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Possibly a little insight on players with a love of Nostalgia

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by marty13612, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. marty13612

    marty13612 New Member


    I have been playing Pokemon since Pokemon Red and Blue, and I wanted to to possibly give a little bit of insight as to why people love older games and tend to hate newer games so irrationally. I really love Red and Blue, and when Gold and Silver came around I was the happiest kid around. Both Gen 1 and 2 are great.

    I then took a prolonged break from Pokemon, not playing any of the titles until aprox. 2007. I went back and played Fire Red, and was in love. Everything was amazing, the graphics, the music, the sprites. Its probably still my favorite pokemon. So logically my next step was to try Emerald version. My brother grew up with it and loved it (What child doesn't love pokemon) so I thought why not. I tried it, and I hated it. Classic example of Nostalgia goggles. Being a little bit older now I have come to realize my hate for emerald was simply due to the fact I didnt grow up with it. Now I am not saying you have to grow up with a certain Pokemon game in order to enjoy it, hear me out here.

    So a couple years past and I heard of HG/SS, and of course I had to have it. Played it, Loved it much like FR/LG. So agian, I tried Platinum. And again I didnt enjoy it.

    So finally about a year passes, and B/W is released. I thought to myself, there are no more possible remakes that they could make for me, I will give the series one more shot. I bought Black edition and tried it. And you guessed it, I didn't like it.

    So today I was thinking to myself. Why can I play HG/SS, but yet not even touch my B/W. And I know I'm not the only one. I always hear people complaining about newer games and how they are getting constantly worse. But they should look at it this way: Gen 1 was over a decade ago, on a system thats over a decade old, how could it possibly better then a new Gen 5 game. Then it hit me.

    I believe me and many others simply do not actually enjoy the gameplay of Pokemon anymore. We don't find it fun, but relieving our childhood is enough to get us through a remake or too. Hence there are A LOT of people who grew up with Gen 1/2, yet they can still enjoy and appreciate the advancements of the newer generations. Its because those people still enjoy what pokemon is after. Its possible, that I have just outgrown Pokemon (I'm not saying its bad to play it when you are not a kid anymore) and simply do not enjoy it anymore. And this is why people tend to defend their childhood, and irrationally hat the newer games. They don't actually like Pokemon gameplay anymore.

    Sorry for such a long post. Its just something that came to mind, and I thought I would share my opinions and would like to think what you have to say too. Hopefully I didn't offend anyone, to make it clear, if you like any pokemon game, then more power to you. Also I please dont start a flame war over this :)

  2. Endolise

    Endolise TengenToppaBoogaloo

    Well, yeah, pretty much. People who hate on the newer games are either nostalgia-drunk trolls who haven't played them, legitimate critics who have no nostalgia-influenced preference, or people who have played them but perceive nostalgia to be more important than gameplay. The trolls are the ones who haven't played and just bash the new Pokémon because they can and because they have nothing else of importance to do. The actual critics have played them and truly didn't enjoy them for whatever reason. The people who think nostalgia is more important simply don't like the new games because the new games aren't what they want to play. They want to play old Pokémon, and the new games aren't that. They're new, and they're supposed to be different.
  3. Mefista

    Mefista I hate fujoshi

    Newsflash:some people can't stand 3D.And some other things.I like pixel graphics and all stuff like that, and many other people too.
  4. wolf1095

    wolf1095 Grass Type Trainer

    ^This... and everyone is subject to their opinion Endolise.... Your just being a troll yourself for arguing against what marty13612 feels. I for one feel that the new pokemon games are getting better in the majority of ways, but that is just my opinion and I have just as much of a right to opinion as marty does, as you do, and as everyone else does. Your post was not opinion (at least not written in an opinionated way), but rather in such a way that shows how ignorant you are and superior you feel you are. If you wish to share your opinion, than do so, but bashing other peoples opinion with such silly statements as saying nostalgiaic people are foolish. END OF DISCUSSION... COULD A MOD PLEASE SHUT THIS THREAD BEFORE IT GETS WORSE
  5. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    ...Or something like that. If you think your problem with playing newer games is that you've outgrown Pokemon itself, why do you still enjoy your older games?

    It's important to note that Gen III was something of a departure from the formula established by the first two generations of games, with more emphasis on the mascot legends, going as far as to integrate them into the plot. The games themselves are also paced differently; you'll find more a greater variety of Pokemon on each Route, which may be entirely different from the last, and while the earlier and final bosses are somewhat easier, no longer requiring massive amounts of grinding to overcome, the mid- to late-games hold up better overall and maintain a certain level of challenge. Aside from that, there are the obvious increases in complexity as new moves and mechanics are added to each new game, as well as a larger amount of post-game content and an eye toward balanced competitive play (especially Gen IV). This style of modern Pokemon game is reflected in the games that followed Gen III, so it's entirely understandable why someone might enjoy the classic games over their modern successors, especially if you're so used to the originals.

    Just out of curiosity, what parts of the newer games did you dislike, exactly?

    a) Endolise's post never mentioned graphical style in any way, shape, or form
    b) The only 3D games are Gen V, and 99% of the time you can't even tell
    c) The OP seemed to be talking about gameplay, since it never mentions graphical style or Pokemon at all

    Not sure how that's relevant.

    The first sentence of Endolise's post is an agreement.

    Except the thread as is is exactly what it should be; sharing of opinions in a respectful manner.

    I think y'all should read Endolise's post again, since you seem to be missing his point and insulting him for it; his point is that the types of people he dislikes aren't those that played the newer games and can tell you in an informed manner why they dislike them, such as the OP. He dislikes the people who either haven't played the modern games and criticize them, or who have played the modern games but are too close-minded to appreciate how they can be different from the classic games.
  6. marty13612

    marty13612 New Member

    Its not that I feel I have outgrown Pokemon Per say, because I still like MANY "childish" games like Little Big Planet and Mario. What I meant is maybe I no longer enjoy the grinding aspect of Pokemon. As a whole I don't play many RPG's anymore.

    Also the reason I can get through Old pokemon games still is because of nostalgia to be honest. My whol point I'm trying to say is, maybe those Nostalgia drones that rip on the new games are people that no longer like pokemon but just don't know it. They can only stay with the series based on nostalgia. As much as I try to like the newer games, I feel like im doing chores trudging through them. I'm sure they are great games for a fan of that type of game. But I no longer play Pokemon style rpg's I guess.

    For example in Black and White. I got to the first city, I got my monkey pokemon and went ahead and beat the gym leader and was having fun. Then I started to go through the first real route and cave, and it was just kind of annoying. Very repetitive and stale for my tastes.

    I can understand why people enjoy it because of the exploration aspect, and seeing the new Pokemon, but for me its just not there.

    Plenty of people grew up with pokemon, and don't like the new ones, but they don't say anything. They just live their life. The Nostalgia guys that complain, are probably the same people, but instead of ignoring new pokemon games, they feel entitlesd for being either older then the people playing the new ones, or that they have better tastes or something, like hipsters.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2013
  7. Kirby

    Kirby ʘ‿ʘ Staff Member Admin

    Never do this again or I will infract you for minimodding.

    As for this topic, it's not needed. The last few topics about nostalgia, genwunners, whatever have all ended badly and they were very recent. Let's give it a rest for a bit.
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