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Post your Sword & Shield Pokémon Nicknames (Beware Pokémon Spoilers)


Pokèmon Master
So far my plan is:
Cinderace - Torch
Bolthund - Sparky
Grapploct - DJ Octavio (Splatoon)
Galarian Rapidash - Suckerpunch (random name of one of my fave characters in Pit People who is a rainbow horse/unicorn)
Corviknight - Still thinking on a good name for this one
Frosmoth - Also still thinking of a name


Beginning Trainer
Current team:

Inteleon - Rowan (After Rowan Atkinson for his role as Johnny English)
Copperajah - Radza (Named after a huge Asian Elephant bull that lived in Noorder Dierenpark in Emmen, The Netherlands)
Grapploct - Tyson (Named after both Mike Tyson and Neill Degrasse Tyson, the latter because of how smart Octopi are)
Flapple - Jona (After the Jonagold apple)
Grimmsnarl - Loki
Runerigus - Ivan (Because of it's Nordic influences to it's design)

Noticeble members:

Corviknight - Sir Raven (Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy reference)
Toxtricity - Monica (Named after a Plateosaurus specimen that is on display at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, The Netherlands)


Pokémon Master (Kinda)
So far I have

Weezing. Smokey

Grimmsnarl. Green Goblin

Barracuta. Wicked Tuna

I need help with nicknames for Cinderace,Toxicity,and Corviknight


Not your average eevee
I usually choose a theme for each playthrough/nuzlocke. This time I chose colors; shades of colors, color names, color names in foreign languages, etc. While I have a few I almost always include in my team, I switched out quite frequently on the journey so I could try out different combos. Here's a list of the ones that had a big part on the team (no particular order)

Inteleon - Blue
Coalossol - Shadow
Obstagoon - Shade
Appletun - Honey
Sylveon - Kobicha
Boltund - Goldie
Alcreamie (strawberry w/ ruby color) - Vanilla
Galar Rapidash - Silver
Copperajah - Sunset

And then these three I had for awhile before switching out for other members. Still love them though
Thievul - Sienna
Dubwool - Shiro
Sinistea - Matcha

I was hoping to add Galar Corsola to the team during my first run but alas, no such luck. Maybe in the next playthrough I could try it.
And I never got around to training hatenna for my team either.
I think I'd name the first one Pearl, second one

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Mr Rime- Charlie
Polteageist- Spillthetea
Froslass- Frostina


What 'bout My Star?
My main team is an assortment of famous Brits/Scots

Inteleon - HMS Warspite: This battle ship made the longest known hit on a moving boat while it was moving itself. Seemed fitting for a sniper.
Centiskorch - Bowie: David Bowie was known for firey, larger than life appearances.
Obstagoon - Sid Vicious: Infamous member of the Sex Pistols.
Sirfetch'd - Sir DUX: The exception, named after the only obtainable Farfetch'd in Pokemon R/B
Galarian Weezing - James Watt: James Watt invented the Steam Engine, an important catalyst for the Industrial Revolution.
In my in-game team, I tried to go for music references.

Intelleon: Guns & Hoses
Gardevoir: Killer Queen
Froslass: Cold As Ice
Toxtricity: Purple Haze
Cinderscorch: Vindaloo
Noivern: Semisonic

Had I more presence of mind, I would have tried to make them all specifically british music references, but alas.


Well-Known Member
Inteleon: Rimmer (specifically Ace Rimmer- sobbing weakling to smooth operator was a fun reference)
Corviknight: Cabbie (as in, drives a cab)
Obstagoon: Simmons (yeah, obviously)
Hitmonchan: Gaks (I was thinking of the weird fansub pronunciation of Guts for some reason)
Coalossal: Greta (I was going for a butch female name, didn't occur to me until much later the unfortunate link between a coal-based Pokemon and Greta Thunberg- maybe I should have given it to a Galarian Corsola)
Toxtricity: Sara (the triceratops from The Land Before Time- I had no idea what it would evolve into)

Autobot N

Well-Known Member
Rillaboom: Harambeat
Mew: no nickname
Sirfetch’d: Hodges
Copperjah: Manfred
Runerigus: Rooney
Darmanitan: undecided


Informed Casual
My team’s nicknames are all middle earth references, but I’m unsure about them sometimes so they’re constantly changing (along with my team lol), but for now:

Corviknight - Landroval (one of the major eagles)

Roserade - Belladonna (Bilbo’s mother and a poisonous plant)

Quagsire - Telchar (Notable Dwarven smith, forged a blade named Angrist - or Iron Cleaver - and Quagsire’s my check against steel types)

Alcremie - Galadriel (notable elf lady, kind of a big deal in LotR)

Arctozolt - Sméagol (aka Gollum, an abomination)

Falinks - Rohirrim (plural of people from the territory of Rohan)


Funky Kong Supremacy
007 for Intelleon (for both Sobble’s Dex # and James Bond) is probably nickname in the franchise besides Torrentula for Araquanid
I had gone for a candy theme for the main story.

Starburst (Intelleon F)
Twizzler (Boltund F)
Gumdrop (Corviknight F)
Snickers (Obstagoon F)
Hershey (Espeon F, ended up getting boxed in favor of Konpeito)
Konpeito (Frosmoth F)
Trolli (Grimmsnarl M)

After that, I'm naming my Pokemon whatever.
Rixi (Silvally)
Aurora (Shiny Frosmoth F)


Well-Known Member
I gave my shiny Dragapult the name "Issac Newton". I just wanted some sort of newt pun and that was the best I could think of.


Active Member
Some nicknames use for regulars on my team.

Sirfetch'd: Ed(name used to go to Psyduck but I prefer Sirfetch'd now)
Hydreigon: Zordrak
Ninetails: Chizuru
Cinderace: El-ahrairah
Charizard: Scorch
Excadrill: Bakuryu
Heatmor: Otis(just because of Sirfetch'd being called Ed)
Golisopod: Stun(usually that name would go to Heracross)
Cinerace F : Alice, El- Ahrairah is the one usually on my team but for me breeding pair she is named after Alice from Bloody Roar)