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Post your Sword & Shield Pokémon Nicknames (Beware Pokémon Spoilers)


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
You know what Morpeko kind of looks like? The Sans Pokemon. Sans the Morpeko?


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I already have three teams planned out, one for each starter. My nephew also visited me earlier today and wanted us to make more teams so I made 4 more with him and I've named them all. lol

Rillaboom - Kerchak - named for Tarzan's gorilla dad in the Disney movie
Corviknight - Poe - named for Edgar Allen Poe
Coalossal - Gale - named for Gale from "The Hunger Games" since he comes from the mining district
G. Rapidash - Shimmer - Just sounds like a unicorn name
Toxtricity - Cash - named for Johnny Cash
Theivul - Swiper - Named for Swiper the fox from Dora the Explorer

Inteleon - Maxwell - named for Agent 86 Maxwell Smart from Get Smart
G. Weezing - Doug - named for Doug Dimmadone, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome
Orbeetle - WikkiTikki - Wikki comes from it's psychic typing and Tikki from Miraculous Ladybug
Greedent - Peanut - self-explanatory
Runerigus - Saxon - it appears to be based on runestones that Scandinavians(Anglo-Saxons) used
Copperajah - Tantor - named for the elephant from Disney's Tarzan

Cinderace - Striker - just seems to fit
Appletun - Gala - after the type of apple
Boltund - Sparky - named for Sparky from Frankenweenie
Cramorant - Guzzler - it's description said it would even attack a trusted trainer that messed with it's food, plus it always comes up with a fish after surf/dive
Grimmsnarl - Rumpel - named for Rumpelstiltskin
Stonjourner - Wiltshire - named for the location of real life Stonehenge

Braviary - General
Purrserker - Jarl - a Norse/Danish chief
Centiskorch - Bushido - Japanese code of honor
Cafagrigus - Pharaoh
Falinks - Private - they look like little soldiers!
Drednaw - Captain - it's name makes me think of pirates so I used captain as in a pirate captain

Team 1
Polteageist - Camellia - named for the Camellia sinensis which black tea is made from
Noctowl - Hedwig - named for Harry Potter's owl
Roserade - Rosalyn - just a play on rose
Alcremie - Ambrosia - food of the greek gods that was sometimes cream based
Meowstic - Selena - named for Catwoman aka Selena Kyle
Frosmoth - Aurora - named for Aurora Borealis

Team 2
Hatterene - Circe - named for the magic user from Greek mythology
Mantine - Nemo - named for Nemo from Finding Nemo
Obstagoon - Simmons - named for Gene Simmons of KISS
Flapple - Smith - named for my favorite type of apples, granny smith
Eiscue - Mumble - named for the main character from Happy Feet
Chandelure - Wisp - named for will o' wisp

Team 3
G. Stunfisk - Trapper - it is literally a bear trap
Cursola - Elvira - named for Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
Dracovish - Frankenmon - combo of Frankenstein and monster
Dubwool - Wilson - the way Wooloo rolls around and with it looking like a ball I figured I'd name it for the volleyball(I know Dubwool looks more like a soccer ball) from the movie Castaway
Eldegoss - Amaryllis - amaryllis is a type of flower, also a name in Greek mythology, and I love the song Amaryllis by Shinedown
Grapploct - Bruiser - unoriginal, but couldn't think of anything better
Edit: It just hit me, but I might name the Grapploct Oswald after the old children's show. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Edit: Just realized I should probably say I know that is a lot, but I'm not sure how soon I'll actually play though all of these. The first one I run will be the Grookey team and after I beat the game with it I'll run the Sobble, then Scorbunny teams. Just wanted to share the names I had thought of.
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GeekyGamer Gal

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First post, because I love nicknaming everything, and the leaks have me amped.

Cinderace - Jumpin' Jack (Flash it's a gas!) for a male, or Lola (Bunny) for a female
Corviknight - Quoth for a male (Discworld reference RIP Sir Terry Pratchett), Lenore for a female (lots of love for the Raven), or Nevermore as a general for either gender
Grimmsnarl - Lucifer or Oberon for a male, and Titania or Lilith for a female, Sidhe, Aku (from Samurai Jack) is also an option
Toxicity - Arsenic (since lead and arsenic compounds are used in car batteries)
Hatterene - Queenie or Majesty
Dragapult - either Nighthawk (after the F-117 stealth bomber), or Blackbird (after the SR-71)

G. Rapidash - Mystic, or Amalthea (Last Unicorn)
Appletun - A. Gothic, Rockwell (Saturday Evening Post artist), or Fresh Baked
Barraskewda - Tomahawk (missile), or Torpedo


P. F. Magician
The people here who intend upon naming their Scorbunny after Gouenji Shuuya/Axel Blaze are valid, and I love you. I myself considered naming mine Axel for a time. Cinderace is the embodiment of the archetypal Fire Element Ace Striker in Inazuma Eleven.

However, I will always consider Blaziken Gouenji's one and only true Pokesona. Blaziken invented the Blaze Kick, was forged by it, the one true kicking fire starter, Cinderace is a mere imitator, thusly I will be naming my Cinderace after Kozoumaru Sasuke/Basile Hardy aka Gouenji 2 from Inazuma Eleven Ares.
(That and I don't think Cinderace's personality and demeanor match Gouenji that much, not that they match Kozoumaru a lot either.)

Since the game takes place in Poke-Britain I'll be using the characters' English dub names whenever I name my Pokemon after Inazuma characters, I'm not gonna stick to that as a theme for all my Pokemon though. So Scorbunny will be Basile if male or Bombasta (Scout character from Inazuma Eleven 3) if female. Technically Raimon Natsumi/Nelly Raimon is a Fire Forward in games where she's recruitable but I don't really feel like she has any major Scorbunny energy.

I also intend upon naming my Corviknight "Victor" after Tsurugi Kyousuke/Victor Blade if it's male, no real plan for a female one, whatever I feel like in the moment I guess.


Dragon lover
I tend to name my Pokémon based around some kind of theme whenever I play.

For example, my current team for Ultra Moon are named after Naruro characters and when I did a Heart Gold Nuzlocke I was playing as Red returning from a long journey and taking the place of the Johto protagonist (long story on how I rationalized that in the story) and I named all of his Pokémon after gods.


Cramorant is too cute for words!
I might just give all my Pokémon names in the language I’m learning (Bahasa Indonesia). I like to give Pokémon names in other languages.


Cinderace: Bunfire or Bugsy
Grimmsnarl: Rumple
Toxictricity: Crash
Duraludon: Zippo
Flapple: Macintosh


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Usually I come up with a theme to name all my Pokémon. Fir example, I did characters from sitcoms I watched at the time fir White 2. I’m thinking maybe a Pixar characters but I’m not totally sold on the idea.


Sword Playthru

Grookey- Oozaru
Chewtle- Bowser

Thats all i got for now.


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I recently got an interesting idea to possibly nickname my 'mons after cities, something I don't think I've ever done before. Choosing cities that match might be a bit of a challenge, though.

Cinderace - Phoenix
Rillaboom - Okinawa
Intelleon - Cheltenham
Aegislash - Olympus
Corviknight - Baltimore
Milotic - Milos
Dubwool - Glasgow
Grimmsnarl - Dis/Pandemonium
Galarian Weezing - London