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Post Your Planned Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Teams [SPOILERS]

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I'll probably use Fuecoco. The little guy is Totodile but on fire. I'd also like to use a Larvitar because I've never used one before, it's always either too late, the wrong version, or I've already planned my team. If Mimikyu is available I'll try to use one but otherwise I'll probably use Hisuian Zoroark if I can.


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So far I only have:

Starter (currently Fuecoco but maybe a different one if I hate its evos)

And Lechonk

I use only new pokémon to start out.


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Still too early for me. They usually don't start revealing Pokemon I want to use until a bit closer to release. (although I think they revealed Drampa pretty early on during gen 7)

Right now it's just about whether I'll use Fuecoco or Quaxly, it's pretty close between them right now although I used Sobble last gen so I'm kinda leaning towards Fuecoco this gen.


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Still to soon to start posting my teams.

Quaxly is a given. A flying and electric type will also be added, as tradition. If Pawni doesn't have an evolution I don't think he'll be an addition to my main team.


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It's still a bit early, but based on what we know I have a rough idea of basic teams:

- Sprigatito
- Clauncher
- Lechonk

- Fuecoco
- Magnemite
- Fomantis, or Smoliv if it evolves into something good.

- Quaxly
- Flabebe
- Gastly


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Currently, the planned team are Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly, Magnemite or Pawmi, and Flamigo. Still to decide on my 6th, but one thing is for sure: any of my favourites that make it into the game will definitely be in Rotation like Ninetales and Shiny Politoed were back in Sword and Shield.

Reason for edit: I love Flamigo, and will definitely have her on my team.
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i've always been a rotator so i never limit myself to six pokemon. but so far - as far as pokemon that are confirmed to be in the game, i want to use:



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I need to see the regional bird, and other old and new Pokemon that will be available in Scarlet/Violet. I also need to see the final evolutions, stats, and movepools of the new Pokemon especially the starters, and the regional bird, before I can make a final team. Fuecoco is the starter that I will most likely pick, but Quaxly is my second choice. I use a mix of old and new Pokemon in my teams. It will also depend on version exclusives. I am getting Scarlet, so any Pokemon that appears in Scarlet will be among my potential choices. Therefore, the team will go through changes as more Pokemon get revealed and as the release date draws closer.

Edit: After seeing the leaks, I decided to pick Quaxly as my starter. While I still like Fuecoco, I prefer Quaxly.
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This time I decided to go back to my roots and play the game like when I did back in Gen 1 or 2. That is: not plan a team and instead just have fun with whatever comes my way (and if something I like more appears, replace it uncerimoniously).
I figured starting the game with a team already completely planned out is probably one of the reasons I haven't enjoyed the games so much since it takes a lot from the "exploration" feeling. Also, in times of forced EXP Share, not having a set team might be a need to avoid extreme overleveling.

With that said, there a few pokémon I already want to try out:
- Smoliv: my last name is "Olive Tree" (not in english, obviously), so I feel I owe this guy a chance.

- Venonat: I have a rule of never using pokémon from older generations with the exception of the Caterpie line (since it is my favorite). But Venomoth really grew on me on the last year, and I suppose the fan theories that mix both Caterpie/Venonat lines made me start seeing it as a "coustin line", so I really want to use it as well.

My starter pick is always decided by the final stage, so I won't have any idea who I will pick until november. But since I picked 3 grass, 3 fire and 2 water in the previous generations, I am leaning towards Quaxly.


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A little early to figure out teams, but I already love the starters and legendaries--so that's a good start.

Lechonk Normal/Fighting split evolution (prediction)

Lechonk Normal/Fairy split evolution (prediction)
Tauros variant evolution (prediction)


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My team:
-Riolu (later Lucario)
-either a bird or a fire type for my sixth spot

Just like everyone else, I'll wait to see the other Pokémon, but so far this is my team right now, but it may change.


I'll probably pick Fuecoco or Quaxly as my starter mon but that's still up in the air until we see the rest of the new Fire and Water types in this generation. I don't plan on using any old mons if I can avoid it.


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Fuecoco will be my starter when i buy Scarlet. I've used fire types 80% of the time in the games but the name is odd...might nickname him Chilipepper
I'm not feeling any interest in the starters except pokedex completion.

The rest will be up to chance
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Wait why would a olive evolve into a cactus?

Good point, we already have cacnea line and maractus. Smolive will probably become a tree Pokémon, or pizza topping :D
If anything is going to be a cactus it will be brand new Pokémon. A saguaro cactus Pokémon with a sombrero would be awesome!