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Post your Sword & Shield Pokémon Nicknames (Beware Pokémon Spoilers)


yah Eevee Rocks !
Sento (Cinderace M)(named after Kamen Rider Build)
Sky (Corviknight F)(Boring? I know but nice and simple.)
Shaun (Dubwool M) ( Watched the new Shaun the Sheep movie recently.)
Corrine (Thievul F)
Kari (Boltund F)
Jasmine ( Espeon F)
Luna (Umbreon F)
Koko (Rapidash F)
Sugah (Appletun F)
Kiba (Haxorus M)
PenPen( Eiscue F) Named after the Penguin in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

That’s just some of the nicknames I got a few more team members some I still have not named.Just really enjoy switching up my team this Gen.


Wigglytuff Guild recruit
I only have 5/6 of my party (Waiting on Eiscue/Rime/Cursola/2nd shiny) but so far:

Jin Gou the Shiny Arcanine (金狗)
Ruby the Alcremie (Ruby Cream + Love Sweet)
Yezm the Indeedee (F)
The F. Corps, the Falinks
Durburd the Cramorant

Barça (Would've been my Cinderace. Maybe next time.)
Kyx the Hitmonlee (Dropped, will re-attempt in another run)
Fleece (Run-Away Wooloo)
Hunter (LV 75-ish False-swipe Crawdaunt, when I WANT something caught)


Dungeon Master
On my first run, my female Scorbunny was named Bunnie.

On my second run, my male Scorbunny was named Bucky O'Hare.

I only ever rename my starter, in order to avoid confusion.

If I was using Grookey though, I'd probably name him Monkey (which believe it or not is actually the name of a cartoon character).


Well-Known Member
It's not very original I know, but I nicknamed my Grookey in Shield DK for Donkey Kong after seeing Grookey's final evolved form. :] I don't plan on nicknaming any of my other Pokemon right now just my starter.


It's not a game Kate.
Team as of the grass gym
Andrew, Axew sounds like Andrew so it fits.
It's cute face reminded me of 'Baby Yoda' from the mandalorian
Jay, It reminded me of a Blue tit but I wasn't gonna call it tit so it called it Jay like a Bluejay.
Gwinn, I dunno just seemed to fit him.
Candelus, After Candela from pokemon go.
Onion, Onions make me cry.

Team as of the ice gym (or team as of when I made this post)
Cloudberry, Artcozolt makes me think of lightning coming out of a snow cloud, doesn't look much like a cloudberry though it was just a cute name
Yams, A joke on the yam vegatable and a shortening of Yamask
Aang, he looks like a Boomerang ( also an Avatar reference)
Gwinn, same pokemon as above.
Andrew, same pokemon as above.
Yoda, same pokemon as above.


Writer's Block
Did a Harry Potter Theme for my Shield Team

  • Neville the Intelleon
  • Godric the Aegislash
  • Newt the Dragapult
  • Luna the Galarian Rapidash
  • Hagrid the Coalossal
  • Barbary the Toxtricity (Barbary was the lead guitar from the Weird Sisters band in the Potterverse)
For my Sword playthrough I named the Pokemon after my coworkers. For obvious reasons I'm not about to display those names, lol


Great Ball Rank Trainer
Since my character in Sword is based on the Scottish trainer, & to go along with SwSh’s sports themes, I’ve been naming my pokémon after British & Scottish athletes
  • Raboot- Beckham (after David Beckham)
  • Corvisquire- Liz (after Scottish glider Liz Sparrow)
  • Linoone- Gordon (after Scottish goalkeeper Craig Gordon)
  • Flapple- Bryony (after Scottish archer Bryony Pitman, who will be featured in UK’s team for the 2020 Olympics)[I named her after an archer as a reference to William Tell)
  • Clobbopus- Benny-Lynch (after Scottish boxer Benny Lynch)
  • Morgrem- Guy (after Guy Learmoth, a Scottish athlete who had to deal with trolls on Twitter)
  • Litwick- Donna (after Donna Hartley-Wass, a British athlete who died of a mysterious heart attack)
  • Centiskorch- Farah (after Scottish runner Mo Farah)
  • Darumaka- Murihead (after Scottish Curling athlete Eve Muirhead)
I’m also planning on catching a Perrserker later & nicknaming it Ronald, after the Scottish Shinty player Ronald Ross.
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To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
Came up with names for the starters.

Grookey - Phil Collins
Scorbunny - Pelé
Sobble - Frank Drebin

Galarian Weezing - StanandOllie

GMax Meowth - Eddie Money
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Well-Known Member
Sirfetch'd - SirDUXelot
Arctozolt - Shockcicle
Corviknight - Nevermore
Sandaconda - Sidewinder
Appletun - A la Mode

I have more named but I'm not completely happy with their names yet.


Panda Power
I'll just do my Current Team, because i nickname everything

Carrot - Raboot
Joy - Skwovet
Lola - Bounsweet
Ferris - Tyrogue

Carrot should be obvious why i named it.

Joy is because Skwovet and Greedent are Just full of Smiles all the time :D

Ferris is because i'm hoping he becomes a Hitmontop. Ferris Wheel and whatever

Lola is just because Bounsweet reminded me of the old "Adventures of Lolo" NES game
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Ghost-Type Master
So I thought it would be cool to list off the nicknames of all the pokemon on my teams (and maybe a few more). All my main pokemon are named after virtues or generally benevolent acts.

- Aegislash: Salvation
- Grimmsnarl: Retribution
- Froslass: Harmony
- Dusknoir: Fortitude
- Runerigus: Repentance
- Dhelmise: Prayer

- Inteleon: Reassurance
- Orbeetle: Temperance
- Chandelure: Empathy
- Gourgeist: Promise
- Centiskorch: Humility
- Jellicent: Destiny

- Butterfree (Gigantamax): Empyrean: 01
- Centiskorch (Gigantamax): Empyrean: 02
- Snorlax (Gigantamax): Empyrean: 03
- Corviknight (Gigantamax): Empyrean: 07
- Eevee (Gigantamax): Empyrean: 26
- Zamazenta: Wall of God

- Weavile: Avarice
- Thievul: Prodigality
- Pangoro: Pride
- Galvantula: Deception
- Obstagoon: Beligerence
- Ferrothorn: Resentment
- Drapion: Wrath
- Linoone: Neglect
- Umbreon: Persephone (I always name my Umbreon Persephone)
- Perrserker: Slaughter
- Salazzle: Lust
- Eternatus: no nickname

These are pokemon that I do like to battle with, but have yet to be added to a main team
- Barraskewda: Reverence
- Roserade: Faith
- Togekiss: Compassion
- Vulpix: Verity
- Copperajah: Generosity
- Type: Null: Love
- Corviknight: Devotion
- Trevenant: Preservation
- Mamoswine: Kindness
- Xatu: Blessing
- Falinks: Duty
- Wailord: Sacrifice
- Drifblim: Glory
- Clefable: Graciousness
- Noctowl: Patience
- Dragapult: Archangel
- Glaceon: Haliography
- Toxtricity: Valiance
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So far:
Raboot: KeaneScholes (Named it after Man Utd's best midfield duo)
Corvisquire: Tokoyami (Mad banquet of darkness...)
Yamper: R. Sherman (Can't wait to call Nessa's Dreadnaw a "Sorry Receiver" or accuse it of not shaking Yamper's hand/paw)
Chewtle: Splash Bros. (Couldn't decide between StephCurry or KlayThompson)
Nuzleaf: Nezuko
Diglett: Polnareff
Pikachu: KaminariJiro


The Meme Supreme
My final team from Sword:

Bubbleoseven the Inteleon (it's a James Bond/007 pun)
Nevermore the Corviknight (for those sweet sweet Edgar Allen Poe references)
The Goon the Obstagoon (PokeaimMD frequently referred to Obstagoon as The Goon in his spotlight video, it amused me)
Thundrstruck the Toxtricity (ACDC song, fit the punk rocker theme)
Lancelot the Sirfetch'd (Lancelot was a knight at King Arthur's round table)
Spookshire the Runerigus (I believe Marriland named his Gengar this? It sounded like a cool name for a Ghost type)


Salingerian Phony
I posted prior about my team used to go through the story. Here are the ones for my head-to-head battling teams:

TEAM 1 (D0uble Battles)
Arctovish - Duncan (named after the Dunkleosteus)
Grimmsnarl - Leopold (named after Leopold Stokowski, who did Fantasia's arrangement of Night on Bald Mountain)
Perrserker - Dakota (named after the Dakota Native Americans, who intermingled with many Minnesotans of Viking descent)
Noivern - Verne (named after the wyvern)
Eldegoss - Nan (short for Nancy but also a word to refer to a grandmother)
Silvally - Sylvan (pronounced similarly to "silver")

TEAM 2 (Single Battles)
Haxorus - Axel (has the word "axe" in it)
Greedent - Skippy (named after Skippy Squirrel, a character in Animaniacs)
Eiscue - Adelie (named after the adelie penguins)
Galvantula - Gwen (named after Gwen Stacy from Spider-Man and, more recently, Spider-Gwen)
Aromatisse - Estée (named after Estée Lauder)
Qwilfish - Harrison (Japanese name is "hariisen")


You! Me! Rivals! Yes?
The names I'm using for my main Sword team are:

Rillaboom - as I've mentioned before, "Cadbury", referencing a TV ad for Cadbury chocolate featuring a drumming gorilla.
Sirfetch'd - "Duck Quixote", a play on Don Quixote, the titular protagonist of the novel by Miguel de Cervantes.
Lanturn - "Brightstar", the name I used for Lanturn when I used it in Heart Gold and Soul Silver.
Sandaconda - "Urma", named after the massive Burmese python from my local zoo.
Corviknight - "Nevermore", referencing Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven".
Coalossal - "Versuvius", back in the early 2000's there was this TV show on BBC called "Fightbox", where contestants create their own video game character, put them through a tournament consisting of several virtual challenges and obstacle courses, and the winner's character would be made a boss in the show's tie-in Playstation game. One of the bosses in the show's challenges was a lava/rock monster called Versuvius, which Coalossal kind of reminds me of.