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Post your Sword & Shield Pokémon Nicknames (Beware Pokémon Spoilers)


Ghost-Type Master
My final team from Sword:

Bubbleoseven the Inteleon (it's a James Bond/007 pun)

Brilliant name. Just brilliant.


Great Ball Rank Trainer
I just caught Eternatus, though I can't think of a British or Scottish athlete that I could use for a nickname, so for now I decided to call it Fluffy instead.

I posted this a while ago, but here are all of my other pokémon's nicknames now that I've beaten the game. They're all named after British & Scottish athletes as references to SWSH's sports themes & the Scottish trainer
Main Team:
  • Cinderace- Beckham (after David Beckham)
  • Corviknight- Liz (after Scottish glider Liz Sparrow)
  • Obstagoon- Gordon (after Scottish goalkeeper Craig Gordon)
  • Flapple- Bryony (after Scottish archer Bryony Pitman, who will be featured in UK’s team for the 2020 Olympics)[I named her after an archer as a reference to William Tell)
  • Clobbopus- Benny-Lynch (after Scottish boxer Benny Lynch)
  • Grimmsnarl- Guy (after Guy Learmoth, a Scottish athlete who had to deal with trolls on Twitter)
  • Lampent- Donna (after Donna Hartley-Wass, a British athlete who died of a mysterious heart attack)
  • Centiskorch- Farah (after Scottish runner Mo Farah)
  • Darmanitan- Murihead (after Scottish Curling athlete Eve Muirhead)
  • Perrserker- Ronald (after shinty player Ronald Ross)
  • Falinks (all three are named after Rugby teams since they're a group of pokémon working together)
    • Warriors (after the Glasgow Warriors)
    • Pirates (after the Cornish Pirates)
    • Knights (after the Doncaster Knights)
  • Hitmontop- Grado (after Grado the Scottish pro wrestler)
  • Slowpoke e- Dorothy (after Scottish golfer Dorothy Campbell)
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Well-Known Member
My team was....

Inteleon - Raven (kind of an odd inspiration, it's a name given to male spys that use their "charms" to get information...not mad about the inspiration but it was the best sounding spy related name so I went with it)
Centiskorch - Senzei (Just a play on "Sensei" with a Z sound)
Appletun - Mollie (Based on a variety of apple)
Grimmsnarl - Luci (Shortened version of Lucifer, kinda boring but I couldn't think of anything more fitting)
Polteageist - Cuppa Jo (I don't usually like nicknames with more than one word, but I really liked this name so I went with it)
Grapploct - Kimura (Based on a Jujitsu technique, I believe it's also a Japanese surname)


New Member
Ok so when picking nicknames I just try to pick something that's close or relates in some way.

sir fetched -Sir Lancelot
Corvi- Edgar Allan
Esicue- Mumble
Dhel- Davy Jones
Falinka- Spartans
Garbo- Hi I'm Trash


Well-Known Member
I nicknamed my Inteleon Aqua Spy, my Rillaboom Harambe, Cinderace is yet to have a nickname, named Boltund after my dog Scruffy (Scruff Bolt), Corviknight was nicknamed IronFeather, and my sixth Pokémon I cannot remember from the top of my head. What nickname should I give Cinderace?


Eh, ragazzo!
Since my Conkeldurr is a scholar (those ribbon like stamps), I decided to name it Vitruvius, after the person who documented the Roman use of concrete.


Great Ball Rank Trainer
I decided to nickname my Nickit in Pokémon Shield "View Halloo" since I haven't seen that anyone else use that phrase &, thanks to Mary Poppins, the fox hunting is one of the first images that pop in my head whenever I think old-timey England


P. F. Magician
Bombasta - Cinderace Female
Vladimir - Corviknight Male
Willow - Hatterene
Bapple - Appletun Male
Frigidaire - Arctozolt
Gravely - Runerigus Male

Ringo - Rillaboom Male
Zagaroth - Grimmsnarl
Umba - Sandaconda Female
Harold - Grapploct Male
Fueler - Coalossal Male
Ragatack - Toxtricity (Low Key) Male


Salingerian Phony
Two more, as I used them for Galar Newcomers:

Orbeetle - Françoise - Named after Francis from a bug's life
Sandaconda - Herbert - Named after Frank Herbert, author of Dune


You! Me! Rivals! Yes?
I've settled on names for every member of my new Shield team:

1) Cinderace - Zidane - after French footballer Zinedine Zidane. The Scorbunny line can learn Headbutt through level up, and Zidane once got in trouble for headbutting someone, so I thought it would be funny.
2) Gyarados - Morgawr - after a legendary sea monster that supposedly lives off the coast of Cornwall. It's basically the Loch Ness Monster but in the open ocean rather than in a loch.
3) Boltund - Ivy - after my aunt and uncle's dog.
4) Appletun - Happy Appy - after the Creepypasta story.
5) Copperajah - Ironhide - after the Transformers character, referencing the Beast Wars version that turned into an elephant.
6) Hitmonchan - Tyson - after British boxer Tyson Fury.
7) Galarian Rapidash - Celestia - after the My Little Pony character.
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Informed Casual
I’m surprised I haven’t seen this more often, but I have a shiny Charizard nicknamed Toothless now.


I usually only nickname Shiny Pokemon. The only shiny I have is a Shiny Venusaur, but I haven't nicknamed it yet.

I was thinking something simple, like Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I named my main Sword Kubfu Bear Fists and evolved it into Rapid Style Urshifu. My other Kubfu I called Darkfist and will be Single Strike Urshifu.


You! Me! Rivals! Yes?
My Isle of Armour team nicknames:

1) Gigantamax Inteleon - "Simo" - named after Simo Häyhä, a Finnish sniper who killed more than 500 Soviet soldiers during the Soviet Union's failed invasion of Finland in World War II.
2) Gigantamax Venusaur - "Rafael" - the name I always give Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur, a play on "Rafflesia", the flower that Venusaur's flower is based on.
3) Galvantula - "Charlotte" - after the spider from Charlotte's Web.
4) Talonflame - "Kes" - after a British movie from the 60's about a boy who trains and befriends a kestrel, with a notoriously sad ending (it's basically Old Yeller but with a bird instead of a dog).
5) Hatterene - "Isobel" - after Isobel Gowdie, a real-life witch who lived in Scotland in the 17th Century and gave one of the most detailed accounts of witchcraft and its practices documented at the time. This name also fits with Hatterene's Fairy typing, because one of Gowdie's most notable claims was that she met the Queen of Fairies.
6) Mudsdale - "Magnus" - a reference to Equus Magnus, the horses from ARK: Survival Evolved.
7) Single Strike Style Urshifu - "Wojtek" - after a bear who was adopted by Polish II Corps during World War II, and was eventually given the actual rank of corporal in the Polish Military.
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Pokemon Strategist
I have a Venusaur named "Bulba Tea" and an Eiscue named "007*F" (read double-0-7 degrees Farenheight)


Great Ball Rank Trainer
So far I have three new additions to my team for the Isle of Armor, though I’m sticking to the theme of naming them after UK athletes:
  • Tentacool (Peaty)- After Olympic swimmer Adam Peaty
  • Loudred (Dina)- after Dina Asher-Smith, a British runner who’s really into music and often listens to it during her training
  • Own Tempo Rockruff (Freddie)- A fter Freddie Flintoff, a Cricketer who also became a professional wrestler. I thought would be a good reference to how Dusk Lycanroc has attributes to both the Midday Form & the Midnight Form
I also have a Slowpoke that I caught in January and nicknamed "Dorothy" after Scottish golfer Dorothy Campbell. However, after I evolved her into Slowbro, I changed her nickname to "Dorothy&Mick" since I named the Shellder on her arm after British sports shooter Mick Gault.

I'm going to get Kubfu soon & while I haven't decided on a female nickname yet, I'm torn between two options for a male nickname:
  • "Hamish" after Hamish Teffer Adam, a Scottish karate instructor and one of the best fighters in the UK (since my Sword character's based on the Scottish trainer memes)
  • "Cavendish" after cyclist Mark Cavendish, one of the most popular athletes from The Isle of Man (the place that the Isle of Armor is based on)
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You! Me! Rivals! Yes?
The nicknames for my latest Shield/Isle of Armour/Crown Tundra playthrough:

1) Charizard - "Sunshine" - a reference to its Solar Power hidden ability
2) Gigantamax Blastoise - "George" - named after Lonesome George the Galapagos tortoise
3) Gigantamax Toxtricity - "Jonny Rotten" - named after the lead singer of The Sex Pistols. The actual spelling is Johnny Rotten, but that wouldn't have fitted into the twelve character limit if I added a space in between.
4) Leafeon - "Artemis" - named after the Greek goddess of the hunt, wilderness and wild animals
5) Golurk - "Gipsy Danger" - named after one of the giant robots from Pacific Rim. This was also the name I gave Golurk in a Y playthrough I did.
6) Frosmoth - "White Satin" - in reference to both the white satin moth and the song "Nights in White Satin" by The Moody Blues.
7) Grimmsnarl - "Wychwood" - named after Wychwood Brewery, an Oxfordshire-based brewery that makes several goblin themed beers.
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