head.. oh, that reminds me of that New Math song. (If it's under 13, just do it in your head). xD
  14. Rezon

    Rezon Banned

    Ok I'm only 13 so I don't have much to say about this but I think that it is the womans choice. Yes I'm sure many woman think it is discrimative against them, but for others it is there choice. That is my opinion
  15. Jhonny

    Jhonny Officially The Worst

    You can't just stroke across by saying it's bad because it discriminates against women because there is gay porn fgs.
  16. Fused

    Fused Shun the nonbeliever

    This. What an awesome and epic LIE.

    If the women know they are exposing themselves and are okay with that, why do you care? Why should any of us care about what these women do with their own body? Not all pornography is disgusting. I mean, yeah "Two girls, One Cup" was ****ing disgusting but not all porn is like that. To say it's addicting is also soemthing you should provide evidence for. Pornography is very easy to give up. And here's a fact you may not want to hear: if every woman divorced her husband for looking at porn, no one would be married. Plus, it's not like women out in the world don't watch porn.

    Images? Like what? naked breasts? OMG, half the population has them. Naked Penises? OMG half the population has them. These things are only inappropriate because we as a dysfunctional, overprotective society think that they are. You have a problem with boobs or penises? Take it up with God. If they are so wrong, why are they even here?

    What does having sisters have to do with it? Sisters know that their borhter is going to see naked women. And how does only counselling break the "addiction?"

    There are things called moving pictures. They've been around for - oh, a hundred years or so. Also, you say these things as if only men look at porn. Several women look at porn as well. I even know a few that do. And what about single men? Oh, what about men who don't want wives or girlfreinds?

    If you haven't guessed, I'm okay with porn. I've indulged a few times. If you don't like, don't ruin it for everyone else. There are some lonely people out there who really like the company.
  17. ??????

    ?????? That guy.


    As long as the women consent, let them do it.
  18. ChedWick

    ChedWick Well-Known Member

    Troll much?

    What better way to make a living than to have sex? These woman are professionals they wouldn't do it if they didn't want to.

    It's amazing how sexist this topic is. No one ever questions the guys dignity, its always all about the woman. Though I doubt any guy in the porn business really thinks poorly of himself.
  19. TogeticTheRuler

    TogeticTheRuler Well-Known Member

    There are men pornstars too, and bondage is voluntary, its not like they actually manhandle the process and record it.
  20. ~dave

    ~dave Well-Known Member

    Freedom of expression.
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