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Post Your Infractions!

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Oh yes, it's this one again. Post your infractions and stuff, because it's fun!!!

Talk about why you were infracted, and how long it was for, and if you were banned or not. Bonus points if you want to whinge about how unfair the infraction is, and about 'how you felt it was undeserved'!

Discuss the latest fashion in getting those points up, how to avoid getting points for offences, and the latest gossip on who's close to being banned, all in the Post Your Infractions thread!


I have 18 points worth of infractions, all for spam.

Master Leo

The Dark Side
I think I've had like 6 in the 4 years I have been here. Maybe I'm not trolling enough?


Tsun in the streets
Just had 16 points worth of infractions expire. 10 and 6 for voicing my opinions in the Rape Thread in the Debate Forum. Other than those, my only other one this year was for the OVGD Chat Thread. Doesn't really matter if they were fair or not, no point in contesting any of them because I'm not gonna win.

I have like 100+ points worth of past infractions or 8 pages and I've lost count of my ban count. I think it was at 6 or 7.

Currently have no points atm.


Well-Known Member
I've gotten an infraction for trolling and another for spam. Those expired.

My most recent one is for "flaming/insulting another user". I got that one for defending another user. Last time I'll do that.


I had 40+ infraction points, most of them for replying to spam or insulting other users. I was banned once, but I think I deserved most of my infractions. Currently I have no infraction points.


Still Dirrty
This thread will not end well, so I'm going to go ahead and close this.
Not open for further replies.