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Potential SM Special Episodes after final

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Ashton Ketchum, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned

    That special was more about Yveltal than it was Alexa, seeing as the third major Legendary, which was on the BOX ART, never got an anime appearance outside of movie 17.
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  2. Leonhart

    Leonhart Well-Known Member

    I suppose that I wouldn't mind too much if the Mohn subplot gets resolved after the SM saga ends. Frankly, I don't really like Mohn or care that much about Lilie's family in general, so the loose ends getting tied up in a post-SM special episode could happen and I wouldn't bat an eye.
  3. BTS_fan

    BTS_fan Banned

    That's true, but it still feels kinda unfair that she and the professor got to share screentime with Yveltal in a special while a major character like Serena didn't get jack squat.
  4. Twilight-Kun

    Twilight-Kun Pokemon World Champion

    Except ORAS exists, so showing off the new and improved contests with May and Serena would've been perfect, and could've used Lisia in some fashion
  5. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    It's unfair Yveltal and Xerneas got shoved into a special...
    Not to mention that was Yveltal's only appearance..... :/
    If you're going to make Yveltal straight evil, then it needs to be the villain of an proper arc. Not a one-off appearance...
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  6. BulleDeChagrin

    BulleDeChagrin Lillie best girl

    This is one of the reasons why I love the SM anime and the fact that the movies are an alternate canon now. It allows the writers to really use the legendaries and mythicals in the series instead of a movie.
  7. Twilight-Kun

    Twilight-Kun Pokemon World Champion

    Yeah, like...uh... Marshadow, who did nothing

    Or Meltan, who's also done nothing

    Or Shaymin, who's also done nothing

    Hm...noticing a trend here...
  8. Leonhart

    Leonhart Well-Known Member

    The Gen VII Mythicals in SM haven't exactly done much, however. Marshadow only got a cameo, Zeraora got two episodes that were focused more on the strange dimension setting and an Ultra Beast, and Meltan has been treated like it's any other common Pokemon.
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  9. BulleDeChagrin

    BulleDeChagrin Lillie best girl

    I completely agree that Marshadow's appearance was disappointing, but Zeraora got two dedicated episodes which were among the very best. And I disagree about Meltan, I love the way it's portrayed.

    But I mostly love the way the legendaries were incorporated. Just compare Solgaleo, Lunala and Necrozma with the way Xerneas and Yveltal were treated in the XY series.
  10. Leonhart

    Leonhart Well-Known Member

    I suppose that it's a good thing that the main Legendaries of Gen VII have been showcased well, although that still leaves the Mythicals being pretty much delegated to doing very little. And in terms of Yveltal back in XY, I didn't necessarily mind that it was reserved for the post-XY Pansy special, I just thought that the story chosen for that special didn't do Yveltal much justice, and Pansy and Platane-hakase weren't the kind of characters that I would've chosen to headline that special episode.
  11. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned

    Hey, at least Xerneas got to show up in the main series. Yveltal got relegated to a special
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  12. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    I don't mind SM breaking the taboo with the mythicals and letting some be caught or treated like more standard Pokemon, not all of them have to be greater context forces of nature. The bigger problem was execution and pacing. Meltan was done okay in terms of character and at least Ash is using it in battle, but Shaymin barely got any limelight at all and largely just exists to give Mallow another bit of unearned power rather than much of any development or agency, which is the more dreaded outlook of giving trainers mythicals willy nilly.
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  13. BTS_fan

    BTS_fan Banned

    Tbh Marshadow kinda deserves a bigger role. So if SuMo gets a special episode featuring one of the SuMo cast members off on their own adventure, I hope it'll somehow involve Marshadow.
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  14. BulleDeChagrin

    BulleDeChagrin Lillie best girl

    Gen VII mythicals:

    Magearna: has a ongoing storyline with Lillie
    Marshadow: you're completely right, showed up for a second and didn't get to do anything
    Zeraora: got two episodes with top notch animation dedicated to it
    Meltan: part of Ash's team!! I assume Melmetal will show up soon too.

    So I personally disagree, I'm happy with the way the mythicals are shown in the SM anime. I enjoy these appearances way more than a movie all about them, especially since these movies were so disconnected from the actual storyline and nothing important within the ongoing series was ever allowed to happen in them.
  15. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned

    Marshadow already got a movie role though. So did Magearna, but it's not really on the cast yet.
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  16. Twilight-Kun

    Twilight-Kun Pokemon World Champion

    "Sitting in a closet doing nothing" isn't exactly "ongoing"
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  17. Jangobadass

    Jangobadass The Coolest Character int he Worst Series

    I don't know, I'd say it's done a reasonable amount in its tenure.

    Besides, it's not the Mythical's fault the writers don't care about action or a plot this series. (They're too busy ripping off Yokai Watch and pandering to causals)
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  18. MockingJ

    MockingJ Banned

    I don't think that any of the Mythicals deserve a special episode and the focus of any specials after the Alola saga ends should be on the cast members like Sophocles or Mallow or someone else who didn't develop as much during the main part of the Alola arc.
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  19. Leonhart

    Leonhart Well-Known Member

    I do think that emphasis on characters who didn't reach their full potential should be the priority for a post-SM special episode rather than focus on specific Pokemon, because as much as I'd like to see certain Mythical Pokemon appear, to me it's been the human characters in this saga that have really driven the story. So I think that the same should apply to a special episode that's based in Alola.
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  20. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    I kind of want to see the adventures of Komala & Jigglypuff for some reason. I personally think Komala is one of the coolest Pokemon of Gen 7. It's so funny how it's able to move and not just move but move pretty well while sleeping.
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